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					                                            2001 Boston College Football

                              How the Eagles Were Built
 Includes all scholarship players

 Freshman (6)                   Sophomores (13)                 Juniors (9)                      Seniors (6)
 RB Brandon Brokaw                 WR Chris Barnes              ** WR JAMAL BURKE                ** OT MARC COLOMBO
 OL Chris Hathy                    OT Leo Bell                  ** RB William Green              *** WR DuJuan Daniels
 QB Ray Henderson                  QB Eric Boatwright           *   WR Keith Hemmings            *** WR DEDRICK DEWALT
 TE Chris Miller                * FB    J.P. Comella            ** C       DAN KOPPEN            * WR Ryan Read
 QB Quinton Porter                 C    Jim Connor              ** C       Todd McKniff          ** OG John Richardson
 OL Jeremy Trueblood               OT Rudy DiPietro             *   TE Frank Misurelli           * FB RYAN UTZLER
                                * OG Augie Hoffmann                 OT Dan Murphy
                                   QB Kevin Kiley                   OG Mark Parenteau
 Redshirt Freshman (7)          * RB    Derrick Knight          ** QB Brian St. Pierre
 WR Grant Adams                 * TE    SEAN RYAN
 OG Robert Bennett              * K     Sandro Sciortino
 WR Joel Hazard                 * RB    Greg Toal
 TE David Kashetta                 OT Frank Wilpert
 FB Haven Perkins
 OG Chris Snee

 Freshman (10)                       Sophomores (9)                  Juniors (10)                      Seniors (5)
 DL Tim Bulman                  *    FS   Paul Cook    *             DB Doug Bessettse           ***   LB SCOTT BRADLEY
 LS Francois Brochu             *    DB Brian Flores   *             LB CURTIS BOLDEN            **    DT Antonio Garay
 S    Nathanael Hasselbeck      *    DT DOUG GOODWIN                 LB Vinny Ciurciu            ***   DE SEAN GUTHRIE
 DE Mathias Kiwanuku            *    DT Justin Hinds   *             LB Jerome Ledbetter         *     LB Andy Romanowsky
 DB Larry Lester                *    DT KEITH LEAVITT **             P    KEVIN McMYLER          *     CB LENNY WALLS
 LB Patrick McShane             *    DT Tom Martin     **            FS RALPH PARENT
 LB Jon Misiewicz               *    LB   Josh Ott     **            DE Derric Rossy
 LB Jeff Parros                 *    CB   WILL POOLE                 CB K.J. Turkson
 DL Pat Ross                         LB   J.D. Schmidt **            CB Trevor White
 DB Jazzmen Williams                                   **            LB MARCO WILLIAMS

 Redshirt Freshman (6)
 LB Sydney Baskins
 DT Anthony Crosson
 DE Myran Hunter
 DE Phillip Mettling
 CB Peter Shean
 FS T.J. Stancil

 * Indicates number of letters won   CAPS INDICATES RETURNING STARTERS (Note: Bradley and M. Williams shared a starting spot)

 The '01 Eagles By Class
 Class                          Offense                         Defense                          Total
 Freshman                       6                               10                               16
 Redshirt Freshman              7                               6                                13
 Sophomore                      13 (6 lettermen)                9 (8 lettermen)                  23 (14   lettermen)
 Junior                         9 (7 lettermen)                 10 (8 lettermen)                 19 (15   lettermen)
 Senior                         6 (6 lettermen)                 5 (5 lettermen)                  11 (11   lettermen)
 Total                          39 (19 lettermen)               42 (21 lettermen)                81 (40   lettermen)

                                    2001 Boston College Football

                                           2001 Breakdown
Lettermen Lost 21, Lettermen Returning 40

Offense                                                  Defense

Lost (13 lost, 17 returning)          Returning          Lost   (8 lost, 23 returning)             Returning

*      Kenney Gaskins      WR   **    JAMAL BURKE        *   Kevin Crane             DE       *** SEAN GUTHRIE
                                ***   DuJuan Daniels                                          ** Derric Rossy
                                ***   DEDRICK DEWALT                                          * SEAN RYAN
                                *     Keith Hemmings                                              (moves to TE)
                                *     Ryan Read                                               * Frank Misureli
                                                                                                  (moves to TE)
*** Josh Cervi             TE
**** ROBERT ELLIS                                                                    DT       **   Antonio Garay
*** Mike Guazzo                                                                               *    DOUG GOODWIN
                                                                                              *    Justin Hinds
**** MICHAEL COOK          OT   ** MARC COLOMBO                                               *    KEITH LEAVITT
                                                                                              *    Tom Martin
*      Mike Callahan       OG   * Augie Hoffmann
*      Brendan Kelly            ** John Richardson       *** RYAN BURCH              LB       * CURTIS BOLDEN
***    PAUL LaQUERRE                                     *   Michael Gansfuss                 *** SCOTT BRADLEY
****   PAUL ZUKAUSKAS                                                                             (shared starter)
                                                         *** Steve Martin                     * Jerome Ledbetter
                           C    ** DAN KOPPEN                                                 * Josh Ott
                                ** Todd McKniff                                               * Andy Romanowsky
                                                                                              ** MARCO WILLIAMS
*** TIM HASSELBECK         QB   ** Brian St. Pierre                                               (shared starter)

*** CEDRIC WASHINGTON RB        ** William Green         *** Jonathan Ordway         CB       *    Brian Flores
                                * Derrick Knight         *   Emmerson Phillips                *    WILLIE POOLE
                                                         ****D.J. Sutton                      *    LENNY WALLS
*      Matt Tower          FB   *     J.P. Comella                                            **   Trevor White
                                *     Greg Toal
                                *     RYAN UTZLER        *** RaMON JOHNSON           FS       * Paul Cook
                                                                                              ** RALPH PARENT
**     MIKE SUTPHIN        K    *     Sandro Sciortino
                                                                                     SS       ** Doug Bessette
                                                                                              ** RALPH PARENT

                                                                                     P        ** KEVIN McMYLER

                                                         2000 STARTERS IN ALL CAPS; walk-on in italic.

                                                         Note: Garay won letters in 1998 and 1999; Ledbetter won a letter
                                                               in 1999

                                     2001 Boston College Football

                                      Head Coach
                                      Tom O’Brien
        There's no doubt about it -- Tom O'Brien was the right man at exactly the right time for Boston
     College football.
        Long respected as an innovator, a motivator and a disciplinarian, O'Brien became BC's 32nd
     head football coach on December 13, 1996, bringing his hard-working, dedicated and disciplined
     brand of football to the Heights at a time when it was sorely needed.
        "I am not only confident that (O'Brien) will be highly successful at Boston College, but I believe
     he will live out, in his life and in his work, the traditions and values of this great Jesuit university,"
                                                                        said Boston College President William
                                                                        P. Leahy, S.J., when O'Brien's appoint-
                                                                        ment was announced.
                                                                            O'Brien's first two Eagles teams
                                                                        responded with 4-7 records that
                                                                        included impressive wins over Georgia
                                                                        Tech and West Virginia. He coached
                                                                        Mike Cloud to the Boston College all-
                                                                        time rushing record and first-team All-
                                                                        America honors, and he and his staff
                                                                        also put together three straight recruit-
                                                                        ing classes that are regarded as among
                                                                        the finest in the nation.
                                                                            In 1999, three years of hard work
                                                                        paid off for O'Brien, his staff and his
                                                                        players as they engineered the third-
                                                                        best turnaround in Division I college
                                                                        football. Led by first-round draft pick
                                                                        Chris Hovan, the Eagles registered
                                                                        impressive back-to-back-to-back wins
                                                                        over Syracuse, West Virginia and
                                                                        Notre Dame to finish the regular sea-
                                                                        son with an 8-3 record, a top 25
                                                                        national ranking, and a trip to the
                                                               Bowl, BC's first bowl
                                                                        appearance since 1994. Despite the
                                                                        loss to Colorado in the bowl game, the
                                                                        8-4 final record signaled that O'Brien
                                                                        and his staff have brought a Boston
                                                                        College football program that once

                              2001 Boston College Football

                                                       1982-83-84 and 1992-93-94 seasons.
                                                           A total of seven players earned all-BIG EAST
                                                       Conference honors under O'Brien in 2000 (three
                                                       first time, four second team) - the most for the
                                                       Eagles since the 1994 season.
                                                           "I'm very proud of Tom O'Brien and the job
                                                       he has done with the Boston College football
                                                       team," says director of athletics Gene DeFilippo.
                                                           "It's been a long time since Boston College has
                                                       gone to back-to-back bowl games. Tom, his
                                                       coaches and his player have done just an outstand-
                                                       ing job."
                                                           Off the field, O'Brien's influence is evident as
                                                       well. The entering football class of 1996 has
                                                       already graduated more than 90 percent of its
                                                       members, quite a credit to those student-athletes
                                                       and to O'Brien and his staff. And last fall, an
                                                       impressive eight fifth-year players who suited up
                                                       for the Eagles have already earned their under-
                                                       graduate diplomas.
                                                           In addition, Boston College has had 10 players
                                                       named to the BIG EAST football academic honor
                                                       Roll in each of the past two seasons.
                                                           "Tom O'Brien has done a phenomenal job -
                                                       not a great job, a phenomenal job - with our foot-
                                                       ball program," DeFilippo says. "He, his staff and
                                                       our players deserve congratulations for a job well
                                                           Before coming to BC, O'Brien was the coordi-
was rocked by scandal back to national promi-          nator of the record-setting University of Virginia
nence.                                                 offense for six seasons and a member of the high-
    O'Brien did it again in 2000 as his Eagles post-   ly regarded Cavaliers' football staff since 1982.
ed a record of 7-5, which included a 31-17 win         Virginia was consistently ranked among the top
over Arizona State in the Aloha Bowl. The back-        offensive teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference
to-back winning seasons mark just the second           in recent years. The Cavaliers scored 320 points
time since 1984 that Boston College has achieved       during the 1996 regular season to become the first
consecutive winning campaigns, joining the 1992-       ACC team to score at least 300 points in eight
94 time period.                                        consecutive years.
    The 2000 bowl invitation, along with the '99           The Carquest Bowl was the team's fourth con- appearance, marked just the fourth         secutive post-season appearance. Virginia also won
time in school history that BC played in bowl          two ACC championships in O'Brien's coaching
game in consecutive years joining the 1940-41,         tenure - 1989 and 1995. The most recent post-sea-

                                2001 Boston College Football

                                                           When his active duty ended, O'Brien joined
                                                       the football staff at Navy where he coached the
                                                       team's offensive line for seven years (1975-81).
                                                       He was also the Mids' recruiting coordinator, and
                                                       was responsible for All-America running back
                                                       Napoleon McCallum's decision to attend the
                                                       Naval Academy.
                                                           O'Brien joined the University of Virginia staff
                                                       prior to the 1982 campaign. He coached the
                                                       Cavaliers' guards and centers before being pro-
                                                       moted to offensive coordinator and quarterbacks
                                                       coach in the spring of 1991. Following Virginia's
                                                       1994 season, he switched from quarterbacks coach
                                                       to offensive line coach while remaining as offen-
                                                       sive coordinator. Nine Cavalier offensive linemen
                                                       captured first-team All-ACC honors in the 11 sea-
                                                       sons that he coached the front line, and three dif-
 son bowl game was the 12th bowl appearance in
                                                       ferent Cavalier quarterbacks were ACC leaders in
 the 18 years that O'Brien was on coach George
                                                       passing efficiency in the four years that he handled
 Welsh's staff in Charlottesville and at the U.S.
                                                       the team's signal-callers.
 Naval Academy.
                                                           O'Brien is known nationally as a top-notch
     A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, O'Brien, 50, was
                                                       recruiter, and recruited or coached five of the
 a co-captain and All-City end at St. Xavier High
                                                       Cavaliers' seven first-team All-America players,
 School in that city. In 1987, he was inducted into
                                                       including Chris Slade, currently on the roster of
 the St. Xavier Athletic Hall of Fame - one of the
                                                       the New England Patriots.
 youngest graduates ever selected to join fellow
                                                           O'Brien and his wife, the former Jennifer Byrd
 alumni such as Baseball Hall of Famer Jim
                                                       of San Diego, are the parents of three children,
 Bunning and Notre Dame All-American quarter-
                                                       Colleen Frances (21), Daniel Patrick (19) and
 back George Ratterman in the school's place of
                                                       Bridget Jean (17).
 honor. He later enjoyed a fine collegiate career at
 Navy, where he was a three-year starter at defen-
 sive end for the Midshipmen from 1968 through
     Following his graduation from the Naval
 Academy in 1971, O'Brien was commissioned as a
 second lieutenant in the U.S. Marines. He served
 as an assistant coach for Navy's plebe (freshman)
 team for one season before being assigned to the
 Quantico Marine Base in Virginia, where he
 played on the last Quantico football team. He
 later served tours of duty in California and Japan.
 He attained the rank of major in the Marine
 Corps Reserve.

                                      2001 Boston College Football

                                                   THE O'BRIEN FILE
                                                   Came to BC from: University of Virginia
                                                   Year: 1997

                                                   Coaching Experience: 26th year
                                                   1997-present Head Coach, Boston College
                                                   1994-96      Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach,
                                                                 University of Virginia
                                                   1991-94      Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach,
                                                                 University of Virginia
                                                   1982-90      Guards/Centers Coach, University of Virginia
                                                   1975-81      Offensive Line Coach,
                                                                 U.S. Naval Academy

                                                   Bowl Games as a Coach:
                                                   2000    Aloha Bowl (BC), BC 31, Arizona State 17
                                                   1999 Bowl (BC), Colorado 62, BC 28
                                                   1996    Carquest Bowl (Virginia), Miami 31, Virginia 21
                                                   1995    Peach Bowl (Virginia), Virginia 34, Georgia 27
                                                   1994    Independence Bowl (Virginia), Virginia 20, Texas Christian 10
                                                   1993    Carquest Bowl (Virginia), Boston College 31, Virginia 13
                                                   1991    Gator Bowl (Virginia), Oklahoma 48, Virginia 14
                                                   1990    USF&G Sugar Bowl (Virginia), Tennessee 23, Virginia 22
                                                   1990    Florida Citrus Bowl (Virginia), Illinois 31, Virginia 21
                                                   1987    All-American Bowl (Virginia), Virginia 22, Brigham Young 16
                                                   1981    Liberty Bowl (Navy), Ohio State 31, Navy 28
                                                   1980    Garden State Bowl (Navy), Houston 35, Navy 0
                                                   1978    Holiday Bowl (Navy), Navy 23, Brigham Young 15

Coaching Accomplishments:
o 2000: Led BC to its second-consecutive winning season with a 7-5 record and a second-straight bowl appearance, a 31-17 win
 over Arizona State in the Aloha Bowl.
o 1999: Engineered the third-best turnaround in Division I college football - Eagles finished the regular season with an 8-3 record
 and a top-25 national ranking.
o 1998: Mike Cloud consensus first-team All-America, becomes BC's all-time leading rusher.
o Virginia scored 320 points during the 1996 regular season to become the first ACC team to score at least 300 points in eight con
secutive years.
o 1996: Virginia goes to the Carquest Bowl, marking the 12th time in 18 years O'Brien was on a staff that played in a bowl game.
o 1995: Virginia wins ACC championship, the second while O'Brien was on staff.

Playing Career:
1968-70 A three-year starter at defensive end from 1968-70 at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Playing Accomplishments:
o A three-year starter at defensive end for the Midshipmen from 1968-70.
o An All-City end at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati
o Inducted into the St. Xavier Athletic Hall of Fame in 1987, one of the youngest ever selected, joining fellow alumni such as base
 ball Hall of Famer Jim Bunning and Notre Dame All-American quarterback George Ratterman.

Personal Information:
Full Name:      Tom O'Brien
Birthdate:      October 5, 1948
Birthplace:     Cincinnati, Ohio
Hometown:       Cincinnati, Ohio
Marital Status: Married to the former Jennifer Byrd of San Diego
Children:       Colleen Frances (21), Daniel Patrick (19) and
                Bridget Jean (17).

                                               2001 Boston College Football
                                Boston College Coaching Staff
 Jerry Petercuskie                                                              coordinator/quarterbacks/receivers coach at North Carolina State (1983-
                                                                                85); wide receivers coach at Miami University (1981), and quarterbacks
 Assistant Head Coach,                                                          coach at the University of Cincinnati
 Recruiting Coordinator,                                                        (1976-80).
 Special Teams Coordinator                                                          Bible has coached numerous play-
                                                                                ers who have gone on to play profes-
                                            A 27-year coaching veteran, Jerry   sional football, including Erik Kramer
                                      Petercuskie is in his fifth season on     (Chicago Bears); Haywood Jeffires
                                      the Boston College coaching staff. In     (Houston Oilers); Dan McGuire
                                      2000, Petercuskie worked with kicker      (Seattle Seahawks); Patrick Rowe
                                      Mike Sutphin, who earned first team       (Cleveland Browns); Naz Worthen
                                      all-BIG EAST honors.                      (Kansas City Chiefs); Alfred Jenkins
                                            Before returning to his alma        (Baltimore Ravens); Mark Butterfield
                                      mater in 1997, Petercuskie served as      (Chicago Bears); Danny Peebles
                                      an assistant coach on the University      (Cleveland Browns); Danny Barrett
                                      of Virginia football staff with Tom       (British Columbia Lions) and Ray
                                      O'Brien. He was the Cavaliers' defen-     Rowe (Washington Redskins).
                                      sive tackles coach for two seasons.           Bible is a 1976 graduate of the
                                            Prior to his service in             University of Cincinnati, where he let-
                                      Charlottesville, Petercuskie had been     tered and started three years as a cor-
                                      defensive coordinator at Liberty          nerback. He received an MBA from
                                      University in Virginia from 1989          UC in 1982. He was the leading scorer
                                      through 1994. He was also linebackers     in the Greater Cincinnati League at St.
                                      and defensive line coach at Rutgers       Xavier High School as a running back
                                      from 1983-88. He has been on coach-       and also served as team captain.
                                      ing staffs that led teams to four bowl        Bible and his wife, Nancy, have two   Dana Bible
                                      games, including the 1996 Carquest        children, Adele (13) and Logan (9).
                                      Bowl and 1995 Peach Bowl (Virginia),
                                      and the 1977 Fiesta Bowl and 1976
                                      Gator Bowl (Penn State).
                                            A center on the BC football
   Jerry Petercuskie                  team from 1971-74, he graduated with      Don Horton
                                      a degree in psychology in 1975.
                                      Following graduation, he coached for      Tight Ends
 one season at Trenton State College before enrolling in a master's degree
 program at Penn State. While completing his studies there, he was a part-          Don Horton is in his fifth year as the Boston College tight ends coach.
 time offensive line coach for the Nittany Lions. He began his full-time        Horton helped coach Eagle tight end Robert Ellis to the all-BIG EAST
 coaching career at Brown University in 1978, coaching offense, defense         second team in 2000. He coached in his third bowl game last year joining
 and special teams units for the Bruins during the next five years.             the 1999 Bowl at BC and the 1983 Holiday Bowl at Ohio
    Jerry is a 'second-generation' Petercuskie to coach the football Eagles.    State.
 His dad, John Petercuskie, was BC's defensive coordinator from 1969                Before joining Tom
 through 1972. Jerry and his wife, the former Karen Lovejoy, are the par-       O'Brien's staff in 1997,
 ents of three children, John (14), Mark (12) and Alexandra (10). They          Horton had been the offen-
 reside in Holliston.                                                           sive coordinator at Southern
                                                                                Illinois since 1994, and also
                                                                                coached the Salukis' offensive
                                                                                line during that period.
                                                                                    Prior to that Horton was
 Dana Bible                                                                     offensive line coach at Ohio
 Offensive Coordinator/ Quarterbacks and Wide                                   University (1992-93) and
                                                                                offensive coordinator at
 Receivers                                                                      Capital University (1990-91)
                                                                                and Wittenberg University
    Dana Bible enters his third year as offensive coordinator/quarterbacks      (1988-89).
 and wide receivers coach.                                                          Following his graduation
    Last year at Boston College, he coached in his fifth bowl game along        from Wittenberg in 1982,
 with the 1999 Bowl with BC, the 1996 Sun Bowl and the              Horton received his master's
 1995 Liberty Bowl with Stanford and the 1986 Holiday Bowl with San             degree in physical education
 Jose State.                                                                    from Ohio State, where he
    Bible came to BC after a year as the offensive coordinator for the          served as a graduate assistant
 Philadelphia Eagles. He served as offensive coordinator/quarterbacks           coach for the Buckeyes'
 coach at Stanford University from 1995-97. While he was at Stanford, the       offensive line. While he was        Don Horton
 Cardinal finished third in the Pac-10 and defeated Michigan State in the       on staff, the Buckeyes played
 Sun Bowl (1996). He was offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at the        in the 1983 Holiday Bowl.
 University of Cincinnati in 1994. From 1990-92, he was quarterbacks                He began his full-time coaching career as tackle and tight ends coach
 coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, who won the AFC Central Division             at New Mexico State (1984-85) before taking another graduate assistant-
 championship and advanced to the playoffs (1990).                              ship at Virginia from 1986 through 1987. He also was the head coach at
    Bible also served as offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at            Norfolk Catholic (Va.) High School before returning to the collegiate
 Miami University (1989); offensive coordinator/quarterbacks/wide               ranks in 1988.
 receivers coach at San Diego State (1986-88), passing game                         Horton and his wife, the former Maura Sweeney, reside in Newton.

                                              2001 Boston College Football
                               Boston College Coaching Staff
David Magazu                                                                    of the Holy Cross Hall of Fame and has been named to the Bergen
                                                                                County (N.J.) All-Century Team.
Offensive Line                                                                      He began his coaching career in 1985 as freshmen coach at the
                                                                                University of Pennsylvania.
    David Magazu is entering his third year as the Eagles' offensive line       He served as a part-time
coach. Four of his players earned all-BIG EAST honors in 2000 as guard          coach at his alma mater
Paul Zukauskas was named to the first team and guard Paul LaQuerre,             from 1986-87 and defensive
center Dan Koppen and tackle Michael Cook all were named second                 backs/kickers coach in
team. Zukauskas also earned first team All-America honors from the              1991; defensive backs coach
                                       American Football Coaches                at the University of
                                       Association and second team from         Massachusetts from 1987-90
                                       Walter Camp.                             and defensive
                                            His line allowed just six sacks     coordinator/special teams
                                       during the 2000 season and helped        coordinator, 1992-93; and
                                       the Eagles finish third in the BIG       defensive backs coach at BC
                                       EAST in total offense (414.9 yards       from 1994-96 (and interim
                                       per game) and rushing offense (201.0     defensive coordinator in         Bill McGovern
                                       yards per game).                         1995) before accepting the
                                            In 1999, BC finished first in the   Pittsburgh position.
                                       BIG EAST in sacks allowed, second            While at BC, McGovern played a crucial role in recruiting New
                                       in rushing offense (behind only          Jersey natives Pedro Cirino, Frank Chamberlin, Anthony DiCosmo
                                       national runner-up Virginia Tech) and    and Mike Guazzo. At Pittsburgh, he recruited Gerald Hayes, Ryan
                                       third in the league in total offense.    Gonsales and Saul Freund, all from New Jersey, to play for the
                                            The Taunton, Mass., native came     Panthers. In 1999, two of his Pitt players (Hank Poteat and Ramone
                                       to BC from the University of             Walker) were first-team all-BIG EAST selection.
   David Magazu                        Memphis, where he served as co-              McGovern lives in Framingham with his wife Colleen and daughter
                                       offensive coordinator and offensive      Amanda.
                                       line coach for two seasons (1997-98).
Prior to that, he was offensive line coach at the University of Kentucky
(1995-96) and Colorado State University (1992-94); offensive coordinator
and offensive line coach at Indiana State University (1990-91); offensive
line coach at the U.S. Naval Academy (1987-89); offensive                       Bob Shoop
coordinator/offensive line coach at Ball State University (1985-86); tack-
les/tight ends coach at Northern Illinois University (1984) and a graduate      Defensive Backfield
assistant coach at the University of Michigan (1983).
    Magazu has served on coaching staffs that have reached bowl games               Bob Shoop came to BC in the spring of 1999 as defensive backfield
five times, including the 2000 Aloha Bowl, 1999 Bowl, the           coach after a one-year stint at the U.S. Military Academy as defensive
1994 Holiday Bowl (Colorado State), the 1984 Sugar Bowl (Michigan) and          backs coach. Shoop has coached in three bowl games - the 2000 Aloha
the 1980 Stagg Bowl (Ithaca College). In 1999, he coached Darnell               Bowl, the 1999 Bowl at BC and the 1991 Sugar Bowl with
Alford, a sixth-round draft pick (Kansas City Chiefs). While he was co-         Virginia.
offensive coordinator at the University of Memphis, running back Gerard             Prior to coming to BC, Shoop served as defensive
Arnold set a single-season rushing record (1998) and quarterback Bernard        coordinator/defensive backs coach at Villanova University in 1997. That
Oden set a single season passing record (1997). While he was offensive                                                 year, Villanova won the Atlantic 10
line coach at Kentucky, running back Moe Williams led the SEC in rush-                                                 Conference title and was named
ing, set three SEC records and 15 UK records in 1995. When he was at                                                   Eastern Collegiate Athletic
Colorado State, the school won the Western Athletic Conference title                                                   Conference Team of the Year.
(1994) for the first time in history, was ranked as high as 14th in the                                                     Shoop was defensive coordina-
nation, and ranked 14th nationally in total offense. There he coached Pat                                              tor/special teams
Meyer, who was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. At Indiana State, he                                                  coordinator/recruiting coordina-
coached Kip Beach, who went on to play for the New York Jets.                                                          tor/defensive backs coach at his
    Magazu is a 1980 graduate of Springfield College, where he was a                                                   alma mater, Yale, from 1994-96.
four-year starter at defensive tackle. He went on to receive a master's                                                While he was defensive coordinator
degree in 1981 from Ithaca College.                                                                                    there, Yale led the Ivy League in
    He and his wife, Carrie, are the parents of five children, Anthony (15),                                           passing yards defense (1996) and
Dominick (13), Damon (10), Olivia (3) and Roman (1).                                                                   registered five defensive touch-
                                                                                                                       downs. The 1995 Yale team ranked
                                                                                                                       first in the Ivy League, holding
                                                                                     Bob Shoop                         opponents to a 44 percent passing
Bill McGovern                                                                                                          rate. The 1994 Yale defense led the
Linebackers                                                                                                            Ivy League in interceptions.
                                                                                    Shoop also served as defensive backs coach and special teams coordi-
    Bill McGovern is entering his second season as an assistant coach           nator at Northeastern University (1991-93). The Northeastern defense
at Boston College and works with the linebacker. McGovern came to               was second in the Yankee Conference in interceptions (19) for the 1993
BC after serving as defensive backs coach at the University of                  season. He served as a graduate assistant coach at the University of
Pittsburgh for three seasons.                                                   Virginia (1990), which played in the Sugar Bowl that season.
    McGovern has coached in three bowl games - the 2000 Aloaha                      Shoop is a 1988 graduate of Yale, where he was a three-year football
Bowl, the 1994 Aloha Bowl in his first stint at BC and the 1997                 letterman as a wide receiver and a four-year letterman in baseball. He
Liberty Bowl with Pittsburgh.                                                   won Yale's Robert Gardner Anderson Award for team spirit, dedication
    A native of Oradell, N.J., McGovern was a four-year starter at              and leadership in 1987. He served as captain of the baseball team and
defensive back for Holy Cross before his graduation in 1985. He set a           won the Ducky Pond Award for pitching excellence.
single-season record for interceptions (11) for I-AA and was a consen-              A native of Pittsburgh, Shoop and his wife, Maura, have two sons,
sus first-team All-America (I-AA) selection in 1985. He is a member             Tyler (3) and Jay (1). They reside in Framingham.

                                                2001 Boston College Football
                                Boston College Coaching Staff
 Frank Spaziani                                                                  Keith Willis
 Defensive Coordinator                                                           Defensive Line
     Frank Spaziani is entering his fifth year on the BC coaching staff and          Keith Willis, who had been the defensive line coach for the past two
 his third as defensive coordinator. Spaziani had coached BC's running           years at the University of Cincinnati, is in his first year at Boston College
 backs, including all-time leading rusher Mike Cloud, his first two seasons.     and will again work with the defensive line.
     Spaziani joined Coach Tom O'Brien's staff after three seasons with              Willis played on the defensive line at Northeastern from 1978-81 and
 the Calgary Stampeders. During his coaching tenure at Calgary, he served        led the team in sacks in each of his final three seasons. He was a four-
 two seasons as the defensive coordinator.                                       year starter and two-time captain for the Huskies. Following his NU
                                             Prior to his coaching stint at      career, Willis enjoyed a 12-year career in the National Football League -
                                         Calgary, he served as the defensive     with 10 of those seasons coming with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
                                         coordinator for two years with the          Willis helped lead Cincinnati to a 7-4 regular season record in 2000
                                         Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Spaziani         and the Bearcats advanced to the Motor City Bowl - losing to Marshall by
                                         spent nine years as a member of the     a 25-14 count.
                                         Virginia coaching staff, where he           Willis signed as a free agent with the Steelers in 1982 and ended his
                                         was defensive coordinator for his       career there ranked third in team history with 59 quarterback sacks - third
                                         last five seasons in Charlottesville,   to only L.C. Greenwood (73.5) and Joe Greene (66). His 14 sacks in 1982
                                         after having been defensive backs       and 12 sacks in 1986 are the second and third highest single-season totals
                                         coach for the first four.               in team history.
                                             Spaziani has been a member of           He battled back from a neck injury that kept him sidelined for all of
                                         coaching staffs for teams that have     the 1988 season to start all 16 games in 1989, making 32 tackles with 6.5
                                         reached the 2000 Aloha Bowl (BC),       sacks. His comeback efforts were recognized by being selected for the
                                         the 1999 Bowl (BC),         team's Ed Block Courage Award in 1990. Willis ended his career with the
                                         the 1990 Sugar Bowl (Virginia), the     Steelers following the 1991 season and played as a reserve on the Buffalo
                                         1989 Citrus Bowl (Virginia), the        Bills team that competed in the Super Bowl in 1993.
                                         1987 All-American Bowl (Virginia),          Willis retired from the NFL in 1993 and started his coaching career as
                                         the 1984 Peach Bowl (Virginia), the     defensive line coach at Slippery Rock College in 1995. During his four-
                                         1981 Liberty Bowl (Navy) and the        year stay there, Willis was the school's liaison for the Minority Student-
                                         1980 Garden State Bowl and 1978         Athlete Mentoring program. In the summer of 1998, he completed an
                                         Holiday Bowl (Navy).                    NFL internship with the Steelers. He completed his undergraduate degree
                                             Spaziani is a 1969 graduate of      from Northeastern in therapeutic recreation with a concentration in juve-
   Frank Spazziani                                                               nile delinquency in 1988.
                                         Penn State, where he was a star
                                         defensive end on the Nittany Lions          A native of Newark, N.J., Willis and his wife Maxine have two children
                                         teams that tied Florida State in the    - Jasmine (17) and Keith, Jr. (15).
 1967 Gator Bowl and defeated Kansas in the 1969 Orange Bowl. He
 began his coaching career in 1969 as a graduate assistant to Joe Paterno at
 Penn State. After three years as an assistant high school coach, he became
 head coach at Hempstead (N.Y.) High School in 1973, and, a year later, at
 Raritan (N.J.) High. He joined head coach George Welsh as an offensive
 assistant at the U.S. Naval Academy in 1975 and went with Welsh and
 Tom O'Brien from Annapolis to Virginia in 1982.
     Frank and his wife, the former Laura Heikel, are the parents of three
 children, Joseph (5) and twins Avery and Andrew (3).

 Jason Swepson
 Running Backs
    Former Boston College football letterman Jason Swepson is entering
 his third year on the Eagles' staff as running backs coach.
    In 2000, Swepson coached William Green, who gained 1,164 yards on
 the ground and earned first team all-BIG EAST honors. In 1999, Cedric
 Washington (who gained 676 yard this year) reached the 1,000-yard
 plateau with 1,122 yards.
    Swepson coached in his second career bowl game last year in the 2000
 Aloha Bowl to go along with the 1999 Bowl at BC.
    Swepson came to BC from Northeastern, where he coached running
 backs and tight ends for the previous two seasons. He also served as
 offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Holy Cross (1996), wide
 receivers coach at Boston University (1994-95), tight ends and tackles                          Jason Swepson
 coach at the University of Rhode Island (1993) and running backs coach
 at Bates College (1992).


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