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CA Pre-Test - Bibb County Schools


									Computer Applications Pre-Test

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____    1. A(n) _____ is a way to organize vast amounts of data so that you can access, analyze, or update it easily.
           a. spreadsheet                                c. presentation
           b. database                                   d. document
____    2. Database _____ are tools that you create to store, maintain, search, analyze, and report on data in a database
           program such as Access.
           a. names                                         c. objects
           b. formulas                                      d. items
____    3. _____ are used to display one record at a time and can contain fields from several different tables.
           a. Rows                                         c. Fields
           b. Columns                                      d. Forms
____    4. The Navigation Pane, on the left side of the screen, lists the database objects present in the file, and the work
           pane on the right side of the screen is the display area for the _____ object.
           a. dynamic                                        c. live
           b. active                                         d. real
____    5. Plan your database on paper first by determining the _____ of the database and listing the fields that best
           identify the information you plan to enter.
           a. series                                       c. size
           b. purpose                                      d. string
____    6. When designing a database you should divide data into subject-based tables to reduce _____.
           a. clutter                                   c. work
           b. size                                      d. duplication
____    7. Database _____ are ways to look at the data or the structure of a table, form, query, or report.
           a. views                                        c. objects
           b. charts                                       d. queries
____    8. You can set a primary key, of unique data, to identify records and link _____.
           a. buttons                                      c. reports
           b. tables                                       d. groups
____    9. A database is an organized collection of _____ about a particular subject.
           a. facts                                        c. numeric facts
           b. theories                                     d. hypotheses

            Access Case 1-1
            You are helping a colleague complete the design of an Access database.

____ 10. You need to find information about a specific client of the company. What would be the best database object
         to use for that?
         a. table                                        c. query
         b. form                                         d. report
            Access Case 1-2
            You need to help a friend navigate through a database.

____ 11. What is the best way to view and manage objects in a database?
         a. Navigation Pane                            c. Ribbon of tabs
         b. Quick Access toolbar                       d. Table Tools
____ 12. The intersection of a column and row is called a ____.
         a. point                                        c. merge
         b. cell                                         d. heading
____ 13. When you use the Save command, you can save a new file or ____ an existing file.
         a. rename                                  c. copy
         b. restore                                 d. overwrite
____ 14. To select a row in a worksheet, press ____ anywhere in the row to be selected.
         a. Shift + Space                               c. Shift + Esc
         b. Ctrl + Space                                d. Ctrl + R
____ 15. Use the ____ to set display options for your Excel workbook.
         a. buttons                                      c. Ribbon
         b. View tab                                     d. Zoom group

            Excel Case 1-1
            You are helping a colleague complete an Excel worksheet to calculate sales.

____ 16. You enter numerical data regarding the costs of specific items. What are you entering?
         a. labels                                       c. values
         b. items                                        d. none of the above

            Excel Case 1-2
            You need to create a new spreadsheet but would like to use the same format as another spreadsheet.

____ 17. Which Excel command would you use to create a new spreadsheet without changing an existing spreadsheet?
         a. Open as Copy                            c. Open and Repair
         b. Open Read Only                          d. Open
____ 18. After the spreadsheet has been completed, you need to present it to a group for approval. What is the best way
         to display the worksheet?
         a. Gridline view                               c. Full Screen
         b. Split Screen                                d. Zoom view
____ 19. The ____ pane allows you to add speaking notes to accompany the current slide.
         a. Notes                                     c. Slides tab
         b. Slide                                     d. Outline
____ 20. The ____ displays the current slide number and the total number of slides in the presentation as well as the
         name of the current design.
         a. Zoom slider                                 c. Status bar
            b. View buttons                                   d. taskbar
____ 21. As you drag the ____, a slide label appears, indicating the slide number and slide name.
         a. thumbnail                                     c. slide tab
         b. slide bar                                     d. scroll box
____ 22. A slide ____ specifies how text or objects are positioned on the slide.
         a. plan                                          c. design
         b. diagram                                       d. layout
____ 23. The first time PowerPoint automatically resizes text, the ____ Options button appears on the side of the
         a. Font                                         c. AutoFormat
         b. Text                                         d. AutoFit
____ 24. You can create text boxes only in ____ view.
         a. Standard                                          c. Dialog
         b. Layout                                            d. Normal
____ 25. You can add colorful border lines around the placeholder and fill the box with a color or pattern using buttons
         in the ____ group on the Drawing Tools, Format tab.
         a. Shape Styles                                 c. Dialog
         b. Effects Styles                               d. Properties
____ 26. When you run a slide show, each slide fills the entire screen without showing the ____ or the status bar.
         a. Ribbon                                        c. Tab
         b. Menu                                          d. Label
____ 27. You can end a slide show at any time by pressing ____.
         a. Control                                     c. Escape
         b. End                                         d. Enter
____ 28. You can deliver a presentation as ____.
         a. an on-screen slide show                           c. using overhead transparencies
         b. over the Internet                                 d. all of the above
____ 29. ____ orientation positions the page so that it is wider than it is tall and is usually used for slides.
         a. Portrait                                       c. Slideshow
         b. Landscape                                      d. none of the above
____ 30. The default orientation for slides is____.
         a. Slideshow                                         c. Portrait
         b. Normal                                            d. Landscape

            PowerPoint Case 1-1
            You are working on a presentation for your class.

____ 31. You have created the presentation and now need to review the slides and possibly edit them. Which view
         would be best to use for this task?
         a. Normal                                     c. Slide Sorter
         b. Outline                                    d. Notes Page
____ 32. There are _____ views in Word, which are useful in different situations.
         a. three                                     c. five
            b. four                                          d. seven
____ 33. _____ text leaves text or data in its original location, while placing a duplicate in another location.
         a. Cutting                                         c. Moving
         b. Copying                                         d. Renaming
____ 34. In Print Preview, you can edit text, _____, and reduce the document to fit on a single page and print it.
         a. change the document size                      c. change margins
         b. change the page orientation                   d. all of the above
____ 35. Formatting buttons can be found on the _____.
         a. View tab                                   c. Menu
         b. Mini toolbar                               d. References tab
____ 36. The default line spacing in Word 2007 is set to _____ lines.
         a. 1.00                                         c. 2.00
         b. 1.15                                         d. 2.15
____ 37. The default paragraph spacing is 0 points before a paragraph and _____ points after a paragraph.
         a. 5                                            c. 15
         b. 10                                           d. none of the above
____ 38. _____ are ornamental font collections or special characters that you can use to separate items on a page,
         emphasize items on a list, or enhance a document.
         a. Symbols                                      c. Signs
         b. Characters                                   d. Typesets

            Word Case 1-2
            You are adding graphics to the new brochure.

____ 39. You want to make sure the graphics are lined up evenly on the page. What is the best window element to use
         for this?
         a. Gridlines                                   c. Document Map
         b. Thumbnails                                  d. Graphlines
____ 40. You would like to view all the pages of the brochure at one time to make it easier to decide where to place
         graphics. Which window element would be best for this?
         a. Gridlines                                    c. Document Map
         b. Thumbnails                                   d. Rulers

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