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          Topic 1: Processing and Post Harvest Technology and Logistics

Code   Title                                                 Authors
       Effect of De-Awning and Moisture Content on           Alizadeh M., Minaei S., Hadi Khoshtaghaza M.,
       some Frictional Properties of Paddy                   Tavakkoli T., Firouzi S.
       Malaxer machine and its evolution of the              Amirante P., Clodoveo M.L., Leone A.,
       enhancing olive oil quality                           Tamborrino A.
       Effect of Moisture Content, Impact Velocity and       Arabhosseini A., Khazaei J., Jafari S., Massah J.
       Impact Orientation on Physical Damage of
       Sunflower Seeds
       An application of NIR Technology to evaluate          Caprara C., Martelli R., Pezzi F.
       Potato Storage Time: first results
       Nutritional Quality Improvement of Leafy              Charfeddine M. , Gonnella M., Conversa G.,
       Vegetables Under Protected Conditions                 Santamaria P.
       Shrinkage Kinetics Evaluation under Controlled        Corrêa P.C., Oliveira G.H.H., Botelho F.M.,
       Conditions of Coffee Berries during Drying            Campos S.C., Afonso Júnior P.C., Santos E.S.
       Bending and Shearing Properties of Alvand             Esehaghbeygi A., Hoseinzadeh B., Masoumi A.
       Variety of Wheat Stem
       Cracking Force and Some Characteristics of            Esehaghbeygi A., Ghanbarian D., Masoumi A.
       Iranian Walnut (Juglans Regia L.)
       Ultrasonic Waves to Detect Intact and Non-            Esehaghbeygi A., Raghami N.
       intact Potatoes
       Effect of Rollers Peripheral Speed Difference         Firouzi S., Alizadeh M. R.
       and Paddy Moisture Content on the
       Performance of Rubber Roll Huller
       Optimized Design of a Grape Marc Press with           Formato A., Scaglione G., Carillo M., Federico R.
       Helicoidal Screw
       Technological and Productive Optimation of            Formato A., Gubiani R., Scaglione G.
       Grape Cryo-Maceration Plant
       Physicochemical Properties of Two Cultivars of        Ghanbarian D., Shojaei Z., Youneji S.
       Cantaloupe Fruit During Various Maturity
       The Effect of Particle Size of Alfalfa Grind on       Ghorbani Z., Masoumi A. A., Hemmat A.
       Mechanical Properties
       Determination of Specific Heat and Thermal            Hassan-Beygi S.R., Kianmehr M.H., Abbasi K.
       Conductivity of Saffron (Crocus Sativus L.)
       Fracture resistance of sunflower seed to              Jafari S., Khazaei J., Arabhosseini A., Massah J.,
       compressive loading                                   Khoshtaghaza M.H.
       Investigation of the Drying Characteristics of        Kawongolo J. B., Klaiß M. , Patrick, Muranga F.
       Plantain and Matooke (Cooking Banana)                 I., Hensel O., Esper A.
       Evaluation of some thin layer models for              Kocabiyik H., Polat R., Sumer S.K.
       infrared drying of carrot slices
       Some Quality Changes of Persimmon                     Kocabiyik H., Sakaldas M., Cicek G.
       (Diospyros kaki L.) During Storage
       Design, Development and Evaluation of a               Loghavi M., Maharlouie M. M., Kamkar S.
       Pivoted-Plate Sensor for Silage Corn Yield
       Application of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy for         Mireei S.A., Mohtasebi S.S., Masoudi R., Rafiee
       the Assessment of Maturity Stages of Mazafati         S., Arabanian A. S., Silaghi F. A.
       Date Fruits
       An Investigation into Shelf-life Stability of Fresh   Niakousari M., Rezaee K., Jafarpour D., Sabetahd
       Pomegranate Kernels Stored under Modified             S.
       Atmosphere Packaging
       Extraction of Antioxidant Components from          Niakousari M., Hoseinpour S., Farboudnia
       Olive Solid Waste (OSW) Dried by Different         Jahromi M.A.
       Kinetics of ascorbic acid degradation in sour      Niakousari M., Amiri S., Radi M., Ravanfar R.
       orange juice supplemented with citric acid
       Aeration Behavior Evaluation in a Horizontal       Oliveira G.H.H., Carvalho F.M., Martins M.A.,
       Silo Utilizing CFD Tool                            Corrêa P.C.
       Physical Properties Evaluation Affected by         Oliveira G.H.H., Corrêa P.C., Rodrigues A.P.L.,
       Parchment Presence of Coffee Grain                 Campos S.C., Botelho F.M., Baptestini F.M.
       Development of an Automatic Orange Sorter          Raoufat M. H., Rasekhi R.
       based on Machine vision, State of the art
       Determination of Selected Rheological              Razavi J., Faghiri M., Masoumi A.
       Properties of Sugarcane Residue
       Brining of different naturally black olives        Romeo F. V., Piscopo A., Poiana M.
       Correlation of Milling Quality Parameters to       Sadeghi M., Hoseinian S. H., Hemmat A.
       Physical Properties of Rice
       Effect of Different Drying Methods on Whole        Sadeghi M., Torki Harchegani M.
       Lemon Fruit Colour and Quality Indices
       The Research of Heat Transfer Process during       Skrupskis I., Gross U., Aboltins A., Rozenbergs V.
       Freezing of Berries
       Qualitative evaluation of three post-harvest       Spinelli S., Parenti A., Spugnoli P., Valori F.,
       sorting systems after manual and mechanical        Calamai L., Berti L.
       ‘Quality Building’ in Companies which Process      Strano L., Tomaselli G., Failla A.
       Traditional Sicilian Agri-Foods
       Colour and Quality Indices Assessment of           Torki Harchegani M., Sadeghi M., Beigi M.
       Lemon Slices during Different Drying Methods
       Microwave Assisted Hot Air Drying of Papaya        Yousefey A.R., Niakousari M., Khajeie F.
       (Carica papaya L.) Pretreated in Osmotic

                Topic 2: Protected Cultivation, Greenhouse Technology

Code   Title                                              Authors
       Development of an electrical multifunctional       Balloni S., Caruso L., Conti A., Schillaci G., Longo
       autonomous vehicle able to cultivate covered       D., Muscato G.
       crops and to safe distribute agricultural
       chemicals inside greenhouses
       Field Test of an Electrical Autonomous Versatile   Balloni S., Caruso L., Romano E., Schillaci G.
       Platform to modern greenhouses
       Influence of Materials and Management on           Bisaglia C., Nucci F., Oberti R., Provolo G., Riva
       Greenhouse Energy Demand: the Role of              E., Romano E.
       Decision Support Systems
       Structural improvements in multispan               Callejón-Ferre A.J., Carreño-Ortega A., Pérez-
       greenhouses for verification the European          Alonso J., Vázquez-Cabrera J., Galera-Sánchez L.
       standard UNE-EN 13031-1
       Design and sizing of a new Capital for             Carreño A., Pérez J., Vázquez J., Callejón-Ferré
       Multispan Greenhouses                              A., Galera Sánchez L.
       Identification of Factors Determining the          Pérez J., Carreño A., Callejón A., Vázquez F.J.,
       Preventive Action of the Greenhouses               Sánchez-Hermosilla J., Galera L.
       Construction Companies in the Southeast of
            Topic 3: Systems Engineering and Management, Traceability

Code   Title                                               Authors
       Integrated technology systems for quality and       Falzea P. D., Sciarrone G., Abenavoli L. M.
       safety in citrus production chain
       Prediction of Saffron Corm Mass by                  Ghanbarian D., Hassan-Beygi S.R., Farahmand
       Geometrical Attributes                              M.
       Frictional properties of alfalfa grind              Ghorbani Z., Masoumi A. A., Hemmat A.
       Classification of Pistachio using Neural Network    Hojati M.R., Elahifard E., Talabeygi A.
       Estimation Equilibrium Moisture Content in          Hojati M.R., Elahifard E., Shekofteh M.
       Agriculture Product Using Neural Network
       Determination of Thermal diffusivity of dairy       Kianmehr M.H., Amin-Nayyeri M., Hassan-Beygi
       cattle manure using 1D Fourier cylindrical          S.R., Arabhosseini A.
       Sustainable Sheep Production in Hungary             Madai H., Jávor A., Nábrádi A., Lapis M.
       New technologies and management in the              Mboudou Mballa C. L.
       process of plantain transformation
       Emerging technologies for real-time agricultural    Molton A.F., Masia G., Cid R., Duro S., Fuica
       decision: field test of a wireless transmitter      A.M., Moltoni L.A.
       The Application of Multi Attribute Decision         Mortazavi M., Ghanbari L., Kamalzadah A.
       Methods (MADM) on Prioritizing
       Agricultural Research Projects
       Bioclimatic zoning for chicken production in the    Pereira Silva M., da Costa Baêta F., de Fátima
       Brazilian territory                                 Ferreira Tinôco I., Ribeiro A., Zolnier S.,
                                                           Nogueira da Silva J., Fitas da Cruz V.
       Survey on Danish conditions for Supply Chain        Sambra A., Sorensen C. G., Kristensen E. F.
       Management Optimization of Rapeseed
       Production management and production                Sciarrone G., Abenavoli L. M., Paolillo A.
       processes in fishing sector
       Influence of bottles size on olive oil shelf life   Spugnoli P., Parenti A., Masella P., Calamai L.
       Assessment of Natural Ventilation Systems in        Torres M. L., Fernández M. E., Mariño R. A.
       Freestall Dairy Barns in Galicia (Spain).
       Methodology for Diagnosing Problems and
       Proposing Solutions for Optimization

       Topic 4: Harvest and Road network planning in mountainous terrain

Code   Title                                               Authors
       Cadastral arrangements required for changing        Bârliba L. L., Bârliba C., Eleş G., Mazilu M.
       the land destination in order to develop a
       residential area in Timis County
       Topo-Cadastral operation for changing the land      Bârliba L. L., Eleş G., Bârliba C., Chiscop N.
       destination, in order to build the rig road of
       Timisoara, Romania
       Engineering role in typical mountain food           Guidetti R., Dioguardi L., Beghi R., Belli M.,
       products improvement                                Bonalume V.
       Date Transportation in Jam Kangan, Iran, a          Hojati M.R., Elahifard E., Fathi A.
       Case Study
       Characterization of the mechanical properties       Massah J., Noorolahi S.
       of muskeg site in Pakdasht area
               Topic 5: Protection, Harvesting, Automation Technology

Code   Title                                                Authors
       Mechanical distribution of predator in biological    Abenavoli L. M., Bonsignore C. P., Sciarrone G.,
       control in protected crops                           Mammoliti V., Smorto D., Giametta F., Vacante V.
       Effect of Harvest Dates on Fruit Quality             Al-Hosni A.S , Al-Busaidi K.T., Al-Farsi K., AL-
       attributes of Different Citrus Species               Azri H.S.
       Application of pure bending theory to                Arabhosseini A., Mehravar H., Kianmehr M.H.,
       determining the flexural rigidity of spinach stalk   Samimi Akhijahani H.
       Multiple-Criteria Decision-Making in Strategy        Ebrahimi Nik M.A., Sheykhdavodi M.J.,
       Determination for Application of Low Capacity        Abbaspour-Fard M.H., Mahdinia A.
       Grain Harvester in Iran High-Yield Fields
       Potato Tuber Sensitivity to Mechanical Impact        Esehaghbeygi A., Masoumi A.
       Design, Development and Evaluation of a VR           Loghavi M., Raufat M. H., Shirzadifar A. M.
       Herbicide Application System Using Machine
       Vision Technology
       Evaluations about the optimal Harvesting Time        Madeo A., Briccoli Bati C., Alessandrino M.,
       for some Olive Cultivars from Southern Italy         Ciliberti A., Godino G.
       Evaluation of three adjuvants in wind tunnel:        Masia G., Venturelli L., Fuica A.M
       their effect on drift
       A New Method for Measuring the Floating              Polyak N. I., Csizmazia Z., Szilagyi R.
       Velocity of Particles
       A New Approach in Mechanical Walnuts                 Sakenian Dehkordi N.
       Artificial Target Comparison to detect Spray         Schillaci G., Cerruto E., Balloni S., Conti A.,
       Droplet Features                                     Caruso L.

                  Topic 6: Information Systems and Precision Farming
Code   Title                                                Authors
       Developing Expert Systems for Prediction of          Abbas Khashei-Siuki , Mahdi Kouchakzadeh,
       Evaporation by MLP, RBF and ANFIS Models             Kaveh Ahmadzadeh
       Innovative transplanter with satellite system        Bellomo F., D’Antonio C., D’Antonio P.
       for superintensive olive plant
       Model definition for 3D phenomena describing         Catalano P., Fucci F., Gerbino S., Giametta F., La
       microclimate through the use of devices for          Fianza G., Simoni A.
       automatic environment’s detection
       Evaluating the crop coefficient Kc of some           Catona F., Filianoti L., Porto P.
       forest plants by using satellite images in areas
       with limited climatic measurements
       Selection of an Appropriate Simulation Method        Jafari R.
       for Soil- Tillage Tool Interaction Problems
       Development of a Real-Time Capacitance-              Khorsandy A., Hemmat A., Masoumi A.
       Based Sensor for Mapping Soil Moisture
       Development of an On-the-Go Sensor for               Khorsandy A., Hemmat A., Masoumi A.
       Mapping Soil Mechanical Resistance
       Design Modification of an Automatic Moldboard        Massah J., Alimardani R.
       A Software Application Package for Monitoring        Mazzetto F., Sacco P.
       and Controlling Slurry Animal Waste in Storage
       Tanks at Livestock Farms
       Evaluation of Information Management and             Mazzetto F., Sacco P.
       Precision Farming Solutions Via Multicriteria
       Development and first tests of a mobile ground       Mazzetto F. , Calcante A., Mena A., Vercesi A.
       sensing system for crop monitoring in vineyard
       Optimization the semivariogram mathematical        Mohammadi K., Misaghi F., Gashtasebi A.
       models coefficients . Using genetic algorithm
       for nitrate spatial distribution

       Topic 7: Power and Machinery, Tractors, Tillage, Fertilising and Plants

Code   Title                                              Authors
       Performance and Tillage Quality of a Subsoiler     Colorio G., Fanigliulo R., Tomasone R., Cedrola
       with an Oscillating Bottom Metal Plate             C., Cervellini C., Brannetti G., Pochi D.
       Nitrogenous concentration in soil and losses by    Dal Bosco T. C., Sampaio S. C., Smanhotto A.
       runoff as a result of the swine wastewater
       application in soil cultivated with soybeans
       Comparison of the Operative Performance and        Fanigliulo R., Grilli R., Cervellini C., Brannetti G.,
       Tillage Quality of differently configured Plough   Pochi D.
       Analysis and Prediction of Gross Horizontal        Gheisari M.H., Loghavi M.
       Traction Force at the Soil-Tire Interaction
       Experimental Analysis of Tractive Performance      Gheisari M.H., Loghavi M.
       on Soft Soil
       Modelling the Soil Cutting Process in Rotary       Hojati M.R., Elahifard E., Mirshekari Dehakan H.
       Tillers using Discrete Element Method
       Study Effect of Tractor Wheel Slip on Soil         Hojati M.R., Elahifard E., Keshavarz Emami R.
       Stress and Deformation State Using Finite
       Element Method
       Studying Effect of Soil Compaction on Stress       Hojati M.R., Elahifard E., Keshavarz Emami R.
       Distribution under Traction Devices using Finite
       Element Method
       Stress Analysis of Tractor Tire Interaction with   Nankali N., Hemmat A., Masoumi A.
       Soft soil Using Non-linear 2D Finite Element
       Correlation between 3D Footprint and Contact       Romano E., Cutini M., Bisaglia C.
       Tread Surface of Agricultural Tires
       Determination of Fuel Consumption Distribution     Sümer S.K., Kocabıyık H., Say S.M., Çiçek G.
       For PTO Activity and Tractor Mobility in Some
       Machine Operations

                   Topic 8: Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Code   Title                                              Authors
       The Efficiency of Biogas Production from Maize     Adamski M., Dach J., Pilarski K., Kowalik I.,
       Silage and Cellulose Wastes Mixed with Slurry      Wachowiak P.
       or Distillery Stillage
       Assay of total petroleum hydrocarbons              Alikhani S.S. , Ebrahimi S.S., Shorafa M.,
       remediation in case of using of barley, 3          Asgharzade A., Tavassoli A.
       Bacillus treatments and also a combination of
       barley with three Bacillus species treatments
       Performance of compression type refrigerator       Amirante R., Tamborrino A., Leone A., Girotto S.
       using natural working fluid
       Analysis of the Electrical Energy Requirements     Blandini G., Manetto G., Mingrino F., Quattrone
       for a Cow-buffalo Farm                             A.
       Acidity Influence over Oil Absorbance from         Carvalho F. M., Oliveira G. H H., Corrêa P. C.,
       Macaúba fruit (Acrocomia aculeata) pulp            Carvalho N. M.
       utilized for Biodiesel Production
       The use of grape marc for the production of        Failla S., Restuccia A.
       energy: first assessments using a laboratory
       Correlation between Specific Energy                Ghorbani Z., Masoumi A. A., Hemmat A.
       Consumption in Milling process and Some
       Physical and Mechanical Properties of Alfalfa
       Evaluation Of The Nitrification Of The Tilapia     Zenatti D. C., Gomes S. D., Fazolo A., Costanzi R.
       Slugtherhouse Effluent In The Sequential Batch     N., Genteline A. L.
       Reactor With Immobilized Biomass

                    Topic 9: Fruit and Vegetable Cultivation Systems

Code   Title                                              Authors
       Effects of Foliar Application of Zinc on Yield     Abazarian R., Azizi Mehdi, Shoor M., Arvin Pooya
       and Growth Analysis of Three Spinach Cultivars
       in Bojnourd (Iran) Area
       The Effect of Landscape in some Soil               Al-Rashidi Mousul Salih.M.
       properties and Wheat production (tritcum
       asativum )
       Yield Difference and Radiation Use Efficiency of   Azizi Mehdi, Arvin Pooya
       Spring Cultivars of the Oilseed Rape Species
       Evaluation of Losses of Imidacloprid from          Biocca M., Conte E., Faraci A., Pochi D.
       Conventional and Modified Pneumatic Drills for
       Soil Conservation Technique of Minimum and         Blandini G., Emma G., Failla S., Palumbo M., Virzì
       No-Tillage for Durum Wheat Cultivation in          N.
       Eastern Sicily
       Application of organic mineral fertilizers on      Disciglio G., Depellegrino F.
       processing tomato crop
       A Prototype for the Soil Sterilizing               Formato A. , Scaglione G. , Carillo M. , Federico
       Assessing of Salinity Models for Predicting        Jalali V.R., Homaee M.
       Canola Response to Salinity under Rosette
       Investigations optimal use of saline soil and      Jalali V.R., Homaee M., Salman Taherizadeh
       waters for sustainable canola production
       Production Technique and Some Physical-            Koca I., Hasbay Adil I., Karadeniz B., Yolcu H.
       Chemical Properties Of Green Walnut Jam
       Suitability of Persimmons for Turkish Delight      Koca I., Hasbay Adil I., Karadeniz B., Yolcu H.
       Mechanized Application of the Microbial            Manea D., Cojocaru I., Marin E.
       Inoculants at Vegetable Plants Sowing
       Development of a New Date Palm Pollinator          Mostaan A., Marashi S., Ahmadizadeh S.

       Mineral nutrition status of highbush blueberry,    Osvalde A., Pormale J., Karlsons A., Nollendorfs
       Vaccinium corumbosum L., in Latvia: problems       V.
       and tendencies
       Evaluation of the Corn Seeding Characteristics     Roba M., D’Amico J., Romito A., Donato L.,
       in Argentina Core Maize Region                     González N., Elisei J., Paredes D., Tesouro O.
       Innovative Mechanisation for Goblet Vineyards      Schillaci G., Balloni S., Bonsignore R., Caruso L.
       Able to Improve Wine and Landscape Quality
       Topic 10: Emerging Industrial Products, Marketing Service Systems

Code   Title                                              Authors
       Aerodynamic and Morphological Properties of        Biocca M., Gallo P., Menesatti P.
       Organo-mineral Fertiliser Particles
       Logistical Problems of Post-harvest Food           Byarugaba-Bazirake G.W., Byarugaba W.
       Handling and Marketing in Africa: A Case Study
       on Matooke in Uganda
       Bending and Shearing Characteristics of Canola     Esehaghbeygi A., Hoseinzadeh B.
       Evaluation yield and yield components in           Jajarmi V.
       rapseed (Brassica Napus) cultivars in eastern
       north of Iran
       Partial Mechanization of Sugarcane Juice           Olaoye J. O.
       Extraction Process
       Investigating Hysteresis effect and adsorption     Zomorodian A., Kavoosi Z.
       monolayer moisture for Canola
       Evaluating resistance to air flow across a Green   Zomorodian A., Amanlou Y.
       Fig bed for selecting an appropriate
       pressure drop prediction equation

       Topic 11: Safety and Health in Agro-forestry and Agro-food Systems

Code   Title                                              Authors
       Dust and VOC Risks during Cultural Operations      Blandini G., Cerruto E., Emma G., Manetto G.
       in Citrus Orchards
       A System to Monitor the Main Ambient               Carrara M., Catania P., Vallone M.
       Parameters in the Vineyard with Wireless
       Guide lines towards an optimization of safety      Checchi A., Casazza S.
       factors in equestrian shows
       The Analysis of Work Accident Dynamics As          Dioguardi L., Ariano E.
       Planning Tool for Preventive Policies in
       Analysis of safety in the livestock breedings      Gubiani R., Zoppello G., Vello M., Cividino
       The Colour As Design Instrument To Increase        Mastropietro M., Dioguardi L.
       The Workers Welfare In The Ready-To Use
       Fruits Sector
       Cultivation of Medicinal Herbs in Camonica         Pessina D., Belli M., Bonalume V.
       Valley: Mechanization Improvements in View of
       the Best Work Safety and Environmental
       Vibration Levels at the Body of the Tractor        Pochi D., Vassalini G., Fanigliulo R.
       Driver during in-furrow and out-of-furrow
       Health and Safety Aspects Connected with the       Schillaci G., Balloni S., Caruso L., Conti A.,
       Use of a Self Propelled Sprayer in Greenhouses     Rapisarda V.
                                 Topic 12: Land and Water Use

Code   Title                                              Authors
       Erosion–Driven Soil Degradation under              Aburas M., Payton R., Gowing J.
       Mediterranean Conditions in Al-Jabal al Akhdar
       Region, Libya
       Effects of Soil Conservation Works on the          Ailincai C., Jitareanu G., Bucur D., Ailincai D.,
       Production and Fertility of Eroded Soil from the   Raus L., Topa D., Cara M.
       Moldavian Plateau, Romania
       Effect of irrigation method on quality of Corn     Amiri M. J., Amiri S., Radi M., Niakousari M.
       Sustainable irrigation in protected areas: the     Capra A.
       case of the Pollino National Park
       Urban horticulture and irrigation in Cuba          Capra A., Pérez de Corcho Fuentes J.S.
       Water and energy savings in the deficit            Capra A., Consoli S., Pérez de Corcho Fuentes
       irrigation technique                               J.S., Scicolone B.
       Evaluating the erosion risk in a large Calabrian   Catona F., Cogliandro V., Fosco D., La Spada C.,
       catchment coupling RUSLE and GIS                   Porto P.
       An Actual View of Acid Soils an their Influence    Costescu I. A., Nemeş N., Nemeş I.
       on Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties
       of Soils in Timiş County, the Western Part of
       Landscape dynamics in an abandoned rural           Della Chiesa S., Pelorosso R., Leone A., Berger U.
       area of the central Apennine mountains (Italy)
       Heritage itineraries and tourism valorisation of   Di Fazio S., Laudari L., Modica P.
       the forestry landscape in the Serra san Bruno
       district (Calabria, Italy)
       Ecological networks as a key in sustainable        Fichera C. R. , Laudari L. , Modica G.
       landscape planning to solve landscape
       Assessing the effects of land use changes on       Gobattoni F., Pelorosso R., Leone A.
       soil erosion: a case study in Central Apennine
       Water infiltration under different soil tillage    Kovaricek P., Kroulik M., Hula J., Maresova K.,
       treatment                                          Brant V., Prochazkova B.
       Land Reclamation Works Applied in the              Nemeş I., Costescu I. A., Nemeş N.
       Amelioration Perimeter in Territorial Agrarian
       Fond Herneacova-Recaş, Timiş County,
       Variability of Crop Properties Affected by         Nouri H., Razavi S.J., Soom M.S.M., Aimrun W.,
       Fertigation Distribution Pattern                   Lee T.S.
       A multiple approach to estimate soil erosion       Pavanelli D., Bigi A., Rigotti M.
       and sediment sources in a small Apennines
       watershed: USLE, photogrammetric analysis
       and suspended sediment yield
       A Method for the Classification of Rural Areas     Tassinari P., Carfagna E., Torreggiani D., Benni
       in Stratified Landscape Sampling                   S., Zagoraiou M.
       National Park d’ El Kala: Climate, Vegetation      Tellah S.
       and Land Use
       Soil Water Balance at basin scale in Southern      Ventrella D., Di Giacomo E., Giglio L., Lopez R.,
       Italy                                              Fiorentino C., Guastaferro F., Castrignanò A.
                               Topic 13: Environment Protection

Code   Title                                               Authors
       Effect of Pseudomonas putida and effervescent       Alikhani S.S., Shorafa M., Asgharzade A.,
       tablet involving five Bacillus species              Tavassoli A., Ebrahimi S.S.
       independently and combined with plant
       cultivation to remedy soil hydrocarbon
       Improvement of petroleum hydrocarbon-               Alikhani S.S., Ebrahimi S.S., Tavassoli A., Shorafa
       contaminated soils by phytoremediation with         M.
       barley, vetch and bean
       Conservative and Conventional Management            Charfeddine M., Maiorana M., Convertini G.,
       Practices in Mediterranean Environment              Fornaro F.
       Environmental Sustainability of Wine                Cini E., Recchia L., Boncinelli P.
       Influence of Straw Type on Gaseous Emissions        Dach J., Nizewski P., Pilarski K., Adamski M.,
       from Composted Sewage Sludge                        Kowalik I.
       Macroscopic Modeling Phytoextraction of Cd-         Davari M., Homaee M.
       Contaminated Soils Using Transpiration
       Reduction Functions
       Straw-bale building and sustainability in rural     Di Fazio S., Lamberto L.
       Pollution diffused by phosphorus due to swine       Dieter J., Sampaio S. C., Tessaro D., Carneiro L.
       wastewater application under simulated rain         J., Grutzmacher P.
       Temperature Time Behaviour and Oxygen               Kollárová M., Marešová K.
       Content in Mechanically Aerated Static
       Compost Piles
       Kikuyu grass: preliminary study on heavy metal      Logoteta B., Taverna D., Panuccio M.R.
       The effect of optimum manure and integrated         Majidian M., Ghalavand A.
       fertilizer in contrast nitrogen fertilizer on
       quantitative and qualitative characteristics corn
       in condition moisture stress in order to reach to
       a sustainable agro ecosystem
       Introducing the Sustainable Soil Fertility          Mohammadi Kh., Ghalavand A., Aghaalikhani M.,
       System for Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)            Heidari G.R., Sohrabi Y.
       Wind Farms and the Sicilian Landscape               Russo P., Tomaselli G., Carullo L.
       Total nitrogen and nitrate concentration on soil    Smanhotto A., Sampaio S. C., Prior M., Soncela
       and lixiviation loss from the swine wastewater      R., Dal Bosco T. C., Tessaro D.
       application on soil cultivated with soybean
       Results of Research Programs on Valorisation        Tamburino V., Zema D.A., Zimbone S.M.
       of Orange Processing Residues
       Environmental safety in olives cultivation: the     Zimbalatti G., Iannelli F., Barreca P.
       case of Calabria (Italy)

                                       Topic 14: Open topics

Code   Title                                               Authors
       Crop and livestock production preferences           Adesope O.M., Agumagu A.C., Matthews-Njoku
       among urban farmers in Central South Eastern        E.C., Angba A.O.
       Evaluation of the Influence of Carbonatation        Baraldi G., Bentini M., Campagna G., Caprara C.,
       Lime Distribution on Soil Characteristics           Martelli R.
       Farm Buildings and Working Conditions in            Barbosa J.C. , Fitas da Cruz V.
       Sheep Farms: Actual Situation in Trás-os-
       Montes, Portugal
       Experimental trials of ratites skinning in order    Bianchi B., Tamborrino A.
       to fix plant and mechanical solutions
       Effects of a commercial arbuscular mycorrhizal      Briccoli Bati C., Santilli E., Varlaro M.E.,
       Fungi Inoculum on vegetative Growth of three        Alessandrino M.
       young Olive Cultivars
       Challenges Facing the Agricultural Extension in     Dehyouri S., Hosseini S.J. F. , Ahmad S.,
       Producing and Adopting the Genetically              Dehyouri S.
       Modified Crops in Iran
       A model for the Building Sustainable Index          Di Fazio S., Barreca F., Cardinali G.
       assessment of agri-food facilities
       Effect of salinity stress on germination indices    Jajarmi V.
       in six Rapseed cultivar
       Effect of water stress on germination indices in    Jajarmi V.
       seven wheat cultivar
       Modelling the Mass and Size Distributions of        Khazaei J., Jafari S., Massah J., Arabhosseini A.
       Sunflower Seeds and Kernels Using Lognormal
       vs. Normal and Weibull Distributions
       A Two Degree of Freedom Fruit Tree Model            Láng Z., Csorba L.
       (sponsored by the Hungarian Scientific
       Research Fund)
       Effects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Fertilizer,       Majidian M., Shahpasandzadeh M., Ghalavand
       Manure and Seeding Rate in Agro Systems             A., Dehghani H.
       During Different Growth Stage on Quantitative
       and Qualitative Agronomic Characteristics of
       Cumin Grain (Cuminum cyminum)

       Effects of three types of chemical fertilizers on   Massah J., Noorolahi S.
       the soil penetration resistance
       Assessment of low-fat yogurt characteristics        Radi M., Niakousari M., Amiri S.
       supplemented with modified starch
       Development of a comprehensive crop line            Raoufat M. H., Loghavi M. , Nikian A.
       recognition algorithm, a new approach
       Detection of faecal contamination on tomatoes       Romaniello R., Peri G.
       by hyperspectral fluorescence imaging
       Screening Pinhão-manso Genotypes for                Sessa Fialho G., Silva Rosado R.D., Souto Dias
       Aluminum Tolerance Using the Solution-paper         B.A., Galvêas Laviola B., Martinez Hermínia Emília
       Method                                              Pietro, Pereira Silva M.
       Essential micro elements and nitrogen level         Tayeb S.N.
       effect on corn seed yield under Ahvaz condition
       The Effect of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria       Veres S., Lévai L., Marozsán M., Gajdos É.
       Containing Fertilizer to the Photosynthetic
       Activity of Maize Seedlings

Topic 15: IUFRO Workshop "Forestry utilization in Mediterranean countries
with particularly respect to sloping areas" - Forestry Mechanization and Wood

Code   Title                                               Authors
       The study of ecological changes and seriate         Aghakhani S., Faramarz M., Aghakhani S.
       structure of Markazi province jungles (case
       study: Shazand province,Oak jungles)
       Evaluation of plantation success with broad leaf    Aghakhani S., Yousefi Y., Choghaei M.
       species (Case study in Arak city)
       The study of freezing effects on conifer tree       Aghakhani S., Yousefi Y., Jalali M., Zeinab S.
       species using remot sencing techniques and
       field investigation (A case study of Arak city)
Gluing Assessment Procedures for Outdoor   Pellerano A., Pantaleo A., Luccarelli L.
Laminated Wood Window Frames

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