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									                                                         MXSweep Email Archiving
                                                             for Education
                                                          Archiving is about finding – not storing

Due to increasingly strict requirements set by            At a minimum, information archiving provides schools
legislators for electronically stored information,        with a means to address the data explosion in a manner
educational institutions are relying more and more        that satisfies regulatory requirements and reduces the
on email archiving to stay compliant with the law and     burden placed on IT applications such as email. It is no
with best practice. These rules, coupled with an          surprise then that cost-effective information archiving
explosion in data growth, present educational             remains at the top of the list of priorities for IT decision
organisations with the complex challenge of               makers. Put another way—archiving is no longer a value-
balancing compliance and storage with reduced             added service for IT; it is an essential component of the
budgets and shrinking staff.                              IT portfolio, and it is required to tame skyrocketing
                                                          storage costs while maintaining compliance.
                                                          THE SOLUTION
The fact that entities involved in litigation must be                                                                                Key Benefits
                                                          MXSweep delivers cloud-powered, email archiving
able to produce "electronically stored information"
                                                          technology to schools and businesses for a fraction of
during the discovery process, has had significant                                                                        •   Every email, stored, searchable,
                                                          the cost without the need to purchase hardware, install
implications for school technology departments,                                                                              accessible & secure---forever
                                                          software or manage ongoing maintenance. EVERY email
especially in places where IT routinely copies over                                                                      •   No hardware, software, maintenance
                                                          that any person in your organisation sends and
backup discs and other information housed on                                                                                 or installation required
                                                          receives is securely archived, searchable and accessible           Unlimited storage of emails
school servers.                                                                                                          •
                                                          - forever. Individual users may also access their own          •   A true business grade compliance
While the law has always required schools,                archive so they can be comfortable in deleting emails              solution to your email archival
corporations, and other entities to produce certain       and keeping mailboxes at a manageable size.                        requirements
kinds of documentation as evidence in the discovery                                                                      •   Allows organisations to focus on their
process, email messages and electronic documents          ARCHIVE vs. BACKUP                                                 core business and not be distracted
are now very much part of that mix.                       Archiving is different from backup in a number of                  with infrastructure hassles
                                                          ways. For example, archived data is readily available
TIME CONSUMING AND EXPENSIVE                              and accessible, whereas backup data is typically
If an eDiscovery request is made, it can take days or     stored offline or even at an off-site storage facility.                 Service Features
even weeks to search through the plethora of backups      With an archive service, you are able to search
and .pst files, only to find that the necessary           archived data instantly to locate specific information,        •   Global Administrator extensive search
                                                          whereas with a backup service, you typically have to               options of all mail over any period
information is lost or was never captured. To add
                                                          restore the backup data to its original source or to           •   Archives both internal and external
insult to injury, many schools need to hire outside IT
                                                          other media to make the data accessible, and this                  mail securely (AES military strength
experts to search and access the requested
                                                          wastes valuable time and resources.                                encryption) to 8 redundant data
documents which is both time-consuming and
                                                          CLOUD VS. ON PREMISE                                           •   Supports all major messaging
                                                                                                                             environments including: Exchange,
Many schools are now enforcing email retention            In order to deploy an on-premise archive, customers
                                                                                                                             Notes, GroupWise, Scalix, and Zimbra
policies that preserve ALL of the schools' email          frequently have to make the following investments in
                                                                                                                         •   Email accessible as online view, PDF,
correspondence (both inbound and outbound) for a          infrastructure:
                                                                                                                             message download, or PST download
period of seven years. Requiring that all email is              •     one or more servers (hosts) for the
                                                                                                                         •   Designed for compliance archiving and
captured, indexed, and archived to cover 100%                         archiving system and supported systems
retention.                                                      •     storage (typically enterprise-class
                                                                      network/SAN storage) for the archiving
Proper execution and enforcement of these policies                    system
can make the eDiscovery requests quick and                      •     fibre channel connections for
painless. Using robust search capabilities and                        network/SAN storage
producing relevant email data across your entire                •     incremental power, cooling, and rack
archive can now be achieved in a matter of seconds,                   space for the infrastructure noted above.
rather than days or weeks.
                                                          With the MXSweep Cloud-Powered Archiving there
                                                          are no upfront costs and no investments in
                                                          hardware, software, or installation required. Just an
                                                          easy archive set up, with assistance by our support
                                                          team to provide training for you and your staff
MXSWEEP SOLUTION: SIMPLE,                                    SECURITY AND PRIVACY
POWERFUL, COST EFECTIVE                                      Best practice dictates that student education records
MXSweep understands the importance of the rules and          are protected and kept private. MXSweep
regulations educational institutions are required to         compliments this Act with its three-level data
                                                             security: physical infrastructure, data encryption, and
abide by. MXSweep’s Archive Service helps ease this                                                                       About MXSweep Archiving
process by streamlining the compliance and eDiscovery        the application layer. Data is secured in transit, and
process by providing a solution that enables you to          at rest. Our data storage meets rigorous PCI DSS
archive and search all of your archived email.               standards (Payment Card Industry Data Security
                                                             Standard) and the guidelines set forth by the Cloud       MXSweep delivers on-demand archiving
UNLIMITED STORAGE                                            Security Alliance. All data is secured via industry       services that enable organizations to
                                                             standard encryption (Defense Department AES and           address eDiscovery needs, achieve
Storage capacity automatically increases on a per
                                                             SSL), with no shared encryption keys across               regulatory compliance, and reduce IT
customer basis, at no additional cost. Regardless of how
                                                             customers. There is never any co-mingling of              costs. MXSweep’s services can be
much email you add, you will never run out of storage,
                                                             archived data between customers. At the application       deployed in minutes, require no hardware
or be charged additional fees. This allows you to easily
                                                             layer, Sonian uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to          or software investment, and are
abide by compliance/data-retention rules, because you
                                                             encrypt all communication between the web browser         compatible with many email, instant
can store as much data as necessary and are able to
                                                             and the data center, and a processing pipeline that       messaging, and social media platforms.
access it and produce the requested information when                                                                   MXSweep provides the only archiving
                                                             ensures performance and data privacy between
required.                                                                                                              offerings in the market built from the
                                                             customer accounts.
                                                                                                                       ground up using advanced cloud
ROBUST                                                                                                                 computing technologies.
                                                             BUDGET AND ROI
Litigation requests often stipulate a fixed time to gather
                                                             MXSweep Archive offers an inexpensive archiving           Over 10,000 customers benefit from
and present information. The MXSweep Archive
                                                             solution. Using a fixed cost per user, via a simple       MXSweep’s industry-leading security,
harnesses the on-demand CPU power of the cloud,
                                                             monthly subscription, you can migrate your data into      performance, and usability. Boasting
leveraging geographically dispersed data centers to
                                                             the cloud, which allows you to reallocate or eliminate    strong partnerships with the world’s
power archival functions for data ingestion, indexing,
                                                             on-premise or hosted servers, avoid compliance fines      leading technology companies, MXSweep
search, eDiscovery and export. The MXSweep system                                                                      combines innovative technology with deep
                                                             and fees associated with data loss, and reduce the
uses map-reduce style, parallel processing to search                                                                   archiving expertise to satisfy customer of
                                                             costs associated with eDiscovery and analysis by
very large data sets in sub-second response times. This                                                                all sizes and industries.
                                                             leveraging MXSweep’s easy to use UI for early case
type of processing is only possible with cloud-compute
CPU, which can scale up in real-time so that every                                                                     The company mission is to deliver the
customer search experience is quick and timely, without                                                                most affordable, reliable, scalable and
the hassle of waiting for your jobs to complete.                                                                       secure email archiving service available in
                                                                                                                       the market.
With no hardware to buy or software to install, you can
be up and running within hours. The simple and
intuitive web-based interface allows for easy archive
setup and our support team provides training for you
and your staff. Rapid search and retrieval is possible by
individuals in a personal archive, or across the whole
archive by authorised users.

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