Black Swan Bar by open1tup


									                                                               Black Swan

                                                            The Black Swan Bar really has become the corporate package
                                                            of choice for those looking for a lively atmosphere to entertain
                                                            guests both pre and post game. This unique package delivers
                                                            you your own private bar of ten in an innovative and informal
                                                            setting. Gourmet food and premium beverages, along with the
                                                            best elevated seats in the stadium will deliver you and your
                                                            guests a truly memorable evening.

                                                         HELD IN THE POLLY FARMER ROOM
                                                         THIS PACKAGE DELIVERS:

                                                         •	 Reserved elevated undercover seating
                                                         •	 Your own private ten person bar
                                                         •	 One and a half hour pre-match and a one hour post-match
                                                         •	 Selection of substantial gourmet food
                                                         •	 Premium selection of beer, wine and soft drink
                                                         •	 Live entertainment including MC and player interviews
                                                         •	 Emirates Western Force hosts to greet you on arrival and look
                                                            after you throughout the function
                                                         •	 Company recognition in your bar
                                                         •	 Official	match	day	programs	for	guests
         “A first class, lively atmosphere without the   •	 Two parking passes per company
         crush!! Making the whole game experience        •	 Emirates Western Force jersey signed by your nominated
                     all the more enjoyable.”               Emirates Western Force player
                  - Dave Rogers (Reedhycalog).
                                                         •	 Season guide and bumper sticker per company
                                                         •	 Emirates Western Force e-newsletter
                                                         •	 Priority purchase of Emirates Western Force Home Final
Further Information:
                                                            Corporate Hospitality packages
Graham McClelland
Corporate Hospitality Supervisor                         •	 Priority purchase of Bundaberg Rum Rugby Series Corporate
(08) 9387 0790                                              Hospitality packages for 2009 Perth Test Match      •	 Discount on Emirates Western Force merchandise

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