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					Canada’s Gone Organic

Type of        Community Impact Project

Title          Canada’s Gone Organic

Brief          Imagine this - a country completely free of GMO. A small farm shaped exactly like the
Description    country of Canada, each province's agricultural mainstays highlighted with organic
               crops, orchards, vines, etc. Will be a world first, its impact powerful, sustainable and
               Connection to Existing Initiatives:
               Acting as a hub for the sustainable/green community at large in Ottawa, CGO would
               make a great location to house a variety of organizations such as Just Food, CBAN,
               Equiterre, Ecojustice, Permaculture Ottawa and Ecology Ottawa.
Anticipated        1) Children will learn the difference between organic, fresh, nutritious foods that
Benefits                provide the soil for our bodies to grow in a healthy and vibrant way, vs the
                        industrial/GMO/toxic foods that are creating a plethora of health issues that
                        could lead to our extinction and along the way break the healthcare bank.
                   2) CGO will create an income base of complimentary synergies that will
                        strengthen all sustainability initiatives.
                   3) Bringing the green/sustainability movement together in an eco-park would be
                        the ideal location to expand membership and support for their various
                        initiatives. Groups could have booths setup throughout the park to educate
                        and encourage membership.
               Once established, CGO could be replicated worldwide, hopefully to every country on
               the planet, as we want sustainable, climate and geographically attuned agriculture in
               every country on the planet,…this is the best way to feed our world, it’s the only way
               that will be successful.
Status as of   It’s a very new concept, came out of my work related to a local community garden
April 2012     initiative. It has been promoted on Facebook. Potential stakeholders such as Just
               Food, Cban and Équiterre have been approached by email for feedback. Once a board
               is formed, efforts would need to be made to develop business partners, fund-raising
               strategies could be formed with the assistance of the board. Earning the respect of the
               I3 summit would help CGO become a reality and it would definitely lend credibility to
               the project.

Key needs      Get key players such as such as Just Food, CBAN, Equiterre, Ecojustice, Permaculture
               Ottawa and Ecology Ottawa on the board to help achieve goals. The funds raised by
               CGO could be used to fund these and other organizations that are promoting
               sustainable initiatives.
Contacts       Brian Porter, 153 Riverdale Ave, Ont, K1S1R4 613-695-3672

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