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									            Vol. 60 No. 1        Oshkosh, WI Branch Newsletter            Sept. 2012

        AAUW advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

                                                    President’s Message
Welcome to the 2012-13 AAUW Year! Change is afoot! As you may recall, the May 2012 issue of CHECK reported that
the office of branch president for 2012-13 was vacant. Sandy Ansfield did such a good job for two years that no one
member felt they could replace her. It took Barbara Cook’s creativity and considerable negotiating skills to convince us,
Nancy Worland, Fran Garb, and Helen Bannan, to become a presidential “troika” for this year only. All of us are retired
and will be away for parts of this year, and probably more of next year, but we are eager to try collaborative leadership.
We hope this kind of flexibility will demonstrate that serving AAUW doesn’t need to require an overwhelming
commitment and will encourage others to assume a leadership role next year. Meanwhile, we really enjoy working
together, the members of the Board are terrific, and we are looking forward to an interesting AAUW year. We begin our
year with a new action project, tied to National AAUW’s public policy initiative “’It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard.” Come to
our initial meeting of the year, September 25, to catch up with AAUW friends, to pick up your copy of the yearbook, and
to learn about what’s ahead for the Oshkosh branch of AAUW.

    — Your Troika: Nancy, Fran and Helen

                                                   September Program
Tuesday, Sept. 25, 6:00 PM
Program: The American Democracy Project for Civic Engagement is a national, multi-campus initiative that seeks to
foster informed civic engagement in our young people. The project seeks to create a greater intellectual understanding
and commitment to participate in the civic life of the United States. UW-Oshkosh is a member institution with select
faculty and staff supporting the initiative with "get out the vote" efforts and other civic engagement projects on campus.
We will learn more from them at this meeting.

“It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard”–Getting Women to the Polls—Jeanne Tondryk will explain what is planned for our
chapter to participate in Voter Registration and other activities to help mobilize women to vote. Please bring your
calendars because we need to sign up at this meeting for volunteer positions throughout October.

Potluck Dinner: Bring table service (plate, cup, silverware) and a dish (NOT DESSERT) to share. The hospitality team
will furnish desserts, beverages, and rolls. It is always fun to try the great dishes that our members bring. AAUW
members do have great recipes. Yes, for those who forget, as I sometimes do, or make a last-minute decision to come
and do not have table service with them, it will be available. So come. Have great fellowship, food and program.
HOSPITALITY TEAM: Darcy Duffy, chair. Frances Bachman, Marlene Krueger, Lynda Olsen, Karen Reiter, Joan Sheehy.
Thanks, team!
An opportunity to be a part of an energetic board that is planning an exciting year. Only the April and May meetings left
for this year for which planning is needed.
Assistance will be provided by Barbara Cook. Contact Barbara (233-6066, to find out what it would
mean to take on this responsibility.
Tell our trio of presidents—Helen Bannan, Fran Garb and Nancy Worland—that you will be that person to help.
 Being a part of the Board is fun and new AAUW friendships are made.

Biennial National AAUW Public Policy Program –
It’s time again for AAUW members to propose revisions to the AAUW Public Policy Program (PPP). This document
establishes our organization’s federal action priorities, and is updated and adopted every two years by every-member
vote. The AAUW Public Policy Committee (APPC) is beginning the process. The feedback of local branches is critical to a
successful PPP revision.
Lisa Maatz, the Director of Public Policy and Government Relations, urges us to take the time to reread the PPP,, and share suggested changes, revisions, or
additions. You can email your comments directly to Lisa Maatz at or to MaryBeth Petesch
( The due date for branch comments is soon = September 14, 2012.

Remember the criteria AAUW uses for all our public policy priorities: based on viability, critical need, strong member
support, and potential for distinctive AAUW contribution.

Thank you for your interest in influencing the core mission and values of our organization.
—MaryBeth Petesch, Public Policy Chair, Oshkosh AAUW

AAUW Action Fund has initiated a non-partisan campaign to educate, register and mobilize women to vote in the 2012
election, especially young women of the millennial generation. The campaign is titled “It’s My Vote: I Will Be Heard.”
In response to this call to action, the Appleton Branch of AAUW, in collaboration with UW-Fox Valley, Fox Valley
Technical College, and Appleton League of Women Voters, is hosting a forum on Wednesday, September 19, Noon – 1
p.m., at UW Fox Valley Student Union, 1478 Midway Road, Menasha. Justin Nickels, Mayor of Manitowoc, and Jay
Heck, Executive Director of Common Cause Wisconsin, will discuss the importance of civic engagement and of making an
effort to become informed on issues in this election that may affect you.

We are invited to attend. It will provide a wonderful opportunity to hear what is on the minds of 18- – 30-year-olds, and
to support this important initiative.

Yes, we have the Help Wanted sign out! We are asking you to send us names of prospective members. Actually it would
be awesome if you could include their addresses (email and US mail) and phone numbers. We are not fussy about your
mode of communication with us whether it be via email, US mail or phone). So how about it? It would be even better if
you could speak to your friends before we contact them, but not necessary.

The September potluck is a WONDERFUL meeting to invite guests to enjoy the AAUW experience and our delicious
potluck dishes. We think they would like meeting us too.

We are happy to tell you that Nancy Elsberry and Carol Conway-Gerhardt are on the newly formed membership
committee, which will focus on recruitment and retention.
We thank you in advance for giving us some names and inviting guests (prospective members) to the September
meeting. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Peg Olson ……….235.8496
Sheila Denney…….231.6051

Family Literacy Program Ends

At the final meeting of the Family Literacy Project at Jefferson Elementary School, our lead teacher, Angie Davis, told us
that she had accepted a position in Lodi, Wisconsin, closer to her family in Madison. We also learned that Bonnie
Samaritoni, the other kindergarten teacher who worked with her class in the project, was retiring, and the school
principal familiar with the program also was leaving. Rather than attempting to “sell” our project to new teachers, we
decided to wait until another opportunity arose. During our two-year involvement, a solid core of AAUW members
participated: Sandy Ansfield, Fran Garb, Susan Morrissey, Karen Reiter, Brenda Wilusz, Nancy Worland, Peg Olson, Jean
Maas Pike, Lynda Olsen, Sheila Denney, and Mary Beth Petesch, joined coordinator Helen Bannan for sessions at
Jefferson, and Sally Teresinski, Nancy Elsberry, Lynda Olsen, Barbara Cook, Viv Goupel, and Marlene Krueger baked
cookies for these events. Jeanne Metzig gave a generous donation of classroom supplies to support the program, and
the branch as a whole contributed enough copies of Rosemary Wells’ book, READ TO YOUR BUNNY, so that every
participating Jefferson kindergarten family now has a book at home that they can read to their children. Thanks to
everyone; this project acted out the AAUW mission and raised the visibility of AAUW in our community.


Lunch Bunch: The AAUW Lunch Bunch meets the second Monday of every month at 11:45. Please contact Bettie
Harriman (233-1973 or for more information. Lunch Bunch will meet Sept. 10 at Zuppa’s in Neenah,
and Oct. 10 at Fratello’s in Oshkosh.

AAUW Morning Book Group: Meets the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 9:30 AM. Sept. 11: The Language of Flowers by
Vanessa Diffenbaugh – hostess is Karen Beckstrom, 4626 N. Sandy Beach Rd. Oct. 9: The Art of Hearing Heartbeats
by Jan-Phillip Sendker – hostess is Bettie Harriman, 5188 Bittersweet Ln.

AAUW Evening Book Group: Meets the 2nd Wednesday evening of each month at 7:00 PM. Sept. 12: The 19th Wife
by David Ebershoff – hostess is Judy Weber, 1245 S. Westhaven Dr. Oct. 10: Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks –
hostess is Joan Sheehy, 2630A Havenwood Dr.

Check newsletter: If you have updated information for receiving the Check newsletter please let Rachel Krubsack
( or 231-1735) know for updating records.

New address: If you have a new e-mail address (or home address) or notice that the one in the Yearbook is
incorrect, please let Rachel Krubsack know at or 231-1735. I will update my list so you continue to
receive Check and other information from our branch. Thank you!
Financial Report
We collected dues from 36 members in June/July and another 9 in August along with 11 members for life making a total
of 56 members for our Branch. The names have been sent to Jane Smith for inclusion in our yearbook. Thank you.
For those who have not paid your dues yet, it is not too late! Just mail your $82 check to me at 387 Naymut Street,
Menasha, WI 54952.
June – August Statement:
1689 June 2, 2021 Bridgewood                      ($529.86)       (deposited $540 from members)
         June 2          Dues deposited $246.00
         July 2          Dues deposited $777.00
1690 July 11             AAUW                     ($1,666.00)
1721 July 20             WI-AAUW                  ($468.00)
         August 8        Dues deposited $412.00
1722 August 17           AAUW Leadership Fund ($50.00)            (speaker fee for Anne Lee)
1723 August 17           AAUW                     ($343.00)
1724 August 17           WI-AAUW                  ($117.00)
         August 25       Dues deposited $246.00
Closing balance as September 2, 2012 $2,445.04
For those with sharp eyes, you will notice that there is a huge check # jump. I have looked all over my house and our
former treasurer looked all over her house and there is a book of checks that have disappeared! And so we wrote it off
in the register and continue to be solvent.
—Susan Morrissey, Oshkosh Branch Treasurer
Oshkosh Branch
Rachel Krubsack, Editor
1004 Mason St.
Oshkosh WI 54902

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