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					Approved Farmer List                                                                                                                                                        Updated date:
      Project name:                                                                           Applicable standards:
      Company name:                                                                           Certified crops:

No.     Code          Name       Address         Date of   Field  Acreage (hectare or              Crop        Cultivating Yield estimate Last use of agro-chemicals on          Conversion period
                                                entrance name or        local unit)                            area or no.      (kg)              organic fields
                                               the project  ID   organic in-con conv                             of trees organic in-con    Type/amount of    Date of last       Date of
                                                                                                                                                chemicals used        use        starting
  1            2             3             4            5        6        7       8       9               10            11        12       13                    14         15              16

                                                             Total    0       0       0                            0          0        0

                                                Organic status       Number of        Acreage (ha)             Yield estimation
                                               Organic                                         0                       0
                                               In-conversion                                   0                       0
                                                            Total         0                    0                       0
Approved Farmer List date:
      Project name:
      Company name:

No.     Code          Name       Address
                                    Conversion period          Last ICS visit             Date of last
                                                 End of      Date           ICS           inspection
                                               conversion                inspector
  1            2             3             4            17          18               19             20

Approval Summary
  Project name:                                                                                Year:
Company name:                                                                     Updated date:

No.       Code       Name       Address         Date of   Field  Acreage (hectare or       Approval    Conditions for approval and Recommendations for improvement
                                               entrance name or organic in-con conv         result
                                              the project  ID
      1          2          3             4            5       6      7      8         9          21                                                                 22
List of Sanctioned Farmers, Suspention and Resignation
      Project name:                                                             Year:
 Company name:                                                                  Updated date:

No.       Code        Name       Address         Date of            Date of      Reasons of suspension/sanction/resignation, sanction measures and duration of the suspension
                                               entrance the       suspension
      1           2          3             4                  5            23                                                                                               24
   1      Running number
   2      Farmer code which is registered with the project.
   3      Farmer name. Please also indicate gender of the farmer.
   4      Farmer's address. May specify only village and district to give the overview of location of each farmer group.
   5      The date that the farmer joined the organic project and signed the contract with the project to declare to follow the organic standards and certification requirements.
   6      Field name or field code which is assigned for reference and identification of the field and known between the farmer and the project.
   7      Area of each organic field.
   8      Area of each in-conversion field.
   9      Area of conventiona field which is not applied for certification. Please specify all conventional fields which are under the holding and management of the farmer.
   10     Type of crops grown in each field. Please specify both organic and conventional field.
   11     Actual growing area of the organic crops to be certified. If the the organic crops are perennial crop, please specify number of trees.
   12     Estimated yield of organic crops. If there are many crops to be certified, please add more column for each crop under the column of "Yield estimate" or submit a separate table.
   13     Estimated yield of in-conversion crops.
   14     Type of agro-chemicals which are last used on each organic field and the amount used or application rate used during that period.
   15     Date of last use of such agro-chemicals.
   16     Date of start of conversion period of each organic field which is imposed by the project.
   17     Date of end of conversion period of each organic field.
   18     Date of last internal inspection by the project.
   19     Name of the internal inspector who carried out the last internal inspection.
   20     The date that the farmer was last visited by external inspector of ACT (during sampling inspections of ACT).
   21     Approval result of the project. Please specify "approve" or "not approve" or tick with " / " if approved or " X" if not approved.
   22     Conditions for approval or recommendations for farm improvement to the farmer which are imposed by the project.
   23     Date of suspention by the project.
   24     Reasons of suspension, e.g. violation, and sanction measures, including reasons of resignation from the project.

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