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Research ppt-person


									                  Possible Topics
• Adolph Hitler               Franklin D. Roosevelt
  Heinrich Himmler            Harry S. Truman
  Joseph Goebbels             Josip Broz (Tito)
• General Erwin Rommel        Winston Churchill
• Josef Mengele               Raoul Wallenberg
• General Douglas MacArthur   Oskar Schindler
• Joseph Stalin               Anne Frank
• Benito Mussolini            Any character from the story of
                              Anne Frank
• Dwight D. Eisenhower
                              Other with teacher approval
• General George Patton       ___________________________
Research Sites and Sources

Websites must end with .edu, .gov, or .org

Websites ending in .com are not allowed unless otherwise
approved by the teacher (the above site is acceptable).

Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source!
Your Title Here
    Your name(s) here

                        5 points
[Type person’s name here]
Pictures of person

Interesting and/or famous quotation by this person.

                                                      5 points
Use this slide to explain the following:
   Why you chose to research this person.
   Why this person is important to history.

                                              10 points
          Background Info
Birth-Death dates

Birth and Death locations

Family information:

                            10 points
          Major Life Events
List events in one of the following orders:
   Order of Importance (least to greatest; vice versa)

   These events should be ones that are worthy of mention and
   that had a major impact on this person’s life (turning points in
   life) and/or WWII

                                                            10 points
          WWII Affiliation

Political Party/Political Views

Reason why this person was important and/or powerful

                                                 10 points
            People Affected
Here, list/discuss people who were affected by this person.
  This could be individuals or groups of people

                                                      10 points
Impact on Modern/Present Day

 Here, discuss the impact that this person has on present day.
   Which subjects in school study this person?
   How did this person’s actions affect the course of history?
   Are there laws in place now because of this person?
   What is the general public opinion about this person?

                                                            10 points
Write a conclusion of the information you gathered. This
information should be in sentence form, with a minimum of
five sentences.

                                                  10 points
                          Works Cited
Book/Print Material Basic Format

Lastname, Firstname. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher, Year of
  Publication. Medium of Publication.

____________, _________. __________________________________.
  ____________: _____________________, _____. Print.

Web Page Basic Format

Editor, author, or compiler name (if available). Name of Site. Version
  number. Name of institution/organization affiliated with the site
  (sponsor or publisher), date of resource creation (if available). Medium
  of publication. Date of access. <URL>.

____________, _________. _______________. ____.______________,
  _____. Web. __ _______ ____. <___________________________>.

                                                               10 points
                                           YOUR NAME: __________________

                        Team Work
  Assess each other’s contribution to the assignment.

  What you did for the assignment:


  What your partner did for the assignment: Partner’s name ____________


  On a scale 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), give your partner a grade ____

                                                               10 points

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