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					   Prescribers Briefing August 2011
State-wide equipment program (SWEP)
          Aids & Equipment Program (A&EP)
Supported Accommodation Equipment Assistance Scheme
              Domiciliary Oxygen (DOP)
                Continence Aids (CA)
     Vehicle Modification Subsidy Scheme (VMSS)

 Wendy A Hubbard BAppSci (PT), MAppSci(HM), MBA
 •Executive Director – Sub-acute and Community and Chief
 Allied Health Officer at Ballarat Health Services (BHS)
 •Responsible for allied health professionals, community based
 health programs, sub-acute services such as rehabilitation and
 complex and palliative care
 •Responsibility for the BHS Governance and Risk Management
 •President of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (Vic) in
 •Chaired the National APA Quality Committee from 1998 to

 Wendy A Hubbard BAppSci (PT), MAppSci(HM), MBA (cont’d)
 •Member of the Victorian Quality Council for six years,
    •Allied Health in Rehabilitation Consultative Committee
    •Victorian Allied Health Leaders Council
    •Ballarat Community Health Centre Board
 •Member of AHMAC Working Group on the Care of Older
 Australians Clinical Reference Group

 •Committed to the concept of accountability for prescribers.
SWEP structure
  Procurement strategy

  Clinical Advisors

  Credentialing

  Develop application templates and clear processes

  Classification system

  Pre-approved repairs

  State-wide re-issue database

  Planned maintenance scheduling

  Children’s services integrated into state-wide model

       Maximise available funding for equipment provision

       Decrease waiting periods

       Standardise equipment products

       Allow prescribers to focus on core tasks of assessment

       Provide equity to all applicants

       Ensure equipment supplied is safe and meets all relevant

       Develop service requirements for not only products supplied,
        but also delivery and/or installation
Clinical Advisory Panels

 Children’s Panel and Adult’s Panel
 •   Highly skilled professionals from the Allied Health & Continence Nurse
     –   Have particular knowledge and skills in community-based services for people with
         disabilities and the frail aged in the areas of wheelchair prescription, beds and
         transfer equipment, home modifications and environmental controls, orthotics,
         mobility equipment and continence equipment.
 •   Responsible for:
     –     development of equipment prescription standards and lists,
     –     development of a prescriber credentialing model and process,
     –     development of quality control systems;
 •   Have an ongoing role in an advisory capacity to assist SWEP and our
     registered prescribers for complex prescriptions.

Registration and Credentialing

     The objectives of registration for SWEP prescribers are:
     – Confirmation of professional qualifications
     – Capacity to communicate with all prescribers

     The objectives of credentialing for SWEP prescribers are:
     –   Accurate and client-appropriate prescriptions
     –   Recognition of advanced prescriber knowledge and skills
     –   Stream-lined administrative processes
     –   Prescriber accountability
     –   Support for novice prescribers
Equipment Categories
Complexity Matrix
Pick - lists
New Prescription forms
New Prescription forms
New Prescription forms

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