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									                                         Organizational Development and
                                                    Change Management
                                      During this time of fast-paced change, missions are changing and organizations are
                                      streamlining their operations. ICF International helps Federal managers assess the
                                      strengths and weaknesses of organizations; determine the most effective strategies for
                                      change; align business processes, resources, and people to support the organizational
                                      mission; and motivate staff to perform heroically under the strain of constant stress.

                                      Our Approach
                                      ICF helps government leaders and              information flows throughout the
                                      managers identify key leverage points         organization.
                                      and potential obstacles within
                                      organizations to develop realistic            We analyze organizational culture to
                                      plans for accomplishing goals. Our            determine how leadership, training,
Managers and their                    advice and intervention strategies             rewards, and customer focus are
                                      are based on ICF’s four-part          Culture
                                                                                       shaped to enable the successful
organizations are                     organizational model                                    accomplishment of
confronting wave upon wave            that recognizes the                                       organizational goals. We also
                                      integral relationship of                                    benchmark against other
of change in the form of new          each organization’s                   Mission               organizations to obtain
                                      unique missions,                                            insights that can translate
technologies, markets, forms          culture, business                                            directly into real value. Our
of competition, social                processes, and capital
                                                                                                   collaboration and team-
                                      infrastructure in           Capital                            building experts facilitate
relations, forms of                   implementing                                                   consensus building and
                                      effective and sustainable                           help groups align their individual
organization and                      change. By customizing our                       views with organizational directions.
management, ideas and                 solutions to each                                          We build linkages among
                                      organization’s unique           ICF International’s        your organization’s
beliefs, and so on.                   attributes, our advice        Organizational Model         knowledge workers—
                                      and tools are                                              including links to your allies,
                                      compatible with the organization’s            customers, and even your competition.
…It is vitally important that         operating environment and are more            ICF helps create a link between the
                                      likely to “stick” throughout the              present and future vision by investing in
managers accept this as a             transition.                                   enhanced learning and innovative
fundamental aspect of their                                                         thinking and by encouraging and
                                                                                    managing an entrepreneurial spirit
reality, rise to the challenge,       Our Services                                  within all your knowledge workers.
and learn to ride or                  ICF provides support services in
moderate these waves with             organizational development and change           Featured Solutions
                                      management that help managers deal
accomplishment.”                      with the challenges of change. Our              Organizational Assessment of
                                      organizational assessment methods can           Emergency Planning and Response
                                      identify the islands of stability upon          Functions, U.S. Department of
                    Gareth Morgan
                                      which stable growth can be built. We            Health and Human Services (HHS).
        Schulich School of Business   review existing business processes for          ICF analyzed the organization’s
           York University, Toronto   their alignment with the defined vision         emergency response role and identified
                                      and for hidden efficiencies that can be         options to improve the lines of
                                      exploited quickly and effectively. Our          authority, including reorganization and
                                      process mapping and analysis                    other means of institutionalizing
                                      techniques can lead to more efficient           authority. We examined HHS’ roles in
                                      work efforts and more effective                 emergency preparedness; existing
                                                                                      relationships (processes, structures,
                                                                         ICF developed this Plan to aid ONAP staff through a major
Featured Solutions (continued)                                           reorganization. ONAP had developed all reorganization materials
                                                                         and approaches, but had not sufficiently involved staff in the
authority, and communication) among senior management; and               transition planning phase of the organizational change. ICF
the integration and use of elements of the Commissioned Corp             conducted focus sessions with ONAP staff and interviews with
system in emergency response, to recommend options for                   office administrators. We compiled information, identified key
refinements and improvements.                                            challenges, and developed nine key recommendations to deal
                                                                         with the challenges and increase the chances for successful
Change Management Tools for Supervisors, Federal Law                     change.
Enforcement Agency. ICF developed a toolkit to help
supervisors and employees deal with the momentous changes                Information Management Assessment, National Oceanic
facing them in the current federal reorganization. We conducted          and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). ICF assessed
a needs assessment through interviews and focus sessions to              NOAA’s information needs as it moved toward standardizing its
identify areas of concern. The needs assessment was                      information infrastructure and improving information sharing
supplemented by a benchmarking study of a dozen organizations            among its headquarters and regional staff. Much of the
that had faced similar changes in organizational mission and             organization’s work was conducted in individual “stovepipes”
workforce restructuring. We incorporated the recommendations             throughout the organization. Learning accomplished in one
into the toolkit to provide supervisors with the necessary tools to      region rarely was transferred to other organizational
help employees transition successfully to new realities.                 components. Regional offices purchased and used information
                                                                         technology according to widely divergent rules and processes.
Management Review and Productivity Improvements,                         Our review identified five key areas for improvement, including
Federal Law Enforcement Agency. The Agency asked ICF to                  the establishment of cultural support structures—an Information
recommend enhancements to their business processes, staff                Management Review board, information literacy training, and a
attributes and productivity, and management style. After                 rewards programs for information sharing—to inculcate the
reviewing the organization’s core processes, staff capabilities,         desired behaviors within the organization.
and organizational structure, we developed recommendations to
address key challenges including a lack of understanding of the                       ICF International’s Contract Vehicles
linkage between an individual’s job and the Office’s mission; a
                                                                               Office of Personnel Management Training and Management
need for an effective performance management system that
                                                                               Assistance Services #OPM-020700030 (Human Resources),
acknowledged the organization’s unique work style; and a need                  OPM-020700006 (Training)
for an enhanced knowledge management system. A time-use
survey identified causes for declines in staff productivity and                GSA Management, Organizational, and Business
recommended realignment of functions and individual incentives.                Improvement Services (MOBIS) #GS-23F-8182H
                                                                               GSA General Purpose Commercial Information Technology
Performance Management System, Federal Emergency                               Equipment Services #GS-35F-4121D
Management Agency (FEMA). ICF analyzed the “as-is”
performance management practices within this agency and                        GSA Marketing, Media, and Public Information Services
devised a performance management system to integrate                           #GS-23F-0115K
planning, evaluation, and diagnosis activities. A prototype of the             GSA Environmental Services #GS-10F-0124J
system was developed for one of the operating groups within the
                                                                               GSA Logistics Worldwide (LogWorld) #GS-10F-0578N
agency, including identifying critical functions and specific
metrics for the key components of the functions. A performance                 GSA Professional Engineering Services (PES)
management toolkit, complete with explanations of the system                   #GS-23F-0016P
and its use, was provided to the evaluation team.
                                                                               DHS Program Management Services BPA #GS-10F-06-LP-A-
Transition Team-Building Plan, Housing and Urban
Development, Office of Native American Programs (ONAP).

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