SACSCOC Leadership Meeting - Nov. 7 - Brookhaven College

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					                                       SACS Leadership Team
                                         November 7, 2011
                                          2-4 p.m. – H129


Haven Abedin                          Ahad Hayaud-Din                 Carrie Schweitzer, scribe
Thomas Anderson                       Delryn Fleming
Rodger Bennett                        Raymond Imaican
Thom Chesney                          Oscar Lopez
Michael Dennehy                       Joe Monroy

Not Attending:
Ray Attner                            Lisa Ehrich
Sharon Burton                         George Herring
Meridith Danforth

   1. Compliance Update

       Thom is finishing reading the compliance report, and he then will review his questions or
       comments with Thomas, especially any “hot button” issues. Thomas reported that overall the
       report appears to be in good shape. He has concerns about several areas. Marianne is repairing
       links to documentation. Thomas expects we are at a point where he can ask PI to take 2.1 and
       turn it into the report document to allow Thom, Sharon and he to review.

       Oscar questioned if an outside consultant would be contracted to read the compliance
       document. Thomas, Thom and Sharon have discussed the idea but decided it is unlikely.
       However, if they feel as though a part does need an outside reader, they will seek someone to
       do that. Thom indicated that he feels like he brings a somewhat distanced perspective given
       that he is new to the project.

   2. Credentials Update

        Rodger reported that credentials continue to be processed. Rodger and Ray have been
        working on how the rosters will be completed which will include work by division
        staff and later with Edna. Rodger and Ray will also work with PI to complete the process
        for getting all the information on the rosters.

   3. QEP Update

       Haven reported that the student survey is underway, and so far 556 students have participated.
       She will share the survey with the SACS Leadership Team. The QEP committee currently is trying
       to pin down how they will do assessment. Plus they are considering budget needs. Will an
       external consultant be needed? Thom suggested that someone in the District or at Brookhaven
   can read it. Rodger wishes to read it and suggested that there be multiple readers. Haven
   agreed and indicated that the committee wants to have time to have a response session with
   BHC. Thom recommended that IR look at it from a research design approach. Thom also
   expressed his wish that the QEP be shared widely and be discussed in meetings across campus,
   so that when the QEP evaluation team visits BHC, anyone asked will be familiar with the project.
   He asked that minutes of meetings where the QEP is discussed be posted.

4. Assessment Update

   Delryn reported that only 35-38 % of core courses that should have reports in SPOL
   actually do have them. She is continuing to review and finds reports that were input
   with the goal listed as "Instructional Objective" instead of "SLO Assessment." This
   difference means the reports she compiled were incomplete. She indicated that the
   email Rodger sent last week asking faculty to enter their 2011-12 reports has prompted
   phone calls and questions. She is also making calls. Rodger will ask the deans to review
   SPOL reports from their divisions. Delryn suggested that the Gen Ed assessments need
   to be done in 1301 and 1302 every semester prior to the SACS report, but afterward,
   a routine system of assessment can be established over a longer period of time.

5. Institutional Effectiveness Update

   Michael reported that PCab will evaluate strategic direction three, college and public service,
   Nov. 8. His office is ready to finalize SPL 20110-11. He has previewed SPOL version 4 for only a
   few groups so far. His office is providing support for the QEP team.

6. Upcoming Meetings

   The SACS Leadership Team will meet to discuss the SACSCOC meeting Wednesday, Dec. 7 at
   1:30 p.m. in H129.

   Thom requested that, going forward, all team members attend SACS Leadership Team meetings.
   Unless otherwise indicated, all meetings are set for 2-4 p.m. in H129.

   Dec. 7 (1:30 p.m.)
   Jan. 9
   Feb. 6
   March 5
   April 16
   May 7
   June 4
   July 16

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