Table 2. - Small Grains

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Entry Name                         Type      Parentage                                                                          Source           Grown At

  20 ANZA                          HRS       LR/N10B//3*ANE                                                                     UC               ALL
  788 EXPRESS                      HRS       VEE-BH1146                                                                         WB (MONSANTO)    ALL
 1340 MIKA                         HRS       HRS MSFRS QUALITY POP                                                              WWW              ALL
 1424 JOAQUIN                      HRS       ELDON/YU994-199                                                                    WB (MONSANTO)    ALL
 1478 CAL ROJO                     HRS       CMT1171-4//PFAU'S'/VEE#5/3/BONUS                                                   RSI (SYNGENTA)   ALL (EXCEPT CLARKSBURG AND COLUSA)
 1521 REDWING                      HRS       CMT Synthetic/1065-3/3/UCSR/PB775// Express                                        RSI (SYNGENTA)   ALL (EXCEPT CLARKSBURG AND COLUSA)
 1522 BLANCA ROYALE                HWS       CLEO/2INIA//W444/3/DWL5046/2*CELAYA/4/UCSR/PB775/5/STANDER                         RSI (SYNGENTA)   ALL (EXCEPT CLARKSBURG AND COLUSA)
 1523 BLANCA FUERTE                HWS       SERRA/4/VS73.600/MRL/3/BOW//YR/TRF/5/RSI5/6/PH989-188/1065-3                       RSI (SYNGENTA)   ALL (EXCEPT CLARKSBURG AND COLUSA)
 1548 WB-CRISTALLO                 HWS       STANDER/EXPRESS//PLATA                                                             WB (MONSANTO)    ALL
 1650 WB-ROCKLAND                  HRS       BC1 SOLANO YR15, YR17                                                              WB (MONSANTO)    ALL
 1657 BLANCA GRANDE 515            HWS       Blanca Grande Yr5, Yr15                                                            RSI (SYNGENTA)   ALL (EXCEPT CLARKSBURG AND COLUSA)
 1667 NEW DIRKWIN                  SWS       Dirkwin Yr5, Yr15, 2NS                                                             BAGLIETTO        ALL
 1680 PATWIN 515                   HWS       PATWIN Yr5, Yr15                                                                   UC               ALL
 1729 WB-PERLA                     HWS                                                                                          WB (MONSANTO)    ALL
 1731 WB-PATRON                    HRS                                                                                          WB (MONSANTO)    ALL

 1624 WB DA905-10                  HRS       993-191/998-5//SUMMIT/DASH 12                                                      WB (MONSANTO)    ALL
 1679 CLEAR WHITE 515              HWS       Clear White 515 HP Yr5, Yr15, 2NS, Gpc                                             UC               ALL
 1684 WWW CABR3509W                HWS       MSFRS HARD WHITE SPRING MSFRS POP                                                  WWW              ALL
 1686 08SB100                      HRS                                                                                          LIMAGRAIN        ALL
 1688 08SB0658-B                   HWS                                                                                          LIMAGRAIN        ALL
 1710 UC 1710                      HWS       WEAVER//VEE/PJN/3/MILAN                                                            UC               ALL
 1711 UC 1711                      HRS       UC1357/KERN Lr37                                                                   UC               ALL
 1712 UC 1712                      HRS       UC1037 5+10 Gpc/UC1357                                                             UC               ALL
 1713 UC 1713                      HRS       RED RIVER 68//SERRA/UC1161                                                         UC               ALL
 1714 UC 1714                      HRS       RED RIVER 68//SERRA/UC1161                                                         UC               ALL
 1715 UC 1715                      HRS       EXPRESS*6/Lr37/RED RIVER 68//SERRA                                                 UC               ALL
 1716 WINCAL 09196                 HRW       PERILA 'S' / TADINIA // PORTOLA 87W /// KERN                                       UC               ALL
 1723 ATOMO                        HWS                                                                                          LIMAGRAIN        ALL
 1724 08SB0073                     HRS                                                                                          LIMAGRAIN        ALL
 1725 ATREVIDO                     HRS                                                                                          LIMAGRAIN        ALL
 1726 08SB0738                     HWS                                                                                          LIMAGRAIN        ALL
 1727 08SB0008-B                   HRS                                                                                          LIMAGRAIN        ALL
 1728 WB-JOAQUIN ORO               HRS                                                                                          WB (MONSANTO)    ALL
 1730 WB SJ907-229                 HRS                                                                                          WB (MONSANTO)    ALL
 1732 WWW BR2308W                  HWS       MSFRS HARD WHITE SPRING MSFRS POP                                                  WWW              ALL
 1734 APB W9-3AL                   HRS                                                                                          APB              ALL
 1737 APB NM-1                     HRS                                                                                          APB              ALL (EXCEPT CLARKSBURG AND COLUSA)
  1738 APB MC-1                    HRS                                                                                          APB              ALL (EXCEPT CLARKSBURG AND COLUSA)

      38 ENTRIES
TYPE: HRS = Hard Red Spring; HWS = Hard White Spring; HRW = Hard Red Winter; HWW = Hard White Winter; TRIT = Triticale
SOURCE: ALLSTAR = All-Star Seed Co.; APB = Arizona Plant Breeders; RSI = Resource Seeds, Inc.; UC = University of California;
UCR = Giles Waines, University of California, Riverside;
WSU = Washington State University (via Baglietto Seeds); WB = Westbred LLC; WWW = World Wide Wheat
BAGLIETTO = Baglietto Seeds, Inc.; LIMAGRAIN = Limagrain Seeds

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