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                   Bonita Barger, Tennessee Technological University

                                            CASE DESCRIPTION

       Change Management-Walker and Walker (W & W) is designed to be used in a Human
Resource Management and/or Organizational Behavior class at the Senior undergraduate level or
entry MBA level, and has a difficulty level of 4/5.
       The purpose of the case is three-fold:

 1.      to increase student awareness of the issues involved in managing organizational change,

 2.      to raise issues relating to organizational design, culture, and interpersonal alliances in managing
         human capital,

 3.       to provide comprehensive teaching notes and citations for educators to enhance discussion.

                                             CASE SYNOPSIS

        This case provides a realistic scenario encountered by senior management in managing
organizational change from the old to the new economy. Walker and Walker is a Southern family
owned manufacturing firm struggling to expand into a global marketplace. The tensions involved
in organizational change are played out in multiple arenas. The student is challenged to analyze
these arenas. The instructor is provided with extensive supporting literature to facilitate
this analysis.

Suggested Case Structure and Questions

       The case presents extensive background for both the student and educator to understand the
organizational issues and facilitate discussion. References, charts, and graphs enhance the teaching
notes. These provide "ready notes" and access for educators to stimulate organizational analysis
along the lines of organizational structure, human capital, alliances, and culture. Question format
adapted from Bolman, L. G., & Deal, T. E. (1991).

Proceedings of the International Academy for Case Studies, Volume 10, Number 2                     Las Vegas, 2003
page 2                                                                  Allied Academies International Conference

 Configuration.   What is the organizational structure/configuration?

 Human Capital.   Organizations compete through their people. How did W and W manage Human Capital in
                  the past? How were they preparing to transform Human Capital Management for the future?

 Alliances.       Identify relevant relationships/ coalitions/networks at work here? Identify who might resist
                  what? Why?

 Culture.         What is the organizational culture of W and W? Confronted with fear, change and ambiguity,
                  individuals create symbols to provide security and the "known". What symbols, events, rituals
                  emerged here? Discuss the advantages and risks associated with these?


Bolman, L. G. & Deal, T. E. (1991). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership.
      San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

Las Vegas, 2003                 Proceedings of the International Academy for Case Studies, Volume 10, Number 2