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					            Osceola Government Affairs                                              June 14, 2012

Osceola County

Building Permit Waivers

The $500,000 in building reserves for use in the building permit fee waiver program has been exhausted. The program
has officially ended. The program was a success due largely on the efforts put forward by the HBA Osceola Chapter.

Growth Management

Osceola County Community Development is continuing work on rewriting the Land Development Code (LDC). Osceola
County Commissioners approved Ordinance 12-11 repealing and replacing Chapter 2 (Administration); Chapter 5
(Concurrency Management); Chapter 8 partial (Variances, Exceptions and Appeals); Chapter 17 (Comprehensive
Development Plans); Chapter 19 (Transfer of Development Rights); Chapter 20 (Vested Rights Determination and

Transportation Funding

Osceola County staff presented Commissioners an updated progress status for the plan for alternative funding of
transportation projects in Osceola County. Commissioners agreed on the New Growth and Existing Growth portion of
the funding plan. Most Commissioners stated they would support a sales tax referendum but were not in support of a
gas tax increase.

County Attorney Andrew Mai stated there is a draft copy already prepared for the County Commission for the repeal of
the Transportation Impact Ordinance. Some Commissioners stated they wanted to make sure “toll roads” were
excluded from the comprehensive transportation funding plan.

County Fees

Commissioners approved the yearly update for usage fees in the county. The largest adjustment was in EMS Fees
charged by the county. (See attachment)

Value Adjustment Board

Commissioner Frank Attkisson and Commissioner Michael Harford were appointed to the Value Adjustment Board
(VAB). As the one citizen appointment from the BCC to the VAB, Tom Franklin was reappointed. The Osceola School
Board has one Board Member appointment along with one citizen appointment.

East 192 CRA

Commissioners will be presented for adoption the “East U.S. 192 CRA Community Redevelopment Plan” at the June
18, 2012 regularly scheduled BCC meeting. Commissioners requested County Staff to work on the recommendation by
the Growth Manage Task Force (GMTF) to include the area between the proposed boundary of Partin Settlement
Road and the Saint Cloud city line. At a GMTF meeting the HBA member requested the wording of “Goals and
Objectives” be revised from “Provision of Decent, Safe, Attractive and Affordable Housing” to “Provision of Decent,
Safe and Attractive Housing including Affordable Housing”. County Staff agreed with the recommendation.

Osceola School District

Educational Impact Fees

There has been no action on the School Board proposal of a 10% reduction to the Educational Impact Fees. After the
document is authored by the School District, the School District Superintendent will approve it and forwarded the
document to the County Manger to put on the Agenda for County Commission action.

School Board Chairman Position

School Board Member Barbara Horn was elected to the Chairman position by a 4 to 1 vote. School Board member Jay
Wheeler cast the opposing vote. Member Wheeler moved to make Superintendent Terry Andrews the Chairman of the
School Board. The motion failed for lack of a second. Superintendent Andrews stated he would not even consider that

Saint Cloud

HBA member George Arnold of Arnco Construction and HBA staff appealed to the Saint Cloud City Council for Impact
Fee reform. Arnold explained there was an opportunity for 53 vacant lots to be developed. HBA staff explained about
the benefits Osceola County is receiving since their adoption of the impact fee moratorium. Staff also stated it was an
opportunity for Saint Cloud to be the preferred place for developing if they were to adopt impact fee reform when the
Osceola County plan sunsets.

Councilman Russell Holmes stated he was willing to try moratorium plan for a three month trial period. Other Council
members explained that three month was not enough time for commercial projects to gear up. Council member Mickey
Hopper stated she did not support any reform because the present impact fee collections are encumbered by
outstanding bonds. City Manager Tom Hurt stated he was opposed to any moratorium because the impact fees would
have to be paid from another revenue source which the City did not have.

Council Members requested a workshop to further explore and discuss the issue. A tentative date of June 21, 2012 for
a workshop is schedule.

Other – 4 Florida Cities Make Top Ten

Biggest increases in traffic congestion in the U.S. from 2010 to 2011

1. Tampa                6. Las Vegas
2. Jacksonville         7. Miami
3. Greenville, S.C.     8. Houston
4. Atlanta              9. Charlotte
5. Orlando              10. Phoenix

Source: INRIX


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