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This Data Dictionary contains field names of the PJWOOD database with
descriptions, variables, codes, and code sources. [Names in parentheses are as they
appear on the website]
Tip: Look up terms by the categorical area they belong to in the database. For
instance, all data on acres, dates, etc. for re-vegetation methods are listed under Re-
vegetation. Unnamed sources imply numerous un-coded BLM sources.

ALLOTMENT (BLM):                        [ALLOTMENT]
         Grazing allotment name defining code number for the allotment on which
         the improvement is located.
         Coding source are BLM’s GIS allotment datasets. See Appendix A
         (GIS): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the
         allotment for the location of the treatment.

         Additional names that treatment was referred to as in treatment file

          Identifies the wildlife species group benefited by wildlife activity plan.
          RIPS is source. JDR's Species Benefited follows unreliable coding and
          different purpose. Not the same as Target Animal, or Wildlife Species.
                Species code          Species
                BG             Big Game
                FU             Fur Bearer
                IN             Invertebrates
                NF             Native Fish
                NG             Non-Game
                OT             Other
                PL             Plants
                RA             Raptors
                SG             Small Game
                SF             Sport Fish
                UG             Upland Game
                WF             Water Fowl

         Reference to archaeological findings in treatment area.
         For Administrative Reference only
         Used for Image data to determine if Archeological references are shown
         on the maps. BLM Maps with such references may not be available to the
         For Administrative Reference only

         The Area examined by each Assessment.

         The Date that each of the assessments for the Removal treatment or Re-
         vegetation-treatment occurred. Each Assessment is given its own field and
         following fields of details.
         Source is Assessments, Project Inspection Reports, Progress Report
         Maintenance Schedule, Job Inspection Record or File notes.

         Data extracted from Geographic Information System indicating points
         where treatment assessment data is taken in the treatment area.

         The number of the Assessment for the treatment which may correspond to
         a BLM assessment image.

         BLM's description of reasons for success or failure of each assessment of
         the Removal treatment and/or Re- vegetation-treatment.

         BLM rating estimating success for the each Assessment.
         NAU uses BLM codes (1-4) plus additional codes for common BLM
         comments. BLM codes are universal amongst BLM forms and offices.
                 Assessment Rating Code          Assessment Rate
                                        1   Good
                                        2   Fair
                                        3   Poor
                                        4   Failure
                                       10   Outstanding
                                       11   Successful
                                       12   Well Done
                                       13   Good to Fair
                                       14   Moderate
                                       15   Okay
                                       16   Good to Poor
                                       17   Fair to Poor
                                       18   Moderate to Severe
                                         19 Satisfactory

         The Township(s), Range(s), and Section(s) inspected by the Assessment.

          Reference to any prior, later, or adjacent treatments in the area as
          mentioned in the treatment file. May or may not be a recorded PJ

           Cost of project to BLM from contract and/or material as well as
           identifiable force account costs.
           Source of data is finalized BLM project forms.

          Total chemical applied for all chemical treatment(s) in this project (lbs/ac)
          pounds per acre.

          Total active ingredient of the chemical applied for all chemical
          treatment(s) in this project (in lbs/active ingredient/ac).

          The broadcast method for application of chemical herbicide treatments.

                AERI             Chemical broadcast aerially.
                GRND                   Chemical broadcast from ground.
                HAND                   Chemical spread by hand
                SPOT                   Chemical applied in specific spot treatments.

          The form of chemical herbicide used to treat vegetation.

                       CODE                      FORM OF CHEMICAL
                DRSP                Dry Spread - includes granules, pellets, tablets
                FLSP                Fluid Spray

              Chemical herbicide trade, brand or product name. Implies the active
              ingredient and percent of active ingredient used.

                        CODE                  CHEMICAL PRODUCT
               GRAS                     Graslan 40p (tebuthiuron)
               PERF                     Perflan (tebuthiuron)
               SPIK                     Spike 20p (tebuthiuron)
               TORD                     Tordan (picloram)
               VELP                     Velpar (hexazinone)

          Condition of the land at the treatment site at the time of the treatment's

          The Total Number of Acres declared for non-use by the Non-Use

          The name of the area or allotment that the cooperative agreement involves
          through non-use and/or agreement for permittee/leasee to treat.

          Presence or absence of, or reference to by note or signature, of an existing
          Cooperative Agreement, Permits, or Contributions Form for the treatment
          in the Project file.
          Source is Job Inspection Report, Cooperative Agreement forms, or notes.

          The Township(s), Range(s), and Section(s) declared for non-use by the
          Non-Use Agreement.

          The Number of Years that the Non-Use Agreement will be active.

         The total value of contributed materials, equipment, and labor by (each)
         Cooperator(s) for the treatment.

         The Name(s) of the primary Cooperator(s) on the Cooperative Agreement
         which contributed in improvement construction by finance, materials or
               labor. Contributor is often referred to as Permittee or Lessee when
               cooperator is a range user, but can also be an agency.

         Other Cooperator notes describing no-use or permittee's part of treatment

               (BLM SOURCE): Record the county code where the job took place.
               Use BLM RIPS codes only. See appendix B.
               (GIS SOURCE): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on
               the county for the location of the treatment.

          A unique ID given to associated BLM PJ-treatments. A research database

          File description of photos to be compared to image table and inserted in
          image references or image data. For notes on captured images only!
          For Administrative Reference only

           A description of the distribution of the Plant Control methods on the
           landscape, or the distribution or Pinyon and Juniper after the treatment as
           noted in the BLM documents.
 Distribution Distribution
                                               Distribution Description
    Code          Type
CO            Contiguous   Areas was cleared solidly with no islands or rows of trees left.
                           Single area was treated.
IR             Irregular      Irregular distribution
IS             Islands        Areas left out of a treatment that have a some sort of notation
                              associated with them. Includes leaves, outs, terrain issue,
                              archaeological sites, and excluded parks.
MO             Mosaic         A regular pattern within a treatment area (e.g. alternating chain
                              strips and strips of forest).
PD             Patches-       Treatment areas with multiple perimeters.
TH             Thinning       Tree removal according to certain parameters.
UN             Unknown        Unknown distribution

           Distribution of pla nt removal application across the land as shown on the
           BLM treatment map.
           For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only

              Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the BLM District
              for the location of the treatment (frequently no longer used as an
              administrative boundary).

          Average elevation of the treatment area.
          No BLM coding available.
          (GIS, FEET): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the
          average elevation of the land in the area of the treatment in feet.

          Results of expected seral stages, percentage of tree kill expected or other
          anticipated treatment benefits.

          (BLM): Describes the general exposure of entire job area.
          Available only on JDR documents. No code available for Fire documents.
          JDR codes used for 1-4, NAU created codes for other variations.
          (GIS): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the
          dominant aspect of the land in the area of the treatment.

                   JDR Codes       Aspect Code         Aspect
                              1   N            North
                              2   E            East
                              3   S            South
                              4   W            West
                              5   F            Flat
                             10   N-NE         North- North East
                             11   NE           North East
                             12   NW           North West
                             13   N-NW         North- North West
                             20   E-NE         East- North East
                             21   E-SE         East- South East
                             30   SE           South East
                             31   S-SE         South- South East
                             32   S-SW         South- South West
                             33   SW           South West
                             40   W-SW         West- South West
                             41   W-NW         West- North West

           (BLM): The BLM Field Office that the hard copy treatment data came
           from, indicating the resource area for allotment or improvement.
           (GIS): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the BLM
           Field Office for the location of the treatment.
              STATE BLM CODE        NAU           FIELD OFFICE
             NM      NM01        ALBU       Albuquerque
             UT      AZ01        AZST       Arizona Strip
             UT      UT04        CEDC       Cedar City
             NM      NM07        FARM       Farmington
             CO      CO14        GLES       Glenwood Springs
             CO      CO14        GRAJ       Grand Junction
             UT      UT11        GSEN       Grand Staircase Escalante
                                            National Monument
             UT      UT11        KANA       Kanab
             AZ      AZ03        KING       Kingman
             CO      CO10        LISN       Little Snake (Craig)
             UT      UT06        MOAB       Moab
             UT      UT09        MTCL       Monticello
             CO      CO15        MNRS       Montrose
             UT      UT07        PRIC       Price
             UT      UT05        RIHA       Richfield/Hanksville
             AZ      AZ04        SAFF       Safford
             CO      CO17        SJBA       SJPLC/Bayfield
             CO      CO17        SJDO       SJPLC/Dolores
             CO      CO17        SJDU       SJPLC/Durango
             UT      UT10        STGE       St George
             UT      UT08        VERN       Vernal
             CO      CO11        WHRI       White River (Meeker)

         Other numbers such as past project number used by the BLM to each
         vegetation manipulation project no longer assigned currently but
         frequently referred to in old files and documented on old reports.
         Usually on Project Completion Reports.

          Fuel Hazards Reduction Number used by the BLM for treatments.

          Any Additional Text information associated with the project that does not
          directly fit into one of the above fields

          The geology or substrate material for the treatment area as recorded by the
          BLM treatment file.

             Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the name of the
             Hydrologic Unit I the area of the treatment.

          Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the pasture for the
          location of the treatment.

           Data extracted from Geographic Information System indicating the
           proximity of the treatment to surface water lakes.

           Data extracted from Geographic Information System indicating the
           proximity of the treatment to surface water streams.

           Data extracted from Geographic Information System indicating the
           proximity of the treatment to surface water tanks.

           Data extracted from Geographic Information System indicating the
           proximity of the treatment to roads.

           Data extracted from Geographic Information System indicating the
           proximity of the treatment to trails.

          Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the BLM
          Resource Area for the location of the treatment.

           Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the name of the
           sub-basin in the area of the treatment.

          Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the name of the
          watershed in the area of the treatment.

           Data extracted from Geographic Information System indicating wildfire
           impact in the area treated pre or post treatment.
          Details on grazing in area.

          Area treated in acres as noted on the BLM image.
          For Adminstrative Reference only.

          The Date and Code upon top of BLM Aerial Photo Map.

         Non database info only. BLM Image notes for NAU reference during
         polygon creatio n and treatment assignment.
         For Administrative Reference only.

           Date BLM map signed.
           For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only

          Directory where original BLM image resides
          For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only.

         New name assigned to processed BLM images and maps
         For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only.

          Determines the level of assurance that treatment data of chosen index
          number matches BLM image data.
          For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only.

         The unique number assigned to the BLM image for the database.

          Original BLM image name assigned by NAU. Changed to assure no
          duplication of names and division of scans into individual images.
          For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only.

     Description of the purpose of the X, Y point located on the BLM Map Image.
        Code      Point Description                        Definition
      INTR     Interior Treatment Point xy data for points within treatment area
      MONT     Monitoring / Trend       xy data on point in monitoring or trend data site
     PHOT     Photo Point            xy data describing a photo point
     PLOT     Plot / Transect        xy data on point in plot or transect
     TRMT     Treatment End Points   xy data for points of treatment area end corners
     UNKW     Unknown                xy data that have unknown source / purpose

          Describes the BLM Image Type as Photo or Map.
                   Code              Image Type
             E                Error
             M                Map
             O                Other Image References
             P                Photo

          End year of treatment as noted on the BLM image.
          For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only

          Treatment method shown on BLM map, Treatment order does not imply
          chronological order. Treatment types may or may not overlap
          For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only

           X, Y location information about treatment as extracted from the BLM

           X, Y location information about treatment as extracted from the BLM

         (BLM SOURCE): Owner(s) of land within the treatment according to
         BLM files.
         (GIS SOURCE): Data extracted from Geographic Information System
         indicating the most current and accurate data on land ownership for the
         area of the treatment.
         Ownerships that the treatment lies upon as shown on the BLM map.
         For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only
     Code   Land Ownership                         Description
    BLM     BLM            BLM or Public
    DWR      Division of Wildlife Division of Wildlife Resources

    ERR      Error               ????Unprocessed data

    FED      Other Federal       Other Federal or other Public

    IND      Indian              Native American Reservation

    NLR      National Land       Reserved from transfer to private ownership, these lands
             Reserve             remained open for staking mining claims and for public
                                 hunting, fishing, camping, and other outdoor recreation.
    PAT      Patented            Patented. Vacant land that became patented.

    PRI      Private             Private property. Not to be confused with Permittees of

    STA      State               State

    UNK      Unknown             Unknown ownership, not labeled on map

    VAC      Vacant              Vacant land that was left un-surveyed by the state so
                                 remained unclaimed.

           Data extracted from Geographic Information System naming the degree
           Latitude for the area of treatment.

          Data extracted from Geographic Information System naming the degree
          Longitude for the area of treatment.

          Description of the BLM Map type for reference or clarification.
 Code          Map Type                                  Description
AP        Aerial Photo        Aerial photo of treatment area.
ER        Error               ??unprocessed data
FG        Flight Line GPS     Plotted GPS flight line map of treatment area.
GI       GIS                    Printed GIS map of treatment area.
GS       GIS Sketch             Printed GIS Map with hand drawn treatment areas.
LP       Location Plat          Hand drawn treatment area on TRS grid.
SK       Sketch                 Hand drawn treatment area with minimal reference information.
TO       Topo Sketch            Hand drawn treatment area on a topographic map.

           Additional descriptions of data noted on the BLM maps.

          BLM Map version (planned, final, etc.). The completeness of the
          representation of treatment boundaries in the map image. Does not
          indicate completion of treatment application.
Code Map Stage                                           Description
FI  Final           Map image represents the BLM's most complete representation of treatment
                    boundaries after treatment completion.
FP    Final/Planned Map image contains representation of both the final area treated and the planned
                    treatment boundaries of either the treatment in question or a later treatment.
PL    Planned       Map image show the area planned to be treated only.

UK    Unknown            Status of map representation unknown.

          Principle Meridian and Base Line Name.
          Universal codes.
              Meridian Code          Meridian Name
              04            4th Principal (LF)
              06            6th Principal
              14            Gila & Salt River
              22            Navajo
              23            New Mexico
              26            Salt Lake
              30            Uintah Special
              46            4th Principal (MI & WI)

         Data extracted from Geographic Information System indicating points of
         assorted varieties monitoring in the treatment area.
         For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only

          Presence/Absence of monitoring or trend data being conducted on the
          treatment area in the project file.
          For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only.
         Monitoring or Trend Plot or Transect placement. Includes names of
         transects, plots, etc. and the description of their location.
         For ADMINISTRATIVE reference only

         Presence or absence of documentation of a Non-Use Agreement for the

          Number of times the treatment method was applied within the treatment.
     Code      Number of Applications                  Description
   1x         Applied Once            Method was applied once to treatment area.

   2x         Applied Twice               Method was applied twice to treatment area i.e.
                                          back chained, back railed.
   Unknown Unknown Number of              Unknown how many times method applied to
           Applications                   area.

          TRS location and cardinal direction position of BLM photo.

          Additional descriptions of the BLM photos.

          The stage the treatment was in at the time the BLM photo was taken.
         Code        Photo Stage                            Description
        AF    After Treatment               Photo taken anytime after land treated
        BA    Before/After                  Photo contains image prior to treatment
                                            and image after treatment
        BE      Before Treatment            Photo taken before land treated
        DU      During Treatment            Photo taken during treatment progress
        UN      Unknown                     Photo date, location unknown

          Image source / portrayal / purpose. Reason the BLM photo was taken.
    Code    Photo Type                               Description
   A     Assessment           Photo was taken in the assessment and inspection
                              program, frequently upon irregular location and in irregular
                              time periods.
   E         Equipment/Method Photo of equipment used or method applied

   M         Monitoring         Photo image was taken as a part of long term monitoring
                                program in standard plots, transects, or trend studies.
     S    Snapshot           Photo of treatment area from airplane.

     T    Treatment Site     Photo of treatment area.

          Date that the BLM photo of treatment area was taken.

          Township Range Section of the treatment shown on the BLM Map.
          For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only

         Describes additional details of the plant control application.

         The Month/Day/Year that the treatment(s) ended for each
         method/treatment type.

         Month/Day/Year that the Plant Control treatment(s) began.

         Individual listings of each of the Plant Removal treatment types (excludes
         Seeding and Plantings of Re- vegetation types).
         Known on BLM forms as Plant Control. Two letter code for RIPS,
         Numeric code on JDRs. We use RIPS 2 letter code. Created additional
         codes not covered by the BLM.
  Treatment      Treatment
                                             Treatment Method Description
 Method Code      Method
AE             Aerator       double drum and single drum aerators
CA             Cable         Pulled a cable between two tractors to pull down trees or pull
                             out brush
CH             Chemical      Includes Spike pellets or spray and other herbicides.
CL             Clear         Generic term for clearing trees by unknown method
DO             Bull Doze     Also called doze, differs from plows.
FR             Fertilize     Fertilizer
HW             Harrow        Cultivating implement set with spikes, spring teeth, or disks and
                             used primarily for pulverizing and smoothing the soil.
HY             Hydroaxe      Also known as a rotary axe, bullhog shreader, or hydromower,
                             chips the trees in place creating a mulch bed on the treatment
MC             Brush Beat    Mechanical treatment used primarily on sage brush. Includes
MD             Chain         Drags anchor chain or Ely chain between tractors.
  Treatment      Treatment
                                                  Treatment Method Description
 Method Code      Method
MP              Plow              Includes Discs.
PF              Prescribed        Includes Rx Burning of Piles and of standing vegetation.
PI              Pile              Includes slash piles.
RA              Rail              Drags a Rail behind a tractor.
RC              Rollerchop        Heavy drum with teeth is filled with water for weight and is
                                  rolled across vegetation.
RP              Ripping           Jayhawker, Subsoiler, Ripping
SE              Seeding           Includes all methods of seeding, such as drill, aerial, etc.
TD              Tree Drag         Includes tree pulls.
WC              Woodcut           Includes all firewood cuts, hand thins, prunes, and harvests.
WN              Windrow           Frequently a result of other methods; notes where files
                                  mentioned intent of windrowing.

         Details the plant removal method by describing the vegetation
         state/position, the application focus, or the chemical active ingredients
         during the prescribed burn, wood harvest, or chemical treatment.

     Method Detail          Treatment                  Detail Definition
      Code   Code         Method Details
     CH     CHEM1         Tebuthiuron    Active ingredient used in chemical herbicide
                                         treatments used in various products, forms,
                                         rates, and broadcast methods.
     CH        CHEM2      2,4-D              Active ingredient used in chemical herbicide
                                             treatments used in numerous products,
                                             forms, rates, and broadcast methods.
     CH        CHEM3      Hexazinone         Active ingredient used in chemical herbicide

     CH        CHEM4      Picloram           Active ingredient used in chemical herbicide

     PF        SLON       Slash Only         Piles of slash were prepared prior to Rx
                                             Burn. Rx Burn occurred only on slash piles.

     PF        STVE       Standing           Live vegetation Rx Burned in place.

     WC        COFI       Commercial         Treatment area released to a commercial
                          Firewood           firewood cut.
     WC        HAME       Hand thin -        Removal methods with mechanical tools
                          Mechanical         such as chainsaws.
     WC       HANO     Hand thin - Non- Removal methods with non-mechanical tools
                       Mechanical       such as axes.

     WC       HAPR     Hand thin/Prune Areas thinned and/or pruned with non-
                       - Non-          mechanical hand tools.
     WC       OTHE     Other Wood       No Woodcutting methods detailed in
                       Harvest          treatment file.

     WC       PUFI     Public Firewood Open to public thinning with restrictions.

         The Total Number of Acres treated by each Plant Control treatment type.

         The Township(s), Range(s), and Section(s) treated by each Plant Control
         treatment types.

         Notes to help find the treatment area on maps. Describes treatment
         information that may be helpful in delineating polygon boundaries. For
         ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only.

          Percentage of land with no cover (including rocks) after treatment.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

          Percentage of litter cover after treatment expressed as a decimal
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

          Percentages of vegetation cover after treatment.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

          Percentage of plant composition after treatment consisting of browse or
          defined as shrub.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.
                 [POSTTRT_VEG_COMP_PRCNT_FORBS ]
          Percentage of plant composition after treatment consisting of forbs.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

          Percentage of plant composition after treatment consisting of grass or
          defined as herbaceous.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

           Average annual precipitation measured in inches from nearest source to
           the treatment area.

          Dominant plants in the treatment area prior to the treatment. Primarily
          found in the EA. Not the same as PJWOOD’s JDR Plant Control Target
          Source of data is Land Treatment Report, notes, Environmental
          assessments or BLM maps. BLM source of data is not JDR Units
          Planned: Secondary s it records target species and RIPS Plant Species 1
          and 2 record the plant removal and seeding species respectively and do not
          imply the dominant species.

          Average density of the dominant plants in the treatment area prior to the
          Primarily found in the EA and Land Treatment Report.

          Percentage of land with no cover before treatment.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

          Percentages of litter cover before treatment.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

          Percentage of vegetation cover (includes grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees
          less than 20 feet in height) before treatment.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.
          Percentage of plant composition before treatment consisting of browse or
          defined as shrub.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

          Percentage of plant composition before treatment consisting of forbs.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

          Percentage of plant composition before treatment consisting of grass or
          defined as herbaceous.
          Source is Land Treatment Report, Job Documentation Report.

          Primary Job Objective declaring the primary purpose for improvement.
          Available only on JDR documents. Not the same field as job code,
          improvement code, type code, or principal management objective.
               Code                        Primary Job Objective
               0      Other
               1      Watershed Conservation
               2      Watershed Development
               3      Grazing Management - Minimum Forage Needs
               4      Grazing Management - Maximum Forage Production
               5      Grazing Management - Facilitate Livestock Management
               6      Wildlife - Maintain Habitat
               7      Wildlife - Improve Habitat
               8      Forestry - Timber Production
               9      Wild Horses and Burros

           BLM numeric code declaring the primary purpose for improvement.
           Available only in RIPS documents. Not to be confused with job code,
           improvement code, type code, or primary job objective.
               Code       Principal Management Objective
              10      Watershed Management Water Yield
              11      Watershed Management and Improvement
              12      Livestock Grazing Management
              13      Wildlife Habitat Management
              14      Forestry Management and Improvement
              15      Wild Horse & Burro Habitat Management
              16      Recreation Management
             17      Cultural Resource Management
             18      Noxious Weed and Pest Control
             19      Emergency Fire Rehabilitation
             20      Wilderness Management
             21      Riparian Area Management
             22      Other
             23      Oil & Gas Pad/pipeline restoration

QUAD(S) (GIS, 24K): [24K_QUAD]
           Data extracted from Geographic Information System naming the 24K
           Quad for the area of treatment.

          The Total Number of Acres that each individual seeding method type was
          applied to.

          The Total Seed Amount (lbs/ac) applied in each Re-vegetation-Treatment
          Seeding method.

          The Total Seed Amount (lbs) applied in each Re- vegetation-Treatment
          Seeding method.

          Each seed type used (1-5) in the Re-vegetation Seeding of each
          application (A-C). Each seed type is given its own field under its
          respective application method.
          BLM source of data is RIPS Plant Species 2, receipts, notes, and maps.
          See appendix D for species list.

          Indicates the seeding/planting method of vegetation manipulation
          Universal numeric code amongst BLM forms. BLM refers to as Artificial
          Re-vegetation Method, or Seeding.

               Reveg Code                      Reveg Description
               0          No Seeding
               1           Drilling
               2           Hand Broadcast
               20          General Broadcast
               21          Ground Broadcast
               Reveg Code                        Reveg Description
               22         Dribbler
               23          Dribbler Attached to Plow
               24          Horseback
               25          ATV
               26          ATV/Hand
               27          Aerial on Sage Flats Only
               28          Hand Broadcast in Tree Pits
               29          Aerial on Ridges
               3           Aerial Broadcast
               30          Aerial and Dribbler
               31          Drilled or Ground Broadcast
               32          Cyclone Hand Seeder
               4           Hand Planting- usually refers to shrub or tree plantings
               5           Machine Plantings- usually refers to shrub or tree plantings
               6           Hand and Aerial Broadcast
               7           Drilling and Hand Broadcast
               8           Drilling and Aerial Broadcast
               -8888       Unknown

          The location, township(s), range(s), section(s), where each seeding method
          type 1 was applied.

          The Total Number of Acres/units that received
          re-vegetation application.
          Usually called primary units on BLM forms.

          The Month/Day/Year that the re- vegetation methods of the treatment

          The Year that all re- vegetations ended (Ex. 1965).

          The Total Seed Amount (lbs) applied for all re-vegetation types (re-
          vegetation overview) for the treatment.

              The total seed rate (lbs/ac) applied for all re-vegetation types in the
              Known as Artificial Re-vegetation Pounds Seed/Acre on JDR. Numbers
              for a treatment’s total lbs of seeds/acre are given in a raw value on a BLM

          The Month/Day/Year that the re- vegetation(s) began.

          The Township(s), Range(s) and Section(s) that received re- vegetation

         Notes on re-vegetation application details and possible seeds.

          Current RIPS (Rangeland Improvement Project System) project, job, or
          improvement number, assigned in sequential order by the BLM District
          Office to each vegetation manipulation project.

           The Total Seed Amount (lbs/ac) applied for a seed type.

           The Total Seed Amount (lbs) applied for a particular re- vegetation method
           and particular seed type.
           Known as Artificial Re-vegetation Pounds Seed/Acre on JDR.

              (BLM): Average slope of the treatment area.
              (GIS): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the
              average slope of the land in the area of the treatment.

           Generic description of depth of soils in areas around treatment.

           Measurement description of depth of soils in areas around treatment.

           Level of erosion concern for treatment area.
           Source is Job Documentation Report (1-4) and NAU has created
           additional coding for common data found in records.
                     Code                    Erosion Class
                                 1   Stable
                                 2   Slight
                                 3   Moderate
                                 4   Critical
                                 5   Severe
                                10   Moderate to Severe
                                11   Very High
                                12   None Expected
                                13   Should Reduce and Stabilize
                                14   Slight to Moderate

           Describes the particle size of the surface soil in the treatment area or
           majority of job area.
           Source is land treatment report, Environmental assessments or notes.
              Code      Soil Particle Size
              ASHY   Ashy
              CIND   Cindery
              COBB   Cobbly
              FRAG   Fragmental
              GRAV   Gravelly
              HYDR   Hydrous
              MEDI   Medial
              PUMI   Pumiceous
              RIRO   River Rock
              SHAL   Shale
              SKEL   Skeletal
              STON   Stony
              THIX   Thixotropic

           (BLM SOURCE): The texture of the soil in the treatment area- from
           coarse to fine.
           Available only on JDR documents. Data found under JDR's Site and
           Vegetation Description or Site Data for Land Treatment Jobs. NAU is
           using more detailed categories and different coding.
           (GIS SOURCE): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on
           the soil texture in the area of the treatment.

                    Code              Soil Texture          BLM Reference    BLM Code
                  CLAY        Clay                       Fine               5
                 CYLO       Clay loam                Moderately Fine        4

                 CLSA       Clay loam, Sandy clay    Moderately Fine        4
                            loam, Silty clay loam
                 CLSI       Clay, Silty Clay         Fine                   5

                 LOAM       Loam                     Medium                 3

                 LOSI       Loam, Silty Loam, Silt   Medium                 3

                 LOSA       Loamy sand               Coarse                 1

                 LOSASA     Loamy Sand, Sandy        Coarse                 1

                 SAND       Sandy                    Coarse                 1

                 SACY       Sandy clay               Fine                   5

                 SACL       Sandy clay loam          Moderately Fine        4

                 SALO       Sandy loam               Moderately Coarse      2

                 SALOA      Sandy Loam               Moderately Coarse      2

                 SILT       Silt                     Medium                 3

                 SILO       Silt loam                Medium                 5

                 SICY       Silty clay               Fine                   5

                 SICL       Silty clay loam          Moderately Fine        4

                 VARI       Varies                   Not Specified.          0
                                                     Referred to as varying.

           (BLM) Type of soil in treatment area as named by BLM documents.
           Usually found in EA.
           (GIS): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the soil
           type in the area of the treatment.

           (BLM) State in which the job, allotment, or improvement is located as
           noted on BLM documentation.
             (GIS): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the state
             for the location of the treatment.

                   CODE      STATE NAME
              AZ             Arizona
              CO             Colorado
              NM             New Mexico
              UT             Utah

          The Sub-Region where the treatment area is located.
          BLM source is the Job Documentation Report. Used only the Sub-region
          category on JDR documents. We are not collecting watershed mgmt area
          code, watershed area code, sub-basin, or riparian areas as they are
          different types of variables with inconsistent/unavailable coding.
              Code                   Region Sub-region
             1301    Rio Grande, Rio Grande Headwaters
             1302    Rio Grande, Upper Rio Grande Elephant Butte
             1303    Rio Grande, Rio Grande Mimbres
             1304    Rio Grande, Rio Grande Amistad
             1305    Rio Grande, Rio Grande Closed Basin
             1306    Rio Grande, Upper Pecos
             1307    Rio Grande, Lower Pecos
             1401    Upper Colorado, Colorado Headwaters
             1402    Upper Colorado, Gunnison
             1403    Upper Colorado, Middle Upper Colorado
             1404    Upper Colorado, Great Divide - Upper Green
             1405    Upper Colorado, White - Yampa
             1406    Upper Colorado, Lower Green
             1407    Upper Colorado, Lower Upper Colorado
             1408    Upper Colorado, San Juan
             1501    Lower Colorado, Colorado Lake Mead
             1502    Lower Colorado, Little Colorado
             1503    Lower Colorado, Lower Colorado
             1504    Lower Colorado, Upper Gila
             1505    Lower Colorado, Middle Gila
             1506    Lower Colorado, Salt
             1507    Lower Colorado, Lower Gila
             1508    Lower Colorado, Sonora
             1601    Great Basin, Bear
             1602    Great Basin, Great Salt Lake
             1603    Great Basin, Escalante Desert - Sevier Lake
             1604    Great Basin, Black Rock Desert - Humboldt
             1605    Great Basin, Central Lahontan
              1606    Great Basin, Tonopah Desert

          Identifies the wildlife animal species benefited or protected by the
          Available only in RIPS documents. Not the same field as Animal Species
          Benefited, or Wildlife Species.
                CODE           COMMON NAME                   GENUS SPECIES
               ALAL      Moose                         Alces alces
               AMLER     Barbary Sheep / Aoudad        Ammotragus lervia
               ANAM      American Antelope / Pronghorn Antelocarpa americana
               BIBI      American Bison                Bison bison
               CAAE      Ibex (Siberian Iranian)       Capra aegagrus
               CEUR      Greater Sage Grouse           Centrocercus urophasianus
               CEEL      Elk                           Cervus elaphus
               ODHE      Mule Deer                     Odocoileus hemionus
               ODVI      Whitetail Deer                Odocoileus virginianus
               ORAM      Mountain Goat                 Oreamnos americanus
               OVMU      Musk Oxen                     Ovibos moschatus
               OVCA      Rocky Mtn. Bighorn Sheep      Ovis canadensis
               OVDA      Dall Sheep                    Ovis dalli

          Description of the terrain in treatment area.
                 TopoTerrain Code           TopoTerrain Type
                 ARRYO              Arroyos
                 BASIN              Basins
                 BDRCK              Exposed Bedrock
                 BENCH              Benches
                 BTTOM              Bottom Land
                 CLIFF              Sharp Cliff Breaks Sharp Cliff Breaks
                 CNYON              Canyon Inclines
                 DRAIN              Follows Drainage
                 DYKES              Dykes
                 FBCAN              Flat & Bordered by Canyon
                 FLATT              Flat
                 FLTRL              Flat to Rolling
                 FTOPB              Flat top benches
                 GENMO              Gentle to moderate
                 GROLL              Gentle Rolling
                 GTLSLP             Gentle Slope
                 HILLS              Hills
                 IRREG              Irregular
                 TopoTerrain Code          TopoTerrain Type
                 MESAS            Mesa
                 MESAT            Mesa tops
                 MESATS           Mesa Tops and Sides
                 NMESA            Narrow Mesa Top
                 RBNCH            Rimrock Benches
                 RDGTP            Ridge Tops
                 RGHRL            Rough to Rolling
                 RIDGE            Ridges
                 ROCKO            Rock Outcrops
                 ROLLNG           Rolling
                 ROUGH            Rough and Broken
                 STEEP            Steep
                 VALLE            Valley
                 VLFLR            Valley Floor

          A list of all activity types applied (Plant Control/PJ Removal and Re-
          vegetation/Seeding application) in the project (Ex. Chain/ Spray/ Dozer/

          (BLM)The Total Number of BLM Acres treated by the complete
          application of the treatment.
          (GIS): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the total
          acres affected by the control treatment.

          The Month/Day/Year (M/D/YYYY) that the total treatment ended.

          The Year (YYYY) that the treatment(s) ended.
          Referred to as Date- End Period on GABS and RIPS systems.

          The Month/Day/Year (M/D/YYYY) that the treatment(s) began.

          The Township(s) North or South of the base line, Range(s) East or West of
          the Meridian and Section(s) (1-36) treated by All Treatment Types.
          (GIS): Data extracted from Geographic Information System on the
          Township, Range, Section data for the treatment.

             Reference to type of monitoring or trend data being conducted on the
             treatment area in the project file.
             For ADMINISTRATIVE Reference only

            Type of management plan under which improvement was developed.
            Available in RIPS, not on JDR.
                Code                             Type Plan
                    1   Allotment Management Plan (AMP)
                    2   Watershed Activity Plan
                    3   Habitat Management Plan (HMP)
                    4   Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC)
                    5   Coordinated Activity Plan (CAP)
                    6   Emergency Fire Rehabilitation Plan / Normal Year Fire Plan
                    7   Recovery Plan for T&E Species
                    8   Other
                    9   No Plan

         Data extracted from Geographic Information System na ming the center
         point X (of XY coordinates) for the area of treatment.

         Data extracted from Geographic Information System naming the center
         point Y (of XY coordinates) for the area of treatment.

         Aggregate cost of actual contract, material, equipment and labor costs
         expended by BLM and contributors for improvement. May exclude other
         BLM personnel costs including archaeology, range conservation, and
         environmental assessments, share expenses with other treatments, or be
         split according to fiscal years into different treatments.

         The BLM Project name/Job name given by the BLM to the project
         frequently named for the location, permittee, and/or manipulation type.
         Use RIPS name as source. Use file name when not in RIPS. Use most
         complete form name when more than one treatment in a single file.

          Data extracted from Geographic Information System indicating points
          where allotment trend data is taken in the treatment area.

              Data extracted from Geographic Information System GAP data on the
              vegetation type in the area of the treatment at the time of GAP analysis
              (nearly current analysis).

          Data from vegetation surveys of many sorts within the BLM treatment
          files. Contains data on pre or post treatment vegetation and/or vegetation
          target of control.

          Primary species targeted in plant control/ removal. Usually consistent
          with the dominant species of the area.
          Source is Job Documentation Report- Units Planned Secondary and RIPS
          Plant Species 1. Also seen in EA, file notes or photos.
        Code        Vegetation Ta rget                          Description
     FELPJ      Felled PJ                 Target was to remove previously felled PJ.
     QUGA       Gambel Oak                Target of treatment was to remove Gamble's Oak.
     INCDNT     Incidental PJ             Plant control only incidentally effected PJ.
     JUNICED    Juniper-Cedar             Target of treatment was to remove Juniper-Cedar.
     ARTMAT     Mature Sagebrush          Target was to remove mature sagebrush.
     NOART      Not Sage Flats            Plant control did not include the sage flats.
     QUERC      Oak                       Target of treatment was to remove Oak.
     JUMO       One Seed Juniper          Target was to remove One Seed Juniper.
     PARTPJ     Part PJ                   Some PJ were affected in the treatment.
     PIED       Pinyon                    Target of treatment was to remove Pinyon.
     PINJUN     Pinyon Juniper            Target of treatment was to remove PJ.
     BNDPJ      PJ only on Boundary       PJ controlled only on boundary of treatment.
     ARTEM      Sagebrush                 Primary target of removal was Sagebrush.
     SCATPJ     Scattered PJ              PJ were scattered throughout treatment.
     AMELA      Serviceberry              Target of treatment was to remove Serviceberry.
     SHRUB      Shrub-Brush               Target was to remove shrub and/or brush.
     PIPOTHN    Thin Ponderosa            Treatment thinner ponderosa trees.
     TIMBER     Timber                    Target was to remove timber.
     TREES      Trees                     Target of treatment was to remove trees.
     JUOS       Utah Juniper              Target of treatment was to remove Utah Juniper.
     YNGPJ      Young PJ                  Target of treatment was to remove young PJ

                 PROX_SURFACE_WATER_LAKES ]
         GIS analysis or mention of accessibility or distance to water in or from
         project area.

          Data on the wildlife or habitat within the treatment area.
             Source is Environmental Assessments, BLM Map notes, and other non-
             coded, non-standardized file comments.

          Name of habitat type of wildlife habitat development / protection.
          Source is JDR, not the same as RIPS wildlife management area, Target
          Animal, or Animal Species Benefited.
                 Code                                Habitat Type
                21      Terrestrial - Food
                22      Terrestrial - Breeding Cover
                23      Terrestrial - Protection Cover
                24      Terrestrial - Water
                25      Terrestrial - Movement Facilitation
                26      Terrestrial - Movement Restriction
                27      Terrestrial - Other
                41      Waterfowl - Development (potholes, dikes, etc.)
                42      Waterfowl - Protection (fencing)
                43      Waterfowl - Renovation (raising dike or dam)
                44      Waterfowl - (cover)
                45      Waterfowl - (nesting)
                46      Waterfowl - (food)
                61      Stream Fish - Rough Fish Removal
                62      Stream Fish - Protection (fencing)
                63      Stream Fish - Aquatic Plant Control
                64      Stream Fish - Clearance (barrier removal)
                65      Stream Fish - Bank Stabilization
                66      Stream Fish - Gabion Placement (rock, log, trash)
                67      Stream Fish - Boulder Placement
                68      Stream Fish - Gravel Placement
                69      Stream Fish - Culverts
                81      Lake Fish - Rough Fish Removal
                82      Lake Fish - Protection (fencing)
                83      Lake Fish - Aquatic Plant Control
                84      Lake Fish - Development (cover)
                85      Lake Fish - Construction (new reservoir)
                86      Lake Fish - Modification (structures)
                87      Lake Fish - Development (food)

           BLM name of species or group by Latin Code or common name.
           Source is JDR, not the same as RIPS wildlife management area, Target
           Animal, or Animal Species Benefited.
               See appendix C.

          Notes on purpose of treatment that may or may not match Principal
          Management Objective, Primary Job Objective, or Type Plan.

                                  Appendix A
                       Allotment Name                      Field Office
6126            28 HOLE                    -CO- Grand Junction
00533           2995 FENCE ALLOTMENT       -NM - Albuquerque
5074            44 Allotment               -NM - Farmington
6756            4-A INDIVIDUAL             -CO- Grand Junction
6725            4-A MTN                    -CO- Grand Junction
6755            4-A PLACE                  -CO- Grand Junction
6123            4th of July                -CO- Montrose
64044           5 MILE                     -NM - Albuquerque
64060           64060.NULL                 -NM - Albuquerque
04032           7308 Peak                  -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04534           8 Double Slash             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00562           80 ACRE ALLOTMENT          -NM - Albuquerque
00344           A GURULE                   -NM - Albuquerque
00341           A LOVATO                   -NM - Albuquerque
00349           A&A CATTLE CO              -NM - Albuquerque
00967           A. MARTINEZ                -NM - Albuquerque
00879           A. ORTIZ LEASE             -NM - Albuquerque
00895           A. ROMERO LEASE            -NM - Albuquerque
00910           A. SENA LEASE              -NM - Albuquerque
62056           A.D. SMITH                 -NM - Albuquerque
62002           ABELINO SANCHEZ, EST.      -NM - Albuquerque
00915           ABIQUIU LEASE              -NM - Albuquerque
79031           ACRES LAKE                 -NM - Albuquerque
08076           Adam Lewy                  -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
61004           ADAMS PLACE                -NM - Albuquerque
5009            Adams Well                 -UT- Cedar City
5019            Adobe Downs                -NM - Farmington
5821            Adobe Mesa                 -UT- Moab
                       Allotment Name                   Field Office
10032          ADOBE RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
5030           Adobe South              -CO- Montrose
5853           Agate                    -UT- Moab
00071          AGUA BONITA              -NM - Albuquerque
00092          AGUA FRIA CREEK          -NM - Albuquerque
00925          AGUAJE CANYON            -NM - Albuquerque
4001           Airport                  -UT- St George
6236           Airport                  -UT- Cedar City
78075          AIRPORT                  -NM - Albuquerque
24001          Airport                  -UT- Price
77024          ALACRAN HILLS            -NM - Albuquerque
10118          ALAMITO RANCH            -NM - Albuquerque
5049           Alamo Canyon             -NM - Farmington
5152           Alamo Wash               -NM - Farmington
00539          ALAMOS                   -NM - Albuquerque
62017          ALAN JOE KILLOUGH        -NM - Albuquerque
8653           Albertson                -CO- Glenwood Springs
17253          Alder Cr                 -CO- Montrose
16302          Alder Cr Com             -CO- Montrose
4002           Alger Hollow             -UT- St George
00954          ALIMITO                  -NM - Albuquerque
00588          ALIRE                    -NM - Albuquerque
08014          Alkali                   -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6801           Alkali Canyon            -UT- Monticello
8214           Alkali Cr                -CO- Glenwood Springs
8130           Alkali Cr Com            -CO- Glenwood Springs
04048          Alkali Draw              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14017          Alkali Flats             -CO- Montrose
8131           Alkali Gulch             -CO- Glenwood Springs
77020          ALKALI LAKE              -NM - Albuquerque
04530          Alkali Springs           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5050           Allen Res ervoir         -CO- Montrose
62012          ALMA AVANTS              -NM - Albuquerque
16031          Alpine Plateau           -CO- Montrose
24002          Alton                    -UT- Kanab
6001           Alvey Wash               -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
06065          AMBROSIA LAKE            -NM - Albuquerque
62048          AMELIA CORDOVA           -NM - Albuquerque
6507           American Flats           -CO- Montrose
6509           American Lake            -CO- Montrose
6413           AMES                     -CO- Grand Junction
06824          Amick                    -CO- White River (Meeker)
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
01278          ANAYA WELL              -NM - Albuquerque
06623          Anderson Ind            -CO- White River (Meeker)
10063          ANDERSON PEAK           -NM - Albuquerque
18041          Andgee                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
06062          ANDREWS                 -NM - Albuquerque
76051          ANDREWS FLAT            -NM - Albuquerque
65044          ANDRUS RANCH            -NM - Albuquerque
5072           Angel Peak              -NM - Farmington
77015          ANGELL DRAW             -NM - Albuquerque
8002           Anglebench              -UT- Richfield/Hanksvi lle
5047           Animas                  -NM - Farmington
5024           Animas River            -NM - Farmington
5206           Antelope                -AZ- Arizona Strip
5010           Antelope                -UT- Cedar City
14020          Antelope                -CO- Montrose
6216           Antelope Cr             -CO- Montrose
8661           Antelope Cr             -CO- Glenwood Springs
6205           Antelope Peak           -UT- Cedar City
15879          Antelope Powers         -UT- Vernal
77032          ANTELOPE RIDGE          -NM - Albuquerque
5011           Antelope Spring         -UT- Cedar City
5210           Antelope Spring         -AZ- Arizona Strip
1733           Antelope Valley         -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
01296          ANTELOPE WEST           -NM - Albuquerque
14525          Anthracite Cr           -CO- Montrose
6045           Antimony Creek          -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6045           Antimony Creek          -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6046           Antimony Ranch          -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00337          ANTONIO DURAN           -NM - Albuquerque
00904          APACHE CANYON           -NM - Albuquerque
00922          APACHE MESA             -NM - Albuquerque
00751          APACHE RIM              -NM - Albuquerque
00340          APARCIO GURULE          -NM - Albuquerque
4003           Apex Slope              -UT- St George
1702           Applespring             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
10120          ARAGON WELL             -NM - Albuquerque
5044           Archuleta               -NM - Farmington
00335          ARCHULETA BROS          -NM - Albuquerque
00710          ARCHULETA MESA          -NM - Albuquerque
08447          Archuleta Mesa          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
62040          ARGONNE                 -NM - Albuquerque
4873           Argyle Ridge            -UT- Price
                      Allotment Name                      Field Office
4873           Argyle Ridge             -UT- Vernal
01264          ARMIJO COMMUNITY         -NM - Albuquerque
00745          ARROYO AGUAJE            -NM - Albuquerque
00045          ARROYO ALAMITO           -NM - Albuquerque
10031          ARROYO BACA              -NM - Albuquerque
00948          ARROYO CHINCHONTE        -NM - Albuquerque
00218          ARROYO COLORADO          -NM - Albuquerque
00528          ARROYO DE PALACIO        -NM - Albuquerque
00902          ARROYO DEL MESTENO       -NM - Albuquerque
01287          ARROYO DEL TAJO          -NM - Albuquerque
00036          ARROYO EMPEDRADO         -NM - Albuquerque
00628          ARROYO HONDO             -NM - Albuquerque
00600          ARROYO PETACA         -NM - Albuquerque
00536          ARROYO SECO ALLOTMENT -NM - Albuquerque
63047          ARROYO SECO NORTH     -NM - Albuquerque
63106          ARROYO SECO SOUTH        -NM - Albuquerque
00746          ARROYO YEGOSO            -NM - Albuquerque
62073          ARSENIO SANCHEZ          -NM - Albuquerque
24003          Artcanyon                -UT- Kanab
06308          Artesia                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
5861           Arths Pasture            -UT- Moab
62029          ARTHUR ARIAZ             -NM - Albuquerque
4078           Ash Creek                -UT- St George
5807           Ashphalt Ridge           -UT- Vernal
14551          Aspen Ditch              -CO- Montrose
8817           Asphalt Draw             -UT- Vernal
8824           Atchee Ridge Amp         -UT- Moab
8824           Atchee Ridge Amp         -UT- Vernal
5155           Atchison Creek           -UT- Cedar City
5809           Athena                   -UT- Moab
5207           Atkin Well               -AZ- Arizona Strip
78024          ATOKA                    -NM - Albuquerque
15807          Aunt Knoll               -UT- Vernal
200            Aurora                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5117           Austin                   -UT- Cedar City
63103          AUTOMOBILE PASTURE       -NM - Albuquerque
77017          AVALON                   -NM - Albuquerque
1703           Axhandle                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
1704           Axtel                    -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00042          AZABACHE                 -NM - Albuquerque
78080          AZOTEA MESA              -NM - Albuquerque
08025          Aztec Canyon             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
5030           Aztec Community         -NM - Farmington
16825          B HAWKINS               -CO- Grand Junction
10049          BACA SPRING             -NM - Albuquerque
6601           BADGER WASH             -CO- Grand Junction
04131          Badger Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5341           Badger Creek            -AZ- Arizona Strip
8318           Badlands                -CO- Glenwood Springs
5848           Badlands                -UT- Vernal
5832           Baeser Wash             -UT- Vernal
62031          BAEZA & BAEZA           -NM - Albuquerque
6210           Bagnall                 -UT- Cedar City
6731           BAKER CANYON            -CO- Grand Junction
16802          BALD HILL COM           -CO- Grand Junction
5510           Bald Hills              -CO- Montrose
24004          Baldknoll               -UT- Kanab
6851           BALDRIDGE MESA          -CO- Grand Junction
5568           Baldy                   -CO- Montrose
5090           Baltzar Peak            -NM - Farmington
8669           Bambi                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
78082          BANDANNA POINT          -NM - Albuquerque
6116           BANGS                   -CO- Grand Junction
06341          Banta                   -CO- White River (Meeker)
06343          Banta Flats             -CO- White River (Meeker)
00788          BARBARY                 -NM - Albuquerque
79042          BARCLAY DRAW            -NM - Albuquerque
00607          BARELA PLACE            -NM - Albuquerque
7303           Barkelew Draw Com       -CO- Montrose
8109           Barr                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
24005          Barrackspoint           -UT- Kanab
16323          Barrett Cr              -CO- Montrose
00860          BARRONCO                -NM - Albuquerque
5022           Barton Arroyo           -NM - Farmington
5808           Bar-x                   -UT- Moab
06304          Basin Springs           -CO- White River (Meeker)
06072          BASS                    -NM - Albuquerque
00127          BAT CAVE                -NM - Albuquerque
04016          Battle Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8124           Battlement Cr Com       -CO- Glenwood Springs
6167           BATTLESHIP              -CO- Grand Junction
16316          Bead Cr                 -CO- Montrose
14806          Bealer Basin            -UT- Vernal
16206          BEAN                    -CO- Grand Junction
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
5334           Beanhole               -AZ- Arizona Strip
79045          BEAR CANYON            -NM - Albuquerque
15001          Bear Creek             -UT- Cedar City
15001          Bear Creek             -UT- Kanab
6701           BEAR GULCH             -CO- Grand Junction
04182          Bear Lake              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
01107          BEAR SPRINGS           -NM - Albuquerque
4830           Bear Trap              -UT- Monticello
201            Bear Valley            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
78079          BEARDON CANYON         -NM - Albuquerque
17059          Beards Corner          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
8208           Bearwallow & Jolley    -CO- Glenwood Springs
04329          Beaver Basin           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
17060          Beaver Canyon          -CO- Montrose
8113           Beaver Cr              -CO- Glenwood Springs
6203           Beaver Cr              -CO- Montrose
34007          Beaver Creek           -UT- Price
4004           Beaver Dam S           -UT- St George
4828           Beaver Dam Slope       -AZ- Arizona Strip
5522           Beaver Hill            -CO- Montrose
6215           Beaver Lake            -UT- Cedar City
8104           Beaver Mamm            -CO- Glenwood Springs
6404           BEAVER MESA            -CO- Grand Junction
7204           Beaver Rim             -CO- Montrose
6028           Becenti Community      -NM - Farmington
06087          BECHDOL                -NM - Albuquerque
16807          BEEHIVE                -CO- Grand Junction
6432           BEEMAN                 -CO- Grand Junction
6165           BEEZER                 -CO- Grand Junction
5817           Behind The Rocks       -UT- Moab
8734           Bellyache              -CO- Glenwood Springs
8772           Bellyache Ridge        -CO- Glenwood Springs
4849-1         Belnap                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
4822           Belnap West            -AZ- Arizona Strip
62053          BEN GOOD RANCH         -NM - Albuquerque
14013          Ben Lowe               -CO- Montrose
61007          BEN R. FULLER          -NM - Albuquerque
34008          Bench                  -UT- Price
5118           Bennion Spring         -UT- Cedar City
5013           Benson                 -UT- Cedar City
8654           Benton                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
6424           BERG'S N MESA          -CO- Grand Junction
                         Allotment Name                     Field Office
15014             Bergstrom               -UT- Cedar City
62043             BERLIER PLACE           -NM - Albuquerque
79010             BERNARD CLEVE           -NM - Albuquerque
04144             Berry Gulch             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6702              BERRY HOMESTEAD         -CO- Grand Junction
6848              BERTHOD PLACE           -CO- Grand Junction
5119              Beryl                   -UT- Cedar City
5864              Between The Creeks      -UT- Moab
6816              BEVAN                   -CO- Grand Junction
04029             Bible Back Mtn          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
700               Bicknell                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
701               Bicknell Spring         -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
701               Bicknell Spring         -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
702               Bicknell Winter         -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
7207              Big Bear Cr             -CO- Montrose
06819             Big Beaver              -CO- White River (Meeker)
04414             Big Bend                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6051              Big Blue                -CO- Montrose
6003              Big Bowns Bench         -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
17061             Big Bucktail            -CO- Montrose
08003             Big Canyon              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
79020             BIG CHERRY CANYON       -NM - Albuquerque
16320             Big Draw                -CO- Montrose
5858              Big Flat                -UT- Monticello
5858              Big Flat                -UT- Moab
04542             Big Gulch               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5036              Big Gulch-40            -CO- Montrose
78087             BIG HACKBERRY           -NM - Albuquerque
04524             Big Hole Gulch          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
15015             Big Hollow Wash         -UT- Cedar City
6002              Big Horn                -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4826              Big Indian              -UT- Monticello
4005              Big Mountain            -UT- St George
06837             Big Mtn                 -CO- White River (Meeker)
4083              Big Mtn Cust            -UT- St George
8821              Big Pack Mountain       -UT- Vernal
6843              BIG PARK                -CO- Grand Junction
6052              Big Park                -CO- Montrose
5044              Big Pasture             -CO- Montrose
4006              Big Plains              -UT- St George
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
45002          Big Pond                -UT- Price
16501          BIG SALT                -CO- Grand Junction
4870           Big Spring Pipeline     -AZ- Arizona Strip
24009          Big Springs             -UT- Price
04138          Big Sugarloaf           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5872           Big Triangle            -UT- Moab
5881           Big Wash                -UT- Vernal
15885          Big Wash Draw           -UT- Vernal
6826           Big Westwater           -UT- Monticello
16011          Big Willow              -CO- Montrose
15031          Bigflat                 -UT- Kanab
76023          BILBREY BASIN           -NM - Albuquerque
00135          BILL G & W F GREEN      -NM - Albuquerque
01282          BINGHAM                 -NM - Albuquerque
8804           Birchell                -UT- Vernal
6008           Bisti Community         -NM - Farmington
5154           Bisti North             -NM - Farmington
5149           Bisti South             -NM - Farmington
35003          Black                   -UT- Price
00343          BLACK BEAR              -NM - Albuquerque
5045           Black Bullet            -CO- Montrose
4049           Black Canyon            -UT- St George
5256           Black Canyon            -AZ- Arizona Strip
5031           Black Canyon/Jones D    -CO- Montrose
35004          Black Dragon            -UT- Price
01365          BLACK HILLS RANCH       -NM - Albuquerque
6010           Black Line              -NM - Farmington
01263          BLACK MESA              -NM - Albuquerque
04091          Black Mtn               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8662           Black Mtn               -CO- Glenwood Springs
78052          BLACK MUHLEY            -NM - Albuquerque
15078          Black Point             -UT- Cedar City
5830           Black Ridge             -UT- Moab
6138           BLACK RIDGE             -CO- Grand Junction
5020           Black Ridge             -CO- Montrose
6006           Black Ridge             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
78120          BLACK RIVER             -NM - Albuquerque
24008          Black Rock              -UT- Kanab
24008          Black Rock              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4841           Black Rock              -AZ- Arizona Strip
6358           Black Sage              -CO- Montrose
                      Allotment Name                      Field Office
6804           Black Steer               -UT- Monticello
06029          Black Sulphur             -CO- White River (Meeker)
01283          BLACKINGTON MOUNTAIN      -NM - Albuquerque
01286          BLACKINGTON MTN WEST      -NM - Albuquerque
00450          BLACKJACK ARROYO          -NM - Albuquerque
24007          Blackmountain             -UT- Kanab
06612          Blacks Gulch              -CO- White River (Meeker)
04179          Blacktail Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
63054          BLACKWATER RANCH          -NM - Albuquerque
14824          Blair Basin               -UT- Vernal
4813           Blake Pond                -AZ- Arizona Strip
5052           Blancett Community        -NM - Farmington
5039           Blanco Community 39       -NM - Farmington
5078           Blanco Navajo Community   -NM - Farmington
5081           Blanco Trading Post       -NM - Farmington
5038           Blanquito                 -NM - Farmington
6206           Blinberry Gulch           -CO- Montrose
34010          Blind Canyon              -UT- Price
34010          Blind Canyon              -UT- Vernal
8643           Blowout AMP               -CO- Glenwood Springs
100            Blue Bench                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6050           Blue Canyon               -CO- Montrose
16036          Blue Cimarron             -CO- Montrose
16006          Blue Cr                   -CO- Montrose
5023           Blue Lake                 -NM - Farmington
6406           BLUE MESA                 -CO- Grand Junction
6835           Blue Mountain             -UT- Monticello
15825          Blue Mountain             -UT- Vernal
6202           Blue Mountain             -UT- Cedar City
78090          BLUE SPRING               -NM - Albuquerque
01347          BLUE SPRINGS              -NM - Albuquerque
08036          Blue/Littlewater          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6803           Bluff Bench               -UT- Monticello
62052          BOB BYRD                  -NM - Albuquerque
00881          BOBCAT CANYON             -NM - Albuquerque
76039          BOBCAT DRAW               -NM - Albuquerque
8730           Bocco Mtn                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
5815           Bogart                    -UT- Moab
5840           Bohemian Bottoms          -UT- Vernal
8210           Boiler Cr                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
06042          Boise Cr                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
65003          BOJAX RANCH               -NM - Albuquerque
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
65005          BOJAX-SOUTH            -NM - Albuquerque
7219           Bolinger Ditch         -CO- Montrose
06310          Bonanza                -CO- White River (Meeker)
15842          Bonanza                -UT- Vernal
15002          Bone Hollow            -UT- Cedar City
5131           Bonito                 -NM - Farmington
63066          BONNEY CANYON          -NM - Albuquerque
8828           Bookcliffs Pasture     -UT- Vernal
8828           Bookcliffs Pasture     -UT- Moab
4007           Boomer Hill            -UT- St George
04080          Boone Gulch            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14009          Boot                   -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4008           Boot Spring            -UT- St George
04538          Bord Gulch             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
01254          BORDO ATRAVESADO       -NM - Albuquerque
62076          BORICA DRAW            -NM - Albuquerque
62080          BORICA SPRING          -NM - Albuquerque
01255          BOSQUECITO             -NM - Albuquerque
5032           Bostwick Park          -CO- Montrose
65060          BOTTOMLESS RANCH       -NM - Albuquerque
6157           BOULDER CANYON         -CO- Grand Junction
6004           Boulder Creek          -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
18004          Bowen Iso Tr           -CO- Glenwood Springs
4009           Box Canyon             -UT- St George
78051          BOX CANYON             -NM - Albuquerque
00080          BOX CAR 9              -NM - Albuquerque
34011          Box Flat               -UT- Price
10023          BOX LAKE               -NM - Albuquerque
803            Boxcreek               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
63063          BOYLES RANCH           -NM - Albuquerque
64077          BRADY                  -NM - Albuquerque
5110           Braffits Creek         -UT- Cedar City
62088          BRAHAIM HINDI & SONS   -NM - Albuquerque
7235           Bramier Draw           -CO- Montrose
00010          BRANDY                 -NM - Albuquerque
78007          BRANGUS RANCH          -NM - Albuquerque
78056          BRANTLEY DAM           -NM - Albuquerque
8831           Brewer                 -UT- Vernal
14805          Bridgeport             -UT- Vernal
00202          BRIGHT"S WELL          -NM - Albuquerque
76128          BRININSTOOL HDQ        -NM - Albuquerque
                     Allotment Name                   Field Office
6703           BRINK PEDIGO GULCH     -CO- Grand Junction
17199          Broad Canyon           -CO- Montrose
18033          Brosius Gulch          -CO- Glenwood Springs
6805           Brown                  -UT- Monticello
06088          BROWN                  -NM - Albuquerque
5302           Brown & Shumway        -AZ- Arizona Strip
24011          Brown Canyon           -UT- Kanab
64018          BROWN LAKE             -NM - Albuquerque
06815          Brown P & D            -CO- White River (Meeker)
6850           BROWN PLACE            -CO- Grand Junction
00592          BROWNIE PEAKS          -NM - Albuquerque
79008          BROWNING CANYON        -NM - Albuquerque
04315          Browns Draw            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4806           Browns Park            -UT- Vernal
04320          Browns Park            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6708           BRUSH CR               -CO- Grand Junction
8503           Brush Cr               -CO- Glenwood Springs
18012          Brush Cr Com           -CO- Glenwood Springs
4858           Brush Creek            -UT- Vernal
16102          BRUSH HOLE             -CO- Grand Junction
06020          Brush Hole             -CO- White River (Meeker)
00612          BRUSH MOUNTAIN         -NM - Albuquerque
6705           BRUSH MTN COM          -CO- Grand Junction
5008           Brush Point            -CO- Montrose
77031          BRUSHY KNOB            -NM - Albuquerque
01361          BRUSHY MOUNTAIN        -NM - Albuquerque
01273          BRUTON RIVER           -NM - Albuquerque
7232           Buck                   -CO- Montrose
17054          Buck Knob              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04115          Buck Mtn               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
64004          BUCK SPRINGS           -NM - Albuquerque
64006          BUCK SPRINGS EAST      -NM - Albuquerque
6231           Bucket Ranch           -UT- Cedar City
6218           Bucket Ranch Lambing   -UT- Cedar City
17033          Buckeye                -CO- Montrose
76009          BUCKEYE                -NM - Albuquerque
76005          BUCKEYE SOUTH          -NM - Albuquerque
5863           Buckhorn               -UT- Moab
55005          Buckhorn               -UT- Price
79033          BUCKHORN               -NM - Albuquerque
6230           Buckhorn               -UT- Cedar City
24012          Buckknoll              -UT- Kanab
                         Allotment Name                    Field Office
34013             Buckmaster              -UT- Price
24013             Buckpasture             -UT- Kanab
24014             Buckskin                -UT- Price
5003              Buckskin Mountain       -UT- Cedar City
01250             BUFFALO HEAD            -NM - Albuquerque
6846              Bug Squaw               -UT- Monticello
17053             Bull Canyon             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
4878              Bull Canyon             -UT- Price
4878              Bull Canyon             -UT- Vernal
6402              BULL DRAW COM           -CO- Grand Junction
04097             Bull Gulch              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8625              Bull Gulch Com          -CO- Glenwood Springs
6407              BULL HILL-MAV COM       -CO- Grand Junction
17058             Bull Lake               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5120              Bull Spring             -UT- Cedar City
6806              Bulldog                 -UT- Monticello
101               Bullfrog                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
15016             Bulloch                 -UT- Cedar City
35006             Bunderson               -UT- Price
04152             Bunker Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
25026             Bunting Well            -UT- Kanab
25026             Bunting Well            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6706              BURDICK E OF RANCH      -CO- Grand Junction
6707              BURDICK HOMESTEAD       -CO- Grand Junction
6153              BURFORD IND             -CO- Grand Junction
6141              BURKE                   -CO- Grand Junction
17022             Burn Canyon             -CO- Montrose
6203              Burn Knoll              -UT- Cedar City
10027             BURNETT                 -NM - Albuquerque
79011             BURNT CANYON            -NM - Albuquerque
24015             Burnt Cedar Point       -UT- Kanab
24016             Burntflat               -UT- Kanab
102               Burr Point              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
78063             BURRO HILL              -NM - Albuquerque
08041             Burro Ind               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08000             Burro Pt Community      -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5532              Burro Ridge             -CO- Montrose
202               Burrville               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
63027             BURTON                  -NM - Albuquerque
77044             BURTON FLATS            -NM - Albuquerque
77014             BURTON SOUTH            -NM - Albuquerque
704               Busenbark               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
17015          Bush Canyon             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5158           Butcher                 -UT- Cedar City
10030          BUTLER                  -NM - Albuquerque
15018          Butte                   -UT- Cedar City
16040          Butte Rock              -CO- Montrose
4017           Buttermilk              -UT- St George
5308           Button                  -AZ- Arizona Strip
8229           BWJ Forest              -CO- Glenwood Springs
06630          Byerly                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
63005          BYRD TRUST              -NM - Albuquerque
00854          C. MADRID LEASE         -NM - Albuquerque
00899          C. QUINTANA LEASE       -NM - Albuquerque
00933          C. TRUJILLO LEASE       -NM - Albuquerque
78144          C.P. HILL               -NM - Albuquerque
00044          CABEZON PEAK            -NM - Albuquerque
16301          Cabin Cr Com            -CO- Montrose
06618          Cabin Gulch             -CO- White River (Meeker)
8731           Cabin Gulch             -CO- Glenwood Springs
00039          CACHULIE                -NM - Albuquerque
08012          Cahone Mesa             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00543          CALABASAS               -NM - Albuquerque
34016          Calf Canyon             -UT- Price
24018          Calf Pasture            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
8919           Callahan Mtn Com        -CO- Glenwood Springs
5747           Cals Valley             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6318           Camp Kettle Gulch       -CO- Montrose
6130           Campbell Cr             -CO- Montrose
00622          CAMPO BORREGO           -NM - Albuquerque
4099           Canaan Flat             -UT- St George
5205           Canaan Gap              -AZ- Arizona Strip
4100           Canaan Mtn              -UT- St George
4020           Canaan Ranch            -UT- St George
00111          CANADA ALAMOS           -NM - Albuquerque
00529          CANADA ANCHA            -NM - Albuquerque
00845          CANADA CABRA            -NM - Albuquerque
00031          CANADA CANDELARIA       -NM - Albuquerque
01191          CANADA COLORADO         -NM - Albuquerque
00556          CANADA DE HUMO          -NM - Albuquerque
00507          CANA DA DE LA CRUZ      -NM - Albuquerque
00116          CANADA DEL OJO          -NM - Albuquerque
00573          CANADA DEL POLICARPO    -NM - Albuquerque
00768          CANADA DEL PUEBLO       -NM - Albuquerque
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
00567          CANADA SANCHEZ         -NM - Albuquerque
14012          Canal                  -CO- Montrose
219            Canal                  -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
15816          Canal                  -UT- Vernal
06089          CANDELARIA             -NM - Albuquerque
5212           Cane Beds              -AZ- Arizona Strip
4188           Cane Beds              -UT- Kanab
08019          Cannon Ball            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00736          CANON                  -NM - Albuquerque
01158          CANON ALAMITO          -NM - Albuquerque
00973          CANON ANCHO            -NM - Albuquerque
00840          CANON BLANCO           -NM - Albuquerque
01117          CANON BONITO           -NM - Albuquerque
00763          CANON CHATA            -NM - Albuquerque
00802          CANON DE LA PRESA      -NM - Albuquerque
00803          Canon DE LAS MUJERAS   -NM - Albuquerque
00053          CANON DEL CAMINO       -NM - Albuquerque
00919          CANON DEL OJITO        -NM - Albuquerque
00807          CANON EMPIEDRADO       -NM - Albuquerque
00814          CANON GARDUNOS         -NM - Albuquerque
00701          CANON GATO             -NM - Albuquerque
00952          CANON OLGUIN           -NM - Albuquerque
00883          CANON PADILLA          -NM - Albuquerque
00704          CANON PONIENTE         -NM - Albuquerque
00949          CANON SABINOSO         -NM - Albuquerque
00638          CANON SECO ALLOTMENT   -NM - Albuquerque
00835          CANON VIGAS            -NM - Albuquerque
00706          CANON YEGUA            -NM - Albuquerque
8402           Cantley Homestead      -CO- Glenwood Springs
8228           Canyon Ck              -CO- Glenwood Springs
8207           Canyon Creek           -CO- Glenwood Springs
5106           Canyon Largo           -NM - Farmington
04326          Canyon/Horseshoe       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6722           CARBON                 -CO- Grand Junction
24021          Carmeljunction         -UT- Kanab
6149           CARNS POINT            -CO- Grand Junction
17100          Carpenter Ridge Com    -CO- Montrose
6709           CARR CR                -CO- Grand Junction
5108           Carrizo Canyon         -NM - Farmington
00775          CARRIZO CREEK          -NM - Albuquerque
10057          CARRIZO CREEK N        -NM - Albuquerque
01373          CARRIZOZO              -NM - Albuquerque
                       Allotment Name                       Field Office
64082          CARROLL JACKSON EST.        -NM - Albuquerque
00624          CARSON ROAD                 -NM - Albuquerque
6004           Carson-Gallegos Community   -NM - Farmington
5117           Carter Mesa                 -NM - Farmington
00062          CASA SALAZAR                -NM - Albuquerque
6054           Casamero Lake Community     -NM - Farmington
01300          CASAS DE PIEDRAS            -NM - Albuquerque
6022           Casaus Brothers, Duran      -NM - Farmington
25007          Case                        -UT- Price
78086          CASS DRAW                   -NM - Albuquerque
06375          Cassion                     -CO- White River (Meeker)
10033          CASTILLO                    -NM - Albuquerque
18030          Castle                      -CO- Glenwood Springs
8621           Castle                      -CO- Glenwood Springs
4076           Castle Cliff                -UT- St George
8609           Castle Ind                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
5886           Castle Peak                 -UT- Vernal
6408           CASTO-LINES COM             -CO- Grand Junction
24019          Cat Canyon                  -UT- Price
00150          CAT LAKE                    -NM - Albuquerque
01370          CAT MESA EAST               -NM - Albuquerque
00083          CAT MOUNTAIN                -NM - Albuquerque
8619           Catamount Com               -CO- Glenwood Springs
600            Cathedral                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
600            Cathedral                   -UT- Price
6111           Cathedral                   -CO- Montrose
06349          Cathedral Bluffs            -CO- White River (Meeker)
8302           Cattle Cr Drive             -CO- Glenwood Springs
15084          Cave                        -UT- Cedar City
6808           Cave Canyon                 -UT- Monticello
06617          Cave Gulch                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
24092          Cavecreek                   -UT- Kanab
78064          CAWLEY DRAW                 -NM - Albuquerque
00033          CEBO COMMUNITY              -NM - Albuquerque
6112           Cebolla Cr Com              -CO- Montrose
00570          CEBOLLA SAGE                -NM - Albuquerque
04515          Cedar                       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5570           Cedar                       -CO- Montrose
5535           Cedar Cr                    -CO- Montrose
705            Cedar Grove                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
63048          CEDAR HILL                  -NM - Albuquerque
5318           Cedar Knoll                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
                        Allotment Name                    Field Office
18006             Cedar Mtn              -CO- Glenwood Springs
4093              Cedar Mtn              -UT- St George
4093              Cedar Mtn              -UT- Cedar City
01327             CEDAR PASS             -NM - Albuquerque
4866              Cedar Pockets          -AZ- Arizona Strip
4866              Cedar Pockts           -UT- St George
5012              Cedar Point            -CO- Montrose
5303              Cedar Ridge            -AZ- Arizona Strip
04402             Cedar Springs Draw     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6005              Cedar Wash             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
103               Cedarpoint             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5067              Cemetary Ridge         -NM - Farmington
6047              Center Creek           -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6047              Center Creek           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
4011              Central                -UT- St George
8340              Cerise                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
00619             CERRITO DORMILON       -NM - Albuquerque
00648             CERRITO NEGRO          -NM - Albuquerque
00201             CERRITOS DE JASPE      -NM - Albuquerque
00625             CERRO AIRE             -NM - Albuquerque
00514             CERRO AZUL             -NM - Albuquerque
00207             CERRO BRILLANTE        -NM - Albuquerque
00501             CERRO COLORADO         -NM - Albuquerque
00041             CERRO CUATE            -NM - Albuquerque
00216             CERRO DEL ORO          -NM - Albuquerque
01348             CERRO MONTOSO          -NM - Albuquerque
00604             CERRO MOUNTAIN         -NM - Albuquerque
00527             CERRO NEGRO            -NM - Albuquerque
00809             CERRO OSO              -NM - Albuquerque
01342             CERRO PELON            -NM - Albuquerque
00538             CERRO PINON            -NM - Albuquerque
00051             CERRO SALADO           -NM - Albuquerque
00215             CERRO VERDE            -NM - Albuquerque
00032             CERROS COLORADOS       -NM - Albuquerque
06091             CHACON                 -NM - Albuquerque
5528              Chaffee Gulch          -CO- Montrose
77006             CHALK BLUFF            -NM - Albuquerque
6845              CHALK MTN              -CO- Grand Junction
64086             CHAMPION               -NM - Albuquerque
79039             CHAMPION CANYON        -NM - Albuquerque
64083             CHARLES P. WILSON      -NM - Albuquerque
                       Allotment Name                    Field Office
6855           CHARLESWORTH ISO TR      -CO- Grand Junction
65059          CHAS WILSON              -NM - Albuquerque
01305          CHATO                    -NM - Albuquerque
65009          CHATTEN-MUNCY            -NM - Albuquerque
5307           Chatterly                -AZ- Arizona Strip
01292          CHAUNTE CANYON           -NM - Albuquerque
5137           Chavez                   -NM - Farmington
00098          CHAVEZ RANCH             -NM - Albuquerque
79023          CHERRY ALLOTMENT         -NM - Albuquerque
79050          CHERRY CANYON            -NM - Albuquerque
08413          Cherry Cr                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
79018          CHERRY FLAT              -NM - Albuquerque
64067          CHESSER RANCH INC.       -NM - Albuquerque
00222          CHICAL                   -NM - Albuquerque
203            Chicken Coop             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
04508          Chicken Sage             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00864          CHICO                    -NM - Albuquerque
08074          Chico Cr                 -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00043          CHICO CROSSING           -NM - Albuquerque
00101          CHIHUAHUA LAKE           -NM - Albuquerque
00526          CHILI                    -NM - Albuquerque
44022          Chimney Rock Flat        -UT- Price
18042          Chirp                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
00007          CHIUILLA COMMUNITY       -NM - Albuquerque
06609          Chokecherry              -CO- White River (Meeker)
5121           Chokecherry Creek        -UT- Cedar City
34022          Chrisspring              -UT- Kanab
8333           Christensen              -CO- Glenwood Springs
08452          Chromo Mtn               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6048           Chruch Rock Community    -NM - Farmington
01368          CHUPADERA MESA           -NM - Albuquerque
01310          CHUPADERA WASH           -NM - Albuquerque
4827           Church Rock              -UT- Monticello
00546          CIENAGA COMMUNITY        -NM - Albuquerque
16008          Cimarron                 -CO- Montrose
5003           Cinder Gulch             -NM - Farmington
04419          Cinder Knob              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4012           Cinder Mtn               -UT- St George
6007           Circle Cliffs            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6007           Circle Cliffs            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
63035          CIRCLE F RANCH           -NM - Albuquerque
04007          Circle Ridge             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
5885           Cisco                   -UT- Moab
5810           Cisco Mesa              -UT- Moab
15003          Clark Bench             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
15003          Clark Bench             -UT- Kanab
16122          CLARKS BENCH            -CO- Grand Junction
34024          Clarks Valley           -UT- Price
01375          CLAUNCH SE              -NM - Albuquerque
25008          Clawson Dairy           -UT- Price
14804          Clay Basin Meadows      -UT- Vernal
4845           Clay Spring             -AZ- Arizona Strip
24023          Clayflat                -UT- Kanab
5215           Clayhole                -AZ- Arizona Strip
77013          CLAYTON BASIN           -NM - Albuquerque
34025          Cleveland Summer        -UT- Price
34026          Cleveland Winter        -UT- Price
64034          CLIFFORD C. HENRY       -NM - Albuquerque
16817          CLIFTON                 -CO- Grand Junction
5006           Cline Arroyo            -NM - Farmington
18909          Clough/Alber            -CO- Glenwood Springs
04612          Coal Butte              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
17107          Coal Canyon             -CO- Montrose
00134          COAL CANYON             -NM - Albuquerque
5865           Coal Canyon             -UT- Moab
5509           Coal Creek              -CO- Montrose
00029          COAL CREEK              -NM - Albuquerque
34027          Coal Creek              -UT- Price
16502          COAL GULCH              -CO- Grand Junction
14517          Coal Gulch              -CO- Montrose
28020          Coal Mine               -CO- Glenwood Springs
4855           Coal Mine Basin         -UT- Vernal
06017          Coal Mine Ind           -CO- White River (Meeker)
04420          Coal Mtn                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06313          Coal Oil Basin          -CO- White River (Meeker)
06334          Coal Reef               -CO- White River (Meeker)
25009          Coal Wash               -UT- Price
5011           Coalbank Canyon         -NM - Farmington
4165           Coalhollow              -UT- Kanab
24024          Coalmine                -UT- Kanab
4068           Coalpits Cus            -UT- St George
4013           Coalpits Int            -UT- St George
6161           COATES CR               -CO- Grand Junction
16352          Cochetopa Canyon        -CO- Montrose
                        Allotment Name                    Field Office
16346          Cochetopa Cr              -CO- Montrose
00113          COCINA                    -NM - Albuquerque
5833           Cockleburr                -UT- Vernal
25055          Cockscomb                 -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4156           Cogswellpoint             -UT- Kanab
17027          Coke Ovens                -CO- Montrose
00214          COLD CANYON               -NM - Albuquerque
16362          Cold Springs              -CO- Montrose
04325          Cold Springs              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04110          Coleman Cr                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04528          College Station           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6008           Collet                    -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6839           COLLIER                   -CO- Grand Junction
16824          COLLIER CR                -CO- Grand Junction
78049          COLLIER TANK              -NM - Albuquerque
5043           Collins                   -CO- Montrose
16130          COLORADO RIDGE            -CO- Grand Junction
04422          Colowyo Com               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04017          Columbus Mtn              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
01143          COMANCHE ARROYO           -NM - Albuquerque
6836           Comb Wash                 -UT- Monticello
00641          COMMON USE AREA           -NM - Albuquerque
62064          CONEJO BASIN              -NM - Albuquerque
6710           CONN CR/MCCURDY           -CO- Grand Junction
6711           CONN MTN COM              -CO- Grand Junction
34028          Consumers Wash            -UT- Price
00001          CONTINENTAL DIVIDE        -NM - Albuquerque
6201           Cook                      -UT- Cedar City
6159           COOK CANYON               -CO- Grand Junction
16804          COON CR                   -CO- Grand Junction
04081          Coon Gulch                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6712           COON HOLLOW COM           -CO- Grand Junction
34029          Coon Spring               -UT- Price
740            Coop                      -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
24025          Coopcreek                 -UT- Kanab
4835           Cooper Draw               -UT- Vernal
65019          COOPER PYEATT RANCH       -NM - Albuquerque
63033          COOPERS GALLO             -NM - Albuquerque
8668           Copper Spur               -CO- Glenwood Springs
06093          CORBETT                   -NM - Albuquerque
6704           CORCORAN WASH             -CO- Grand Junction
                     Allotment Name                       Field Office
00447          CORDOVA RANCH           -NM - Albuquerque
00844          CORIZON HILL            -NM - Albuquerque
64045          CORN BROS. & BLUE WATER -NM - Albuquerque
34030          Corner Canyon             -UT- Price
6838           Corral                    -UT- Monticello
6606           CORRAL CYN-MTN            -CO- Grand Junction
5862           Corral Wash               -UT- Moab
5884           Corral Wash Canyon        -UT- Moab
00055          CORRALES TIERRA           -NM - Albuquerque
8307           Coryell                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
76045          COTTON PLACE              -NM - Albuquerque
8301           Cotton Wood               -CO- Glenwood Springs
78020          COTTONTAIL                -NM - Albuquerque
4110           Cottonwd Pt               -UT- St George
4110           Cottonwd Pt               -UT- Kanab
4026           Cottonwood                -UT- Kanab
6849           Cottonwood                -UT- Monticello
5209           Cottonwood                -AZ- Arizona Strip
4809           Cottonwood                -AZ- Arizona Strip
5816           Cottonwood                -UT- Moab
4026           Cottonwood                -UT- St George
6431           COTTONWOOD                -CO- Grand Junction
15004          Cottonwood                -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
64046          COTTONWOOD                -NM - Albuquerque
08908          Cottonwood (USFS)         -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
78004          COTTONWOOD ACRES          -NM - Albuquerque
5009           Cottonwood Arroyo         -NM - Farmington
8508           Cottonwood Cr             -CO- Glenwood Springs
78006          COTTONWOOD CREEK          -NM - Albuquerque
8506           Cottonwood Crk Etc        -CO- Glenwood Springs
06301          Cottonwood Draw           -CO- White River (Meeker)
8924           Cottonwood Gulch          -CO- Glenwood Springs
78104          COTTONWOOD HILLS          -NM - Albuquerque
00087          COTTONWOOD SPRING         -NM - Albuquerque
78106          COTTONWOOD SPRINGS        -NM - Albuquerque
24027          Cottonwood Springs        -UT- Kanab
24027          Cottonwood Springs        -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4853           Cottonwood Springs        -UT- Vernal
8115           Couey 1                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
8118           Couey 2                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
4014           Cougar Cyn                -UT- St George
                        Allotment Name                   Field Office
24028          Cougarcanyon              -UT- Kanab
6015           Counselor Community       -NM - Farmington
5122           County Line               -UT- Cedar City
6044           County Line               -CO- Montrose
8923           County Line               -CO- Glenwood Springs
6730           COUNTY LINE               -CO- Grand Junction
06838          County R & PP             -CO- White River (Meeker)
04177          County Road #179          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04045          County Road #40           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04060          County Road #7            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5748           Cove                      -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5204           Cove                      -AZ- Arizona Strip
24031          Cove Creek                -UT- Price
7222           Coventry                  -CO- Montrose
34032          Cow Canyon                -UT- Price
5566           Cow Cr                    -CO- Montrose
06019          Cow Creek                 -CO- White River (Meeker)
6751           COW MTN                   -CO- Grand Junction
5310           Cowboy Butte              -AZ- Arizona Strip
35013          Cowley                    -UT- Price
6053           Cox Park                  -CO- Montrose
62074          COX RANCH                 -NM - Albuquerque
25034          Coyote                    -UT- Kanab
5327           Coyote                    -AZ- Arizona Strip
25034          Coyote                    -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6365           Coyote Hill               -CO- Montrose
5015           Coyote Hills              -NM - Farmington
08444          Coyote Park               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
01266          COYOTE SPRING             -NM - Albuquerque
4805           Coyote Spring             -AZ- Arizona Strip
5327           Coyote-az                 -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5327           Coyote-az                 -UT- Kanab
34033          Crandall Canyon           -UT- Price
35014          Crawford                  -UT- Price
8916           Crawford & Kerlee         -CO- Glenwood Springs
5018           Crawford Reservoir        -CO- Montrose
5856           Crescent Canyon           -UT- Moab
104            Crescent Creek            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
06300          Cricket                   -CO- White River (Meeker)
10004          CRISWELL                  -NM - Albuquerque
63076          CROCKETT                  -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
79109          CROOKED CANYON II       -NM - Albuquerque
79046          CROOKED CREEK           -NM - Albuquerque
04404          Crooked Wash            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5219           Crosby Tank             -AZ- Arizona Strip
08007          Cross Canyon            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6811           Cross Canyon            -UT- Monticello
64180          CROSS HWY               -NM - Albuquerque
10029          CROSS LINE              -NM - Albuquerque
04307          Cross Mtn               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
15019          Cross Roads             -UT- Cedar City
5028           Crouch Mesa Community   -NM - Farmington
78009          CROW                    -NM - Albuquerque
16604          CROW BOTTOM             -CO- Grand Junction
8335           Crown                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
8334           Crown Com               -CO- Glenwood Springs
8337           Crown Ind               -CO- Glenwood Springs
8342           Crystal River           -CO- Glenwood Springs
00530          CUARTELES               -NM - Albuquerque
01371          CUATE CANYON            -NM - Albuquerque
15823          Cub Creek               -UT- Vernal
00057          CUCHO ARROYO            -NM - Albuquerque
00521          CUESTECITA ALLOTMENT    -NM - Albuquerque
00917          CUEVA                   -NM - Albuquerque
79024          CUEVO EAST              -NM - Albuquerque
79025          CUEVO WEST              -NM - Albuquerque
04041          Cull Reservoir          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5123           Culver Spring           -UT- Cedar City
00535          CUNDIYO ALLOTMENT       -NM - Albuquerque
4015           Curly Hollow            -UT- St George
4877           Currant Canyon          -UT- Vernal
5035           Current Cr              -CO- Montrose
10048          CURTIS RANCH            -NM - Albuquerque
5506           Cushman                 -CO- Montrose
76034          CUSTER MOUNTAIN         -NM - Albuquerque
5052           Cut Off                 -CO- Montrose
5051           Cutter Canyon           -NM - Farmington
708            Cyclone                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
06064          D BERRYHILL             -NM - Albuquerque
01145          D CROSS MOUNTAIN        -NM - Albuquerque
10011          D&D LAND AND CATTLE     -NM - Albuquerque
00898          D. SALAZAR LEASE        -NM - Albuquerque
77016          DAGGER DRAW             -NM - Albuquerque
                       Allotment Name                    Field Office
4016           Dagget Flat              -UT- St George
00565          DAGGETT CANYON           -NM - Albuquerque
5890           Dakota Rock              -UT- Moab
15086          Dalley Canyon            -UT- Cedar City
5391           Dalton Wells             -UT- Moab
63069          DAN SALAS                -NM - Albuquerque
04520          Danforth                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00114          DANIEL GONZALES          -NM - Albuquerque
5518           Dave Wood Road           -CO- Montrose
16818          DAVIS                    -CO- Grand Junction
08059          Davis                    -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5015           Davis                    -UT- Price
16201          DAVIS AMP                -CO- Grand Junction
18823          Davis Canyon             -UT- Vernal
06016          Davis Cr                 -CO- White River (Meeker)
17037          Davis Mesa               -CO- Montrose
04112          Day Cr                   -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
78025          DAYTON                   -NM - Albuquerque
00599          DE LA CRUZ               -NM - Albuquerque
16119          DEAD HORSE               -CO- Grand Junction
5010           Dead Horse Com           -CO- Montrose
63056          DEAD MAN                 -NM - Albuquerque
34035          Deadman                  -UT- Price
04134          Deal Gulch               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8107           Dean Gulch               -CO- Glenwood Springs
6009           Death Hollow             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5002           Dedication Site          -CO- Montrose
14524          Deep Cr                  -CO- Montrose
4884           Deep Creek               -UT- Vernal
6210           Deep Gulch               -CO- Montrose
35016          Deep Wash                -UT- Price
64019          DEEP WELL RANCH          -NM - Albuquerque
76030          DEEP WELLS               -NM - Albuquerque
14019          Deer Basin/Midway        -CO- Montrose
78048          DEER CANYON              -NM - Albuquerque
04203          Deer Cr Road             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6010           Deer Creek               -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
08907          Deer Park AMP            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
602            Deer Peak                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
602            Deer Peak                -UT- Price
8616           Deer Pen                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
25005          Deer Range              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
24030          Deer Spring Point       -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
24030          Deer Spring Point       -UT- Kanab
04314          Deer Valley             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8216           Delaney                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
78142          DELAWARE RIVER - WEST   -NM - Albuquerque
5107           Delgadito Mesa          -NM - Farmington
5124           Delvecchio              -UT- Cedar City
224            Denmark                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
8618           Derby Ridge             -CO- Glenwood Springs
00500          DESAGUE                 -NM - Albuquerque
15020          Desert                  -UT- Cedar City
34034          Desert                  -UT- Price
34034          Desert                  -UT- Moab
17049          Desert Claim            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5150           Desert Hills Tract      -NM - Farmington
4018           Desert Inn              -UT- St George
6077           Desidero Community      -NM - Farmington
00750          DESPARRAMADO            -NM - Albuquerque
5098           Devil Springs           -NM - Farmington
4882           Devils Canyon           -UT- Vernal
4882           Devils Canyon           -UT- Price
6812           Devils Canyon           -UT- Monticello
06629          Devils Hole             -CO- White River (Meeker)
6115           Devils Lake             -CO- Montrose
5842           Diamond                 -UT- Moab
76137          DIAMOND & HALF          -NM - Albuquerque
76037          DIAMOND & HALF, INC.    -NM - Albuquerque
04327          Diamond Breaks          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4833           Diamond Butte           -AZ- Arizona Strip
8323           Diamond Flats           -CO- Glenwood Springs
8732           Diamond J               -CO- Glenwood Springs
62075          DIAMOND L, INC.         -NM - Albuquerque
4837           Diamond Mountain        -UT- Vernal
63101          DIAMOND T               -NM - Albuquerque
63501          DIAMOND T SEC 15        -NM - Albuquerque
4075           Diamond Vall            -UT- St George
15021          Dick Palmer Wash        -UT- Cedar City
16112          DIERICH RANCH           -CO- Grand Junction
6200           Dillon Mesa             -CO- Montrose
4867           Dinosaur Park           -UT- Vernal
                     Allotment Name                     Field Office
76033          DINWIDDIE CATTLE CO.   -NM - Albuquerque
77011          DIPPER                 -NM - Albuquerque
04400          Disappointment         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
17036          Disappointment Cr      -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04175          Ditch #4 Sect 15       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06055          DIVIDE                 -NM - Albuquerque
06026          DJ ELKINS              -NM - Albuquerque
06098          DM HOWARD              -NM - Albuquerque
18005          Doak                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
17042          Dobie Canyon           -CO- Montrose
15821          Docs Valley            -UT- Vernal
6813           Dodge Canyon           -UT- Monticello
6814           Dodge Point            -UT- Monticello
18025          Dodo                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
812            Dog Valley             -UT- Kanab
78071          DOLOMITE               -NM - Albuquerque
17004          Dolores Canyon         -CO- Montrose
6429           Dolores Point          -UT- Moab
6429           DOLORES POINT          -CO- Grand Junction
6411           DOLORES RIVER          -CO- Grand Junction
8733           Domantle               -CO- Glenwood Springs
4019           Dome                   -UT- St George
16342          Dome Pasture           -CO- Montrose
14001          Dominguez Ind          -CO- Montrose
35011          Don Cox                -UT- Price
62081          DON L. HISEL           -NM - Albuquerque
65070          DON L. MILES           -NM - Albuquerque
78033          DONAGHE                -NM - Albuquerque
06095          DONALDSON              -NM - Albuquerque
4859           Donkey Flat            -UT- Vernal
8905           Doodlebug              -CO- Glenwood Springs
63049          DOOLIN PLACE           -NM - Albuquerque
63042          DOS AMIGOS             -NM - Albuquerque
00011          DOS VALLES             -NM - Albuquerque
78121          DOUBLE CANYON          -NM - Albuquerque
5028           Doug Cr                -CO- Montrose
6714           DOUGHERTY GULCH        -CO- Grand Junction
06342          Douglas Cr             -CO- White River (Meeker)
63065          DOUGLAS MCKNIGHT       -NM - Albuquerque
08070          Dove Cr AMP            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04146          Dowden Gulch           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5541           Downing                -CO- Montrose
                        Allotment Name                     Field Office
8315           Doyal                     -CO- Glenwood Springs
6360           Doyleville                -CO- Montrose
16304          Doyleville Com            -CO- Montrose
06025          DP ELKINS                 -NM - Albuquerque
01366          DRAGOO TANK               -NM - Albuquerque
64030          DRAPER RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
04539          Dressler Gulch            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4818           Dripping Spring           -AZ- Arizona Strip
01349          DRIPPING SPRINGS          -NM - Albuquerque
34037          Dripping Springs          -UT- Price
8308           Driveway Com              -CO- Glenwood Springs
8338           Driveway Com              -CO- Glenwood Springs
8324           Driveway/Three Mile       -CO- Glenwood Springs
15022          Dry Canyon                -UT- Cedar City
34038          Dry Canyon                -UT- Price
16608          DRY CANYON-DEMAREE        -CO- Grand Junction
5537           Dry Cedar                 -CO- Montrose
78012          DRY CHAPARREL             -NM - Albuquerque
14549          Dry Cr                    -CO- Montrose
06829          Dry Cr                    -CO- White River (Meeker)
04302          Dry Cr                    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5513           Dry Cr Basin              -CO- Montrose
17016          Dry Cr Basin              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
8125           Dry Cr Pete & Bill        -CO- Glenwood Springs
5525           Dry Cr Place              -CO- Montrose
4890           Dry Creek                 -UT- Vernal
4804           Dry Farm                  -UT- Monticello
6715           DRY FORK                  -CO- Grand Junction
4854           Dry Fork                  -UT- Vernal
04096          Dry Fork                  -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5540           Dry Gulch                 -CO- Montrose
04517          Dry Gulch                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8127           Dry Hollow Res Gulch      -CO- Glenwood Springs
16834          DRY KIMBALL               -CO- Grand Junction
24033          Dry Lake                  -UT- Kanab
813            Dry Lake                  -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
15087          Dry Lakes                 -UT- Cedar City
14006          Dry Mesa                  -CO- Montrose
8352           Dry Park                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
7300           Dry Park                  -CO- Montrose
00005          DRY SPRINGS               -NM - Albuquerque
25006          Dry Valley                -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
4820           Dry Valley-deer Neck    -UT- Monticello
6048           Dry Wash                -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
25017          Dry Wash                -UT- Price
6048           Dry Wash                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00027          DRY WELL                -NM - Albuquerque
24034          Drywash                 -UT- Kanab
06031          Duck Cr                 -CO- White River (Meeker)
5524           Duckett Draw            -CO- Montrose
5076           Duffers Point           -NM - Farmington
04432          Duffy Mtn               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
45018          Dugout                  -UT- Price
6403           DUGWAY                  -CO- Grand Junction
64081          DUH RANCH               -NM - Albuquerque
24032          Dump                    -UT- Kanab
5019           Duncan                  -UT- Price
4820           Duncan Tank             -AZ- Arizona Strip
00627          DUNN BRIDGE             -NM - Albuquerque
62082          DUNN RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
04142          Dunstan Gulch           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00642          DURAN PLACE             -NM - Albuquerque
10047          DURFEE                  -NM - Albuquerque
815            Durkee                  -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00152          DUSTY RANCH             -NM - Albuquerque
08438          Dutton Park             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
16127          DUVAL                   -CO- Grand Junction
06108          DYE                     -NM - Albuquerque
00920          E AND T SMITH LEASE     -NM - Albuquerque
08446          E Archuleta Mesa        -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04606          E Axial Basin           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04009          E Beaver Mtn            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04305          E Boone Draw            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04058          E Bord Gulch            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08072          E Broad Canyon          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04026          E Camel Back Mtn        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8601           E Castle                -CO- Glenwood Springs
8623           E Castle Ind            -CO- Glenwood Springs
04089          E Cedar Hill            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04073          E County Road #7        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8105           E Divide Com            -CO- Glenwood Springs
06356          E Douglas Cr            -CO- White River (Meeker)
04306          E Douglas Mtn           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04157          E Dry Cr                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
6716           E END COW MTN           -CO- Grand Junction
06359          E Evacuation Cr         -CO- White River (Meeker)
04544          E Experiment Station    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04194          E Finger Rock           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
18910          E Fork Com              -CO- Glenwood Springs
5514           E Fork Dry Cr           -CO- Montrose
06033          E Fork Spring Cr        -CO- White River (Meeker)
04611          E Fork Wilson Cr        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04042          E Fortification         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04415          E Godiva                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5041           E Gould Reservoir       -CO- Montrose
8502           E Hardscrabble          -CO- Glenwood Springs
10111          E HORSE MT              -NM - Albuquerque
08033          E McElmo Cr             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
16030          E Middle Fork           -CO- Montrose
00336          E MORA                  -NM - Albuquerque
16330          E Moss Lake             -CO- Montrose
08008          E Mud Cr                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04509          E Mud Spring Draw       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6854           E OF COLLBRAN           -CO- Grand Junction
15061          E Olsen                 -UT- Price
15061          E Olsen                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
17101          E Paradox Com           -CO- Montrose
04111          E Pine Mtn              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04202          E Powder Wash           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14512          E Roatcap Ind           -CO- Montrose
16602          E SALT                  -CO- Grand Junction
04071          E Side N Fork           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04435          E Spring Cr             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06628          E Strawberry            -CO- White River (Meeker)
17009          E Summit Mesa           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
8610           E Sunnyside             -CO- Glenwood Springs
04619          E Thornburgh            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04003          E Three Forks Mtn       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
16106          E TOMS CANYON COM       -CO- Grand Junction
04601          E Ute Gulch             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08045          E Weber Mtn             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04645          E Well Sweep            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
64058          E. CLYDE BLACKWELL      -NM - Albuquerque
00894          E. RINEHART             -NM - Albuquerque
64040          E.N. BENEDICT           -NM - Albuquerque
10050          EAGAR RED HILL          -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                         Field Office
4073           Eagle                       -UT- St George
79001          EAGLE CREEK                 -NM - Albuquerque
00023          EAGLE MESA                  -NM - Albuquerque
8505           Eagle River                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
5122           Eagle Rock                  -NM - Farmington
04525          Earl Martin                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5796           East Antelope               -UT- Cedar City
5069           East Armenta                -NM - Farmington
816            East Bench                  -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5031           East Bloomfield Community   -NM - Farmington
08046          East Canyon                 -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
4814           East Canyon                 -UT- Monticello
04429          East Canyon                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14822          East Cow Hollow             -UT- Vernal
5386           East Coyote                 -UT- Moab
817            East Fork                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
16005          East Fork                   -CO- Montrose
5143           East Gonzales               -NM - Farmington
35020          East Grimes                 -UT- Price
5146           East Head Canyon            -NM - Farmington
78038          EAST HOPE                   -NM - Albuquerque
15811          East Huber                  -UT- Vernal
15023          East Lake                   -UT- Cedar City
6815           East League                 -UT- Monticello
4845           East Little Mountain        -UT- Vernal
00630          EAST MONTOSO                -NM - Albuquerque
818            East Piute                  -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00605          EAST PUNCHE                 -NM - Albuquerque
00621          EAST RIO GRANDE             -NM - Albuquerque
00583          EAST RIO SAN ANTONIO        -NM - Albuquerque
10067          EAST RITO CREEK             -NM - Albuquerque
00598          EAST SAN ANTONE             -NM - Albuquerque
04655          East Smith Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5014           East Stateline              -NM - Farmington
4810           East Summit                 -UT- Monticello
77046          EAST TELLTALE BLUFF         -NM - Albuquerque
01330          EAST WELL                   -NM - Albuquerque
8638           Eby Cr                      -CO- Glenwood Springs
6717           EBY GULCH                   -CO- Grand Junction
6719           EBY POINT                   -CO- Grand Junction
00446          EC                          -NM - Albuquerque
76058          EDDY 13                     -NM - Albuquerque
                        Allotment Name                      Field Office
63026          EDGAR RANCHES, LTD.        -NM - Albuquerque
08453          Edith                      -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
62038          EDMUNDO TAPIA              -NM - Albuquerque
76013          EDWARD H. & FAYE L. KLEIN -NM - Albuquerque
8673           Egeria Cr                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
8650           Egeria Park               -CO- Glenwood Springs
17026          Egnar Mesa                 -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6423           EHL & WEST CR              -CO- Grand Junction
5887           Eight Mile Flat            -UT- Vernal
24035          Eight Mile Gap             -UT- Kanab
5024           Eight Mile Hills           -UT- Cedar City
5125           Eight Mile Spring          -UT- Cedar City
00734          EIGHTY FOUR                -NM - Albuquerque
00435          EJO                        -NM - Albuquerque
00049          EL BANQUITO                -NM - Albuquerque
00732          EL CUERVO BUTTE            -NM - Albuquerque
00203          EL MALPAIS                 -NM - Albuquerque
00776          EL PINO                    -NM - Albuquerque
00504          EL RITO CR                 -NM - Albuquerque
62086          EL YESO RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
62061          ELBERT OVERTON             -NM - Albuquerque
819            Elbow                      -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
24037          Elbowsprings               -UT- Kanab
24038          Elephantcove               -UT- Kanab
5838           Elgin                      -UT- Moab
08910          Elk Cr                     -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
8663           Elk Cr                     -CO- Glenwood Springs
18032          Elk Park Com               -CO- Glenwood Springs
06326          Elk Springs                -CO- White River (Meeker)
04094          Elkhead Cr                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04615          Elkhorn Cr                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06078          ELKINS                     -NM - Albuquerque
63003          ELLIOTT RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
04579          Ellis EU                   -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
62016          ELMER NORTHCUTT            -NM - Albuquerque
34041          Elmo                       -UT- Price
00503          EMBUDO ALLOTMENT           -NM - Albuquerque
62035          EMERENCIANO CAMPOS         -NM - Albuquerque
62051          EMILIO BURGUETE INC        -NM - Albuquerque
5113           Ensenada Mesa              -NM - Farmington
4072           Ep Creek                   -UT- St George
00445          ERI                        -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
62084          ERLINDO TAPIA             -NM - Albuquerque
63010          ERNEST SULTEMEIER         -NM - Albuquerque
00913          ERNESTO SENA LEASE        -NM - Albuquerque
63087          ERRAMOUSPE, INC.          -NM - Albuquerque
6819           ERVIN                     -CO- Grand Junction
14003          Escalante Flats           -CO- Montrose
6011           Escalante River           -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6014           Escavada AMP              -NM - Farmington
00094          ESCONDIDO CREEK           -NM - Albuquerque
5123           Escrito Springs           -NM - Farmington
00561          ESPERANZA ALLOTMENT       -NM - Albuquerque
00590          ESPINOSA                  -NM - Albuquerque
00371          ESTEBAN HERRERA           -NM - Albuquerque
6720           ETCHEVERRY                -CO- Grand Junction
08902          Eureka                    -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00426          EVA                       -NM - Albuquerque
06357          Evacuation Cr             -CO- White River (Meeker)
10064          EVANS WELL                -NM - Albuquerque
00708          EWELL CANYON LEASE        -NM - Albuquerque
78112          EWING PLACE               -NM - Albuquerque
00888          F                         -NM - Albuquerque
24046          FAR                       -UT- Kanab
16236          Fairview                  -UT- Cedar City
76038          FAIRVIEW                  -NM - Albuquerque
8723           Falk                      -CO- Glenwood Springs
04034          Fan Rock                  -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
17213          Far Away                  -CO- Montrose
24040          Farmcanyon                -UT- Kanab
5016           Farmington Glade          -NM - Farmington
04652          Farnsworth Cr             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4086           Fault                     -UT- St George
34045          Fausett                   -UT- Price
06024          Fawn Cr                   -CO- White River (Meeker)
1705           Fayette Cattle            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
78084          FECH LAND & CATTLE CO.    -NM - Albuquerque
17078          Feedlot                   -CO- Montrose
62006          FELIPE SANCHEZ            -NM - Albuquerque
79028          FELIX & F.V. CAUHAPE      -NM - Albuquerque
78001          FELIX RIVER RANCH, INC.   -NM - Albuquerque
79002          FELIZ                     -NM - Albuquerque
8329           Fender                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
8339           Fender Ind                -CO- Glenwood Springs
                       Allotment Name                    Field Office
15090          Fenton                   -UT- Cedar City
77048          FENTON DRAW              -NM - Albuquerque
5217           Fern Tank                -AZ- Arizona Strip
06082          FERNANDEZ COMPANY        -NM - Albuquerque
04545          Ferndale                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5246           Ferrin                   -AZ- Arizona Strip
5246           Ferrin                   -UT- Kanab
35021          Ferron Mills             -UT- Price
5336           Ferry Swale              -AZ- Arizona Strip
5336           Ferry Swale              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5336           Ferry Swale              -UT- Kanab
16113          FESSLER                  -CO- Grand Junction
16821          FETTERS                  -CO- Grand Junction
15025          Fiddlers Canyon          -UT- Cedar City
16117          FILES                    -CO- Grand Junction
04183          Finger Rock              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14508          Fire Mtn Canal           -CO- Montrose
04033          First Cr                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
24041          First Point              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6164           FISH CANYON              -CO- Grand Junction
34046          Fish Creek               -UT- Price
16101          FISH PARK                -CO- Grand Junction
5392           Fisher Valley            -UT- Moab
220            Fishlake                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
15037          Fishpond                 -UT- Kanab
24042          Fishtail                 -UT- Kanab
16004          Fitzpatrick Mesa         -CO- Montrose
00823          FIVE CANYONS             -NM - Albuquerque
4874           Five Mile                -UT- Vernal
24043          Five Mile Mountain       -UT- Kanab
24043          Five Mile Mountain       -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
06816          Flag Cr                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
00880          FLAGSTONE                -NM - Albuquerque
1706           Flat Canyon              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6139           FLAT ROCK                -CO- Grand Junction
5126           Flat Top                 -UT- Cedar City
5126           Flat Top                 -UT- St George
04015          Flat Top Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5501           Flatiron                 -CO- Montrose
08047          Flint Rock Point         -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
08066          Flodine Park            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
24044          Flood Canyon            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5140           Flora Vista             -NM - Farmington
00099          FLORENIO ORONA          -NM - Albuquerque
08416          Florida River           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5874           Floy Canyon             -UT- Moab
5801           Floy Creek              -UT- Moab
63009          FLOYD PROCTOR           -NM - Albuquerque
78092          FLUME DRAW HILL         -NM - Albuquerque
24045          Flumehollow             -UT- Kanab
79017          FLYING H RANCH          -NM - Albuquerque
4889           Flynns Point            -UT- Vernal
06073          FORD                    -NM - Albuquerque
24047          Ford Well               -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
24047          Ford Well               -UT- Kanab
78091          FOREHAND CROSSING       -NM - Albuquerque
00016          FORK ROCK MESA          -NM - Albuquerque
6057           Fort Hicks              -CO- Montrose
4021           Fort Pearce             -UT- St George
04501          Fortification Rocks     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00018          FORTY FOUR              -NM - Albuquerque
6012           Fortymile Ridge         -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
06361          Foundation Cr           -CO- White River (Meeker)
00448          FOUR DAUGHTERS          -NM - Albuquerque
01259          FOUR HILLS              -NM - Albuquerque
6121           Four Mile               -UT- Cedar City
04511          Four Mile               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5102           Four Mile Mesa          -NM - Farmington
01276          FOUR SECTIONS           -NM - Albuquerque
06013          Fourteen Mile           -CO- White River (Meeker)
5062           Frances Canyon          -NM - Farmington
63018          FRANCIS JOE REYNOLDS    -NM - Albuquerque
5059           Francis Mesa            -NM- Farmington
61001          FRANK J. SMITH          -NM - Albuquerque
63006          FRANK SULTEMEIER        -NM - Albuquerque
5512           Franklin Mesa           -CO- Montrose
5325           Franks Reservoir        -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5325           Franks Reservoir        -AZ- Arizona Strip
63052          FRED MCTEIGUE           -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
63028          FREELAND PLACE          -NM - Albuquerque
5004           Fremont                 -UT- Cedar City
5004           Fremont                 -UT- Kanab
10034          FRIA CREEK              -NM - Albuquerque
6212           Frisco                  -UT- Cedar City
63077          FRITZ RANCH             -NM - Albuquerque
63600          FT STANTON              -NM - Albuquerque
62023          FUCHS RANCH             -NM - Albuquerque
35023          Fuller Bottom           -UT- Price
5324           Fuller Road             -AZ- Arizona Strip
00857          G. MAES LEASE           -NM - Albuquerque
25062          G.l. Olsen              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00834          GACHUPIN CANYON         -NM - Albuquerque
4881           Gadsen                  -UT- Vernal
14810          Gadson Draw             -UT- Vernal
01376          GALLACHER NORTH         -NM - Albuquerque
5127           Gallegos Canyon         -NM - Farmington
63019          GALLO                   -NM - Albuquerque
04331          Galloway Ind            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6820           GAPTER                  -CO- Grand Junction
64051          GARCIA FLAT             -NM - Albuquerque
00645          Garcia Place            -NM - Albuquerque
4836           Gardner                 -UT- Vernal
24049          Gardnerhollow           -UT- Kanab
16503          GARR MESA               -CO- Grand Junction
4505           Garrett                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
8656           Gates                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
5835           Gateway                 -UT- Moab
00100          GATLIN LAKE             -NM - Albuquerque
79030          GEORGE CASABONNE        -NM - Albuquerque
18047          George Cr               -CO- Glenwood Springs
00921          GEORGE SMITH LEASE      -NM - Albuquerque
25024          Georges Draw            -UT- Price
04109          Georges Gulch           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00892          GERALDINE RAY LEASE     -NM - Albuquerque
26301          GIBBLER COM             -CO- Grand Junction
62019          GIBBONS TRUST           -NM - Albuquerque
65082          GILBERT GOMEZ           -NM - Albuquerque
04153          Gill Draw               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04150          Gill Reservoir          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08901          Gladstone               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5202           Glazier Dam             -UT- St George
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
5202           Glazier Dam            -AZ- Arizona Strip
5101           Glen Canyon Nra        -UT- Price
5101           Glen Canyon Nra        -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00515          GLEN WOODY BRIDGE      -NM - Albuquerque
24051          Glendalebench          -UT- Kanab
35025          Globe Link             -UT- Price
6420           GML                    -CO- Grand Junction
4052           Goat Ranch             -UT- Kanab
10044          GOAT RANCH             -NM - Albuquerque
4052           Goat Ranch             -UT- St George
10123          GOAT TANK CANYON       -NM - Albuquerque
5097           Gobernador Canyon      -NM - Farmington
76046          GOEDEKE GRAZING CELL   -NM - Albuquerque
06616          Goff Camp Gulch        -CO- White River (Meeker)
16311          Gold Basin             -CO- Montrose
04005          Gold Blossom           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5127           Gold Spring            -UT- Cedar City
78069          GOLDEN EAGLE           -NM - Albuquerque
76010          GOLF COURSE            -NM - Albuquerque
00815          GONZALES ARROYO        -NM - Albuquerque
00965          GONZALES LEASE         -NM - Albuquerque
5116           Gonzales Mesa          -NM - Farmington
5144           Gonzales River Tract   -NM - Farmington
63211          GOOD SAWYER DEVELOP    -NM - Albuquerque
08078          Goodman                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08055          Goodman Gulch          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
16001          Goose Cr               -CO- Montrose
4022           Gooseberry             -UT- St George
78076          GOPHER HILLS           -NM - Albuquerque
4097           Gordon Creek           -UT- St George
4097           Gordon Creek           -UT- Kanab
06015          Gordon Gulch           -CO- White River (Meeker)
14098          Gordonpoint            -UT- Kanab
14803          Goslin Mountain        -UT- Vernal
8306           Gould                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
4023           Gould Ranch            -UT- St George
5011           Gould Reservoir        -CO- Montrose
04025          Government Corral Cr   -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
18039          Government Cr Com      -CO- Glenwood Springs
18023          Government Cr Iso Tr   -CO- Glenwood Springs
713            Government Creek       -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5508           Government Springs     -CO- Montrose
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
5128           Government Well         -UT- Cedar City
06610          Gower Gulch             -CO- White River (Meeker)
63025          GRADY ELDRIDGE          -NM - Albuquerque
5091           Graff Point             -UT- Cedar City
4024           Grafton                 -UT- St George
4089           Grafton Wash            -UT- St George
18014          Graham                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
5233           Grama Point             -AZ- Arizona Strip
5225           Grama Springs           -AZ- Arizona Strip
24055          Granary Ranch           -UT- Kanab
24055          Granary Ranch           -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5806           Granite Bench           -UT- Moab
5851           Granite Creek           -UT- Moab
01354          GRANITE MT              -NM - Albuquerque
63051          GRANVILLE CANYON        -NM - Albuquerque
4090           Grapevine               -UT- St George
78130          GRAPEVINE SPRING        -NM - Albuquerque
8112           Grass Mesa              -CO- Glenwood Springs
04163          Grassy Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
16803          GRASSY GULCH COM        -CO- Grand Junction
17083          Grassy Hills            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
24048          Grassy Trail            -UT- Price
7063           Gravel Pit              -CO- Montrose
04046          Gravel Pit              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
25042          Gravelbench             -UT- Kanab
25048          Graveyardhollow         -UT- Kanab
04521          Greasewood              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06036          Greasewood              -CO- White River (Meeker)
04546          Great Divide            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5503           Green                   -CO- Montrose
04336          Green Canyon            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5017           Green Mtn               -CO- Montrose
34049          Green River             -UT- Price
8803           Green River Amp         -UT- Vernal
15878          Green River Bottoms     -UT- Vernal
5803           Green River Flats       -UT- Moab
8641           Greenhorn               -CO- Glenwood Springs
15092          Greens Lake             -UT- Cedar City
6111           Greenville Bench        -UT- Cedar City
821            Greenwich               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00443          GRG                     -NM - Albuquerque
06032          GRIEVE-CHACO            -NM - Albuquerque
                     Allotment Name                      Field Office
04222          Grounds                  -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
714            Grover                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
15026          Groves Creek             -UT- Cedar City
00047          GUADALUPE                -NM - Albuquerque
00608          GUADALUPE ALLOTMENT      -NM - Albuquerque
00640          GUADALUPE MOUNTAIN       -NM - Albuquerque
5230           Gulch                    -AZ- Arizona Strip
4025           Gunlock                  -UT- St George
1734           Gunnison Valley          -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5320           Gunsight                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
16814          GUTHRIE PLACE            -CO- Grand Junction
4070           Gyp Hills                -UT- St George
17006          Gyp Ridge                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
78054          GYP. WATERHOLE           -NM - Albuquerque
205            Gypsum                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
17002          Gypsum Gap               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08068          Gypsum Valleys           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
8602           H&H Ind                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
64001          H. CORN NORTH RANCH      -NM - Albuquerque
64009          H. MILLER CORN           -NM - Albuquerque
00870          H. MONTANO LEASE         -NM - Albuquerque
00872          H. MONTOYA LEASE         -NM - Albuquerque
62024          H.A. FUCHS               -NM - Albuquerque
62011          H.G. BEDFORD             -NM - Albuquerque
8632           Hack Cr                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
78118          HACKBERRY CANYON         -NM - Albuquerque
78073          HACKBERRY HILLS          -NM - Albuquerque
63040          HACKBERRY WELL           -NM - Albuquerque
4850           Hacking                  -UT- Vernal
5227           Hacks                    -AZ- Arizona Strip
8317           Haff Ranch               -CO- Glenwood Springs
62085          HAGE & WEBB CATTLE CO.   -NM - Albuquerque
04119          Hahns Peak               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
78026          HAINES & BACH            -NM - Albuquerque
5569           Hairpin                  -CO- Montrose
04418          Hale Gulch               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
10124          HALE WELL                -NM - Albuquerque
10014          HALF CIRCLE D            -NM - Albuquerque
15861          Halfway Hill             -UT- Vernal
15808          Halfway Hollow           -UT- Vernal
16823          HALFWAY HOUSE            -CO- Grand Junction
6162           HALL                     -CO- Grand Junction
                         Allotment Name                    Field Office
06335             Hall Draw               -CO- White River (Meeker)
63088             HALL PASTURE            -NM - Albuquerque
6036              Hall Ranch              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6250              Hamblin                 -UT- Cedar City
35026             Hambrick Bottoms        -UT- Price
6433              HAMILTON                -CO- Grand Junction
15093             Hamilton Fort           -UT- Cedar City
08035             Hamilton Mesa           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
7209              Hamilton Mesa           -CO- Montrose
06039             Hammond Draw            -CO- White River (Meeker)
107               Hanksville              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6120              Hanson                  -UT- Cedar City
6219              Hardpan Amp             -UT- Cedar City
5136              Hargis Arroyo           -NM - Farmington
63089             HARKEY CATTLE CO.       -NM - Albuquerque
78088             HARKEY CROSSING         -NM - Albuquerque
01251             HARLESS RANCH           -NM - Albuquerque
5825              Harley Dome             -UT- Moab
00219             HARRINGTON              -NM - Albuquerque
6217              Harris E U              -CO- Montrose
18013             Harris Gulch            -CO- Glenwood Springs
5071              Harris Mesa             -NM - Farmington
8209              Harris Park             -CO- Glenwood Springs
5238              Harris Well             -AZ- Arizona Strip
4081              Harrisburg              -UT- St George
24058             Harrisflat              -UT- Kanab
5153              Harrison                -NM - Farmington
77047             HARROUN CROSSING        -NM - Albuquerque
65031             HARRY HUSTON EST.       -NM - Albuquerque
5045              Hart Canyon             -NM - Farmington
4811              Hart Draw               -UT- Monticello
4825              Hart Point              -UT- Monticello
76049             HART RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
5046              Hart Spring             -NM - Farmington
5020              Hartley Springs         -NM - Farmington
603               Hartnet                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
18035             Harvey Gap 2            -CO- Glenwood Springs
5239              Haslem Spr              -UT- St George
8657              Hasting                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
04050             Hat Hill                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4837-2            Hat Knoll               -AZ- Arizona Strip
822               Hatch Canyon            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
4834           Hatch Cove                -UT- Vernal
06336          Hatch Flat                -CO- White River (Meeker)
06028          Hatch Gulch               -CO- White River (Meeker)
5389           Hatch Point               -UT- Moab
8805           Hatchbroome Bartholomew   -UT- Vernal
06096          HATLEY                    -NM - Albuquerque
15005          Hawkins Wash              -UT- Kanab
16805          HAWXHURST COM             -CO- Grand Junction
78107          HAY HOLLOW                -NM - Albuquerque
4155           Haycanyon                 -UT- Kanab
8015           Hayden                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
04084          Hayden Cutoff Draw        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
24053          Hayes Wash                -UT- Price
1708           Hayescanyon               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6013           Haymaker Bench            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
63511          HAYS/BIRD SEC. 15         -NM - Albuquerque
63011          HAYS/BYRD                 -NM - Albuquerque
16103          HAYSTACK                  -CO- Grand Junction
6076           Haystack Community        -NM - Farmington
5129           Haystack Mountain         -UT- Cedar City
6721           HEAD OF CARR CR           -CO- Grand Junction
5232           Head of Hacks             -AZ- Arizona Strip
04516          Headquarters              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
10056          HEADQUARTERS              -NM - Albuquerque
5103           Headwater Canyon          -NM - Farmington
15011          Headwaters                -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
10073          HEAVENLY ACRES            -NM - Albuquerque
716            Hectorhollow              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
16837          HEELY                     -CO- Grand Junction
24060          Hells Bellows             -UT- Kanab
24060          Hells Bellows             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6131           Hells Canyon              -CO- Montrose
8819           Hells Hole                -UT- Vernal
8735           Hells Hole                -CO- Glenwood Springs
06345          Hells Hole                -CO- White River (Meeker)
6723           HENDERSON RIDGE COM       -CO- Grand Junction
6504           Hensen Cr                 -CO- Montrose
4105           Herd House                -UT- St George
78099          HERRADURA BEND            -NM - Albuquerque
00345          HERRERA                   -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
8314           Heuschkel               -CO- Glenwood Springs
24052          Hiawatha                -UT- Price
04300          Hiawatha Tridistrict    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
15094          Hicks Creek             -UT- Cedar City
4825           Hidden Hills            -AZ- Arizona Strip
00217          HIDDEN MOUNTAIN         -NM - Albuquerque
15028          Hidden Spring           -UT- Cedar City
4803           Hidden Spring           -AZ- Arizona Strip
5549           High Park               -CO- Montrose
5829           Highlands               -UT- Moab
16828          HIGHT                   -CO- Grand Junction
63091          HIGHTOWER               -NM - Albuquerque
5309           Highway                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
4812           Highway                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
6056           Highway                 -CO- Montrose
16204          HIGHWAY 50              -CO- Grand Junction
5100           Highway 64              -NM - Farmington
5521           Highway 90              -CO- Montrose
77010          HILINE                  -NM - Albuquerque
18031          Hill                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
6166           HILL CR-FLATS           -CO- Grand Junction
04158          Hillberry Mtn           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
25035          Hillsdale               -UT- Kanab
5562           Hillside                -CO- Montrose
8225           Hilton 1                -CO- Glenwood Springs
8226           Hilton 2                -CO- Glenwood Springs
8224           Hilton/Porter Com       -CO- Glenwood Springs
6841           HITTLE PLACE IND        -CO- Grand Junction
00441          HL                      -NM - Albuquerque
8123           Hoaglund                -CO- Glenwood Springs
823            Hodge Ranch             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
18026          Hogback Com             -CO- Glenwood Springs
4154           Hogsheaven              -UT- Kanab
4154           Hogsheaven              -UT- St George
15095          Hole In Rock            -UT- Cedar City
5029           Hole In The Wall        -UT- Cedar City
04317          Holland Draw            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6147           HOLLOWAY                -CO- Grand Junction
16314          Holly Cochran           -CO- Montrose
15810          Holmes-palmer           -UT- Vernal
5131           Holt Mine               -UT- Cedar City
17047          Home Bench              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
                     Allotment Name                     Field Office
64036          HOME PLACE EAST        -NM - Albuquerque
64025          HOME PLACE WEST        -NM - Albuquerque
7201           Home Ranch             -CO- Montrose
4855           Home Ranch             -AZ- Arizona Strip
64005          HOME RANCH             -NM - Albuquerque
6740           HOMESTEAD              -CO- Grand Junction
5253           Homestead              -AZ- Arizona Strip
15099          Hondo                  -UT- Price
00517          HONDO                  -NM - Albuquerque
4082           Honeymoon              -UT- St George
00564          HO'OKULEA              -NM - Albuquerque
5096           Hoosier Lake           -UT- Cedar City
1709           Hopcreek               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
78017          HOPE CANAL             -NM - Albuquerque
78028          HOPE HILL              -NM - Albuquerque
8312           Hopkins                -CO- Glenwood Springs
08408          Hopkins Draw           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
16830          HORIZON                -CO- Grand Junction
8659           Horn                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
00009          HORN ARROYO            -NM - Albuquerque
5128           Horn Canyon            -NM - Farmington
5855           Horned Toad            -UT- Vernal
35028          Horse Bench            -UT- Price
5877           Horse Canyon           -UT- Moab
6848           Horse Canyon           -UT- Monticello
8631           Horse Cr               -CO- Glenwood Springs
04204          Horse Draw             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06332          Horse Draw             -CO- White River (Meeker)
08411          Horse Gulch            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04065          Horse Gulch Sect 15    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5030           Horse Hollow           -UT- Cedar City
6726           HORSE MTN              -CO- Grand Junction
18018          Horse Mtn              -CO- Glenwood Springs
8719           Horse Mtn              -CO- Glenwood Springs
04113          Horse Mtn Sect 15      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
17045          Horse Park/Redd        -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
717            Horse Pasture          -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
8825           Horse Point            -UT- Vernal
10005          HORSE SPRINGS          -NM - Albuquerque
5523           Horsefly               -CO- Montrose
7301           Horsefly Com           -CO- Montrose
6816           Horsehead Canyon       -UT- Monticello
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
1710           Horseridge               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6114           Horseshoe                -CO- Montrose
5814           Horseshoe Bend           -UT- Vernal
15100          Horseshoe Canyon South   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
15100          Horseshoe Canyon South   -UT- Price
35029          Horseshoe Canyon-north   -UT- Price
35029          Horseshoe Canyon-north   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5859           Horsethief               -UT- Monticello
5859           Horsethief               -UT- Moab
00767          HOSPITAL                 -NM - Albuquerque
00623          HOT SPRING               -NM - Albuquerque
6308           Hot Springs Cr           -CO- Montrose
5850           Hotel Mesa               -UT- Moab
04537          House Allotment          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5331           House Rock               -AZ- Arizona Strip
7076           Houser                   -CO- Montrose
08009          Hovenweep Canyon         -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
64094          HOWES                    -NM - Albuquerque
14815          Hoy Mountain             -UT- Vernal
00194          HQ WELL                  -NM - Albuquerque
6419           HUBBARD                  -CO- Grand Junction
14516          Hubbard Cr               -CO- Montrose
18903          Hubbard Mesa             -CO- Glenwood Springs
63023          HUBBARD RANCH            -NM - Albuquerque
04162          Hubberson Gulch          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
63013          HUDSON                   -NM - Albuquerque
5075           Huerfanito Peak          -NM - Farmington
5077           Huerfano                 -NM - Farmington
6007           Huerfano Community       -NM - Farmington
4104           Huff Bench               -UT- Price
06100          HUFFMAN                  -NM - Albuquerque
34055          Humbug                   -UT- Price
35030          Humphrey                 -UT- Price
06101          HUMPHRIES                -NM - Albuquerque
206            Hunt                     -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
16829          HUNTER                   -CO- Grand Junction
824            Hunter Spring            -UT- Kanab
824            Hunter Spring            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
16504          HUNTER WASH              -CO- Grand Junction
6106           Huntsman Mesa            -CO- Montrose
4028           Hurr Fault               -UT- St George
4029           Hurr Mesa                -UT- St George
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
4063           Hurr Mesa Cu            -UT- St George
4813           Hurrah Pass             -UT- Monticello
5251           Hurricane Cliff         -AZ- Arizona Strip
08029          Hurst                   -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00569          HWY 84 ALLOTMENT        -NM - Albuquerque
06009          Hyberger                -CO- White River (Meeker)
00976          IBEX                    -NM - Albuquerque
5114           Ice Canyon              -NM - Farmington
24056          Icelander               -UT- Price
5818           Ida Gulch               -UT- Moab
00050          IGNACIO CHAVEZ GRANT    -NM - Albuquerque
04603          Iles Mtn                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4817           Imlay                   -AZ- Arizona Strip
78061          INDIAN BASIN            -NM - Albuquerque
6103           Indian Cr               -CO- Montrose
4815           Indian Creek            -UT- Monticello
77025          INDIAN FLATS            -NM - Albuquerque
78065          INDIAN HILLS            -NM - Albuquerque
5132           Indian Peak             -UT- Cedar City
4822           Indian Rock             -UT- Monticello
17046          Indian Valley           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
1711           Indianhollow            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6125           Iola                    -CO- Montrose
34057          Iriart                  -UT- Price
5013           Iron Canyon             -CO- Montrose
5031           Iron Mountain           -UT- Cedar City
00138          IRON MOUNTAIN           -NM - Albuquerque
5032           Iron Springs            -UT- Cedar City
35031          Iron Wash               -UT- Price
76060          IRONHOUSE DRAW          -NM - Albuquerque
8630           Irrigated Land Trail    -CO- Glenwood Springs
4870           Island Park             -UT- Vernal
06626          Isolated Tract          -CO- White River (Meeker)
14062          Isolatedtracts          -UT- Kanab
4858           Ivanpah                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
4834           Iverson                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
06818          J Dodo                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
00931          J H TRIGG LEASE         -NM - Albuquerque
00896          J. ROMERO LEASE         -NM - Albuquerque
63014          J.L. MERRITT            -NM - Albuquerque
63001          JACK DAVIDSON           -NM - Albuquerque
63107          JACK N. HARKEY          -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
5033           Jack Rabbit             -UT- Cedar City
04031          Jack Rabbit Cr          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6400           Jacks Cabin             -CO- Montrose
63022          JACKS PEAK              -NM - Albuquerque
18008          Jackson                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
18046          Jackson Gulch           -CO- Glenwood Springs
4830           Jackson Tank            -AZ- Arizona Strip
5133           Jackson Wash            -UT- Cedar City
4030           Jackson Wash            -UT- St George
5317           Jacob Canyon            -AZ- Arizona Strip
35032          Jacobson                -UT- Price
00541          JACONA                  -NM - Albuquerque
06102          JACQUEZ                 -NM - Albuquerque
5070           Jacquez Community       -NM - Farmington
76032          JAL - NORTHWEST         -NM - Albuquerque
64088          JAMES E. JENKINS        -NM - Albuquerque
5073           Jaquez Community        -NM - Farmington
5093           Jaramillo Community     -NM - Farmington
76043          JAVELINA BASIN          -NM - Albuquerque
35033          Jeffery Well            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
35033          Jeffery Well            -UT- Price
15836          Jensen                  -UT- Vernal
06830          Jensen W                -CO- White River (Meeker)
15034          Jenson                  -UT- Cedar City
6847           JERRY GULCH             -CO- Grand Junction
04417          Jesse Flats             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5095           Jesus Canyon            -NM - Farmington
5096           Jesus Mesa              -NM - Farmington
18036          Jewell                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
06833          Jewell Et Al            -CO- White River (Meeker)
5133           Jewett Valley           -NM - Farmington
6422           JL                      -CO- Grand Junction
63008          JOANNE WASHBURN         -NM - Albuquerque
6221           Jockeys                 -UT- Cedar City
5245           Joe                     -AZ- Arizona Strip
62083          JOE CORTESE             -NM - Albuquerque
64072          JOE D. DURAND           -NM - Albuquerque
78042          JOE HELM                -NM - Albuquerque
718            Joe Hickman             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00914          JOE P SENA LEASE        -NM - Albuquerque
62046          JOE VICENETE            -NM - Albuquerque
15035          Joel Spring             -UT- Cedar City
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
08048          Joes Canyon              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
25012          John Cox                 -UT- Price
63222          JOHN E. LAMAY            -NM - Albuquerque
24063          John R. Flat             -UT- Kanab
35035          Johnson                  -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
4851           Johnson                  -UT- Vernal
4121           Johnson Canyon           -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4121           Johnson Canyon           -UT- Kanab
65045          JOHNSON CATTLE CO.       -NM - Albuquerque
6818           Johnson Creek            -UT- Monticello
77005          JOHNSON DRAW             -NM - Albuquerque
24059          Johnson Huff Hollow      -UT- Price
24064          Johnson Lakes            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6054           Johnson Park             -CO- Montrose
64015          JOHNSON PLACE            -NM - Albuquerque
24065          Johnson Point            -UT- Kanab
24065          Johnson Point            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
24066          Johnson Ranch            -UT- Kanab
06338          Johnson/Trujillo         -CO- White River (Meeker)
5330           Johnsons Run             -AZ- Arizona Strip
14014          Joker                    -CO- Montrose
06831          Jolley H                 -CO- White River (Meeker)
207            Jones                    -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
01328          JONES                    -NM - Albuquerque
00072          JONES CANYON             -NM - Albuquerque
5012           Jones Canyon Community   -NM - Farmington
76024          JONES CITY               -NM - Albuquerque
10016          JONES PLACE              -NM - Albuquerque
06620          Jordan Gulch             -CO- White River (Meeker)
35036          Jorgensen                -UT- Price
01289          JORNADA COMMUNITY        -NM - Albuquerque
01303          JORNADA INDIVIDUAL       -NM - Albuquerque
62022          JOSE F. PADILLA          -NM - Albuquerque
16612          JOUFLAS                  -CO- Grand Junction
63055          JOYCE M. COOPER          -NM - Albuquerque
18908          JQS Com                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
65063          JULIA CULP               -NM - Albuquerque
62025          JULIAN LOPEZ             -NM - Albuquerque
14527          Jumbo Mtn                -CO- Montrose
4801           Jump Canyon              -AZ- Arizona Strip
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
78108          JUMPING SPRINGS         -NM - Albuquerque
826            Junction                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5036           Junction Creek          -UT- Monticello
5221           June Tank               -AZ- Arizona Strip
79043          JUNIPER                 -NM - Albuquerque
14505          Juniper Knob            -CO- Montrose
04412          Juniper Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
25037          Justensen               -UT- Price
6307           K Ranch                 -UT- Vernal
06307          K Ranch                 -CO- White River (Meeker)
8201           Kaiser Hells Hole       -CO- Glenwood Springs
8101           Kamm Mesa               -CO- Glenwood Springs
5321           Kanab Creek             -AZ- Arizona Strip
24067          Kanab Creek             -UT- Kanab
5097           Kanarra Mountain        -UT- Cedar City
15837          Kane Hollow             -UT- Vernal
5037           Kane Spring             -UT- Cedar City
5847           Kane Springs            -UT- Moab
24068          Kanesprings             -UT- Kanab
16202          KANNAH CR COM           -CO- Grand Junction
6207           KANNAH CR IND           -CO- Grand Junction
06832          Karl Cox                -CO- White River (Meeker)
34060          Keel                    -UT- Price
8921           Kelly Gulch             -CO- Glenwood Springs
6169           KELLY IND               -CO- Grand Junction
78095          KELLY WELL              -NM - Albuquerque
04604          Kendall                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8332           Kent                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
77019          KEYSTONE                -NM - Albuquerque
06605          Keystone                -CO- White River (Meeker)
10055          KIEHNE PLACE            -NM - Albuquerque
5004           Kiffen Canyon           -NM - Farmington
64052          KILLGO                  -NM - Albuquerque
24061          Kimball Canyon          -UT- Price
6724           KIMBALL CR              -CO- Grand Junction
6728           KIMBALL FOOTHILL COM    -CO- Grand Junction
6729           KIMBALL MTN             -CO- Grand Junction
6013           Kimbeto Community       -NM - Farmington
6014           King Bench              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
00373          KING BROTHERS           -NM - Albuquerque
8666           King Mtn                -CO- Glenwood Springs
64087          KING PLACE WEST         -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
16118          KING-ROGERS              -CO- Grand Junction
16104          KINGS GAP                -CO- Grand Junction
827            Kingston Canyon          -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
16833          KINNEY                   -CO- Grand Junction
8110           Kinney Brothers          -CO- Glenwood Springs
14069          Kinnikinnicspring        -UT- Kanab
00819          KINSELL DRAW             -NM - Albuquerque
00147          KINSELY CANYON           -NM - Albuquerque
18003          Kissel                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
08458          Klondike                 -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
15038          Knell                    -UT- Cedar City
5037           Knickerbocker            -NM - Farmington
6136           KNOWLES                  -CO- Grand Junction
6170           KODEL                    -CO- Grand Junction
221            Koosharem                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
06800          Kourlis H                -CO- White River (Meeker)
06810          Kritsas                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
78083          KUYKENDALL DRAW          -NM - Albuquerque
14128          Kyune One                -UT- Price
14128          Kyune One                -UT- Vernal
24062          Kyune Two                -UT- Price
65056          L.A. RANCH               -NM - Albuquerque
01312          LA ARENOSA               -NM - Albuquerque
00513          LA CEJITA                -NM - Albuquerque
00729          LA CUEVA                 -NM - Albuquerque
77038          LA HUERTA                -NM - Albuquerque
00066          LA JARA                  -NM - Albuquerque
5135           La Jara Mesa Community   -NM - Farmington
01159          LA JENCIA CREEK          -NM - Albuquerque
00855          LA JOYA                  -NM - Albuquerque
08451          La Mesa                  -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5120           La Parita Canyon         -NM - Farmington
5018           La Plata Community       -NM - Farmington
00534          LA PUEBLA - POTRERO CM   -NM - Albuquerque
17011          La Sal Cr                -CO- Montrose
00602          LA SEGITA COMMUNITY      -NM - Albuquerque
00578          LA SEGITA NE             -NM - Albuquerque
6158           LADDER CANYON            -CO- Grand Junction
01177          LADRON PEAK              -NM - Albuquerque
00938          Lagartija Bench          -NM - Albuquerque
00771          LAGARTIJA CREEK          -NM - Albuquerque
06825          LaGrange R               -CO- White River (Meeker)
                         Allotment Name                   Field Office
00861             LAGUNA SALADA MESA      -NM - Albuquerque
5104              Laguna Seca Mesa        -NM - Farmington
76022             LAGUNA TOSTON           -NM - Albuquerque
00012             LAGUNITAS COMMUNITY     -NM - Albuquerque
62070             LAHEETA HARVEY          -NM - Albuquerque
5066              LaJara Canyon           -NM - Farmington
6015              Lake                    -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
77002             LAKE ARTHUR EAST        -NM - Albuquerque
6833              Lake Canyon             -UT- Monticello
04027             Lake Cr                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6127              Lake Fork               -CO- Montrose
6132              Lake Fork Pasture       -CO- Montrose
4135              Lake Powell             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
62065             LAKE SUMNER RANCH       -NM - Albuquerque
6016              Lake Valley Communtiy   -NM - Farmington
63071             LAMAY PLACE             -NM - Albuquerque
5257              Lamb Tank               -AZ- Arizona Strip
4838              Lambing                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
4838              Lambing                 -UT- St George
4031              Lamoreaux               -UT- St George
4032              Land Hill               -UT- St George
16120             LANDINI                 -CO- Grand Junction
5271              Lane                    -AZ- Arizona Strip
04212             Lang Spring             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
16506             LAPHAM-POST             -CO- Grand Junction
06103             LARD                    -NM - Albuquerque
00591             LARGO                   -NM - Albuquerque
01372             LARGO CANYON            -NM - Albuquerque
5083              Largo Community         -NM - Farmington
10115             LARGO CREEK             -NM - Albuquerque
00863             LARGO RIM               -NM - Albuquerque
8215              Larsen                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
01262             LAS CANAS               -NM - Albuquerque
01329             LAS LOMAS               -NM - Albuquerque
605               Last Chance             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6016              Last Chance             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
78116             LAST CHANCE             -NM - Albuquerque
4815              Last Chance             -AZ- Arizona Strip
5098              Last Chance             -UT- Cedar City
605               Last Chance             -UT- Price
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
00806          LAVATO DITCH WEST       -NM - Albuquerque
7075           Lavender                -CO- Montrose
17064          Lavender Point          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
4079           Laverkin                -UT- St George
4199           Laverkin Cr             -UT- St George
6839           Laws                    -UT- Monticello
04413          Lay Cr                  -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04440          Lay Cr EU               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04406          Lay Peak                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04436          Lay Peak Com            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
78136          LAZY UT SPRINGS         -NM - Albuquerque
06027          LE ELKINS               -NM - Albuquerque
62003          LE METCALF              -NM - Albuquerque
76020          LEA TOWNSITE            -NM - Albuquerque
76120          LEA TOWNSITE - SOUTH    -NM - Albuquerque
4875           Lears Canyon            -UT- Vernal
14011          Lee Bench               -CO- Montrose
17003          Lee Lands               -CO- Montrose
6110           Lee Springs             -UT- Cedar City
4080           Leeds                   -UT- St George
15039          Leigh Livestock         -UT- Cedar City
16832          LEON                    -CO- Grand Junction
62057          LEON MORRIS             -NM - Albuquerque
7205           Leopard Cr              -CO- Montrose
14550          Leroux                  -CO- Montrose
14504          Leroux Cr               -CO- Montrose
16131          LESLIE -BAYS            -CO- Grand Junction
14070          Levangerlakes           -UT- Kanab
00164          LEW DANIELS             -NM - Albuquerque
00842          LEYBA RIM               -NM - Albuquerque
8331           Light                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
8330           Light Hill              -CO- Glenwood Springs
08409          Lightner Cr             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
17024          Lillylands/West         -CO- Montrose
720            Lime Kiln               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
2012           Lime Spring             -AZ- Arizona Strip
15029          Limekilncreek           -UT- Kanab
10126          LIMESTONE CANYON        -NM - Albuquerque
25047          Limestonecanyon         -UT- Kanab
62033          LIMNOS INC.             -NM - Albuquerque
01369          LINCOLN COUNTY          -NM - Albuquerque
4084           Lindell                 -UT- St George
                        Allotment Name                    Field Office
15040          Lindsay Mine              -UT- Cedar City
77045          LINDSEY LAKE              -NM - Albuquerque
16303          Line Spring               -CO- Montrose
35038          Link Canyon               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
35038          Link Canyon               -UT- Price
4819           Link Spring               -AZ- Arizona Strip
17012          Lion Canyon               -CO- Montrose
17044          Lion Cr Basin             -CO- Montrose
5388           Lisbon                    -UT- Moab
5099           Lister-Robinson           -UT- Cedar City
00643          LITTLE ATENCIO PLACE      -NM - Albuquerque
7223           Little Baldy              -CO- Montrose
16032          Little Blue Cr            -CO- Montrose
6819           Little Boulder            -UT- Monticello
6022           Little Bowns Bench        -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
78062          LITTLE BOX CANYON         -NM - Albuquerque
4865           Little Brush Creek        -UT- Vernal
04100          Little Butcher Knife      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
16024          Little Cimarron           -CO- Montrose
4033           Little Creek              -UT- St George
6035           Little Desert             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5880           Little Desert             -UT- Vernal
6135           LITTLE DOLORES BENCH      -CO- Grand Junction
6155           LITTLE DOLORES CYN        -CO- Grand Junction
6134           LITTLE DOLORES RIVER      -CO- Grand Junction
15852          Little Emma               -UT- Vernal
04502          Little Fortification      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5866           Little Grand              -UT- Moab
06006          Little Hills              -CO- White River (Meeker)
5883           Little Hole               -UT- Moab
14811          Little Hole               -UT- Vernal
00206          LITTLE HOLE IN WALL       -NM - Albuquerque
35039          Little Holes              -UT- Price
04434          Little Juniper            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
7210           Little Maverick Draw      -CO- Montrose
34066          Little Park               -UT- Price
4034           Little Plain              -UT- St George
5048           Little Pump Canyon        -NM - Farmington
06010          Little Rancho             -CO- White River (Meeker)
16507          LITTLE SALT               -CO- Grand Junction
04197          Little Snake Butte        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
06038          Little Spring Cr         -CO- White River (Meeker)
4853           Little Tank              -AZ- Arizona Strip
06603          Little Toms Draw         -CO- White River (Meeker)
04644          Little Trout Cr          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
1712           Little Valley            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6040           Little Water Community   -NM - Farmington
00968          LITTLE WEST              -NM - Albuquerque
04186          Little White Snake       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
16034          Little Willow            -CO- Montrose
8350           Little Woody Cr          -CO- Glenwood Springs
4827           Littlefield Community    -AZ- Arizona Strip
4814           Littlewolf               -AZ- Arizona Strip
77027          LIVINGSTON RIDGE         -NM - Albuquerque
4857           Lizard                   -AZ- Arizona Strip
15041          Lizzies Hill             -UT- Cedar City
00826          LLANO ORIENTE            -NM - Albuquerque
16835          LLOYD                    -CO- Grand Junction
06804          Lo7 Hill                 -CO- White River (Meeker)
721            Loa Winter               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
01367          LOBO CANYON              -NM - Albuquerque
14071          Locke Ridge              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5260           Loco Point               -AZ- Arizona Strip
4830           Log Cabin                -UT- Vernal
5529           Log Hill                 -CO- Montrose
6732           LOGAN END COM            -CO- Grand Junction
6733           LOGAN GULCH              -CO- Grand Junction
6734           LOGAN WASH             -CO- Grand Junction
00572          LOMA DEL OSO ALLOTMENT -NM - Albuquerque
00208          LOMA MONTOSA           -NM - Albuquerque
1713           Lone Cedar               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
4801           Lone Cedar               -UT- Monticello
5837           Lone Cone                -UT- Moab
04154          Lone Gulch               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6117           Lone Pine                -CO- Montrose
5134           Lone Pine Spring         -UT- Cedar City
35041          Lone Tree                -UT- Price
5026           Lonetree Mountain        -NM - Farmington
16836          LONG                     -CO- Grand Junction
4103           Long Bench               -UT- Price
6820           Long Canyon              -UT- Monticello
79032          LONG CANYON              -NM - Albuquerque
04602          Long Gulch               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
04022          Long Mtn Sect 15         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00065          LONG RIDGE               -NM - Albuquerque
16108          LONGSHORE ABOVE RIMS     -CO- Grand Junction
16109          LONGSHORE BELOW RIMS     -CO- Grand Junction
34068          Lookoff                  -UT- Price
8313           Lookout Mtn              -CO- Glenwood Springs
5065           Lopez Canyon Allotment   -NM - Farmington
01181          LOPEZ COMMUNITY          -NM - Albuquerque
00103          LOPEZ DRAW               -NM - Albuquerque
16838          LORIMOR                  -CO- Grand Junction
00639          LOS CERRITOS             -NM - Albuquerque
00210          LOS CERROS               -NM - Albuquerque
00810          LOS GAVILANES CANYON     -NM - Albuquerque
6043           Los Ocho                 -CO- Montrose
00205          LOS PILARES              -NM - Albuquerque
00584          LOS PINOS ALLOTMENT      -NM - Albuquerque
00026          LOS PINOS ARROYO         -NM - Albuquerque
16331          Los Pinos Cr             -CO- Montrose
00552          LOS TANOS                -NM - Albuquerque
00873          LOS TAOSES               -NM - Albuquerque
209            Lost Creek               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
24074          Lost Spring              -UT- Kanab
5316           Lost Spring Gap          -AZ- Arizona Strip
00040          LOST VALLEY              -NM - Albuquerque
00713          LOT 3                    -NM - Albuquerque
6738           LOWER 4-A                -CO- Grand Junction
08039          Lower Aztec Canyon       -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04656          Lower Bear Gulch         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
7211           Lower Beaver Canyon      -CO- Montrose
04070          Lower Big Gulch          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04057          Lower Bord Gulch Sec     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04431          Lower Boxelder Gulch     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6735           LOWER BRUSH MTN IND      -CO- Grand Junction
04653          Lower Calf Cr            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
76057          LOWER CAPROCK/PEARL      -NM - Albuquerque
6736           LOWER CARR CR COM        -CO- Grand Junction
6017           Lower Cattle             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
16312          Lower Cochetopa Com      -CO- Montrose
8649           Lower Coffeepot          -CO- Glenwood Springs
04083          Lower Cottonwood         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04649          Lower Day Cr             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04199          Lower Deer Cr            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
78141          LOWER DELAWARE RIVER    -NM - Albuquerque
78126          LOWER DOUBLE CANYON     -NM - Albuquerque
04092          Lower Elkhead Cr        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14002          Lower Escalante         -CO- Montrose
06041          Lower Fletcher Draw     -CO- White River (Meeker)
04024          Lower Fly Cr            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04506          Lower Fortification     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06014          Lower Fourteen Mile     -CO- White River (Meeker)
5027           Lower Granite           -CO- Montrose
78114          LOWER GUADALUPE RIDGE   -NM - Albuquerque
25014          Lower Hackberry         -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
7234           Lower Hamilton          -CO- Montrose
14075          Lower Hog Canyon        -UT- Kanab
5520           Lower Horsefly          -CO- Montrose
4837           Lower Hurricane         -AZ- Arizona Strip
04614          Lower James Cr          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5387           Lower Lisbon            -UT- Monticello
5387           Lower Lisbon            -UT- Moab
04088          Lower Little Bear       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04151          Lower Little Trout      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04416          Lower Maudlin Gulch     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8823           Lower Mccook            -UT- Vernal
08011          Lower McElmo            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
15044          Lower Meadow            -UT- Cedar City
15044          Lower Meadow            -UT- St George
6353           Lower Means             -CO- Montrose
04172          Lower Middle Cr         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04609          Lower Milk Cr           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04126          Lower Moody Gulch       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04605          Lower Morapos Cr        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
7213           Lower Pinion            -CO- Montrose
6844           LOWER RAPID-COTTONWD    -CO- Grand Junction
04185          Lower Raspberry Cr      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
78102          LOWER REED WELL         -NM - Albuquerque
6737           LOWER ROAN CR COM       -CO- Grand Junction
7216           Lower Roc Creek         -CO- Montrose
5000           Lower Roubideau Cyn     -CO- Montrose
8811           Lower Showalter         -UT- Vernal
4112           Lower Sink Valley       -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4112           Lower Sink Valley       -UT- Kanab
04030          Lower Slater Cr         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                        Allotment Name                    Field Office
06621          Lower Smith Gulch         -CO- White River (Meeker)
04535          Lower Spring Cr           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5100           Lower Summit Creek        -UT- Cedar City
04529          Lower Taylor Cr           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
77041          LOWER TUCKER DRAW         -NM - Albuquerque
04130          Lower Waddle Cr           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
25015          Lower Warm Creek          -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
25015          Lower Warm Creek          -UT- Monticello
04038          Lower Willow Cr           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
63074          LOWER WILLOWS RANCH       -NM - Albuquerque
4101           Lowerherd                 -UT- Kanab
4157           Lowernorthfork            -UT- Kanab
4157           Lowernorthfork            -UT- St George
65077          LS WILLIAMS CATTLE        -NM - Albuquerque
04075          LU #23                    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04531          LU 102                    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04532          LU 16                     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04533          LU 205                    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04547          LU 257                    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04523          LU 3A                     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04527          LU 98                     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8672           Luark                     -CO- Glenwood Springs
04049          Lucas Hill                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
62001          LUCERO                    -NM - Albuquerque
62009          LUCIANO MESA              -NM - Albuquerque
24069          Lucky Lemon Flat          -UT- Price
00907          LUIS ARAGON III           -NM - Albuquerque
00849          LUNA                      -NM - Albuquerque
63095          LUNA RANCH                -NM - Albuquerque
5135           Lund                      -UT- Cedar City
18017          Lundgren/Hogback          -CO- Glenwood Springs
64032          L-X RANCH                 -NM - Albuquerque
24077          Lydia                     -UT- Kanab
24010          Lydiascanyon              -UT- Kanab
723            Lyman                     -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6821           Lyman                     -UT- Monticello
5211           Lynn & Tone               -AZ- Arizona Strip
16811          LYONS/ANDERSON            -CO- Grand Junction
607            M And O                   -UT- Price
607            M And O                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00841          M LEYBA LEASE             -NM - Albuquerque
00871          M MONTANO                 -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                        Field Office
00859          M. MAEZ LEASE               -NM - Albuquerque
62041          M.G. THOMPSON               -NM - Albuquerque
61006          M.V. GRIFFIN                -NM- Albuquerque
6160           MABIE                       -CO- Grand Junction
00850          MACARTHUR CO.A LEASE        -NM - Albuquerque
64008          MACHO                       -NM - Albuquerque
00853          MADDOX LEASE                -NM - Albuquerque
08911          Maggie Gulch AMP            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04421          Maggies Nipple              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4065           Magotsu                     -UT- St George
18901          Magpie Cr                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
8913           Mahaffey Summer             -CO- Glenwood Springs
08401          Mahan                       -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
14826          Mail Draw                   -UT- Vernal
4819           Mail Station                -UT- Monticello
17001          Mailbox Park                -CO- Montrose
5879           Main Canyon                 -UT- Moab
06007          Main Dry Fork               -CO- White River (Meeker)
4808           Mainstreet                  -AZ- Arizona Strip
08414          Majors Cemetery             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
76007          MALJAMAR SOUTH              -NM - Albuquerque
16107          MALONE                      -CO- Grand Junction
01293          MALPAIS                     -NM - Albuquerque
16610          MALUY                       -CO- Grand Junction
25057          Mammothridge                -UT- Kanab
6347           Manchego                    -CO- Montrose
08031          Mancos                      -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08465          Mancos Hill                 -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08061          Mancos Hill W               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08042          Mancos River                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
10015          MANGAS                      -NM - Albuquerque
10072          MANGAS RANCH                -NM - Albuquerque
829            Manning Creek               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
79007          MANNING DOME                -NM - Albuquerque
5060           Manual Canyon               -NM - Farmington
5061           Manual Mesa                 -NM - Farmington
62005          MANUEL CHAVEZ, SR.          -NM - Albuquerque
6056           Manuelito Community         -NM - Farmington
5091           Manzanares Mesa Community   -NM - Farmington
1715           Maple Canyon                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
24070          Marakis                     -UT- Price
6051           Mariano Lake Community      -NM - Farmington
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
00088          MARIANO MESA RANCH      -NM - Albuquerque
63073          MARIE PACHECO GOMEZ     -NM - Albuquerque
76011          MARK SMITH              -NM - Albuquerque
65051          MARLEY CAP SEC .3       -NM - Albuquerque
65052          MARLEY CAPROCK SEC 15   -NM - Albuquerque
77022          MAROON CLIFFS           -NM - Albuquerque
14814          Marshall Draw           -UT- Vernal
5027           Marshallcanyon          -UT- Kanab
24071          Marsing                 -UT- Price
06305          Marthas Hole            -CO- White River (Meeker)
77004          MARTIN                  -NM - Albuquerque
04555          Martin                  -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
62042          MARTINEZ                -NM - Albuquerque
08060          Martinez                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00759          MARTINEZ CANYON         -NM - Albuquerque
5089           Martinez Mesa           -NM- Farmington
846            Marysvale               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
06324          Massadona               -CO- White River (Meeker)
6437           MASSEY                  -CO- Grand Junction
5136           Matheson                -UT- Cedar City
14133          Mathis Wash             -UT- Price
17018          Maverick Draw           -CO- Montrose
14073          Max Canyon              -UT- Price
14073          Max Canyon              -UT- Vernal
4094           Maxwell Canyon          -UT- St George
00096          MAYES WASH              -NM - Albuquerque
00440          MBM                     -NM - Albuquerque
00431          MBS                     -NM - Albuquerque
06600          McAndrews Gulch         -CO- White River (Meeker)
63078          MCBRAYER                -NM - Albuquerque
8354           McBride                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
10007          MCBROOM                 -NM - Albuquerque
06022          McCarthy Gulch          -CO- White River (Meeker)
35042          Mccarty Canyon          -UT- Price
8826           Mcclelland              -UT- Moab
8826           Mcclelland              -UT- Vernal
8652           McCoy                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
5805           Mccoy Flat              -UT- Vernal
6822           Mccracken Wash          -UT- Monticello
64014          MCDANIELS RANCH         -NM - Albuquerque
5017           McDermott Wash          -NM - Farmington
14532          McDonald Cr             -CO- Montrose
                     Allotment Name                       Field Office
79013          MCDONALD FLATS           -NM - Albuquerque
65014          MCDOWELL EAST-WEST       -NM - Albuquerque
4863           Mcfarley Flat            -UT- Vernal
6018           Mcgath Point             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
78077          MCGRUDER HILL            -NM - Albuquerque
63041          MCINNES & FUCHS          -NM - Albuquerque
35043          Mckay Flat               -UT- Price
6746           MCKAY FORK               -CO- Grand Junction
7206           McKee Draw               -CO- Montrose
8636           McKeen Cr                -CO- Glenwood Springs
17017          McKenna Peak             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
16111          MCKENZIE                 -CO- Grand Junction
78043          MCKITTRICK DRAW          -NM - Albuquerque
08067          McLean                   -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
76016          MCNEIL                   -NM - Albuquerque
24081          Meadow Canyon            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
24081          Meadow Canyon            -UT- Kanab
15045          Meadow Spring            -UT- Cedar City
5137           Meadow Valley            -UT- St George
5137           Meadow Valley            -UT- Cedar City
04191          Meadowbrook Cr           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
24080          Meadowcanyon             -UT- Kanab
76035          MEDLIN WELLS             -NM - Albuquerque
06105          MEHARG                   -NM - Albuquerque
16150          MEINHART                 -CO- Grand Junction
00749          MEJAN MESA               -NM - Albuquerque
62004          MELVILLE THOMPSON        -NM - Albuquerque
62071          MELVIN RAY KEY           -NM - Albuquerque
00959          MENDIUS                  -NM - Albuquerque
5057           Mentzel Mesa             -NM - Farmington
06106          MERCADO                  -NM - Albuquerque
76027          MERCHANT LIVESTOCK CO.   -NM - Albuquerque
15097          Mervin                   -UT- Price
16349          Mesa                     -CO- Montrose
4067           Mesa                     -UT- St George
00837          MESA APACHE              -NM - Albuquerque
00212          MESA CARRIZO             -NM - Albuquerque
00786          MESA CON DIA             -NM - Albuquerque
17014          Mesa Cr                  -CO- Montrose
62007          MESA DEL MEDIO           -NM - Albuquerque
00748          MESA ESCONDIDA           -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
00932          MESA HUERFANA           -NM - Albuquerque
06079          MESA MONTOSA 24         -NM - Albuquerque
06085          MESA MONTOSA 30         -NM - Albuquerque
08454          Mesa Pedregosa          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00017          MESA PORTALES           -NM - Albuquerque
00512          MESA PRIETA             -NM - Albuquerque
10035          MESA RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
01271          MESA REDONDA            -NM - Albuquerque
00787          MESA SOLA               -NM - Albuquerque
08053          Mesa Verde              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
01284          MESA WELL CANYON        -NM - Albuquerque
5834           Mesas                   -UT- Moab
4832           Mesquite                -AZ- Arizona Strip
35044          Mesquite Wash           -UT- Price
00595          MESTAS                  -NM - Albuquerque
16035          Metzler Basin           -CO- Montrose
35045          Mexican Bend-box Flat   -UT- Price
63046          MIDDLE ARROYO RANCH     -NM - Albuquerque
04053          Middle Bord Gulch       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5871           Middle Canyon           -UT- Moab
04198          Middle Deer Ck          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
18040          Middle Elk              -CO- Glenwood Springs
5027           Middle Gonzales         -NM - Farmington
7233           Middle Hamilton Lse     -CO- Montrose
04190          Middle Hunt Cr          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8128           Middle Mamm Com         -CO- Glenwood Springs
5056           Middle Mesa AMP         -NM - Farmington
18011          Middle Rifle            -CO- Glenwood Springs
00069          MIDDLE SAN LUIS         -NM - Albuquerque
04551          Middle Timberlake       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
1717           Middlehollow            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00058          MIGHTY MITE             -NM - Albuquerque
00506          MIGUEL HERRERA          -NM - Albuquerque
00848          MIGUEL LUJAN LEASE      -NM - Albuquerque
62013          MIKE MELTON             -NM - Albuquerque
64028          MIKE W. CORN            -NM - Albuquerque
63075          MILAGRO HILL            -NM - Albuquerque
63083          MILAGRO SPRING          -NM - Albuquerque
63012          MILE -HI PLACE          -NM - Albuquerque
6119           Milford Bench           -UT- Cedar City
6208           Milford Cattle          -UT- Cedar City
6840           MILHOLLAND              -CO- Grand Junction
                         Allotment Name                     Field Office
06803          Milk Cr                    -CO- White River (Meeker)
14544          Milk Cr                    -CO- Montrose
04117          Mill Cr                    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6213           Mill Cr Com                -CO- Montrose
24082          Mill Creek                 -UT- Kanab
5844           Mill Creek                 -UT- Moab
24082          Mill Creek                 -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6508           Mill Gulch                 -CO- Montrose
6325           Mill Hill Com              -CO- Montrose
65073          MILLARD DERRICK            -NM - Albuquerque
35046          Miller Canyon              -UT- Price
06373          Miller Cr                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
34074          Miller Creek               -UT- Price
63000          MILLER PLACE               -NM - Albuquerque
64007          MILLER RANCH               -NM - Albuquerque
04148          Millers Gulch              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
01270          MILLIGAN GULCH             -NM - Albuquerque
00762          MILLS CANYON ROAD          -NM - Albuquerque
77049          MIMOSA                     -NM - Albuquerque
15046          Mine                       -UT- Cedar City
5043           Mine Facility              -NM - Farmington
4865           Mine Valley                -UT- St George
4036           Minera Wash                -UT- St George
5867           Mineral Bottom             -UT- Moab
6113           Mineral Cr                 -CO- Montrose
6107           Mineral Range              -UT- Cedar City
15838          Miners Gulch               -UT- Vernal
724            Miners Mountain            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
724            Miners Mountain            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6101           Minersville No.1           -UT- Cedar City
6102           Minersville No.2           -UT- Cedar City
6103           Minersville No.3           -UT- Cedar City
6104           Minersville No.4           -UT- Cedar City
6105           Minersville No.5           -UT- Cedar City
6106           Minersville No.6           -UT- Cedar City
08909          Minnie Gulch               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
25040          Minniecreek                -UT- Kanab
5082           Mission                    -NM - Farmington
8205           Mitchell Oasis             -CO- Glenwood Springs
64010          MOATS BETTY JEAN           -NM - Albuquerque
64085          MOATS RANCH EAST           -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                      Field Office
5153           Modena                   -UT- Cedar City
5138           Modena Canyon            -UT- Cedar City
5139           Modena Reservior         -UT- Cedar City
00868          MOE                      -NM - Albuquerque
04125          Moffat Oil Field         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
16508          MOGENSEN                 -CO- Grand Junction
35047          Molen Pasture            -UT- Price
35048          Molen Tanks              -UT- Price
6853           MOLINA PLACE             -CO- Grand Junction
24083          Mollies Nipple           -UT- Kanab
24083          Mollies Nipple           -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
8644           Moniger Ridge 1          -CO- Glenwood Springs
8646           Moniger Ridge 2          -CO- Glenwood Springs
222            Monroe Coop              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
62032          MONSERRAT                -NM - Albuquerque
00436          MONTANO                  -NM - Albuquerque
01140          MONTE NEGRO              -NM - Albuquerque
62030          MONTE RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
6823           Montezuma Canyon         -UT- Monticello
08075          Montezuma Cr             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00146          MONTICELLO CANYON        -NM- Albuquerque
4806           Monticello Cowboy        -UT- Monticello
00596          MONTOSO                  -NM - Albuquerque
00151          MONTOYA                  -NM - Albuquerque
08405          Montoya Peak             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
76019          MONUMENT - SW            -NM - Albuquerque
04607          Monument Butte           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6825           Monument Canyon          -UT- Monticello
63062          MONUMENT CANYON          -NM - Albuquerque
76047          MONUMENT JAL OIL FIELD   -NM - Albuquerque
00438          MONUMENT LAKE            -NM - Albuquerque
5811           Monument Wash            -UT- Moab
6109           Monuments                -CO- Montrose
6019           Moody                    -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6019           Moody                    -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4035           Moody Wash               -UT- St George
8635           Mooney                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
5237           Moonshine                -AZ- Arizona Strip
5563           Moonshine Park           -CO- Montrose
6140           MOORE                    -CO- Grand Junction
00867          MOORE LEASE              -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
06811          Moore WC                -CO- White River (Meeker)
64029          MOORHEAD CATTLE CO.     -NM - Albuquerque
00955          MORA CANYON             -NM - Albuquerque
00783          MORA RIVER              -NM - Albuquerque
04098          Morgan Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
10058          MORINE -WHITE           -NM - Albuquerque
6857           MORMON MESA             -CO- Grand Junction
4844           Mormon Well             -AZ- Arizona Strip
28019          Morrow                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
15047          Mortensen-holyoak       -UT- Cedar City
4835           Mosby                   -AZ- Arizona Strip
4847           Mosby                   -UT- Vernal
4836           Mosby-Nay               -AZ- Arizona Strip
06107          MOSLER                  -NM - Albuquerque
78100          MOSLEY CANYON           -NM - Albuquerque
8326           Motz                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
24076          Mounds                  -UT- Price
4824           Mountain Sheep          -AZ- Arizona Strip
5141           Mountain Spring         -UT- Cedar City
00755          MOUNTAINAIR             -NM - Albuquerque
62058          MRS. FRANK MILLER       -NM - Albuquerque
00828          MT CHALCHIHUITL         -NM - Albuquerque
17065          Mt Elston               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
16509          MT GARFIELD             -CO- Grand Junction
5053           Mt Nebo                 -NM - Farmington
8344           Mt Sopris               -CO- Glenwood Springs
5140           Mt. Elinor              -UT- Cedar City
5218           Mt. Logan               -AZ- Arizona Strip
4826           Mt. Trumbull            -AZ- Arizona Strip
4037           Mtn Dell                -UT- St George
6154           MTN ISLAND              -CO- Grand Junction
4850           Mud and Cane            -AZ- Arizona Strip
08028          Mud Cr                  -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04437          Mud Spring Gulch        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08040          Mud Springs             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
25016          Mud Springs             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
34077          Mud Springs             -UT- Price
7230           Mud Springs             -CO- Montrose
06303          Mud Springs Draw        -CO- White River (Meeker)
14519          Muddy Cr                -CO- Montrose
16338          Muddy/Poison            -CO- Montrose
24078          Mudwater                -UT- Price
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
5313           Muggins Flat            -AZ- Arizona Strip
4162           Muggins Flat            -UT- Kanab
4821-1         Mule Canyon             -AZ- Arizona Strip
6421           MULE TRAIL DRAW         -CO- Grand Junction
00011          Mullen Gulch            -CO- White River (Meeker)
5109           Munoz Canyon            -NM - Farmington
65054          MUNS ON RANCH           -NM - Albuquerque
608            Mussentuchit            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
608            Mussentuchit            -UT- Price
4859-1         Mustang Spring          -AZ- Arizona Strip
00357          MY BUDDY                -NM - Albuquerque
04107          Mystic                  -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04658          N Baldy Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8712           N Bellyache             -CO- Glenwood Springs
04068          N Big Bottom            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04503          N Blue Gravel           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
63059          N BORDER HILLS SEC 3    -NM - Albuquerque
08079          N Cahone                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08460          N Canby                 -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04077          N Cedar Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
16016          N Cimarron              -CO- Montrose
04087          N Cole Gulch            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04082          N Coon Gulch Sect 15    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04408          N Deception Cr          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06005          N Dry Fork              -CO- White River (Meeker)
6156           N EAST CR               -CO- Grand Junction
04105          N Farnsworth Cr         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6146           N FORK                  -CO- Grand Junction
04059          N Fork Big Gulch        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04093          N Fork Elkhead Cr       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04044          N Fork Fortification    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6209           N FORK KANNAH CR        -CO- Grand Junction
06607          N Fork Price Cr         -CO- White River (Meeker)
00117          N FOX MOUNTAIN          -NM - Albuquerque
04548          N Great Divide          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
18045          N Hogback               -CO- Glenwood Springs
04141          N Horse Mtn Sect 15     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04189          N Hunt Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08030          N Mancos                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08032          N Menefee Mtn           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04178          N Moffat Oild Field     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04099          N Mt Harris             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                      Allotment Name                      Field Office
04051          N Mud Spring              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04553          N Pole Gulch              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14540          N Saddle Peak             -CO- Montrose
04079          N Sand Springs            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04037          N Serviceberry Mtn        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8348           N Thompson Cr Com         -CO- Glenwood Springs
17023          N Wickson Draw            -CO- Montrose
04181          N Woodchuck Hill          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04019          N Yahoo Mtn               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04339          N Zenobia Peak            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
63064          N. BORDER HILLS SEC. 15   -NM - Albuquerque
00014          NACIMIENTO                -NM - Albuquerque
15048          Nada                      -UT- Cedar City
76015          NADINE                    -NM - Albuquerque
5085           Nageezi                   -NM - Farmington
00537          NAMBE ALLOTMENT           -NM - Albuquerque
00585          NARROW GAUGE COMM.        -NM - Albuquerque
08020          Nash Cemetery             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
77033          NASH DRAW                 -NM - Albuquerque
108            Nasty Flat                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
14820          Natural Lake              -UT- Vernal
17035          Naturita Bridge           -CO- Montrose
7203           Naturita Canyon           -CO- Montrose
00568          NAVAJO CANYON             -NM - Albuquerque
5092           Navajo City               -NM - Farmington
00574          NAVAJO PEAK               -NM - Albuquerque
00709          NAVAJO RIVER LEASE        -NM - Albuquerque
6017           Navajo Tribe - Chaco      -NM - Farmington
6009           Navajo Tribe - Smith      -NM - Farmington
6045           Navajo Tribe Arviso       -NM - Farmington
6037           Navajo Tribe Elkins       -NM - Farmington
06035          NAVAJO TRIBE HOSPAH       -NM - Albuquerque
6039           Navajo Tribe W Sandov     -NM - Farmington
6038           Navajo Tribe Werito G     -NM - Farmington
5348           Navajo Well               -AZ- Arizona Strip
06075          NAVARRE                   -NM - Albuquerque
65022          NE SAND CREEK RANCH       -NM - Albuquerque
6718           NE SPEAR                  -CO- Grand Junction
04103          NE Wolf Mtn               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14086          Neaf                      -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
14086          Neaf                      -UT- Kanab
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
15049          Neck Of The Desert      -UT- Cedar City
16324          Needle Cr               -CO- Montrose
14542          Needle Rock             -CO- Montrose
725            Neff Ranch              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
17055          Nelson                  -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
15050          Nelson                  -UT- Cedar City
6428           NELSON                  -CO- Grand Junction
24087          Neut'scanyon            -UT- Kanab
25050          Neva                    -UT- Price
00875          NEVILLE LEASE           -NM - Albuquerque
5159           New Harmony             -UT- Cedar City
5159           New Harmony             -UT- St George
00876          NEW MEXICO PRODUCER     -NM - Albuquerque
8617           Newcomer                -CO- Glenwood Springs
00154          NICHOLS INDIVIDUAL      -NM - Albuquerque
25018          Nipple Bench            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
25018          Nipple Bench            -UT- Kanab
04225          Nipple Peak             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04213          Nipple Rim              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00144          NM AZ STATE LINE        -NM - Albuquerque
63004          NMSU CORONA RESEARCH    -NM - Albuquerque
647            NO AGUA                 -NM - Albuquerque
4038           No Grafton              -UT- St George
00531          NO. CHIMAYO COMMUNITY   -NM - Albuquerque
15051          Norte Well              -UT- Cedar City
62008          NORTH BULL CANYON       -NM - Albuquerque
00838          NORTH CANYON LARGO      -NM - Albuquerque
24079          North Clarks Valley     -UT- Price
211            North Cove Mountain     -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6416           NORTH CR                -CO- Grand Junction
6108           North Creek             -UT- Cedar City
5121           North Equus             -NM - Farmington
726            North Fremont           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
63145          NORTH FRESQUEZ          -NM - Albuquerque
15079          North Gap               -UT- Cedar City
35052          North Herring Flat      -UT- Price
5102           North Highway           -UT- Cedar City
5001           North Hogback           -NM - Farmington
34080          North Hollow            -UT- Price
1718           North Hollow            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
78031          NORTH HOPE              -NM - Albuquerque
35053          North Huntington        -UT- Price
                       Allotment Name                    Field Office
64091          NORTH JACKSON            -NM - Albuquerque
8604           North King Mtn           -CO- Glenwood Springs
01137          NORTH LADRON             -NM - Albuquerque
00929          NORTH LEASE              -NM - Albuquerque
8651           North McCoy              -CO- Glenwood Springs
17150          North Mtn                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
34081          North Olsen Lake         -UT- Price
6226           North Pine Valley        -UT- Cedar City
00575          NORTH PINNABETOSO        -NM - Albuquerque
5036           North Place              -NM - Farmington
5819           North River              -UT- Moab
00649          NORTH SAN ANTONE         -NM - Albuquerque
00037          NORTH SAN LUIS MESA      -NM - Albuquerque
35054          North Sid And Charley    -UT- Price
35055          North Sids Mountain      -UT- Price
35056          North Sinbad             -UT- Price
34082          North Spring             -UT- Price
14813          North Warren Draw        -UT- Vernal
25058          North Wolf Hollow        -UT- Price
08062          Northdale                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6852           Northeast Summit         -UT- Monticello
4160           Northfork                -UT- Kanab
832            Northnarrows             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5029           Northside                -NM - Farmington
35057          Northwest Ferron         -UT- Price
7218           Norwood Hill             -CO- Montrose
16121          NOTCH SPRING             -CO- Grand Junction
78110          NUEVO CANYON             -NM - Albuquerque
63099          NUNEZ SEC 15 SOUTH       -NM - Albuquerque
00559          NUTRIAS CANY ON          -NM - Albuquerque
17082          Nyswanger                -CO- Montrose
16826          O HAWKINS                -CO- Grand Junction
6005           O.J. Carson Ranch        -NM - Farmington
17029          Oak                      -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
7225           Oak Hill                 -CO- Montrose
14506          Oak Mesa                 -CO- Montrose
14528          Oak Ridge Com            -CO- Montrose
06822          Oak Ridge SWA            -CO- White River (Meeker)
14088          Oak Springs              -UT- Kanab
833            Oaksprings               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
8206           Oasis Cr                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
8103           Oates                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
00950          OCATE                   -NM - Albuquerque
00792          OCATE CREEK             -NM - Albuquerque
76036          OCHOA NORTHWEST         -NM - Albuquerque
4880           Oden                    -UT- Vernal
35098          OEJ                     -UT- Price
4841           Offield Mountain        -UT- Vernal
834            Ogden                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6401           Oh-B e-Joyful Cr        -CO- Montrose
6212           Ohio Cr                 -CO- Montrose
76025          OIL CENTER - NORTH      -NM - Albuquerque
76026          OIL CENTER - SOUTH      -NM - Albuquerque
25059          Oil Dome                -UT- Price
8813           Oil Shale               -UT- Vernal
4120           Oil Well                -UT- St George
34083          Oil Well Draw           -UT- Price
25060          Oil Well Flat           -UT- Price
06094          OJITOS                  -NM - Albuquerque
00505          OJO CALIENTE            -NM - Albuquerque
00008          OJO DE LOS PINOS        -NM - Albuquerque
00427          OJO HALLADO             -NM - Albuquerque
01106          OJO SALADITO            -NM - Albuquerque
04143          Oklahoma Flat           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
63105          OLD FEARS PLACE         -NM - Albuquerque
77028          OLD INDIAN DRAW         -NM - Albuquerque
8914           Old Mtn                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
17041          Old Young               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
14089          Oldfort                 -UT- Kanab
8816           Olsen Amp               -UT- Vernal
00615          ONE ELEVEN              -NM - Albuquerque
62010          ONE HORSESHOE RANCH     -NM - Albuquerque
5533           Onion Lakes             -CO- Montrose
8647           Onion Ridge             -CO- Glenwood Springs
5039           Onion Valley            -CO- Montrose
5103           Order Canyon            -UT- Cedar City
24090          Ordervillegulch         -UT- St George
24090          Ordervillegulch         -UT- Kanab
00102          ORONA LARGO CREEK       -NM - Albuquerque
00118          ORTIZ MOUNTAIN          -NM - Albuquerque
01275          OSCURA                  -NM - Albuquerque
5110           Otis                    -NM - Farmington
78098          OTIS                    -NM - Albuquerque
6011           Otis Community          -NM - Farmington
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
15802          Ouray Road              -UT- Vernal
15815          Ouray Valley            -UT- Vernal
14511          Overland                -CO- Montrose
24084          Oviatt                  -UT- Price
6824           Owens Dugout            -UT- Monticello
00943          OX SHOE                 -NM - Albuquerque
5104           P. Hill                 -UT- Cedar City
00851          P. MCKEE LEASE          -NM - Albuquerque
00891          P. QUINTANA LEASE       -NM - Albuquerque
5155           Pablo                   -NM - Farmington
24085          Pace Canyon             -UT- Price
63057          PACHECO                 -NM - Albuquerque
6742           PADDOCK                 -CO- Grand Junction
4860           Paddys Gap              -UT- Vernal
00964          PADILLA LEASE           -NM - Albuquerque
00636          PAJARITO                -NM - Albuquerque
4802           Pakoon                  -AZ- Arizona Strip
4800           Pakoon Springs          -AZ- Arizona Strip
16401          PALISADE FLATS          -CO- Grand Junction
6145           PALISADE POINT          -CO- Grand Junction
08412          Palmer                  -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00457          PALOMAS                 -NM - Albuquerque
08065          Papoose Canyon          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
8212           Paradise Cr             -CO- Glenwood Springs
15052          Paragonah Cattle        -UT- Cedar City
4829           Parashant               -AZ- Arizona Strip
77009          PARDUE LIMITED          -NM - Albuquerque
01322          PARIDA                  -NM - Albuquerque
4091           Park                    -UT- St George
17030          Park                    -CO- Montrose
6353           Park Canyon             -UT- Vernal
6108           Park Cr                 -CO- Montrose
6743           PARKES PLACE            -CO- Grand Junction
17062          Parkway                 -CO- Montrose
4883           Parleys Canyon          -UT- Price
4883           Parleys Canyon          -UT- Vernal
15053          Parowan Gap             -UT- Cedar City
15054          Parowan Stake           -UT- Cedar City
212            Parson-Mills            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
4848           Pa's Pocket             -AZ- Arizona Strip
62034          PASTURA & PINTADA       -NM - Albuquerque
62036          PASTURA RANCH           -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
15063          Pasture Canyon          -UT- Price
15063          Pasture Canyon          -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
65004          PAT BOONE               -NM - Albuquerque
34087          Patmos                  -UT- Price
4862           Pat's Pond              -AZ- Arizona Strip
00109          PATTYS HOLE             -NM - Albuquerque
00084          PAUL LUND               -NM - Albuquerque
25064          Peacock                 -UT- Price
65053          PEARCE RANCH            -NM - Albuquerque
04643          Pearl Lake              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
835            Pearson Lewis           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6845           Pearson Point           -UT- Monticello
04145          Peck Gulch              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
10039          PEDRO A CHAVEZ EST      -NM - Albuquerque
5812           Pelican Lake            -UT- Vernal
00003          PELON COMMUNITY         -NM - Albuquerque
06084          PENA                    -NM - Albuquerque
79022          PENASCO                 -NM - Albuquerque
79016          PENASCO CANYON          -NM - Albuquerque
79027          PENASCO EAST            -NM - Albuquerque
79019          PENASCO RIVER           -NM - Albuquerque
79021          PENASCO SCHOOL          -NM - Albuquerque
62018          PENDERY                 -NM - Albuquerque
76040          PENN TANK               -NM - Albuquerque
109            Pennell                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
4852           Penn's Well             -AZ- Arizona Strip
01299          PEQUENO                 -NM - Albuquerque
00123          PERALTA                 -NM - Albuquerque
15055          Perkins                 -UT- Cedar City
5205           Perkins                 -UT- St George
6827           Perkins Brothers        -UT- Monticello
4852           Perry                   -UT- Vernal
15056          Perry Well              -UT- Cedar City
00942          PETACA                  -NM - Albuquerque
63068          PETER MENDIOLA          -NM - Albuquerque
4807           Peters Canyon           -UT- Monticello
4805           Peters Point            -UT- Monticello
04316          Peterson Draw           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00221          PETOCH WASH             -NM - Albuquerque
8319           Petre                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
14022          Petrie Mesa             -CO- Montrose
5079           Petrified Forest        -NM - Farmington
                      Allotment Name                       Field Office
77040          PHANTOM BANKS               -NM - Albuquerque
6024           Phipps                      -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
08903          Picayne/Mineral Pt          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
06023          Piceance Mtn                -CO- White River (Meeker)
00028          PIEDRA LUMBRE               -NM - Albuquerque
77036          PIERCE CANYON               -NM - Albuquerque
00137          PIETOWN DIKE                -NM - Albuquerque
00139          PIETOWN TR 15               -NM - Albuquerque
5322           Pigeon Tank                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
00516          PILAR                       -NM - Albuquerque
00586          PINABETOSO                  -NM - Albuquerque
24089          Pine Canyon                 -UT- Price
16009          Pine Cr                     -CO- Montrose
6051           Pine Creek                  -UT- Kanab
6051           Pine Creek                  -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6023           Pine Creek                  -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6100           Pine Creek - Indian Creek   -UT- Cedar City
5156           Pine H.                     -NM - Farmington
06002          Pine Knott Gulch            -CO- White River (Meeker)
16028          Pine Mesa                   -CO- Montrose
4102           Pine Point                  -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4102           Pine Point                  -UT- Kanab
5040           Pine Ridge                  -CO- Montrose
5157           Pine, Thomas                -NM - Farmington
6049           Pinedale Community          -NM - Farmington
6151           PINERIDGE                   -CO- Grand Junction
24093          Pinesprings                 -UT- Kanab
7577           Piney                       -CO- Glenwood Springs
5516           Piney                       -CO- Montrose
8701           Piney Cr                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
34090          Pinnacle Bench              -UT- Price
00112          PINO SPRING                 -NM - Albuquerque
79041          PINON                       -NM - Albuquerque
00962          PINON BLUFF                 -NM - Albuquerque
00801          PINON FLAT                  -NM - Albuquerque
5010           Pinon Mesa                  -NM - Farmington
15057          Pinto Creek                 -UT- Cedar City
4077           Pintura                     -UT- St George
06333          Pinyon Ridge                -CO- White River (Meeker)
5033           Pinyon Springs              -CO- Montrose
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
01295          PIPE RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
5235           Pipe Spring             -AZ- Arizona Strip
5242           Pipe Valley             -AZ- Arizona Strip
00056          PIPELINE                -NM - Albuquerque
25039          Pipeline                -UT- Kanab
5822           Pipeline                -UT- Moab
5507           Pipeline                -CO- Montrose
8606           Piskey                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
04324          Piskwik                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8117           Pitman                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
838            Piute Dam               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6841           Piute Knoll             -UT- Monticello
213            Plateau                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
16810          PLATEAU CR              -CO- Grand Junction
76029          PLAYA DUNES             -NM - Albuquerque
6310           Pleasant View           -CO- Montrose
8729           Pocket                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
17085          Pocket Ind              -CO- Montrose
4871           Pocum                   -AZ- Arizona Strip
4840           Pocum Tank              -AZ- Arizona Strip
64022          POE CORN INC.           -NM - Albuquerque
14021          Point Cr                -CO- Montrose
08054          Point Lookout           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
15822          Point Of Pines          -UT- Vernal
5241           Point of Rock           -AZ- Arizona Strip
6052           Poison Creek            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6052           Poison Creek            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5014           Poison Spring           -CO- Montrose
24091          Poison Spring Bench     -UT- Price
5383           Polar Mesa              -UT- Moab
6053           Pole Canyon             -UT- Kanab
6053           Pole Canyon             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
34092          Pole Canyon             -UT- Price
8126           Pole Cr & Cottonwood    -CO- Glenwood Springs
04514          Pole Gulch              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
25038          Polecanyon              -UT- Kanab
01315          POLVADERA               -NM - Albuquerque
04554          Pome                    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14531          Popp Ranch              -CO- Montrose
00620          POQUITO                 -NM - Albuquerque
8119           Porcupine Com           -CO- Glenwood Springs
34093          Porphory Bench          -UT- Price
                       Allotment Name                      Field Office
64031          PORTER PLACE               -NM - Albuquerque
8202           Possum Cr                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
8259           Possum Cr Driveway         -CO- Glenwood Springs
06109          POST                       -NM - Albuquerque
727            Posthollow                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00610          POT MOUNTAIN               -NM - Albuquerque
5869           Potash                     -UT- Monticello
5869           Potash                     -UT- Moab
8347           Potato Bill                -CO- Glenwood Springs
5033           Potter Canyon              -NM - Farmington
24094          Povertyflat                -UT- Kanab
04214          Powder Wash                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
15857          Powder Wash                -UT- Vernal
6104           Powderhorn                 -CO- Montrose
6107           Powderhorn Com             -CO- Montrose
4872           Powell-sadlier             -UT- Vernal
06004          Powerline                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
00073          POZO SECO                  -NM - Albuquerque
16616          Prairie Canyon             -UT- Moab
16616          PRAIRIE CANYON             -CO- Grand Junction
16616          Prairie Canyon             -UT- Vernal
5888           Prairie Canyon_Grand Jct   -UT- Moab
5888           Prairie Canyon_Grand Jct   -UT- Vernal
01291          PRAIRIE SPRINGS            -NM - Albuquerque
5314           Pratt Tank                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
8311           Prectel                    -CO- Glenwood Springs
18029          Pretti/Roberts             -CO- Glenwood Springs
6074           Prewitt Community          -NM - Farmington
24086          Price Canyon East          -UT- Price
34094          Price Canyon West          -UT- Price
34095          Price River North          -UT- Price
14125          Price River South          -UT- Price
8345           Prince                     -CO- Glenwood Springs
8341           Prince Cr                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
5820           Professor Valley           -UT- Moab
04074          Prospect                   -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06001          Puckett Gulch              -CO- White River (Meeker)
01318          PUEBLITO COMMUNITY         -NM - Albuquerque
6018           Pueblo Pintado Community   -NM - Farmington
00830          PUERTACITO SALADO          -NM - Albuquerque
01116          PUERTECITO BARANCO         -NM - Albuquerque
01297          PUERTECITO DEL LEMITAR     -NM - Albuquerque
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
01321          PUERTECITO GAP          -NM - Albuquerque
00557          PUERTO COMMUNITY        -NM - Albuquerque
00074          PULA PASTURE            -NM - Albuquerque
5041           Pump Canyon             -NM - Farmington
76006          PUMP JACK - SOUTH       -NM - Albuquerque
5055           Pump Mesa               -NM - Farmington
76106          PUMPJACK SOUTH II       -NM - Albuquerque
00597          PUNCHE                  -NM - Albuquerque
00644          PUNCHE PLACE            -NM - Albuquerque
4831           Purgatory               -AZ- Arizona Strip
77026          QUAHADA RIDGE           -NM - Albuquerque
4856           Quail Canyon            -AZ- Arizona Strip
16321          Quartz Cr               -CO- Montrose
10008          QUEMADO BREAKS          -NM - Albuquerque
76008          QUERECHO PLAINS         -NM - Albuquerque
25066          RJ                      -UT- Price
00332          R LOVATO                -NM - Albuquerque
00129          R M CHAVEZ              -NM - Albuquerque
00333          R TAYLOR                -NM - Albuquerque
62069          R. EVANS LIVING TRUST   -NM - Albuquerque
63060          R.C. NUNEZ SEC 3        -NM - Albuquerque
63050          R.G. BIRD SR.           -NM - Albuquerque
78013          R.W. SEELEY ESTATE      -NM - Albuquerque
5022           Rabbit Gulch            -CO- Montrose
4064           Race Track              -UT- St George
6143           RADIO TOWER             -CO- Grand Junction
62079          RAFTER X, INC.          -NM - Albuquerque
77018          RAILROAD                -NM - Albuquerque
65025          RAILROAD MTN            -NM - Albuquerque
78146          RAIN SPRINGS            -NM - Albuquerque
06823          Raley R                 -CO- White River (Meeker)
6501           Ramboulet Park          -CO- Montrose
10070          RANCHO ALEGRE           -NM - Albuquerque
5119           Rancho Largo            -NM - Farmington
00204          RANEY                   -NM - Albuquerque
00571          RANEY-DAWSON PLACE      -NM - Albuquerque
24096          Range Creek             -UT- Price
24097          Range Mountain          -UT- Price
5385           Rattlesnake             -UT- Moab
6168           RATTLESNAKE             -CO- Grand Junction
04171          Rattlesnake Butte       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5054           Rattlesnake Canyon      -NM - Farmington
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
06808          Rattlesnake Mesa       -CO- White River (Meeker)
5802           Rattlesnake North      -UT- Moab
5802           Rattlesnake North      -UT- Price
06314          Raven Park             -CO- White River (Meeker)
06312          Raven Ridge            -CO- White River (Meeker)
15851          Raven Ridge            -UT- Vernal
5034           Rawhide/Coffee Pot     -CO- Montrose
17021          Rawlings Ind           -CO- Montrose
62078          RAYMOND PEREZ          -NM - Albuquerque
6359           Razor Cr               -CO- Montrose
16329          Razor Cr Dome          -CO- Montrose
17057          RCA                    -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
06026          Reagles                -CO- White River (Meeker)
78101          RED BLUFF DRAW         -NM - Albuquerque
4039           Red Butte              -UT- St George
24095          Red Butte              -UT- Kanab
5038           Red Canyon             -CO- Montrose
35067          Red Canyon             -UT- Price
1719           Red Canyon             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
8349           Red Canyon 1           -CO- Glenwood Springs
8728           Red Canyon 2           -CO- Glenwood Springs
4040           Red Cliffs             -UT- St George
6502           Red Cloud              -CO- Montrose
04657          Red Cr Sect 15         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4809           Red Creek Flat         -UT- Vernal
8626           Red Dirt               -CO- Glenwood Springs
8507           Red Hill Com           -CO- Glenwood Springs
10062          RED HILL NORTH         -NM - Albuquerque
10038          RED HILL SOUTH         -NM - Albuquerque
01374          RED LAKE               -NM - Albuquerque
4857           Red Mountain           -UT- Vernal
18028          Red Mtn                -CO- Glenwood Springs
16813          RED MTN                -CO- Grand Junction
4806           Red Pond               -AZ- Arizona Strip
6120           Red Ridge              -CO- Montrose
00702          RED RIM                -NM - Albuquerque
6745           RED ROCK               -CO- Grand Junction
06371          Red Rocks              -CO- White River (Meeker)
25068          Red Seeps              -UT- Price
01353          RED TANKS CANYON       -NM - Albuquerque
04224          Red Wash               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06320          Red Wash               -CO- White River (Meeker)
                     Allotment Name                        Field Office
64049          REDBLUFF                   -NM - Albuquerque
14096          Redcanyon                  -UT- Kanab
14097          Redhollow                  -UT- Kanab
4140           Redknoll                   -UT- Kanab
7227           Redvale                    -CO- Montrose
8002           Reed                       -CO- Glenwood Springs
15059          Reed Leigh                 -UT- Cedar City
18907          Rees                       -CO- Glenwood Springs
15069          Reid                       -UT- Price
77034          REMUDA BASIN               -NM - Albuquerque
00866          RENCONA-PINE CANYON        -NM - Albuquerque
6133           RESERVATION                -CO- Grand Junction
15060          Reservior                  -UT- Cedar City
08404          Reservoir Canyon           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00433          REST STOP                  -NM - Albuquerque
00429          REYNOLD DRAW               -NM - Albuquerque
00108          REYNOLDS                   -NM - Albuquerque
14530          Reynolds/McDonald          -CO- Montrose
65093          RHODES WANDA HALEY         -NM - Albuquerque
00705          RIBBON RIM                 -NM - Albuquerque
04318          Ricegrass                  -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
15801          Rich And Stetson           -UT- Vernal
10041          RICHARD M CHAVEZ           -NM - Albuquerque
63037          RICHARDS RANCH INC.        -NM - Albuquerque
62089          RICHARDS RANCH LTD         -NM - Albuquerque
841            Ricks Pasture              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5305           Rider                      -AZ- Arizona Strip
00747          RIDGE                      -NM - Albuquerque
00024          RIDGE TOP                  -NM - Albuquerque
06809          Rienau B                   -CO- White River (Meeker)
01351          RIENHARDT                  -NM - Albuquerque
8044           Rifle Gap                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
01112          RILEY COMMUNITY            -NM - Albuquerque
8920           Riley Gulch Com            -CO- Glenwood Springs
63058          RILEY PLACE                -NM - Albuquerque
79056          RIM                        -NM - Albuquerque
5051           Rim Rock                   -CO- Montrose
00735          RIMROCK                    -NM - Albuquerque
64002          RIMROCK CATTLE CO.         -NM - Albuquerque
04063          Rimrock Yampa              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
17214          Rincone                    -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6044           Rincon-Marquez Community   -NM - Farmington
                     Allotment Name                     Field Office
00560          RIO CEBOLLA             -NM - Albuquerque
00558          RIO CHAMA ALLOTMENT     -NM - Albuquerque
01288          RIO GRANDE              -NM - Albuquerque
00579          RIO NUTRIAS             -NM - Albuquerque
01136          RIO PUERCO              -NM - Albuquerque
00637          RIO QUEMADO ALLOTMENT   -NM - Albuquerque
00059          RIO SALADO              -NM - Albuquerque
01121          RIO SALADO WEST         -NM - Albuquerque
10042          RITO CREEK              -NM - Albuquerque
00347          RITO DE LOS PINOS       -NM - Albuquerque
5876           River                   -UT- Moab
06602          River                   -CO- White River (Meeker)
8615           River Com               -CO- Glenwood Springs
16038          River Pasture           -CO- Montrose
8605           River/Catamount         -CO- Glenwood Springs
5132           Rivershore              -NM - Farmington
6118           Riverside               -CO- Montrose
5025           Riverside Community     -NM - Farmington
4098           Riverview               -UT- St George
63100          ROADRUNNER NORTH        -NM - Albuquerque
00601          ROADSIDE                -NM - Albuquerque
6744           ROAN CR                 -CO- Grand Junction
5504           Roatcap                 -CO- Montrose
14507          Roatcap/Jay Cr          -CO- Montrose
901            Robbers Roost           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6846           ROBBINS                 -CO- Grand Junction
8027           Roberts                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
08407          Roberts Canyon          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
06834          Robinson J              -CO- White River (Meeker)
14099          Robinsoncreek           -UT- Kanab
17020          Roc Cr                  -CO- Montrose
25071          Rochester               -UT- Price
5200           Rock Canyon             -AZ- Arizona Strip
5200           Rock Canyon             -UT- St George
1721           Rock Canyon             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
25072          Rock Canyon             -UT- Price
5319           Rock Canyon Tank        -AZ- Arizona Strip
8658           Rock Cr                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
6328           Rock Cr                 -CO- Montrose
08021          Rock Cr                 -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6180           Rock Cr Park            -CO- Montrose
14101          Rock Creek              -UT- Moab
                        Allotment Name                    Field Office
01274             ROCK CREEK             -NM - Albuquerque
14101             Rock Creek             -UT- Vernal
14101             Rock Creek             -UT- Price
6020              Rock Creek Mudholes    -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5538              Rock Ditch             -CO- Montrose
5213              Rock Pockets           -AZ- Arizona Strip
5345              Rock Reservoir         -UT- Kanab
5345              Rock Reservoir         -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
611               Rock Springs           -UT- Price
611               Rock Springs           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
01290             ROCK SPRINGS CANYON    -NM - Albuquerque
78027             ROCK TANK              -NM - Albuquerque
64026             ROCK TANK CANYON       -NM - Albuquerque
06321             Rock Wall Draw         -CO- White River (Meeker)
25046             Rockcanyon             -UT- Kanab
110               Rockies                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
14100             Rockingchair           -UT- Kanab
4103              Rockville              -UT- St George
5390              Rocky                  -UT- Moab
78066             ROCKY ARROYO           -NM - Albuquerque
64092             ROCKY RIDGE            -NM - Albuquerque
842               Rockyford              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
842               Rockyford              -UT- Kanab
8624              Rodeo Grounds          -CO- Glenwood Springs
63039             ROGERS RANCH           -NM - Albuquerque
15030             Rollermill             -UT- Kanab
5058              Rosa Community         -NM - Farmington
5157              Rosebud                -UT- Cedar City
4846              Rosenberry             -AZ- Arizona Strip
06806             Rosenlund              -CO- White River (Meeker)
1722              Rough Canyon           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
16003             Round Corral Cr        -CO- Montrose
16007             Round Corral Spring    -CO- Montrose
6152              ROUND KNOB             -CO- Grand Junction
6150              Round Mtn              -CO- Montrose
25020             Round Valley           -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
25020             Round Valley           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
06302             Roundtop               -CO- White River (Meeker)
6847              Roundup Corral         -UT- Monticello
06066             ROUNDY                 -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
25041          Roundycanyon            -UT- Kanab
17080          Rowher Canyon           -CO- Montrose
25054          Roy Willis              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5823           Ruby Ranch              -UT- Moab
5021           Ruins                   -NM - Farmington
65026          RUNYAN                  -NM - Albuquerque
14833          Ruple Cabin             -UT- Vernal
25021          Rush Beds               -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5080           Rush Lake               -UT- Cedar City
5269           Russel Fields           -UT- St George
77037          RUSTLER BREAKS          -NM - Albuquerque
76053          RUTH ROSS PLACE         -NM - Albuquerque
06627          Ryan Draw               -CO- White River (Meeker)
01268          RYAN HILL               -NM - Albuquerque
18024          Ryden                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
14807          Rye Grass               -UT- Vernal
17052          Ryman Cr                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08449          S Archuleta Mesa        -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04303          S Bears Ears            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04067          S Big Bottom            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04180          S Blacktail Mtn         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08400          S Canby                 -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
8217           S Canyon                -CO- Glenwood Springs
04078          S Cedar Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04086          S Cole Gulch            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04409          S Deception             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14548          S Dry Cr                -CO- Montrose
04430          S Duffy Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04650          S Fork Little Snake     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06608          S Fork Price Cr         -CO- White River (Meeker)
04139          S Fork Williams Fork    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06611          S Gower Gulch           -CO- White River (Meeker)
04540          S Great Divide          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04340          S Green River           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04116          S Hamilton              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04192          S Hunt Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08056          S Ice Plant             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
4862           S J Hatch               -UT- Vernal
8637           S McKeen Cr             -CO- Glenwood Springs
01309          S MESA REDONDA          -NM - Albuquerque
04174          S Moffat Oil Field      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
04052          S Mud Spring            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
16105          S OF THE ROAD           -CO- Grand Junction
6317           S Parlin Flats Com      -CO- Montrose
5515           S Piney                 -CO- Montrose
04641          S Saddle Mtn Sect 15    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04013          S Twin Buttes           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04021          S Yahoo Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00812          SABINOSO SQUEEZE        -NM - Albuquerque
64011          SACRA MINERALS INC.     -NM - Albuquerque
25073          Saddle Horse Canyon     -UT- Price
5311           Sage                    -AZ- Arizona Strip
04159          Sage Cr                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04161          Sage Cr Reservoir       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4833           Sage Flat               -UT- Monticello
4102           Sage Flat               -UT- Price
4832           Sage Grouse             -UT- Monticello
04403          Sagebrush Cr            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
25045          Sagehenhollow           -UT- Kanab
62027          SAIZ                    -NM - Albuquerque
00646          SALAZAR PLACE           -NM - Albuquerque
25074          Saleratus               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
25074          Saleratus               -UT- Price
215            Salls Meadow            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
17005          Salt Arroyo             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
16806          SALT CR COM             -CO- Grand Junction
8722           Salt Cr Forest          -CO- Glenwood Springs
8721           Salt Cr/Bellyache       -CO- Glenwood Springs
5731           Salt Creek              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
64024          SALT CREEK FRM & RNCH   -NM - Albuquerque
78096          SALT DRAW               -NM - Albuquerque
79005          SALT HOUSE DRAW         -NM - Albuquerque
15062          Salt Lake               -UT- Cedar City
77029          SALT LAKE               -NM - Albuquerque
6430           SALT WASH               -CO- Grand Junction
15075          Salt Wash               -UT- Price
6025           Salt Water Creek        -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
64021          SALTCREEK               -NM - Albuquerque
00076          SALTY FLATS             -NM - Albuquerque
00153          SALVATION WELL          -NM - Albuquerque
79026          SAM ELKINS              -NM - Albuquerque
18001          Sample                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
00589          SAN ANTONIO MOUNTAIN    -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
01308          SAN ANTONITO            -NM - Albuquerque
5845           San Arroyo              -UT- Moab
00633          SAN CRISTOBAL COMM.     -NM - Albuquerque
00155          SAN IGNACIO             -NM - Albuquerque
00021          SAN IGNACIO CREEK       -NM - Albuquerque
01277          SAN JOSE CANYON         -NM - Albuquerque
5134           San Juan River          -NM - Farmington
08464          San Juan River          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00038          SAN LUIS COMMUNITY      -NM - Albuquerque
00432          SAN MATEO               -NM - Albuquerque
00022          SAN MIGUEL              -NM - Albuquerque
00020          SAN PABLO COMMUNITY     -NM - Albuquerque
01272          SAN PASQUAL             -NM - Albuquerque
01317          SAN PEDRO               -NM - Albuquerque
25076          San Rafael River        -UT- Price
76048          SAN SIMON SWALE         -NM - Albuquerque
00064          SAN YSIDRO COMMUNITY    -NM - Albuquerque
00046          SAN YSIDRO PASTURE      -NM - Albuquerque
4042           Sand                    -UT- St George
08023          Sand Canyon E           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08022          Sand Canyon W           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04207          Sand Cr                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
76061          SAND DUNE               -NM - Albuquerque
77007          SAND HILL               -NM - Albuquerque
4044           Sand Hills              -UT- St George
04407          Sand Hills              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5328           Sand Hills              -AZ- Arizona Strip
6225           Sand Hollow             -UT- Cedar City
216            Sand Ledges             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
01285          SAND MOUNTAIN           -NM - Albuquerque
4045           Sand Mtn                -UT- St George
65043          SAND RANCH              -NM - Albuquerque
5063           Sand Ridge              -UT- Cedar City
01253          SAND SAGE               -NM - Albuquerque
15064          Sand Spring             -UT- Cedar City
04069          Sand Springs            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
76004          SAND TRAP               -NM - Albuquerque
76104          SAND TRAP II            -NM - Albuquerque
8818           Sand Wash               -UT- Vernal
04219          Sand Wash               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4062           Sand Wash               -UT- St George
00941          SANDERS LAND & CATTLE   -NM - Albuquerque
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
08063          Sandrock AMP           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08013          Sandstone              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00731          SANDSTONE              -NM - Albuquerque
5050           Sandstone Canyon       -NM - Farmington
4046           Sandstone Mt           -UT- St George
730            Sandwash               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5502           Sandy Wash             -CO- Montrose
111            Sandy1                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
112            Sandy2                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
113            Sandy3                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
25052          Sandycreek             -UT- Kanab
25052          Sandycreek             -UT- Cedar City
25028          Sanfordbench           -UT- Kanab
1723           Sanpitch               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00532          SANTA CRUZ ALLOTMENT   -NM - Albuquerque
00542          SANTA FE ALLOTMENT     -NM - Albuquerque
8806           Santio Sibello         -UT- Vernal
5130           Santo Nino             -NM - Farmington
6101           Sapinero Mesa          -CO- Montrose
63097          SARA JACKSON RANCH     -NM - Albuquerque
78047          SARGENT                -NM - Albuquerque
25077          Saucer Basin           -UT- Price
25049          Sawmill                -UT- Kanab
04308          Sawmill Canyon         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14007          Sawmill Mesa           -CO- Montrose
17032          Sawtooth               -CO- Montrose
00141          SAWTOOTH MOUNTAIN      -NM - Albuquerque
04518          Scandinavia            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4048           Scarecrow Pk           -UT- St George
61009          SCHALLERT              -NM - Albuquerque
5849           Scharf Mesa            -UT- Moab
06111          SCHMITZ                -NM - Albuquerque
01341          SCHOLLE                -NM - Albuquerque
4838           School Bus Draw        -UT- Vernal
14105          School Section         -UT- Kanab
14105          School Section         -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
06099          SCHULTZ                -NM - Albuquerque
06018          Schutte Gulch          -CO- White River (Meeker)
04160          Scotchmans Gulch       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8106           Scott                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
01261          SCOTT RANCH            -NM - Albuquerque
5236           Scotties Seep          -AZ- Arizona Strip
                      Allotment Name                      Field Office
18037          Scutter Gulch            -CO- Glenwood Springs
4043           Sd Cove Res              -UT- St George
06081          SE AMBROSIA LAKE         -NM - Albuquerque
6739           SE SPEAR                 -CO- Grand Junction
65001          SEA RANCH                -NM - Albuquerque
04136          Searcy Gulch             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14809          Sears Canyon             -UT- Vernal
00522          SEBASTIAN MARTIN GRANT   -NM - Albuquerque
00930          SEC 11, T28N, R10E       -NM - Albuquerque
63521          SEC 15 B&B CATTLE        -NM - Albuquerque
77001          SECO SNAKE               -NM - Albuquerque
17105          Second Park              -CO- Montrose
4161           Second Point             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
14547          Section 35               -CO- Montrose
14107          Seeps                    -UT- Kanab
06008          Segar Gulch              -CO- White River (Meeker)
4087           Seglar                   -UT- St George
5003           Selig Canal              -CO- Montrose
00019          SENORITO COMMUNITY       -NM - Albuquerque
78115          SERPENTINE BENDS         -NM - Albuquerque
04504          Serviceberry             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04039          Serviceberry Mtn         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4828           Serviceberry Spring      -UT- Vernal
4108           Sethyscanyon             -UT- Kanab
731            Seven Mile               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
04519          Seven Mile               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
78055          SEVEN RIVER HILLS        -NM - Albuquerque
78046          SEVEN RIVERS NORTH       -NM - Albuquerque
78053          SEVEN RIVERS SOUTH       -NM - Albuquerque
15845          Seven Sisters            -UT- Vernal
15006          Sevier                   -UT- Kanab
6049           Sevier River             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
25036          Sevierriver              -UT- Kanab
15065          Sevy East                -UT- Cedar City
902            Sewing Machine           -UT- Monticello
902            Sewing Machine           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
62047          SHAFIE HINDI RANCH       -NM - Albuquerque
5024           Shamrock                 -CO- Montrose
63053          SHANKS BROTHERS          -NM - Albuquerque
8912           Sharrard Park            -CO- Glenwood Springs
6206           Shauntie                 -UT- Cedar City
5511           Shavano Mesa             -CO- Montrose
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
06340          Shavetail Gulch         -CO- White River (Meeker)
00054          SHAW CANYON             -NM - Albuquerque
10122          SHAY                    -NM - Albuquerque
4519           Shearingcorral          -UT- Kanab
14103          Sheep Canyon            -UT- Price
8628           Sheep Cr G&F            -CO- Glenwood Springs
08005          Sheep Pt Community      -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
4142           Sheep Spring            -UT- Kanab
5145           Sheep Spring            -UT- Cedar City
04217          Sheepherder Spring      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6300           Sheeps Gulch Com        -CO- Montrose
5084           Sheepwell               -NM - Farmington
04301          Shell Cr                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
15066          Sherratt                -UT- Cedar City
8111           Shideler                -CO- Glenwood Springs
8116           Shideler Ind            -CO- Glenwood Springs
5301           Shinarump               -AZ- Arizona Strip
4849           Shindy                  -UT- Vernal
4869           Shiner                  -UT- Vernal
4842           Shiner-colo             -UT- Vernal
5534           Shinn Park              -CO- Montrose
5270           Short Creek             -UT- St George
5270           Short Creek             -AZ- Arizona Strip
5836           Shower Bath Springs     -UT- Moab
00002          SHROYER                 -NM - Albuquerque
5005           Shumway Arroyo          -NM - Farmington
6850           Shumway Point           -UT- Monticello
5315           Shuttleworth            -AZ- Arizona Strip
16110          SIEBER CANYON           -CO- Grand Junction
78041          SIEGREST DRAW           -NM - Albuquerque
01260          SIERRA LARGA            -NM - Albuquerque
5025           Signal Hill             -CO- Montrose
5350           Signature Rock          -AZ- Arizona Strip
62055          SILAS MCCABE            -NM - Albuquerque
01279          SILVER CANYON           -NM - Albuquerque
00136          SILVER CREEK            -NM - Albuquerque
15067          Silver Peak             -UT- Cedar City
01252          SILVER ROAD             -NM - Albuquerque
5519           Simms Mesa              -CO- Montrose
08016          Simon Draw              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
18022          Simpson & Nichols       -CO- Glenwood Springs
76012          SIMS                    -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
5064           Sims Mesa Community     -NM - Farmington
6409           SINBAD VALLEY COM       -CO- Grand Junction
4111           Sink Holes              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
78040          SINKHOLE FLAT           -NM - Albuquerque
64055          SINKHOLE FLATS          -NM - Albuquerque
10059          SITKA SPRUCE            -NM - Albuquerque
79040          SIXTEEN MILE DRAW       -NM - Albuquerque
79012          SIXTEEN SPRINGS         -NM - Albuquerque
79029          SIXTEEN TANK            -NM - Albuquerque
00618          SIXTY FOUR              -NM - Albuquerque
00908          SKARDA                  -NM - Albuquerque
8227           Skeen                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
04333          Skeltzer Draw           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08406          Ski Lift                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6128           SKINNER                 -CO- Grand Junction
06025          Skinner Ridge           -CO- White River (Meeker)
06322          Skull Cr                -CO- White River (Meeker)
5547           Slagle Pass             -CO- Montrose
65062          SLASH G CATTLE          -NM - Albuquerque
65078          SLASH ML RANCH INC.     -NM - Albuquerque
78138          SLAUGHTER CANYON        -NM - Albuquerque
17034          Slick Rock              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6834           Slickhorn               -UT- Monticello
105            Slickrock               -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6500           Slumgullion             -CO- Montrose
00224          SM ESTATE               -NM - Albuquerque
04310          Smelter Hill            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4848           Smelter Springs         -UT- Vernal
8108           Smith 1                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
8353           Smith 2                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
06814          Smith C                 -CO- White River (Meeker)
04114          Smith Cr                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5049           Smith Fork Ind          -CO- Montrose
8922           Smith Gulch             -CO- Glenwood Springs
16015          Smith Gulch             -CO- Montrose
5146           Smith Jones             -UT- Cedar City
4050           Smith Mesa              -UT- St George
5001           Smith Mtn               -CO- Montrose
63528          SMITH PLACE & LOWERY    -NM - Albuquerque
06625          Smith/Crawford          -CO- White River (Meeker)
6209           Smithson                -UT- Cedar City
00165          SNAKE HILL              -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
15860          Snake John              -UT- Vernal
04206          Snake River             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08004          Snyder                  -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
16129          SNYDER FLATS            -CO- Grand Junction
16326          Snyder Gulch            -CO- Montrose
00635          SO. MONTOSO COMMUNITY   -NM - Albuquerque
6000           Soap Cr                 -CO- Montrose
5335           Soap Creek              -UT- Kanab
5335           Soap Creek              -AZ- Arizona Strip
78070          SOAPBERRY DRAW          -NM - Albuquerque
24073          Sod                     -UT- St George
6026           Soda                    -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
24105          Soldier Canyon          -UT- Price
25079          Sorensen                -UT- Price
65058          SORENSON RANCH          -NM - Albuquerque
5891           South Beaver Mesa       -UT- Moab
14004          South Branch            -CO- Montrose
63104          SOUTH CAMP              -NM - Albuquerque
4824           South Canyon            -UT- Monticello
65090          SOUTH CAPROCK           -NM - Albuquerque
00603          SOUTH CHIFLO            -NM - Albuquerque
6116           South Creek             -UT- Cedar City
00068          SOUTH DIVIDE            -NM - Albuquerque
5111           South Equus             -NM - Farmington
15080          South Ferron            -UT- Price
6056           South Fork              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
06817          South Fork              -CO- White River (Meeker)
63045          SOUTH FRESQUEZ          -NM - Albuquerque
5139           South Gonzales          -NM - Farmington
25081          South Herring Flat      -UT- Price
5105           South Highway           -UT- Cedar City
5034           South Hogback           -NM - Farmington
76018          SOUTH MONUMENT DRAW     -NM - Albuquerque
17043          South Mtn               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5147           South Of R.R. Tracks    -UT- Cedar City
14534          South of Town           -CO- Montrose
14106          South Olsen Lake        -UT- Price
6224           South Pine Valley       -UT- Cedar City
00581          SOUTH SAN ANTONE        -NM - Albuquerque
00070          SOUTH SAN LUIS          -NM - Albuquerque
5813           South Sand Flats        -UT- Moab
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
15083          South Sids Mountain     -UT- Price
00651          SOUTH UTE               -NM - Albuquerque
00765          SOUTH VALLE CHIMAL      -NM- Albuquerque
1725           South Valley            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
14827          South Warren Draw       -UT- Vernal
25084          South Wolf Hollow       -UT- Price
00707          SOUTH YEGUA             -NM - Albuquerque
15843          Southam Canyon          -UT- Vernal
25044          Southcanyon             -UT- Kanab
76054          SOUTHEAST JAL           -NM- Albuquerque
1724           Southhollow             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
843            Southnarrows            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5142           Southside               -NM - Farmington
5154           Spanish George          -UT- Cedar City
16609          SPANN                   -CO- Grand Junction
8325           Spear                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
17104          Spencer Lake            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
4113           Spencerbench            -UT- Kanab
16607          SPHINX-MITCHELL         -CO- Grand Junction
04335          Spitzie Draw            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06316          Spooky Mtn              -CO- White River (Meeker)
733            Spring Branch           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
24107          Spring Canyon           -UT- Price
5846           Spring Canyon Bottom    -UT- Moab
10116          SPRING CANYON RANCH     -NM - Albuquerque
06032          Spring Cr               -CO- White River (Meeker)
17056          Spring Cr               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
8614           Spring Cr               -CO- Glenwood Springs
16115          SPRING CR               -CO- Grand Junction
5517           Spring Cr               -CO- Montrose
6119           Spring Cr Exp           -CO- Montrose
4823           Spring Creek            -UT- Monticello
5107           Spring Creek            -UT- Cedar City
4856           Spring Creek            -UT- Vernal
4812           Spring Creek West       -UT- Monticello
04135          Spring Gulch            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5029           Spring Gulch            -CO- Montrose
6121           Spring Gulch Ind        -CO- Montrose
15862          Spring Hollow           -UT- Vernal
4151           Springhollow            -UT- Kanab
04064          Spronks Cr              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00923          SPROULE LEASE           -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
8121           Spruce Gulch Com        -CO- Glenwood Springs
5007           Spry                    -UT- Cedar City
5007           Spry                    -UT- Kanab
17038          Spud Patch              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
06027          Square S                -CO- White River (Meeker)
8727           Squaw Cr                -CO- Glenwood Springs
5828           Squaw Park              -UT- Moab
8305           Squires                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
62015          SS WILLIAMS             -NM - Albuquerque
04642          Stagecoach              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14108          Staker                  -UT- Price
6023           Star Lake Community     -NM - Farmington
8917           Starkey Gulch           -CO- Glenwood Springs
00004          STARR                   -NM - Albuquerque
25002          State Block             -UT- Kanab
25002          State Block             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
04578          State Block EU          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04640          State Block Sect 15     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8706           State Bridge            -CO- Glenwood Springs
04215          State Line              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06311          State Line              -CO- White River (Meeker)
5244           Stateline               -AZ- Arizona Strip
00582          STATELINE               -NM - Albuquerque
15863          Stateline               -UT- Vernal
4831           Stateline               -UT- Monticello
5156           Stateline               -UT- Cedar City
5843           Steamboat Mesa          -UT- Moab
115            Steele Butte            -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
6027           Steep Creek             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
15081          Steer Hollow            -UT- Cedar City
78124          STETSON SEEP            -NM - Albuquerque
6830           Stevens                 -UT- Monticello
6202           Stevens Cr Com          -CO- Montrose
79054          STEVENS DRAW            -NM - Albuquerque
14513          Stevens Gulch Com       -CO- Montrose
6112           Stewart                 -UT- Cedar City
14503          Stingley Gulch          -CO- Montrose
04608          Stinking Gulch          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08052          Stinking Spring Cyn     -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
15847          Stirrup                 -UT- Vernal
14521          Stock Driveway          -CO- Montrose
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
00079          STOKES FLAT             -NM - Albuquerque
14109          Stone Cabin             -UT- Vernal
14109          Stone Cabin             -UT- Price
6749           STONER-WALKER           -CO- Grand Junction
8203           Storm King              -CO- Glenwood Springs
8204           Storm King/Dolan Gul    -CO- Glenwood Springs
4051           Stout                   -UT- St George
15085          Straight Hollow         -UT- Price
06615          Strawberry Peak         -CO- White River (Meeker)
8321           Stroock Ind             -CO- Glenwood Springs
8665           Strubi A Nick           -CO- Glenwood Springs
16313          Stubbs Gulch            -CO- Montrose
6204           Stueben Cr              -CO- Montrose
06372          Stuntz Ridge            -CO- White River (Meeker)
15824          Stuntz Valley           -UT- Vernal
4117           Sugarknoll              -UT- Kanab
04054          Sugarloaf Basin 15      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04433          Sugarloaf Butte         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04055          Sugarloaf Peak          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14111          Sulfur Canyon           -UT- Price
14111          Sulfur Canyon           -UT- Vernal
10009          SULLIVAN                -NM - Albuquerque
4810           Sullivan Canyon         -AZ- Arizona Strip
4816           Sullivan Tank           -AZ- Arizona Strip
5857           Sulphur Canyon          -UT- Moab
5023           Sulphur Gulch           -CO- Montrose
17226          Summer Camp             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00107          SUMMERS COMMUNITY       -NM - Albuquerque
14110          Summerville             -UT- Price
5108           Summit                  -UT- Cedar City
4818           Summit Canyon           -UT- Monticello
5109           Summit Highway          -UT- Cedar City
17007          Summit Mesa             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
17019          Summit Point            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
77039          SUN WELLS               -NM - Albuquerque
8814           Sunday School Canyon    -UT- Vernal
8613           Sunnyside               -CO- Glenwood Springs
4118           Sunnyside               -UT- Kanab
6801           SUNNYSIDE COM           -CO- Grand Junction
8611           Sunnyside Ind           -CO- Glenwood Springs
17102          Sunrise Gulch Com       -CO- Montrose
4103           Sunsetcliffs            -UT- Kanab
                     Allotment Name                       Field Office
4863           Sunshine                  -AZ- Arizona Strip
14541          Sunshine Mesa             -CO- Montrose
5247           Sunshine Tank             -AZ- Arizona Strip
00650          SUNSHINE VALLEY           -NM - Albuquerque
5115           Superior Mesa             -NM - Farmington
5148           Susc Winter               -UT- Cedar City
8320           Sutey                     -CO- Glenwood Springs
04209          Suttles Basin             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06118          SW AMBROSIA LAKE          -NM - Albuquerque
18016          SW Rifle Cr               -CO- Glenwood Springs
06801          SWA Jensen                -CO- White River (Meeker)
17081          Swain Bench               -CO- Montrose
14120          Swallow Park              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
14120          Swallow Park              -UT- Kanab
6412           SWAMP HILL                -CO- Grand Junction
5248           Swapp Tank                -AZ- Arizona Strip
1726           Swedes Canyon             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
8822           Sweet Water               -UT- Cedar City
5080           Sweet Water               -NM - Farmington
8822           Sweetwater                -UT- Moab
8822           Sweetwater                -UT- Vernal
25086          Sweetwater                -UT- Price
25086          Sweetwater                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
15068          Swett Hills               -UT- Cedar City
4122           Sylerknoll                -UT- Kanab
00563          T. A. ALLOTMENT           -NM - Albuquerque
00544          T.& M. LOPEZ ALLOTMENT    -NM - Albuquerque
00836          T.V. RIM                  -NM - Albuquerque
63044          T-75 RANCH, INC.          -NM - Albuquerque
00425          TA                        -NM - Albuquerque
17031          Tabeguache Cr             -CO- Montrose
4104           Tablemountain             -UT- Kanab
8801           Tabyago                   -UT- Vernal
00428          TAILINGS POND             -NM - Albuquerque
6831           Tank Bench Brushy Basin   -UT- Monticello
4802           Tank Draw                 -UT- Monticello
5118           Tanner-Chaco              -NM - Farmington
00097          TANQUE DE CABALLOS        -NM - Albuquerque
00566          TANQUES ALLOTMENT         -NM - Albuquerque
62039          TAPIA                     -NM - Albuquerque
00063          TAPIA ARROYO              -NM - Albuquerque
06112          TAPICITOES                -NM - Albuquerque
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
5575           Tappan Cr              -CO- Montrose
00168          TARPLEY WELL           -NM - Albuquerque
4851           Tassi                  -AZ- Arizona Strip
6747           TATER HILLS            -CO- Grand Junction
08455          Tater Mtn              -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5882           Taylor                 -UT- Moab
7228           Taylor                 -CO- Montrose
04121          Taylor Canyon          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04610          Taylor Cr              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5555           Taylor Draw            -CO- Montrose
25087          Taylor Flat            -UT- Price
4808           Taylor Flat            -UT- Vernal
77003          TAYLOR PEAK            -NM - Albuquerque
25088          TDJ                    -UT- Price
736            Teasdale Bench         -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
737            Teasdale Ranch         -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00209          TECHADO MESA           -NM - Albuquerque
01280          TECOLOTE DRAW          -NM - Albuquerque
78103          TECOLOTE PEAK          -NM - Albuquerque
64074          TEEL PLACE             -NM - Albuquerque
04309          Teepee Draw            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
10018          TEJANA MESA            -NM - Albuquerque
00120          TEJON                  -NM - Albuquerque
04411          Temple Canyon          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04155          Temple Gulch           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5089           Temple Mountain        -UT- Price
5216           Temple Trail           -AZ- Arizona Strip
6100           Ten Mile Springs Com   -CO- Montrose
845            Tenmile                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5824           Ten-mile Point         -UT- Moab
00122          TENT ROCKS             -NM - Albuquerque
8603           Tepee Cr               -CO- Glenwood Springs
4074           Terrace                -UT- St George
00545          TETILLITAS ALLOTMENT   -NM - Albuquerque
6348           Texas Cr               -CO- Montrose
78050          TEXAS HILL             -NM - Albuquerque
6844           Texas Muley            -UT- Monticello
06826          Theos                  -CO- White River (Meeker)
06805          Theos M                -CO- White River (Meeker)
06813          Theos N                -CO- White River (Meeker)
06812          Theos T                -CO- White River (Meeker)
79051          THIMBLE CANYON         -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
17103          Third Park Com          -CO- Montrose
5113           Thirdhouse Flat         -UT- Cedar City
06011          Thirteen Mile           -CO- White River (Meeker)
8346           Thomas                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
6148           THOMPSON                -CO- Grand Junction
04311          Thompson Basin          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5873           Thompson Canyon         -UT- Moab
8343           Thompson Cr             -CO- Glenwood Springs
4123           Thompson Point          -UT- Kanab
6060           Thoreau Community       -NM - Farmington
06802          Thornburgh              -CO- White River (Meeker)
04522          Thornburgh Gulch        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04617          Thornburgh Monument     -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04618          Thornburgh Mtn          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8812           Thorne-ute-broome       -UT- Vernal
63085          THORNTON PLACE          -NM - Albuquerque
00926          THORTON LEASE           -NM - Albuquerque
14800          Three Corners           -UT- Vernal
04330          Three Corners           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04002          Three Forks             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
78081          THREE FORKS CANYON      -NM - Albuquerque
5069           Three Peaks             -UT- Cedar City
78068          THREE TWINS             -NM - Albuquerque
78057          THREE TWINS NORTH       -NM - Albuquerque
78089          THREEMILE DRAW          -NM - Albuquerque
25051          Threemilecreek          -UT- Kanab
64084          THUNDERHEAD RANCH       -NM - Albuquerque
65081          THURMAN WHITE           -NM - Albuquerque
1727           Timber Canyon           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
4124           Timber Mountain         -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6137           TIMBER RIDGE            -CO- Grand Junction
04549          Timberlake              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
5530           Tinkler Ind             -CO- Montrose
01258          TIO BARTOLO             -NM - Albuquerque
64023          TIO GAUILAN             -NM - Albuquerque
01356          TIP TOP                 -NM - Albuquerque
76042          TOBOSA FLATS            -NM - Albuquerque
08006          Todd Ind                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6415           TOM CASTO               -CO- Grand Junction
65002          TOM GAINER              -NM - Albuquerque
64020          TOM I. CORN             -NM - Albuquerque
62060          TOM MITCHELL            -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
65016          TOM SOUTHARD EST.        -NM - Albuquerque
78036          TOMAS HARRISON           -NM - Albuquerque
6319           Tomichi                  -CO- Montrose
6309           Tomichi Dome             -CO- Montrose
5565           Tommy Cr                 -CO- Montrose
4164           Toms Canyon              -UT- Kanab
4861           Toquer Tank              -AZ- Arizona Strip
4088           Toquerville              -UT- St George
01269          TORREON COMMUNITY        -NM - Albuquerque
00035          TORREON WASH             -NM - Albuquerque
739            Torrey Town              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
04104          Tow Cr                   -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
116            Trachyte                 -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
77030          TRACY                    -NM - Albuquerque
4053           Trail                    -UT- St George
08024          Trail Canyon             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
14112          Trail Canyon             -UT- Price
16344          Trail Cr                 -CO- Montrose
8642           Trail Gulch              -CO- Glenwood Springs
14113          Trail Spring             -UT- Price
4125           Trailcanyon              -UT- Kanab
00576          TRAILING STOP-OVER       -NM - Albuquerque
14126          Trailwell                -UT- Kanab
5505           Transfer Road            -CO- Montrose
00133          TRES LAGUNAS             -NM - Albuquerque
00939          TRES OREJAS              -NM - Albuquerque
00629          TRES PIEDRAS             -NM - Albuquerque
26303          TRIANGLE                 -CO- Grand Junction
04170          Trout Cr                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00444          TRUJILLO DRAW            -NM - Albuquerque
5068           Trujillo Spring          -NM - Farmington
04106          Trull Cr                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6046           Tsayatoh Community       -NM - Farmington
00220          TSIDU-WEZA               -NM - Albuquerque
5158           Tsosie, Helen            -NM - Farmington
5159           Tsosie, Henry            -NM - Farmington
15071          Tucker Point             -UT- Cedar City
5105           Tucker Ridge Allotment   -NM - Farmington
04008          Tumble Mtn               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
78011          TUMBLEWEED DRAW          -NM - Albuquerque
00756          TURKEY CANYON            -NM - Albuquerque
00829          TURKEY HEAD RANCH        -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
5087           Turley                  -NM - Farmington
06306          Turner Cr               -CO- White River (Meeker)
6427           TURNER GULCH            -CO- Grand Junction
06071          TURPEN                  -NM - Albuquerque
5878           Tusher Wash             -UT- Moab
25090          Tuttle                  -UT- Price
17106          Tuttle Draw             -CO- Montrose
5220           Tuweep                  -AZ- Arizona Strip
5220-1         Tuweep                  -AZ- Arizona Strip
00703          TV RINCON               -NM - Albuquerque
06113          TW STEVENSON            -NM - Albuquerque
1728           Twelve Mile             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
15813          Twelve Mile             -UT- Vernal
14008          Twenty Five Mesa N      -CO- Montrose
7008           Twenty Five Mesa S      -CO- Montrose
00034          TWIN BUTTE              -NM - Albuquerque
06346          Twin Buttes             -CO- White River (Meeker)
04014          Twin Buttes             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4891           Twin Knolls             -UT- Vernal
5007           Twin Mounds             -NM - Farmington
4054           Twin Peaks              -UT- St George
10001          TWIN PEAKS              -NM - Albuquerque
77042          TWIN WELLS              -NM - Albuquerque
77012          TWIN WELLS NORTH        -NM - Albuquerque
223            Twist                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
64078          TWO MOUNTAIN RANCH      -NM - Albuquerque
6067           Two Well Community      -NM - Farmington
00587          TWO-EIGHTY -FIVE        -NM - Albuquerque
62054          TYNE OVERTON            -NM - Albuquerque
01352          U BUTTE                 -NM - Albuquerque
1729           Uinta                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
00936          ULIBARRI LEASE 15       -NM - Albuquerque
99999          Unallotted              -CO- White River (Meeker)
6425           UNAWEEP                 -CO- Grand Junction
6417           UNAWEEP N SIDE          -CO- Grand Junction
6418           UNAWEEP S SIDE          -CO- Grand Junction
7007           Uncompahge Bench        -CO- Montrose
7302           Uncompahgre Com         -CO- Montrose
65065          UNDER THE HILL          -NM - Albuquerque
1730           Under The Rim           -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
UN1            UNIT 1                  -NM - Albuquerque
UN10           UNIT 10                 -NM - Albuquerque
                        Allotment Name                   Field Office
UN11           UNIT 11                   -NM - Albuquerque
UN12           UNIT 12                   -NM - Albuquerque
UN13           UNIT 13                   -NM - Albuquerque
UN14           UNIT 14                   -NM - Albuquerque
UN15           UNIT 15                   -NM - Albuquerque
UN2            UNIT 2                    -NM - Albuquerque
UN3            UNIT 3                    -NM - Albuquerque
UN4            UNIT 4                    -NM - Albuquerque
UN5            UNIT 5                    -NM - Albuquerque
UN7            UNIT 7                    -NM - Albuquerque
UN8            UNIT 8                    -NM - Albuquerque
UN9            UNIT 9                    -NM - Albuquerque
16123          UPPER BENCH               -CO- Grand Junction
04424          Upper Boxelder Gulch      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04006          Upper Brown Cr            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6748           UPPER BRUSH MTN           -CO- Grand Junction
6506           Upper Burrows Park        -CO- Montrose
04095          Upper Calf Cr             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
76056          UPPER CAPROCK/PEARL       -NM - Albuquerque
04132          Upper Castor Gulch        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6028           Upper Cattle              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
06330          Upper Coal Cr             -CO- White River (Meeker)
8648           Upper Coffeepot           -CO- Glenwood Springs
8639           Upper Cottonwood          -CO- Glenwood Springs
04076          Upper Cottonwood          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08010          Upper Cross               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
17000          Upper Disappointment      -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04541          Upper Dressler Gulch      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4817           Upper East Canyon         -UT- Monticello
04165          Upper Fish Cr             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06040          Upper Fletcher Draw       -CO- White River (Meeker)
04023          Upper Fly Cr              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04500          Upper Four Mile           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04405          Upper Freeman Draw        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8222           Upper Garfield Com        -CO- Glenwood Springs
25023          Upper Hackberry           -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4128           Upper Hog                 -UT- Kanab
04133          Upper Horse Gulch         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
15072          Upper Horse Hollow        -UT- Cedar City
04210          Upper Housel Gulch        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04410          Upper Hughes Cr           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
8645           Upper Jack Spring       -CO- Glenwood Springs
78113          UPPER JURNIGAN DRAW     -NM - Albuquerque
04090          Upper Little Bear       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
7208           Upper Mail Box          -CO- Montrose
4893           Upper Mail Station      -UT- Monticello
7202           Upper Maverick Draw     -CO- Montrose
6315           Upper Means             -CO- Montrose
4069           Upper Mesa              -UT- St George
04166          Upper Middle Cr         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04507          Upper Mud Springs       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
79049          UPPER PACKSADDLE        -NM - Albuquerque
04140          Upper Pagoda Cr         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6033           Upper Paria             -UT- Kanab
5007           Upper Peach Valley      -CO- Montrose
8304           Upper Place             -CO- Glenwood Springs
04036          Upper Putt Cr           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04188          Upper Raspberry Cr      -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04313          Upper Rye Grass         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
79048          UPPER SEGREST DRAW      -NM - Albuquerque
8810           Upper Showalter         -UT- Vernal
04654          Upper Smith Cr          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06613          Upper Smith Gulch       -CO- White River (Meeker)
04536          Upper Spring Cr         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14514          Upper Terror Cr         -CO- Montrose
06012          Upper Thirteen Mile     -CO- White River (Meeker)
04543          Upper Timberlake        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04169          Upper Trout Cr          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08457          Upper Vigil Mesa        -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04129          Upper Waddle Cr         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8129           Upper Wallace Com       -CO- Glenwood Springs
15024          Upper Warm Creek        -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
04128          Upper Willow Cr         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04426          Upper Wilson Cr         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4158           Uppernorthfork          -UT- Kanab
4129           Upperplace              -UT- Kanab
4163           Uppersinkvalley         -UT- Kanab
15073          Urie                    -UT- Cedar City
5224           -UT- Kanab Gulch        -AZ- Arizona Strip
8809           Ute                     -UT- Vernal
8707           Ute Cr                  -CO- Glenwood Springs
6410           UTE CREEK COM           -CO- Grand Junction
                       Allotment Name                   Field Office
04123          Ute Gulch Sect 15        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00594          UTE MOUNTAIN             -NM - Albuquerque
08037          Ute Mtn                  -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5150           Uvada                    -UT- Cedar City
00075          VALLE                    -NM - Albuquerque
00782          VALLE DE LA CABRA        -NM - Albuquerque
00015          VALLE SAN ISIDRO         -NM - Albuquerque
5234           Valley Wash              -AZ- Arizona Strip
6350           Van Tassel Gulch         -CO- Montrose
00730          VARIADERO MESA           -NM - Albuquerque
8336           Vasten Homestead Com     -CO- Glenwood Springs
4803           Vega Creek               -UT- Monticello
5112           Venado                   -NM - Farmington
00211          VENTANA RIDGE            -NM - Albuquerque
01306          VERANITO                 -NM - Albuquerque
6832           Verdue Creek             -UT- Monticello
4130           Vermilion                -UT- Kanab
4130           Vermilion                -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
04338          Vermillion Flats         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
65030          VEST LAKE                -NM - Albuquerque
4055           Veyo                     -UT- St George
25065          Vic Price                -UT- Price
01350          VIEJO ARROYO             -NM - Albuquerque
06115          VIGIL                    -NM - Albuquerque
08463          Vigil Mesa               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08456          Vigil/Abeyta Mesas       -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
06619          Villa Ind                -CO- White River (Meeker)
4056           Virgin                   -UT- St George
4131           Virginriver              -UT- Kanab
00437          VM                       -NM - Albuquerque
6327           Vouga Reservoir          -CO- Montrose
8213           Vulcan AMP               -CO- Glenwood Springs
6208           W Antelope Com           -CO- Montrose
8316           W Basalt Mtn             -CO- Glenwood Springs
04011          W Beaver Cr              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04010          W Beaver Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04066          W Big Bottom             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04043          W Black Mtn              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04304          W Boone Draw             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08049          W Cahone                 -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
8620           W Castle                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
8622           W Castle Ind             -CO- Glenwood Springs
                      Allotment Name                   Field Office
04072          W County Road #7        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04323          W Douglas Mtn           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04208          W Dripping Rock         -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04127          W Dunckley              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04651          W Elkhead Cr            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
00192          W EMERY                 -NM - Albuquerque
04164          W Fish Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04552          W Fortification Dike    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04513          W Four Mile             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04526          W Great Divide          -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6205           W Gunnison              -CO- Montrose
8504           W Hardscrabble Com      -CO- Glenwood Springs
04062          W Horse Gulch           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
10110          W HORSE MT              -NM - Albuquerque
6752           W LOGAN WASH            -CO- Grand Junction
04028          W Long Mtn              -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08051          W Mesa Verde            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08026          W Mud                   -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04510          W Mud Spring Draw       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08906          W Needles/L Molas       -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
17051          W Osborne               -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
6339           W Pass Cr               -CO- Montrose
6102           W Powderhorn            -CO- Montrose
08430          W Rabbit Mtn            -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
00132          W RANCH                 -NM - Albuquerque
14510          W Roatcap               -CO- Montrose
16603          W SALT COM              -CO- Grand Junction
04040          W Sand Point            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
06604          W Shutta                -CO- White River (Meeker)
6753           W SPEARS                -CO- Grand Junction
04438          W Spring Cr             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04018          W Squaw Mtn             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14515          W Stevens Gulch         -CO- Montrose
06614          W Strawberry            -CO- White River (Meeker)
8612           W Sunnyside             -CO- Glenwood Springs
04004          W Three Forks Mtn       -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6163           W TOMS CANYON           -CO- Grand Junction
04195          W Trapper               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08415          W Vosberg Pike          -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04401          W Wapiti Peak           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
08043          W Weber Mtn             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
04137          W Well Sweep            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
                     Allotment Name                      Field Office
04012          W Willow Cr             -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14536          W Youngs Peak           -CO- Montrose
76041          W.D. & E.R. DINWIDDIE   -NM - Albuquerque
63034          W.E. & W.H. CORN        -NM - Albuquerque
62072          W.M. KEY JR.            -NM - Albuquerque
00334          WA MULLER               -NM - Albuquerque
78060          WADCUTTER DRAW          -NM - Albuquerque
65021          WAGNER HAYSTACK MTN     -NM - Albuquerque
6029           Wagon Box Mesa          -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
6029           Wagon Box Mesa          -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
26302          WAGON PARK AMP          -CO- Grand Junction
04512          Wagon Tongue            -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6213           Wah Wah Lawson          -UT- Cedar City
00148          WAHOO RANCH             -NM - Albuquerque
25025          Wahweap                 -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
5340           Wahweep                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
10046          WALKER                  -NM - Albuquerque
5939           Walker Hollow           -UT- Vernal
08429          Wallace Gulch           -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08073          Wallace Pasture         -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
64093          WALNUT CREEK            -NM - Albuquerque
62037          WALTER FIEDLER          -NM - Albuquerque
14025          Ward Cr/Doughspoon      -CO- Montrose
17028          Warden Draw             -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
4057           Warner Ridge            -UT- St George
4092           Warner Vly              -UT- St George
4115           Washboard               -UT- Price
4058           Washington              -UT- St George
5114           Water Canyon            -UT- Cedar City
4876           Water Canyon #1         -UT- Price
4876           Water Canyon #1         -UT- Vernal
4879           Water Canyon #2         -UT- Vernal
6222           Water Hollow            -UT- Cedar City
4132           Watercanyon             -UT- Kanab
5546           Waterdog Basin          -CO- Montrose
5002           Waterflow Communnity    -NM - Farmington
117            Waterpocket             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
04193          Watson Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14118          Wattis                  -UT- Price
18021          Watts                   -CO- Glenwood Springs
16306          Waunita Hot Springs     -CO- Montrose
                      Allotment Name                        Field Office
18009          Weaver                      -CO- Glenwood Springs
06344          Weaver Ridge                -CO- White River (Meeker)
16815          WEBB ISO TR                 -CO- Grand Junction
6750           WEBBER                      -CO- Grand Junction
08017          Weber Canyon                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
5115           Webster Hill                -UT- Cedar City
18902          Webster Park                -CO- Glenwood Springs
14119          Wellington                  -UT- Price
5208           Wells                       -AZ- Arizona Strip
5208           Wells                       -UT- St George
14016          Wells Gulch                 -CO- Montrose
4133           Wells Spring                -UT- St George
5160           Werito                      -NM - Farmington
00924          WESSELEY                    -NM - Albuquerque
63043          WEST                        -NM - Albuquerque
04001          West Beeler Gulch (U        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
77021          WEST BILBREY                -NM - Albuquerque
5032           West Bloomfield Community   -NM - Farmington
63016          WEST CAMP BULL/BUCK         -NM - Albuquerque
78014          WEST CAT CLAW               -NM - Albuquerque
5841           West Deadman                -UT- Vernal
5116           West Fork                   -UT- Cedar City
742            West Fremont                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5035           West Gonzales Community     -NM - Farmington
00442          WEST GRANTS RIDGE           -NM - Albuquerque
15091          West Grimes                 -UT- Price
5147           West Head Canyon            -NM - Farmington
78117          WEST HESS HILLS             -NM - Albuquerque
15074          West Hills                  -UT- Cedar City
15803          West Huber                  -UT- Vernal
25092          West Huntington             -UT- Price
78016          WEST JOHNSON DRAW           -NM - Albuquerque
01186          WEST LADRON                 -NM - Albuquerque
4846           West Little Mountain        -UT- Vernal
25093          West Orangeville            -UT- Price
4886           West Pelican Lake           -UT- Vernal
4829           West Pot Creek              -UT- Vernal
76052          WEST RED HILL               -NM - Albuquerque
00632          WEST RIO SAN ANTONIO        -NM - Albuquerque
10045          WEST SALT LAKE              -NM - Albuquerque
64079          WEST SIDE                   -NM - Albuquerque
1731           West Side                   -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
                      Allotment Name                    Field Office
6021           West Slope              -CO- Montrose
5008           West Spring             -UT- Cedar City
5138           West Stateline          -NM - Farmington
8807           West Tabyago Amp        -UT- Price
8807           West Tabyago Amp        -UT- Vernal
15877          Wetlands                -UT- Vernal
8328           Wheatley                -CO- Glenwood Springs
8918           Wheeler Gulch           -CO- Glenwood Springs
8607           Wheelock Ind Large      -CO- Glenwood Springs
6118           Whitaker                -UT- Cedar City
6118           Whitaker                -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
5075           White                   -UT- Cedar City
6837           White Canyon            -UT- Monticello
4059           White Dome              -UT- St George
65035          WHITE LAKE RANCH        -NM - Albuquerque
65034          WHITE LAKES-CROSBY      -NM - Albuquerque
6840           White Mesa              -UT- Monticello
16808          WHITE MTN               -CO- Grand Junction
5243           White Pockets           -AZ- Arizona Strip
14015          White Ranch             -CO- Montrose
8829           White River             -UT- Vernal
06699          White River Trail       -CO- White River (Meeker)
6032           White Rock              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4134           White Sage              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
4134           White Sage              -UT- Kanab
01301          WHITE SAGE              -NM - Albuquerque
5349           White Sage              -AZ- Arizona Strip
6033           Whitehorse Community    -NM - Farmington
4804           Whiterock-Soapstone     -AZ- Arizona Strip
78111          WHITES CITY             -NM - Albuquerque
16203          WHITEWATER COM          -CO- Grand Junction
16205          WHITEWATER HILL         -CO- Grand Junction
8102           Whitman                 -CO- Glenwood Springs
17010          Wickson Draw            -CO- Montrose
6030           Wide Hollow             -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
14502          Wilbanks                -CO- Montrose
06821          Wilber G                -CO- White River (Meeker)
25094          Wilberg                 -UT- Price
06836          Wilcoxson F             -CO- White River (Meeker)
16809          WILD COUNTRY            -CO- Grand Junction
                      Allotment Name                     Field Office
613            Wild Horse              -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
613            Wild Horse              -UT- Price
8808           Wild Horse Bench        -UT- Vernal
4844           Wild Mountain Colo      -UT- Vernal
00606          WILD RIVER              -NM - Albuquerque
5223           Wildband                -AZ- Arizona Strip
4854           Wildcat                 -AZ- Arizona Strip
14121          Wildcat                 -UT- Price
6799           WILDHORSE               -CO- Grand Junction
5102           Wildlife                -UT- Price
08403          Wildwater Canyon        -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
4887           Wilkerson               -UT- Vernal
76028          WILLIAM BRININSTOOL     -NM - Albuquerque
64035          WILLIAM E. GLENN        -NM - Albuquerque
62028          WILLIAM FINLEY          -NM - Albuquerque
64033          WILLIAM T F MARLEY      -NM - Albuquerque
06116          WILLIAMS                -NM - Albuquerque
14523          Williams Cr             -CO- Montrose
04600          Williams Fork           -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
8351           Williams Hill           -CO- Glenwood Springs
00128          WILLIAMS HOME           -NM - Albuquerque
00149          WILLIAMSON              -NM - Albuquerque
7220           Willims Ditch           -CO- Montrose
4143           Willis Canyon           -UT- Kanab
16033          Willow Cr               -CO- Montrose
8629           Willow Cr               -CO- Glenwood Springs
04120          Willow Cr               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
14801          Willow Creek            -UT- Vernal
6204           Willow Creek            -UT- Cedar City
14122          Willow Creek            -UT- Price
6031           Willow Gulch            -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
78097          WILLOW LAKE             -NM - Albuquerque
15076          Willow Spring           -UT- Cedar City
06624          Willow Springs          -CO- White River (Meeker)
612            Willow Springs          -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
612            Willow Springs          -UT- Price
4885           Willow Springs          -UT- Vernal
00061          WILSON CANYON           -NM - Albuquerque
5860           Wilson Mesa             -UT- Moab
10119          WINDRIDER               -NM - Albuquerque
5384           Windwhistle             -UT- Moab
06622          Windy Gulch             -CO- White River (Meeker)
                     Allotment Name                    Field Office
16037          Windy Point            -CO- Montrose
01298          WINEGLASS              -NM - Albuquerque
6050           Wingate Community      -NM - Farmington
63072          WINKLER PLACE          -NM - Albuquerque
5151           Winsor                 -UT- Cedar City
5854           Winter Camp            -UT- Moab
6713           WINTER FLATS-DEER PK   -CO- Grand Junction
8827           Winter Ridge Amp       -UT- Moab
8827           Winter Ridge Amp       -UT- Vernal
06329          Winter Valley Gulch    -CO- White River (Meeker)
14010          Winter/Monitor Mesa    -CO- Montrose
4145           Wiregrass              -UT- Kanab
4145           Wiregrass              -UT- Grand Staircase Escalante National
63081          WITHERS RANCH          -NM - Albuquerque
8038           Wittwer                -CO- Glenwood Springs
08038          Wittwer (UTSO)         -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
06114          WL STEVENSON           -NM - Albuquerque
64027          WM. J & CAROL OBALL    -NM - Albuquerque
8702           Wolcott                -CO- Glenwood Springs
8710           Wolcott Iso Tr         -CO- Glenwood Springs
06323          Wolf Cr                -CO- White River (Meeker)
04101          Wolf Cr                -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04102          Wolf Mtn               -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
4811           Wolfhole Canyon        -AZ- Arizona Strip
4823           Wolfhole Lake          -AZ- Arizona Strip
4839           Wolfhole Mountain      -AZ- Arizona Strip
64095          WONDER LANE            -NM - Albuquerque
15096          Wood Hollow            -UT- Price
06003          Wood Road Gulch        -CO- White River (Meeker)
5152           Wood West              -UT- Cedar City
8888           Woodbury               -UT- St George
06117          WOODFILL               -NM - Albuquerque
14123          Woodhill               -UT- Price
1732           Woodhollow             -UT- Richfield/Hanksville
79036          WOODLAND               -NM - Albuquerque
26304          WOODRING               -CO- Grand Junction
6124           WOODS                  -CO- Grand Junction
16305          Woods Gulch Com        -CO- Montrose
65061          WOODS PLACE            -NM - Albuquerque
06835          Woodward T             -CO- White River (Meeker)
5151           Woody                  -NM - Farmington
61003          WOODYS ACRES INC.'     -NM - Albuquerque
                      Allotment Name                          Field Office
00946          WOOTEN CANYON                -NM - Albuquerque
16029          Workman Cr                   -CO- Montrose
6405           WRIGHT DRAW                  -CO- Grand Junction
79044          WRIGHT WELL DRAW             -NM - Albuquerque
04085          Wymore Gulch                 -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
63020          X-BAR RANCH DIV.             -NM - Albuquerque
10028          Y RANCH                      -NM - Albuquerque
04020          Yahoo Mtn                    -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04439          Yampa                        -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
04061          Yampa River                  -CO- Little Snake (Craig)
6115           Yardley                      -UT- Cedar City
5160           Yazzie                       -NM - Farmington
6105           Yeager Gulch                 -CO- Montrose
00797          YEGUA MESA                   -NM - Albuquerque
06030          Yellow Cr                    -CO- White River (Meeker)
06858          Yellow Jacket                -CO- White River (Meeker)
08018          Yellow Jacket                -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
08057          Yellow Jacket Canyon         -CO- SJPLC/Dolores
4060           Yellow Knolls                -UT- St George
4137           Yellowjacket                 -UT- Kanab
15809          Young                        -UT- Vernal
14537          Youngs Peak                  -CO- Montrose
15077          Zane                         -UT- Cedar City
4138           Zion                         -UT- Kanab
4159           Zionpark                     -UT- St George
4159           Zionpark                     -UT- Kanab
62059          ZOLA G. HORNEY               -NM - Albuquerque
63086          ZZZ RESERVE CRENSHAW         -NM - Albuquerque

                                      Appendix B

State Code County Code County Name
AZ                   1 Apache
AZ                   3 Cochise
AZ                   5 Coconino
AZ                   7 Gila
AZ                   9 Graham
AZ                  11 Greenlee
AZ                  12 LaPaz
AZ                  13 Maricopa
AZ   15   Mohave
AZ   17   Navajo
AZ   19   Pima
AZ   21   Pinal
AZ   23   Santa Cruz
AZ   25   Yavapai
AZ   27   Yuma
CO    1   Adams
CO    3   Alamosa
CO    5   Arapahoe
CO    7   Archuleta
CO    9   Baca
CO   11   Bent
CO   13   Boulder
CO   15   Chaffee
CO   17   Cheyenne
CO   19   Clear Creek
CO   21   Conejos
CO   23   Costilla
CO   25   Crowley
CO   27   Custer
CO   29   Delta
CO   31   Denver
CO   33   Dolores
CO   35   Douglas
CO   37   Eagle
CO   39   Elbert
CO   41   El Paso
CO   43   Fremont
CO   45   Garfield
CO   47   Gilpin
CO   49   Grand
CO   51   Gunnison
CO   53   Hinsdale
CO   55   Huerfano
CO   57   Jackson
CO   59   Jefferson
CO   61   Kiowa
CO   63   Kit Carson
CO   65   Lake
CO   67   La Plata
CO   69   Larimer
CO   71   Las Animas
CO   73   Lincoln
CO   75   Logan
CO    77   Mesa
CO    79   Mineral
CO    81   Moffat
CO    83   Montezuma
CO    85   Montrose
CO    87   Morgan
CO    89   Otero
CO    91   Ouray
CO    93   Park
CO    95   Phillips
CO    97   Pitkin
CO    99   Prowers
CO   101   Pueblo
CO   103   Rio Blanco
CO   105   Rio Grande
CO   107   Routt
CO   109   Saguache
CO   111   San Juan
CO   113   San Miguel
CO   115   Sedgwick
CO   117   Summit
CO   119   Teller
CO   121   Washington
CO   123   Weld
CO   125   Yuma
NM     1   Bernalillo
NM     3   Catron
NM     5   Chavez
NM     6   Cibola
NM     7   Colfax
NM     9   Curry
NM    11   De Baca
NM    13   Dona Ana
NM    15   Eddy
NM    17   Grant
NM    19   Guadalupe
NM    21   Harding
NM    23   Hidalgo
NM    25   Lea
NM    27   Lincoln
NM    28   Los Alamos
NM    29   Luna
NM    31   McKinley
NM    33   Mora
NM    35   Otero
NM                  37   Quay
NM                  39   Rio Arriba
NM                  41   Roosevelt
NM                  43   Sandoval
NM                  45   San Juan
NM                  47   San Miguel
NM                  49   Sante Fe
NM                  51   Sierra
NM                  53   Socorro
NM                  55   Taos
NM                  57   Torrance
NM                  59   Union
NM                  61   Valencia
UT                   1   Beaver
UT                   3   Box Elder
UT                   5   Cache
UT                   7   Carbon
UT                   9   Daggett
UT                  11   Davis
UT                  13   Duchesne
UT                  15   Emery
UT                  17   Garfield
UT                  19   Grand
UT                  21   Iron
UT                  23   Juab
UT                  25   Kane
UT                  27   Millard
UT                  29   Morgan
UT                  31   Piute
UT                  33   Rich
UT                  35   Salt Lake
UT                  37   San Juan
UT                  39   Sanpete
UT                  41   Sevier
UT                  43   Summit
UT                  45   Tooele
UT                  47   Uintah
UT                  51   Wasatch
UT                  53   Washington
UT                  55   Wauzie
UT                  57   Weber

                                      Appendix C

Species/Group of Wildlife Habitat Protection Development
 Code                      Species or Group Name
100     Herbivorous Hoofed Big Game (Mammals)
101     Elk
102     Caribou
103     Mule Deer (includes Blacktail)
104     Whitetail Deer
105     Moose
106     Bighorn Sheep
107     Dall Sheep
108     Barbary Sheep
109     Ibex (Siberian - Iranian)
110     American Bison
111     Pronghorn
112     Javalina
113     Mountain Goat
114     Musk Oxen
200     Carnivores (Mammals)
201     Brown Bear (includes Grizzly)
202     Polar Bear
203     Black Bear
204     Wolves
205     Coyote
206     Foxes
207     Fisher
208     Wolverine
209     Bobcat and Lynx
210     Cougar
211     Pine Martin
212     Mink
213     Weasel
214     Ferret
215     Otter
300     Omnivores (Mammals)
301     Skunk
302     Ringtailed Cat
303     Coatimundi
304     Raccoon
400     Herbivores
401     Beaver
402     Muskrat
403     Squirrels
404     Prairie Dogs
405     Rabbits and Hares
406     Groundhogs or Marmots
500     Migratory Birds
501   Puddle Ducks (includes all Ducks)
502   Diving Ducks
503   Shore and Marsh Birds
504   Geese and Brant
505   Swans
506   Doves and Pigeons
507   Cranes and Herons
508   Other Waterfowl
600   Gallinaceous Birds
601   Pheasants
602   Blue Grouse Group
603   Spruce Grouse (includes Franklins)
604   Ptarmigan
605   Sage Grouse
606   Prairie Chicken
607   Sharptail Grouse
608   Ruffed Grouse
609   Quail
610   Chukar Partridge
611   Hungarian Partridge
612   Wild Turkey
700   Other Birds
701   Small Birds (birds not named elsewhere)
702   Eagles
703   Hawks
704   Owls
705   Vultures and Condors
800   Fishes
801   Trout and Char
802   Salmon, non-anadromous
803   Salmon, Anadromous
804   Steelhead Trout
805   Grayling
806   Warm Water Fishes
900   Marine Animals, Amphibians, and Reptiles
901   Crabs, Clams, Oysters, and other Shellfish
902   Sea or Estuarine Fish
903   Sea or Estuarine Mammals
904   Reptiles
905   Amphibians

                                     Appendix D
                           COMMON NAME 2           GENUS SPECIES
                        COMMON NAME 2               GENUS SPECIES
BROW            Browse                    - other browse -
BRUS            Other brush               - other brush -
CACT            Cactus                    - other cactus-
CONI            Other conifers            - other conifers -
GRAS            Grass                     - other grass -
HARD            Other hardwoods           - other hardwoods -
HERB            Other Herbs               - other herbs -
TREE            Other Trees               - other trees -
ABCO            White fir                 Abies concolor
ABPR            Noble fir                 Abies procera
ABIES           Fir                       Abies sp.
ACHIL           Yarrow                    Achillea L.
ACMIO           Western Yarrow            Achillea millefolium
ACHY            Indian ricegrass          Achnatherum hymenoides
AGCR            Crested wheatgrass        Agropyron cristatum
AGDA            Streambank wheatgrass     Agropyron dasystachyum
AGDE            Desert wheatgrass         Agropyron desertorum
AGEL            Tall wheatgrass           Agropyron elongatum
AGROP2          Wheatgrass                Agropyron Gaertn.
AGIN1           Beardless wheatgrass      Agropyron inerme
AGIN2           Intermediate wheatgrass   Agropyron intermedium
AGSI            Siberian wheatgrass       Agropyron sibericum
AGSM            Western wheatgrass        Agropyron smithii
AGRO2           Wheatgrass                Agropyron sp.
AGTR1           Slender wheatgrass        Agropyron trachycaulum
AGTR2           Pubescent wheatgrass      Agropyron trichophorum
AMAL2           Saskatoon serviceberry    Amelanchier alnifolia
AMELA           Serviceberry              Amelanchier sp.
AMUT            Utah serviceberry         Amelanchier utahensis Koehne
ARNO4           black sagebrush           Artemisia nova A. Nels.
ARTEM           Sagebrush                 Artemisia sp.
ARTR            Big Sagebrush             Artemisia tridentata
ARTRT           Basin big sagebrush       Artemisia tridentata ssp. Tridentata
ARTRW8          Wyoming Big Sagebrush     Artimesia tridentata
ARTRV           Mountain Big Sagebrush    Artimisia tridentata
ASGL5           nodding milkweed          Asclepias glaucescens Kunth
ASCI4           Cicer milvetch            Astragalus cicer
ASTRA           Milkvetch                 Astragalus L.
ATCA            Four-wing Salt Brush      Atriplex canescens
ATCO            Shadscale Saltbush        Atriplex confertifolia
BAMA4           Cutleaf balsamroot        Balsamorhiza macrophylla
BASA3           Arrowleaf Balsamroot      Balsamorhiza sagittata
                       COMMON NAME 2                    GENUS SPECIES
BOCU            Side-oats grama               Bouteloua curtipendula
BOGR2           Blue Grama                    Bouteloua gracilis
BOUTE           Grama                         Bouteloua sp.
BRIN2           Smooth brome                  Bromus inermis
BRMA            Mountain brome                Bromus marginatus
BRMO            Soft chess                    Bromus mollis
BROMU           Brome                         Bromus sp.
CEMO            Perennial cornflower          Centaurea montana L.
CELE3           Curl-leaf mountain mahogany   Cercocarpus ledifolius Nutt.
CEMOG           Birchleaf Mountain Mahogany   Cercocarpus montanus
CERCO           Mountain Mahogany             Cercocarpus montanus
CHLA            Port-Orford-cedar             Chamaecyparis lawsoniana
CHRYS7          Goldenaster                   Chrysopsis (Nutt.)
CHNA            Rubber rabbitbrush            Chrysothamnus nauseosus
CHRYS9          Rabbitbrush                   Chrysothamnus sp.
CHVI1           Douglas rabbitbrush           Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus
CONVO           Bindweed                      Convolvulus L.
COME5           Mexican cliffrose             Cowania mexicana
CUST4           Stiffhair waxweed             Cuphea strigulosa
DAGL            Orchardgrass                  Dactylis glomerata
DACTY           Orchardgrass                  Dactylis sp.
ELAN            Russian-olive                 Elaeagnus angustifolia
ELEL5           Squirreltail                  Elymus elymoides
ELJU            Russian wildrye               Elymus junceus
ELLA3           Streambank Wheatgrass         Elymus lanceolatus
ELMA7           Thickspike Wheatgrass         Elymus macrourus
EPNE            Nevada Jointfir Ephedra       Ephedra nevadensis
EPVI            Mormon Tea                    Ephedra viridis
ERCU            Weeping lovegrass             Eragrostis curvula
ERAGR           Lovegrass                     Eragrostis sp.
ERLE            Lehman lovegrass              Eragrotis lehmanniana
ERNA10          Grey Rabbitbrush              Ericameria nauseosa
FAPA            Apache Plume                  Fallugia paradoxa
FEID            Idaho fescue                  Festuca idahoensis
FEOV            Sheep Fescue                  Festuca ovina
FETR3           Hard Fescue                   Festuca trachyphylla
CLOVE           Clover                        Genus species not available
GUTIE           Snakeweed                     Gutierrezia Lag.
HEBO            Boreal Sweetvetch             Hedysarum boreale Nutt.
HEDYS           Sweetvetch                    Hedysarum L.
HEAN3           Annual Sunflower              Helianthus annuus
HELIA3          Sunflower                     Helianthus sp.
                        COMMON NAME 2                GENUS SPECIES
HEMU3           Showy Goldeneye           Heliomeris multiflora
HECO26          Needle and thread         Hesperostipa comata
JUCO            Dwarf juniper             Juniperus communis
JUDE            Alligator juniper         Juniperus deppeana
JUMO            One-seed juniper          Juniperus monosperma
JUOC            Western juniper           Juniperus occidentalis
JUOS            Utah Juniper              Juniperus osteosperma
JUSC            Rocky Mountain Juniper    Juniperus scopulorum
JUNIP           Juniper                   Juniperus sp.
KOPR80          Prostrate Summercypress   Kochia prostrata
KOSC            Mexican-fireweed          Kochia scoparia
KOCHI           Molly                     Kochia sp.
KOELE           Junegrass                 Koeleria sp.
KRLA2           Winterfat                 Krashininnikovia lanata
LAOC            Larch                     Larix occidentalis
LEDU            Green Sprangletop         Leptochloa dubia
LECI4           Basin Wildrye             Leymus cinereus
LESE14          Wildrye                   Leymus secalinus
LILE3           Prairie Flax              Linum lewisii
LIPE2           Blue Flax                 Linum perenne
LINUM           Flax                      Linum sp.
LOPEM2          Annual Rye                Lolium perenne
LOPEP           Perennial Ryegrass        Lolium perenne
LOLIU           Ryegrass                  Lolium sp.
LOFO            Carrotleaf Lomatium       Lomatium foeniculaceum
LOGE2           Geyer's Biscuitroot       Lomatium geyeri
LOSIL2          Desert parsley            Lomatium simplex
LUPIN           Lupine                    Lupinus L.
MAJU            Rush bristleweed          Machaeranthera juncea
MESA            Nomad Alfalfa             Medicago sativa
MEDIC           Alfalfa                   Medicago sp.
MEOF            Yellow Sweetclover        Melilotus officinalis
MELIL           Sweetclover               Melilotus sp.
MESA2           El Paso blazingstar       Mentzelia saxicola
MEERE           Woodrose                  Merremia sp.
ONOBR           Sainfoin                  Onobrychis sp.
OPEN            Engelmann pricklypear     Opuntia engelmanii
OPPO            Plains pricklypear        Opuntia polyancatha
OPUNT           Prickly pear              Opuntia spp.
PEPA8           Palmer's Penstemon        Penstemon palmeri
PENST           Penstemon                 Penstemon sp
PEST2           Rocky Mtn Penstemon       Penstemon strictus Benth
                        COMMON NAME 2             GENUS SPECIES
PHPR            Timothy                 Phleum pratense
PIEN            Engelmann spruce        Picea engelmanii
PIGL            White spruce            Picea glauca
PISI            Sitka spruce            Picea sitchensis
PICO            Lodgepole pine          Pinus contorta
PIED            Pinyon pine             Pinus edulis
PIJE            Jeffrey pine            Pinus jeffreyi
PILA            Sugar pine              Pinus lambertiana
PIMO            White pine              Pinus monticola
PIPO            Ponderosa pine          Pinus ponderosa
PLEUR12         Galleta Grass           Pleuraphis sp.
POBU            bulbous bluegrass       Poa bulbosa L.
POFE            Muttongrass             Poa fendleriana
POSE            Sandberg bluegrass      Poa secunda
POA             Bluegrass               Poa sp.
POAC            Lanceleaf cottonwood    Populus acuminata
POTR5           Quaking aspen           Populus tremuloides
PRJU2           Velvet mesquite         Prosopis juliflora
PRJU1           Honey mesquite          Prosopis juliflora
PRVI1           Black chokecherry       Prunus virginiana
PRVI2           Western chokecherry     Prunus virginiana
PSSP6           Bluebunch Wheatgrass    Psedoroegneria spicata
PSME            Douglas-fir             Pseudotsuga menziesii
PUGL2           Desert Bitterbrush      Purshia glandulosa
PUST            Stansbury cliffrose     Purshia stansburiana
PUTR            Antelope bitterbrush    Purshia tridentata
QUBE5           Scrub oak               Quercus berberidifolia
QUDU            California scrub oak    Quercus dumosa
QUGA            Gambel oak              Quercus gambelii
QUERC           Oak                     Quercus sp.
QUTU2           Shrub live oak          Quercus turbinella
QUVI            Live oak                Quercus virginiana
RHDI            Pacific poison-oak      Rhus diversiloba
RHRA            Poison-ivy              Rhus radicans
RHTR            Skunkbush sumac         Rhus trilobata
RIAU            Golden currant          Ribes aureum
RICE            Wax currant             Ribes cereum
RIVI            Sticky currant          Ribes viscosissimum
ROPR            Prostrate yellowcress   Rorippa prostrata (Bergeret) Schinz &
SAME3           Black Sage              Salvia mellifera
SANIC5          Blue Elderberry         Sambucus nigra
SAMI3           Small Burnet            Sanguisorba minor
                        COMMON NAME 2                  GENUS SPECIES
SAVE            Black greasewood             Sarcobatus vermiculatus
SECAL           Rye                          Secale sp.
SESE            Redwood                      Sequoia sempervirens
SILO3 SILO3     Small tumbleweed mustard     Sisymbrium loeselii L.
SPER            simplestem bur-reed          Sparganium erectum L.
SPHAE           Globemallow                  Sphaeralcea
SPCR            Sand dropseed                Sporobolus cryptandrus
SPAI            Alkali Sacaton               Sprorobolus airoides
STRI            Rough hedgenettle            Stachys rigida Nutt.
STVI            Green needlegrass            Stipa viridula
SWMA            Honduran Mahogany Honduras   Swietenia macrophylla
SYMPH           Snowberry                    Symphoricarpos sp.
SYOR            Coralberry                   Symphoricarpos Orbiculatus Moench
SYCI            Lindley's aster              Symphyotrichum ciliolatum
TECA            Spineless horsebrush         Tetradymia canescens
THPL            Western red cedar            Thuja plicata
TRAGO           Goatsbeard                   Tragopogon L.
TRPO            salsify                      Tragopogon porrifolius L.
TRHY            Alsike clover                Trifolium hybridum
TRPR2           Red clover                   Trifolium pratense L.
TRRE3           White Clover                 Trifolium repens
TSHE            Western hemlock              Tsuga heterophylla
YUAN2           Narrowleaf yucca             Yucca angustissima

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