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					               How to Deal with Terrorism?

Points to be known:-

      Terrorism refer to those violent acts which are intended to create fear (terror).
      Lakhs of innocent people died because of terrorism. And so many people suffered. Now
       a days terrorism is a biggest challenge for the entire world.
      Terrorists do not see themselves as evil. They believe they are legitimate combatants,
       fighting for what they believe in, by whatever means possible. In Terrorist view, “one
       man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”.
      Terrorists main ways are bombings, kidnappings, armed Attacks, hijackings.

Intentions of terrorists:-

      To earn money easily.
      To produce fear among people.
      To catch the attention of media.
      To decrease the country's economy by discouraging foreign investments and tourists.
      To make their religion is the only religion in the world.


      Poverty.
      Illiteracy.
      Religious extremism.
      Extreme nationalism.
      Unemployment.
      Injustice in some cases.


      Eradicate poverty.
      Increase in no. of jobs.
      Creating awareness among people, so that they won't get influenced to join in terrorism.
      Severe punishment for terrorists, who were caught.
      Full security at the boundaries of the country.
      Justice must not be denied and it should not be delayed too.
      Everyone must know the true meaning of religion and also the truth that killing people is
       against to God.
Group Discussion:

Hi,my point of the government can easily remove terrorism from country. If they give education in
backward people than no one can make fool them &they can be able to take their decision regarding
their life advantage. If government would deploy school & colleges in rural area in cheapest prices than
people can easily help government to remove terrorism, because international terrorist has enough skill.
They are aware of new system & they can easily make fool. & pretend easily for achieving their goal. If
education will endowed from government than we can eliminate the terrorism from our country & we
can keep our country clean.

Hi friends! I have few points to add on this topic.we are the government(for the people, by the people
and to the people).Politicians alone can't change the system,Every individual should learn the human
values from their journey of life, starting from home.We should learn which is bad and which is good.If
this is followed from childhood by their family then i think there won't be any brainwashing from
outsiders as well as no need to blame others.

If this is the case then world will sleep in peace.

I read all the above ideas and by clubbing all the above ideas.

I would like to say that the world consists of many PEOPLE who have become terrorists due to many
reasons. So all the terrorists can't have the same punishment.

-The people who have become terrorists due to illiteracy, unemployment should be taught about the
cruelty meted out to people due to their deeds.

-The people who kill others in the name of religion, caste, region should be hanged because these
people never usually change because they have gone insane.


Terrorism is a grave problem faced by the world, as a whole, today. Major reasons for terrorism is the
lack of education, unemployment, social injustice and social inequality. Those innocent minds who are
facing such problems are brainwashed and forced to indulge in these kind of threatening activities.
People who are deneid their fundamental rights and are discriminated because of their caste, religion or
sex, develop a grudge against the society and therefore they commit such crimes in order to take
revenge. The purpose of these people itself becomes to take revenge for all that he has suffered.

Steps should be taken to providen adequete education and gainful employment to all without
discriminating against them in any feild. The large amount of money the government is spending to
provide decurity to the terrorists can be used to provide basic security to common people. Also hidden
cameras and CCTV caneras should be placed in key areas and a strict system of security (check) should
be there.

With all these efforts, we will succeed in reducing the number of terrorist attacks in the country, thus
providing a peaceful life to all.

Hello friends, I agree with your thoughts and I would like to add few of mine.

Firstly terrorism is to terrorise or harm innocent people so don't you think our ministers who are having
many charges against them are also part of same, so when our leader is terrorist then how can we think
of having terror free country or world in broader terms. So first of all we need to make our people aware
about there power and wisdom, then only we can think of world free of terrorism.

Beside this our basic problem of unemployment, poverty n lack of proper education have always made
young people to follow this path. Where certain rich people or politicians or religious maniacs for there
vested interest deceive these young minds, who are totally brain washed and used.

Hai friends, I agree with what all you say. I would like to even present my views:terrorism a very terror
filled word which is shaking our country in present day has to be curbed. We get alerted when an ant
crawls on our hand and we immediately kill it with a fear that we may get pain when it stings. When we
are feared of such a smal insect then how about a terrorist?one terrorist=many lives being lost. Is he not
equal to an insect who can b killed for our safety?wen many insects are trying to spoil our nation is it not
the duty of our government to take initiatives to eliminate them?
It is the duty of the govt to take certain immediate initiatives to teach a lesson to the terrorism rather
dan going on for the discussions and relif measures after the incident as "prevention is better than

Hi friends,I think the biggest reason for increased terrorism is because of non proper government,
goverment is not planning correct measures for the country which is leading to the problem of
unemployment and illiteracy.. and according to me this to measure reasons forces one to go on wrong

I am agree with all of you but I do not think that only poor and illiteracy is the main cause of growth of
terrorism. The innovative ideas and costly weapons that a terrorist used to destroy a nation, can not
given by the poor and illiterate people. I want to throw light on another point that there are some
people who helps and do terrorism not for fulfilling their basic needs but for fulfilling their self
actualization needs. Further more lack of punishment to these terrorist is a motivational factor for
spreading terrorism. This can be minimized by self awareness.

-> simultaneous contribution of every nation to eliminate all the terrorist group.

->providing the necessary needs to the poor people and taking appropriate action so that they should
not take part in any violent activities.

->providing sever punishment to those who are on the apex of terrorism.

Moreover if every realize that the world is just like a family and we are the member of the same no one
never dare to harm the people of the family he belongs to. .

Hii. Every one, This is very horrible situation what India is facing now. If an individual of any country
commits a mistake. It doesn't mean that he himself committed the mistake but how he influenced to do
that. Well! there should be an end for this terroists acts that are taking place in India. I suppose
government is unable to take any kind of preventive measures. Instead of wasting crores and crores for
the terroist security and all. Government can use that money for education of poor children. It is the
person who killed hundreds of people. He must be shooted. It is not time to make discussions, meetings
on the bomb blasts. Goverment has to take a proper decision before happening some thing more. Hope
no innocent men will be killed any more.
Hello friends! I think Nobody terrorist from childhood. UNEMPLOYMENT and EDUCATION Are two main
Reason of a person To become A terrorists. So government Fulfill the Demand of A persons and give him
the EDUCATION And give the job for who are Unemployed. After that who are not responsible after
providing education and job then give him the strict punishment.

Hey Friends, i would like to add a bit from my side to the cause.I think 1 of the biggest threat to
Terrorism are countries like Pakistan(mostly),Afganistan etc.Because almost all attack that took place in
India have an ultimate link to 1 of these countries.I m not telling that All citizens of these countries are
terrorist but they r also suffering.So i think so all big countries should try to clean These Countries.

Hello every one. I agree with you all. And I would like to contribute some points based on my point of
view. Nowadays terrorism became a spreading mafia, with which one country or one person is trying to
get own profits. Individual efforts may not efficiently help to eradicate the Root of Terrorism.

* Countries in the world together, have to look into the problem with all the efforts they can make.

* World is greatly developing in science and technology. So using satellites to reveal the secrets of
Terrorists in avoiding the destruction of local spots.

* Every citizen must be provided with the knowledge on Terrorism.

* Every country has to spread the equal rights to all the religions, being in the country.

* The Government has to keep an eye on the funds. Because a Terrorist Association must need funds to
spread their power & to get more weapons.

* The government must be strengthen in all the areas on which the terrorism may effect.

* Every one on the Earth has to give their hand in curbing the Terrorism.

Then only the 'Terror' dies.

Thank you.

I agree with what others said that to curb terrorism we must go to the roots of terrorism which are
generally illiteracy, and some loop holes in our society. But there can be a few more ways by which
terrorism can be curbed;the nations should keep an good eye on its funds because if terrorists don't get
enough funds they will be not able to buy the weapons needed for spreading terror.
Hi buddy's ,Even though,i do agree with the points but In my point of view Since Terrorism represent a
threat to security, freedom & values of the country ...
1. Our Educational minister should provide an additional subject basically based on Anti-terrorism from
class v th to university studies not only in rural area's but in Urban city's this is sth which could help to
cope up with the terrorism perfectly...
2.Hire the new job opportunities in Rural area's so one would not divert his/her
brain towards terrorism or committing brutal..

plz excuse my mistakes...

Hi, my point of the government can easily remove terrorism from country. If they give education in
backward people than no one can make fool them &they can be able to take their decision regarding
their life advantage. If government would deploy school & colleges in rural area in cheapest prices than
people can easily help government to remove terrorism, because international terrorist has enough skill.
They are aware of new system & they can easily make fool. & pretend easily for achieving their goal. If
education will endowed from government than we can eliminate the terrorism from our country & we
can keep our country clean.

Hi everyone,I want to contribute some points regarding " how to terminate this terrorism", first of all,
government should try to provide proper education, electricity, job (vital problem) & also different type
of facility to backward portion of our country because some type of foolish educated person trying to
evoke the illiterate mob of backward place for their right and automatically they converted into
terrorism e. G. , in jhargram, singur of W. B. , and also in many parts. They are internal terrorist which
can be eliminated while by giving proper facility to illiterate people. But the terrorism which are
spreaded by external elements, for them shoot in first sight. Through this way every part of the world
will become terrorism free.

Hi friends! according to me illiteracy is one of the reason for this type of activities. An illiterate person
can be easily be fooled. 80% illiteracy is present in Afghanistan and others places where terrorism born.
So I think the world association should start awareness programmes on terrorism.

According to my point of view for removing terrorism govt. should strict against criminals. I'm not talking
about only those whose doing crime on big level I'm talking about those incident what happened in
college, school, on road, but we are avoiding its main cause to increase terrorism because a small crime
with the passage of time become a terrorism so for eradicating the root of terrorism at first we will have
to think about small things.

In today's world terrorism is very big problem which creating total unrest and terror in many part of the
world.The main purpose of terrorism is coercion.To deal with international government should use both
force and development of areas where terrorism is at its high.By providing the better facilities and job to
the young people we stop them joining the terrorist group.
Governments should also take proper measure of security at most of the public places.By upgrading the
security we can at least suppress the terrorist attempt of attack.

In spite of questioning our national security and blaming the government for its existence each
individual can guard his country against terrorism by just being vigilant and informative about any
conspicuous malicious activity. Believe me, in future, you would not find any Indian burning a candle for
"the hapless martyr" at the gate way of India.

Hai all, According to me Terrorism is a fight between good and bad, It is not that easy to eradicate the
bad from this world, Even our ancient Mythology also proves that The terror exist. And why does it exist
is the Major Question. It can be a disagreement about the Decision taken by a Govt, or a organization, or
rival against the religion. It is going to exist, What the govt need to do is that they should have a solution
for the this kind of Act, The Armed force should be Alert 24*7, and should be well trained. We should
not give any room for Any kind of Act, Like what held in Mumbai 26/11. The very serious Problem we are
facing is that, with these Terror Organization, Our own Well reputed High Officials are involved. I can Tell
that With the Support from Inside the country Nobody can Just come a Attack. It should be the Govt
duty to find out the Spy whose is working against the country. For that we should have Leaders who
does not have any Criminal Background. Who is genuine and work towards the Country Upliftment and
the Common Mans Support. If their is good leaders I can Tell that any terror organisation will think
thrice before doing any such act.

We are talking about imparting good education to children who are taken to madarsas and taught about
jihaad as war against other religions
we dont wnt children to get highly educated we want them to be given a education which shall not
divide the people on he basis of religion.
they should a mind open to different ideas around unlike the present situation where they are
programmed to think in way which justifies them wrong doing by their own misinterpreted religious
Hi, first of all try to prevent terrorism in future generation (children) by teaching them to love other
human beings without any kind of discrimination like poor, rich people like that. And teach them to help
the people who are in need. They should understand other feelings and their condition and they should
take care of other problems. They should be united in all situations.

So Teachers and Parents only can able to prevent terrorism in future "Love other human beings and give
respect to each human being" then no chance of terrorism.

Every one in this discussion is talking about root of terrorism as education, poverty, unemployment. But
my friends are this causes of terrorism, think over it again.

Many terrorist are highly educated (1 of us has already pointed out this).

The root is Leaders who are heading this organisations, who have strong evil determination to harm
peace of this world.

The root is wealthy people and nations who supports this activity by financing their highly sophisticated
technology and training facilities.

The root is nations who provide place for them.

Think if this leaders are rooted out. This nations and wealthy people rooted out.

Hi, according to me the TERRORISM has become the biggest threat to all over the world. So it should be
controlled by any how. Some of the possible ways are as follows :-

1) Education should be provided to all over the backward areas.

2) Employment opportunities should be created by setting factories in the backward areas which should
demand low skill level manpower, so that any one can work.

3) Skilled education should be introduced or technical education should be introduced.

4) Inflation rate should be controlled which is most important.

5) Government should support only those how really needs support instead of every one who takes
benefits from governments due to belonging from low caste. (eg:- ST, SC, NT, etc) Only those who comes
under below poverty line should be supported.

6) Government rules should be strengthened.

7) Strict rules should be passed and which should be followed.

And also government should try to find out more reasons for which the common people choose as
terrorist for their living.

All this are the basic reasons which should be solved to minimized the strength of terrorist.

Thank you.

Hi friends, I agree with this statement. We can overcome this problem by asking government to find
those corrupted persons who help terrorists to enter in our country legally. Also we need to strengthen
our border security (especially ocean way) so that terrorists such as Kasab and their team mates may
not enter. Also we should inform near by police station whenever we look any suspected peoples or any
suspected teams.

Yes, I completely agree with all my dear friends. In today's world terrorism is the biggest problem. If you
consider the case of Mumbai blast 26/11 then you may notice all terrorist in group of age 20-22 years
which quit shocking. So we must guide all All such teenagers in a proper way like by communication
through education or may through some mass media like TV, News Paper or Radio.

Hi Friends, I agree with above discussions we are all thinking to eradicate terrorism , but did we try to
find out who are these people who are terrorist, they are people like us who are victim of our own
system, who did not get their rights through proper way, so they took guns in their hands to fight for
their rights, i think it is because of our own system which leads to birth of terrorism ........

I agree with all of you my frnds but if we start going from root its gonna take decades to eradicate
terrorism. Its not the work of "i" but its "we" who can do this. I mean each nation needs to contribute
and in this developed era it needs to use its latest technologys because only stringent steps will lead a
path to a solution to completely eradicate terrorism a biggest threat especially to india!and the bench of
judges of each country should start going for it right now!.
International intelligence agencies should come together to make agreements for sharing information.
The countries which are directly involved in promoting these activities should be isolated with
consensus as there could be threat to any country even though there are no terror attacks as of now.

Terror activities are funded by certain rich organisations and people allover the world under the name of
religious donations which should be identified and stopped.

Equipments required to cause terror are supplied which do not go unnoticed from the eyes of the
respective governments like Pakistan... which should be identified by international community should
come forward actively and oppose the activities of such nations.

The basic understanding about the religion is being misinterpreted and the kids unknowingly believe
those so there is need to emphasize on giving the good education to children allover the world about
the true nature religion which is to protect humanity and not destroy it

Friends I agree with all of you. Terrorism should be destroyed from it's roots and our judiciary system
should be strengthen like Gulf countries. for example the main accused of Mumbai blast " Abdul Kasab "
is still alive ? We are spending much money for his safeguarding rather many people in India still fighting
for their day to day Bread !
all our politicians are ruining our country except a few.

All form terrorism will eventually end like LTTE, IRA, KHALISTAN except terrorism based on hatred,
repulsion for other religions ie Islamic terrorists faced by India, us, Israel, Russia almost entire world,
unemployment, poverty, hunger give rise to crime not terrorism, Naxalis will also comet to an end as it is
not based on blind faith in religion & hatred for other.

Solution is not far to find, look at Sri Lanka, us, Israel had done especially Lanka which employed policy
of not eye for an eye but whole body for an eye, 10 person for each person you kill.

I totally agree with all you. Terrorism has become a curse to the world.
According to me solution to this is not violence but non-violence.
Terrorists are not born as terrorists, they to are human beings but certain happenning that occur in their
life make them to divert there mind to this satanic proffession. All of us together have to stand by this
terrorism. The actual threat is from the inner people. Our great corrupt politian give encouragement to
such kinds of terrorrits activites and give a helping hand in putting our nation to dogs.
This is really true terrorism has become a dangerous problem not only for a country but for the world. In
my concern, first of all we should focus in the root of terror then we should make plan how to vanish
from the earth. I find that for the birth of terrorism there could be many reasons and out of that these
may be reasons like- unemployment, no legel justice, any revenge or excited by someone and Illitracy.
Lack of education and unemployment are two big concern. Even though you will find that many terrorist
like abusalem and Osamabin laden are highly educated. To stop terrorism, there should be followed up
this points.

1. Industry should be developed more esspecially in the terror areas. For instance, If there would be
more industries, people could get more jobs. In this way, people would have busy in there daily routine.
Indian government is trying to spread more industries in the rural areas like Bastar, Asam etc.

2. Government should spend more on education. Even who has left school in their childhood, should get
education. Indian government has taken very good step by announcing education as our right.

3. The judicial system should be more strong and have number of branches so that no case should be
pending. In India, there are more than 5lakh cases are in pending in the high court.

4. Everything is easy in unity. So all country should join hand together for the elimination of terrorism.
Each country should share information regarding the terrorist so it could be easy to apprehend.

According to me Terrorism is the serious problem faced by the modern world. this situation have to be
totally washed out from this world by joining hands with other nations. because this is a serious problem
faced equally by all the nation. All of us want to have a peaceful world where the people live with joy
and harmony. At least the nations should join hands within a continent to fight against this serious issue.

I am agree will all of you. The governments of different nations should sign a PACT to the extradition of
terrorists. The countries should eradicate the terrorism from there country because the name of country
is always added with the terrorists.

Due to a bunch of bad people the whole country suffers and finds itself nowhere in the whole world.

I agree with all above point but my opinion is that to overcome international terrorism problem. We first
point-out the main root of terrorism. 2nd step is that list out all subsidiary factor which is also becoming
root of terrorism then overcome the problem subsidiary factor one by one. That is the way to overcome
the problem of international terrorism and suitable punishment for accused person.
Good morning friends. According to my view the only way to deal with international terrorism is to deal
with inner country terrorism first. First we should think why the people turned as terrorist. The main
reason is when the government plays against them and their needs. They tried until the limit. Then they
decided to face it in unprecedented way which is called as terrorism by government. Maoist and LTTE is
best example for this. After that they contact to other terrorist in other countries to fulfill their needs.
So we have to deal it when their power is very low.

According to me, terrorism is much serious problem in the world facing by every country. I agree with
Rohith and Kapil both. We should punish strictly the arrested terrorist and should give the appropriate
answer to their attack too. But this is not the complete solution to make vanish the terrorism. This is
what the solution for today's terrorist and their attacks.

If we want to keep the terrorism away from us forever, as Rohith said we should destroy the roots of
that. So that no one person will turn into into a terrorist. And working for both question, today's grown
up terrorism and future's terrorism which is growing, will give the complete solution for terrorism.

According to me, terrorism is much serious problem in the world facing by every country. I agree with
Rohith and Kapil both. We should punish strictly the arrested terrorist and should give the appropriate
answer to their attack too. But this is not the complete solution to make vanish the terrorism. This is
what the solution for today's terrorist and their attacks.

If we want to keep the terrorism away from us forever, as Rohith said we should destroy the roots of
that. So that no one person will turn into into a terrorist. And working for both question, today's grown
up terrorism and future's terrorism which is growing, will give the complete solution for terrorism.

Yes, I agree with all you friends. I will tell one example take 26/11 in Mumbai terrorist attack the Taj
hotel and more peoples are died and our army force got one terrorist after police interrogation he said I
am joined in terrorism due lake of money so every nation concentrate on giving employment
opportunity to the poor peoples. And improve the better technology to fight against terrorism.

Ya. I agree with all you friends. Actually we've to take steps in order to prevent it completely instead of
finding solutions to a particular nation. So the top most technologies will be implemented by all the
countries who have terrorism threats.
yes i agree wit all above factors, terrorism plays a vital role in every nation now we are here not to
discuss about how to less terrorism, its about to stop it from d root.. in dis advanced generation if we
still lack at avoiding terrorism fact, its a real shame for the govt authority. Wat i say s that v have to
make use of the top most technologies for terrorism and bring it to a conclusion.

Yes i agree with rohit rhd. every problem solution is to find out its root it is same like to study the basic
concept to solve the subject problem. Government should focus on poor peoples demand and their
employment b'cause most of the time in the search of employment poor people select a bad way.

There are other ways to eradicate terrorism. Government need to concentrate on the roots and
foundation from where the actual terrorist begins. There may be only 4-5 reasons, a common man
would turned into a terrorist.

 a person can became a terrorist due to unemployment, though he has certain ability to gain a job.
 due to some rivalry with the officials for a justice.
due to religious quarrels.
So every government need to provide certain rules to fulfill common-man needs, which in turn avoid a
person from thinking an illegal work to do.

Hello friends, i want to initiate the topic "HOW to Deal With International Terrorism", One of the biggest
threat not only to the security of a particular nation but also the entire world is International Terrorism,
Each and every Country are facing the problem of their security against the terrorist groups which is
situated across the world, in my opinion- there is only one solution to deal with this threat is the
simultaneous contribution of not only powerful nations but also all the other nations to eliminate all the
terrorist groups from their home/land, then only it is possible to make a Terrorism free world.

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