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Re: The death of "Dear"?


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                I'm contemplating with amusement the idea that the state of New Mexico
                might know your insurance had lapsed. Ninety−day policies are popular
                here, since you have to have insurance to get title to a car, but of
                course you want to stop wasting money on it as soon as possible.

        Fascinating. So there's no legal requirement on the part of the
        insurance carrier to notify the DMV? That would seem to be an obvious
        necessity if you require insurance at registration time.

I was going to say that it wasn't done in California, but apparently
since 2006, it is:

In 2006, the law changed the way the Department of Motor Vehicles
verifies insurance for privately owned vehicles.


Insurance companies in California are required by law (California
Vehicle Code [CVC] §16058) to electronically report private−use
vehicle insurance information to DMV. Insurance companies are
exempt from electronically reporting insurance information for
vehicles covered by commercial or business insurance policies.

The old requirement (which I think is still in force, too, although
Susan takes care of the paperwork, so I'm not sure) is that when you
register the vehicle, you need to submit proof of insurance along with
your registration form. And you're supposed to have it with you to
show the officer if you're stopped by the police. (If you don't have

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it with you, you get a ticket and have to bring the proof of insurance
(valid for the time you were stopped) in to get the ticket cleared.)

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