Purfresh's Intellipur Wins Prestigious Macfrut Oscar

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					Purfresh's Intellipur Wins Prestigious Macfrut Oscar

by Connie Bordanaro, Purfresh Inc.
Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

                                       Fremont, Calif. – Oct. 19, 2010 – Purfresh, a
                                       provider of clean technologies that purify, protect,
                                       and preserve our food and water, today announced
                                       that Purfresh’s Intellipur® software analytics was
                                       awarded the prestigious Macfrut Oscar for the
                                       logistics and services category. Presented at the
                                       award ceremony held Oct. 12, 2010, at the annual
                                       Macfrut convention in Cesena, Italy, Purfresh
                                       certified partner, Pompeo Catelli, accepted the
                                       Oscar. The Macfrut Oscar program recognizes
                                       companies in the fresh produce industry who are
leading the way in innovation, reducing costs, and achieving high customer satisfaction.

“We are a proud recipient of the prestigious Macfrut Oscar for our Intellipur software
analytics,” said Mr. David Cope, president and CEO of Purfresh. “Winning this award is a
tremendous recognition for the excellent work of our designers and developers in creating a
web-based program that raises the bar for information transparency and achieving what was
previously an unattainable level of insight into, and control over, the condition of fresh
produce being stored in refrigerated rooms and marine containers shipped around the

Unique in the industry, Intellipur from Purfresh is an advanced freshness and safety
management solution that offers the produce industry visibility into and automated control
over disinfection, cold storage, and ocean transport environments. Offered as a web-based
software service, Intellipur provides subscribing customers with unparalleled transparency
and real-time access to their cold chain systems from anywhere in the world via the
Internet. With Intellipur’s robust multi-tier, web-based architecture, subscribers benefit
from accelerated issue identification and resolution with 24/7 secure system monitoring and
remote diagnostics from the centralized Intellipur Command Center. Intellipur is
engineered to integrate with Purfresh’s cold chain solutions—Purfresh Cold Storage,
Purfresh Wash, and Purfresh Transport—to enhance the freshness and safety of produce as
it travels through the food supply chain.

A panel of experts along with Macfrut 2010 visitors and exhibitors scored the entries of
each of the four categories: equipment and technologies for selection and packaging;
packaging and packaging materials; seeds and fresh fruit and vegetables; and, logistics and

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