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                                                                An OHLAP Supplemental Scholarship

                                       Bright Futures Program Request
The OSU-Oklahoma City Bright Futures Program is geared toward incoming freshmen who are eligible for Oklahoma Higher Learning Access Program
(OHLAP) funding. This program will supplement OHLAP by providing additional financial assistance for fees and book assistance. Funds are limited;
therefore, funding will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

Criteria for Eligibility:
                1.    Student must be admitted as a first-time freshman and enroll at OSU-Oklahoma City.
                2.    Student must be pursuing an OSU-OKC degree.
                3.    Student must be an OHLAP recipient.
                4.    Student must enroll for a minimum of nine credit hours fall and spring semesters.
                5.    Eligible students will receive OSU-OKC Bright Futures assistance for three academic years.
                6.    Bright Futures recipients may enroll for up to six credit hours in summer sessions.
                7.    Student must complete a minimum of nine credit hours and maintain a 2.5 cumulative
                      grade point average.
                8.    Student must complete and submit the Bright Futures Program Request.
                9.    Student must complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
                      to the US. Department of Education for eligibility consideration.
An official copy of the high school transcript and ACT scores (as applicable) must be attached to this application when submitted to the Financial Aid
and Scholarship Office.

I have attached official copies of my:
             High school transcript                            ACT scores                              I have submitted an application
                                                                                                          for admission to OSU-OKC

OSU-OKC Student ID Number or SSN

Applicant’s Legal Name
                              Last                                       First                                    Middle

Contact Information
                              Phone                                      Email

Mailing Address
                              Street                                      City                                    State      ZIP

Residency                     State of legal residence                   How long have you lived in OK?

                              Date you became a legal resident:             /

	       Yes     No        Are you a valedictorian or salutatorian?

	       Yes     No        Are you a benefit-eligible employee of OSU-OKC?

	       Yes     No        Are you a first-generation college student (neither parent has a four-year college degree)?

                                                        Please submit this completed form to:
                                                    OSU-OKC Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
                                                              Student Center, First Floor
                                                   900 N. Portland Ave. • Oklahoma City, OK 73107
                                                     Phone: (405) 945-8646 Fax: (405) 945-3319
Rev. 3/08                                                   www.osuokc.edu/brightfutures

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