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					                                  Affiliate Marketing

                              Affiliate Marketing
We all have the experience of going through some sort of sales pages that say do some writing or
get some content in a regular manner as an affiliate marketer and you will go rich by grabbing
immense money. They convince you by saying that you can do this money earning activity
sitting in your home and it’ll take few hours a day. They also say “You will get a whole lot time
to enjoy in your life with that money”.

 So in a word they define the affiliate marketing as an easy task to complete that anyone can do
this even if his/her age is under 5.

But in the recent world we can hear many frequently asked questions from many persons
regarding affiliate marketing. So why is there so trouble with affiliate marketing? What really
makes it difficult?

Now let’s put the so-called convincing words from those sales pages out of our syllabus. Let’s
come to the reality. When you are about to start anything like business or school initially you
must have to give much effort for its foundation. Only a little supervision of few hours over your
business won’t make good results.

On the contrary, when you are up to help other’s business to grow up then just fulfilling the
formalities or showing up in office for just couple of hours will bring you the monthly check.

But for your own business to grow up this won’t do. You have to have the devotion and proper
effort towards your business. You need to adopt the mind-set of a business owner.

Adopting The Business-Owner Mindset
You have got only one risk of losing job while you are working for other’s business. But the
success of that business does not just imply on the responsibilities of employees. There’s more
than that.

When it comes to the point of affiliate marketing your action will define the bank balance every
single day. As you are owner of your business here, showing up won’t do any good. You have to
be careful for the thing you are carrying in your shoulder.

The all talks and speeches regarding the mindset didn’t come from the “think it and you will
achieve it” mindset but from an employee-mindset vs. a business-owner mindset.

Most of us have been brought up to have a good and secure job and get paid by someone else
who decides our worth and reflects it on the checks. In a sense it’s decent and safe – show up and
get paid.
                                  Affiliate Marketing

Overcoming The Employee Mentality We Were Brought Up
To Expect
We all are brought up to the aforementioned way of working under someone and get paid. But
how many of us have been taught to start a business and earn on our own?

A few one and the number is countable. Because there’s a risk lying in front of doing something
in your own or starting a business.

The mindset shift is the reason why the affiliate marketing seems difficult to me. It’s a very
challenging part to get straight in mind when starting something new. I faced this too.

Many negative chit-chats will go on related to your actions regarding affiliate marketing. You
may hear something like this from your relatives or friends “You are up to this online business
for many days, but I didn’t see you earning a penny”.

This is why the mindset shift is necessary. With employee mindset mode this kind of negative
statements will demotivate you. It will be a horrible experience to face those questions and talks.
You are not earning and at that time those de-motivational statements are really intolerable.

Just because of this type of experiences many people left the zone of affiliate marketing. They
weren’t living according to the expectations of the employee-mindset people around them.

But my experience started getting better when I got the touch of those who are not from those
employee-mindset people. The things and stuffs regarding affiliate marketing started getting
easier and more understandable for me. Though the learning curve was challenging enough but
still I went with that curve every day at an amazing rate.

But one thing for sure, the hard part was to change myself from the employee-mindset mode.
When I did it the change gave me the feeling of freedom. I felt empowering. And as I said erlier,
things started coming to me lot easier than before.

What do you find to be the most difficult thing about affiliate marketing? What changes did you
make to overcome it? Share in the comments below.
Affiliate Marketing

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