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   1. What is BCA Contractors Registration System (CRS)? Is it compulsory to register with CRS?

       The CRS serves the construction and construction-related procurement needs of the public sector
       including government ministries and statutory boards. Companies only need to register if they wish to
       participate in construction tenders for the public sector or as sub-contractors in public sector projects

   2. My company is only involved in private sector projects? Must I still register with CRS?

       No, you need not register with CRS.

   3. Which workhead should my company register in?

       CRS is divided into seven major categories, namely Construction (CW), Construction-Related (CR),
       Mechanical and Electrical (ME), Maintenance (MW), Trade Heads for sub-contractors (TR), Regulatory
       (RW) and Supply (SY) with a total of 63 workheads. Your company should register in the workhead that
       best describe your company’s specialisation. You can download the terms of registration and specific
       registration requirements and application forms from this link

   4. What are the requirements and the respective grade that my company is eligible to register in?

       The requirements vary from one workhead to another. Basically, the main requirements are financial
       capability, relevant technical personnel and track record. You can refer to Table B1 in each specific
       registration requirements for more details.

   5. What are the tendering limits for each respective grade?

       The tendering limit for each respective grade is valid for one year from 1 July to 30 Jun. It may be
       adjusted every year depending on the economy driving the construction industry in Singapore. Details of
       the tendering limits can be obtained from the link below.

Dec 2012                                                                        Contractors Registration System

   6. How do I apply for CRS?

      You can apply online through the e-Application service from this link
      Alternatively, you can download application forms from this link

   7. Why must my company have $100,000 relevant track record in the last three years to register or renew
      at entry grade at C3, L1 or single grade?

      BCA has to ensure that companies are capable and eligible to register in the relevant workhead.

   8. My company is unable to meet the track record requirement for the entry grades at C3, L1 and Single
      Grade. Can I still apply for BCA?

      Yes you can. However, we would require your technical person (full-time employed) to come down to our
      office for an interview.

   9. Why must my technical person attend the interview?

      BCA has to ascertain that the technical person is full-time employed by the company and has the
      experience and knowledge in the respective workhead that the company is applying for.

   10. How can I check whether my company’s technical personnel is eligible for CRS registration?

      As a guide, you can refer to the universities approved by the following boards;

      i)      Professional Engineers Board (PEB) –

      ii)     Board of Architects (BOA) –

      iii)    Building and Construction Authority -

Dec 2012                                                                      Contractors Registration System
   11. What Is CCPM?

      With the construction productivity movement, BCA has introduced the Certificate Course in Construction
      Productivity Management (CCPM) as a registration requirement for all A1, A2, B1 and L6 contractors registered in
      CW, CR, ME, MW, SY04 and SY08. The CCPM, which is jointly organized by BCA Academy and SCAL, aims to equip
      industry players with the knowledge to plan and implement initiatives to continually improve the productivity of
      their construction projects.

      To fulfil this requirement, your firm must have at least one of full-time Professional & Technical personnel (in short,
      P&T personnel) obtaining the CCPM by 1 Jul 2013 for A1 and A2 and 1 Jan 2014 for B1 and L6. Please note that
      your registration grade may be downgraded if you fail to meet the CCPM requirement by the stipulated deadline

      If any one of your P&T personnel has obtained the CCPM, you can either email a valid PDF copy of your certification
      to us at or fax to 6324 0346.

      For course enquiry, please contact BCA Academy at Tel: 62489999/67304580 or email: for
      further assistance.

   12. What Is BCCPE?

      BCA has been campaigning actively to promote productivity within the construction industry. We have various
      incentive schemes for all contractors to enhance their productivity through various mechanisms and embrace the
      latest technology in construction methods. The Basic Concept in Construction Productivity and Enhancement
      (BCCPE) course is meant to drive such awareness to all companies registered in CRS under CW, CR, ME, MW, TR,
      SY04 and SY08 with grades B2 to C3, L5 to L1 and Single Grades. The course will cover topics such as definition and
      measurement of productivity; improving construction productivity during planning, design and construction stage;
      site layout, deployment planning and site coordination; quality control and good management practices; and the
      use of Construction Productivity and Capability Fund to enhance productivity.

      All CRS contractors registered under the above-mentioned categories and respective grades are required to ensure
      at least one of its Technical Personnel (TP), as submitted in its last application to CRS, had attended the BCCPE
      course latest by 1 July 2013. If one of your TP has obtained a Certificate in Construction Productivity Management
      (CCPM), your company’s TP will not be required to attend the BCCPE course but you are required to submit the
      CCPM certificate to CRS for record purpose.

      The BCCPE is conducted at the BCA Academy. There are limited places available for the first twenty sessions during
      the weeks from 18 to 22 March 2013 and from 27 to 31 May 2013 that will be conducted at a special rate of $22
      (inclusive of GST) per person. Subsequent sessions after 1 Jun 2013 may be charged at a higher rate. The
      registration form with cheque or GIRO payment (made payable to Building and Construction Authority) must be
      submitted to BCA Academy not later than 15 January 2013

      For course enquiry, please contact BCA Academy at Tel: 62489999/67304580 or email: for
      further assistance.

Dec 2012                                                                              Contractors Registration System
   13. Why are audited accounts required for grades C2 or L2 and above?

       Although it is not required for companies to prepare audited accounts if their annual turnovers are less
       than $5million, there is no limit to the number of government projects that a company can tender or
       execute within a year. Therefore, BCA has to ensure that companies in grades C2 or L2 and above are
       financially sound and capable of executing multiple projects for the government.

   14. What are the documents required for track record?

       For CW, CR, ME and MW, the applicant must fill up Section D for each project. The client must endorse
       on both pages of Section D to verify the project value and assess the performance of the applicant
       respectively. It must be accompanied with Award Letter / Work Order / Purchase Order and Practical
       Completion Certificate (TOP or Statutory Completion are not acceptable as they do not reflect the actual
       date of practical completion). For SY, the applicant must fill up Section E and accompanied with Award
       Letter / Work Order / Purchase Order. Sections D and E can be downloaded from this link

   15. I have applied for registration with CRS. Is my application approved?

       Normally, it will take about two weeks for the result of your application. However, applications that
       applied through online at will be given priority for processing. It may take
       longer for A1-B2 and L6-L5 grades and applications submitted over the counter. You may check your
       registration status at CRS webpage at this link

   16. I am a registered contractor and my expiry is this year. Can you...

       a) ... forward to me, my company’s track record that you have in your system?

       b) ...give me the list of technical personnel employed

       The renewal notification letter will be sent to your company two months before your company’s expiry
       date. The renewal notification will contain all the technical personnel and track record listed in our
       system which you can make necessary amendments for your renewal submission.

Dec 2012                                                                       Contractors Registration System
   17. I wish to inform/update CRS the following;

      a) ...change of company’s particulars such as business address, business contact, email address, etc

      b) ...submit technical personnel (replacement), submit valid company or personnel licences

      c) ...submit latest audited accounts and VAP calculation (for A1-B2 grades)

      d) ...submit valid ISO9000, ISO 14000, OHSAS18000, SMC

      You can submit (any of the above) the information or documents through any one of the following

      i)      mail to BCA Contractors Registration System, 5 Maxwell Road #02-01, Tower Block, MND
              Complex Singapore 069110

      ii)     fax to 63240346

      iii)    email to For documents submission, you can attach a PDF copy.


   18. The tender specifications for a government project require my company to obtain the C41 report from
       CRS. Can you give it to me?

      Only government agencies and statutory boards have access to retrieve the C41 report from CRS.
      Therefore, you can ignore this requirement when submitting your tender.

   19. What are the conditions that my company can apply for transfer of workhead?

      CRS will allow the transfer of workhead(s) for companies going through structural reorganisation that
      result in change of UEN number, mergers or acquisitions. Applicants are to note that both the transferer
      and the transferee will be held liable for any ongoing government projects at the time of transfer. You
      can download the transfer of workhead form from the link below for more details

   20. Can a transferred company re-register with CRS after the transfer is made?

      For transfer of workhead(s), only one entity will be entitled to own the workhead(s). The transferred
      company will not be allowed to re-register with CRS. The transferred company may however, set up a
      new subsidiary (new entity) and register with CRS at the entry grade.

Dec 2012                                                                     Contractors Registration System
   21. I wish to submit my renewal application through the e-Application service. Where can I get assistance
       for e-Application service?

       The e-Application service is available from this link . You can download
       the User Guide at this webpage and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Dec 2012                                                                     Contractors Registration System

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