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									       East Tennessee                        parking garage and the Children’s Plaza,
       Children’s Hospital PR                named after longtime president Bob           Past and Present
                                             Koppel. The hospital now has 152
       Plan                                  licensed beds and continues to treat
                                                                                          Promotional Efforts
East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is a                                                   ETCH in the fall of 2008, launched the
                                             children with life threatening illnesses.
private, independent, not-for-profit,                                                     community-wide Knoxville
medical center in Knoxville, Tennessee.                                                   Area Coalition on Childhood Obesity to
                                             Situation                                    increase awareness of problems of
The hospital helps children in East
                                             East                                         childhood obesity. In summer 2008,
Tennessee, southwest Virginia, western
                                             Tennessee                                    ETCH also became the lead organization
North Carolina, and southeast Kentucky.
                                             Children’s                                   for Safe Kids of the Greater Knox Area,
It is devoted to serving only children and
                                             Hospital                                     which goal is to decrease unintentional
specializes in pediatrics areas including
                                             relies on                                    injuries in children in the East
cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics.
                                             donations                                    Tennessee region. ETCH provides staff,
It is certified by the state as a
                                             and                                          volunteers and financial needs to many
Comprehensive Regional Pediatric
                                             volunteers to make the hospital run          organizations around the area that
Center (CRPC).
                                             successfully. In order to do this the        better children. Some organizations
                                             hospital needs to increase media             include; United Way, Cystic Fibrosis
History                                      placement to raise more awareness and        Foundation, The Dream Foundation and
Opening in 1937, the 28-bed facility was     encourage people in Knoxville and            CureFinders.
known as the Knox County Crippled            surrounding areas to donate time and         ETCH has held yearly phonathons,
Children’s Hospital, and its primary         money.                                       radiothons, and different contests
purpose was to care for children with
                                                                                          around the area to raise money. Most
polio. In the 1940’s, because of             Competitive Analysis                         recently ETCH has created Knoxville’s
admissions from outside Knox County,
                                             There is not another Children’s Hospital     Cutest Baby Face Contest to raise
officials changed the name to East
                                             that specializes in cancer and other life    money. One of ETCH’s newest
Tennessee Children’s Crippled Hospital.
                                             threatening illnesses in Knoxville but the   fundraising success is Knoxville’s
A decade later, because of the advent of
                                             closest one is Vanderbilt Children’s         Dancing with the Stars.
antibiotics and the polio vaccine, the
                                             Hospital in Nashville. East Tennessee
need for polio care diminished. The
hospital was then renamed East
                                             Children’s Hospital differs from             Leadership
                                             Vanderbilt because ETCH is a non-profit,     The president of the hospital is Keith D.
Tennessee Children’s Hospital in 1955
                                             independent, private medical center.         Goodwin and medical chief of staff is Dr.
and began to focus on all illnesses. In
                                             There are 18 local hospitals in the area,    John Buchheit. A board of directors,
1970, a new facility opened with 74 beds
                                             but none specialize like East Tennessee      chaired by Dennis Ragsdale, governs
at the hospital’s current location. The
                                             Children’s hospital. ETCH is truly unique    both of these executives.
hospital continues to renovate and add
                                             in Knoxville.
on. The most recent additions are a new
       SWOT Analysis                          because it relies on donations and           has a family of their own or trying to
        Strengths- Children's Hospital is a   volunteers to run. The current               find ways to volunteer in the
501 (C)(3) tax-exempt institution,            unemployment rate in Tennessee is            community.
meaning we do not pay federal income          8.7%.
and excise taxes or state and local                                                        Campaign Theme
property and sales taxes. This causes         Scope of Campaign                            ETCH understands local hardships, cares
ETCH to save money internally, which          Fully integrated advertising, PR and         about improving them, and is aiming to
provides a better working environment         analyst relations campaign extending for     improve the situation, which would
for the employees.                            a 2-year duration to raise donations by      better the community and affected
Weaknesses- Because the hospital is a         25% (1,125,000) by 2014 and increase         families. ETCH needs the community’s
not-for-profit, independent medical           volunteerism hours by 20% (62,500            help to improve things, in the way of
center, it relies on donations and            hours).                                      donations of either time or money. The
volunteers to help run the hospital. This                                                  community can be an active force in
limits the availability of resources to       Research                                     improving technology and resources at
grow as a hospital and offer the              Both primary and secondary research          the East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.
employees the best salary packages.           will be conducted For primary research,      The overarching theme will be
Since it relies on donations, the hospital    the hospital will conduct one-to-one         IMPROVE. Together as a community we
may lack the funds internally to provide      interviews asking what it could do           can improve the lives of children around
extra benefits for employees.                 better to get more first time givers and     us and the community as a whole.
Opportunities- Professional Education;        how to maintain their support over the
Children's Hospital supports health care      years. Questionnaires will be handed out     Goals
education by offering student                 to research what media outlets most          The is to increase media placement
internships, externships, nursing             donors use. Blogs will be essential in the   which would then increase awareness,
scholarships and training programs for        campaign as well, to find out what           donations and volunteer hours to
student nurses, pre-med students, social      outlets would work best for our              further advance ETCH.
work students, child development              advertising. The secondary research will
specialists and others pursuing health        come from journals, papers, internet,
care as a career. Children's works jointly                                                 Objectives
                                              ect. Research is the core of the campaign
with the UT Medical Center and UT             and will be given an extensive amount of
Medical School to provide medical             time to complete.                                   To increase donations by 25%
school rotations in family practice,                                                               (1,125,000) by 2014.
surgery and other specialties at our                                                              To increase volunteerism at the
                                              Target Audience                                      hospital by 20% (62,500 more
                                              The Target audience of this campaign is              hours total) by March of 2014.
Threats-The status of the national
economy and the local employment rate         18-35 year old men and women in the
could cause trouble for the hospital,         community. This audience most likely
                                                monthly awards in publications/      During Holidays partner with local
                                                press/email.                         business to create special volunteer
                                               Tweet volunteer opportunities        days.
                                                through ETCH Twitter account.        During the third week of April, mount a
Strategies                                     Release PSAs for ETCH events.        media relations campaign throughout
                                               Publicize children’s stories and     that week for National Volunteer Week.
                                                doctor profiles through feature
     Increase donations by
      maintaining relationships with
      current donors.                                                                Budget
     Supply more service                                                            Operating costs:
      opportunities for volunteers.      Evaluation                                  Distribution, production, seminars,
     Utilize proven communications      The plan would be to document the           awards, luncheons, paper for press kits,
      tools to effectively reach the     number of media hits that East              printing costs-$3,500
      target audiences.                  Tennessee Children’s Hospital would         Equipment:
                                         have in the two years of this campaign.     Awards, food, paper, invitations for
                                         The Hospital would also need to have        luncheons, sound systems for various
                                         very documented volunteer hours to          events-$2,000
                                         measure that objective. To measure the
                                         donations objective, the hospital needs
Tactics                                  to have very detailed records and it
                                         helps that we know past donations to
     Hold quarterly luncheons for       see if we increased by 25%.
      donors to form and maintain
     Provide incentives for
                                         Start the plan June 1, 2012 and conclude
      continually donating and
                                         June 1, 2014.
      volunteering to the hospital.
                                         Have the quarterly luncheons in the
     Work with local schools (upper
                                         months August, November, February,
      and lower) to form volunteer
                                         and May.
      clubs to get more students to
                                         Present awards and certificates at the
      donate their time.
                                                                     fifth of each
     Promote image of East
                                                                     month for
      Tennessee Children’s Hospital by
                                                                     that previous
      publicizing success stories of
      volunteers and staff through

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