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									Sun City Anthem Community Association
2450 Hampton Road
Henderson, NV 89052                                           Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Front Desk: (702) 614-5864
Phone: (702) 614-5800                                         If this falls on a holiday weekend, the office will be open the following Saturday.
Fax: (702) 614-5813                                           SCA CUSTOMER SERVICE RECEPTIONIST
SCA website:
                                                              Front Desk                                        614-5864
ANTHEM CENTER HOURS                                           COMMUNITY MANAGER
Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.                        Sacha Fotu                                        614-5800        
Saturday – 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.                             Assistant Community Manager
Sunday – 9:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
614-5864                                                      William “Buddy” Jarrett                           614-5800        
                                                              Associate Community Manager
Fitness Center Hours                                          Skyler Jewell                                     614-5800        
Monday – Saturday
5:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.                                        Administrative Assistant
Sunday 5:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.                                  Lily Cardenas                                     614-5800        

Fitness Center                                                SCA MEMBERSHIP SERVICES
614-5885                                                      RMI Membership Service Representative
                                                              Debbie Green                 614-5816                             
Serenity At Anthem Day Spa                                                                                                      
614-5809                                                      Shannon Cameron              614-5817
                                                              Margo Johnson                614-5817                             
Monday – Friday                                               CUSTOMER SERVICE/ACCOUNTS PAYABLE
6:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.                                        Manager Rich Mooney             614-5861
Saturday & Sunday                                             ACTIVITIES
7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
614-5803                                                      Manager Greg Dreyer             614-5860
                                                              Assistant Jacque Klaus          614-5806
LIBERTY CENTER HOURS                                          Facility Rental/Scheduler
2211 Somersworth Drive
Henderson, NV 89044                                           Sunny Nelsen                    614-5865
Monday - Friday 5:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.                         COMMUNICATIONS
Saturday & Sunday 5:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.                       Manager Kathy Martin            638-5750
                                                              Administrative Assistant
Community Service Assistance                                  Danielle Bartle                 614-5822
614-5862                                                      Communications IT
Emergency Preparedness 263-6378                               Aittel Sanchez                 
Community Patrol 614-6751                                     Network Administrator
                                                              Steve Myers                      
Pulte/Del Webb Customer Relations                             Network Administrator Assistant
914-4800 / 800-664-3089
                                                              Juvelyn Caparida                 
RMI Management, LLC 932-6777                                  FITNESS
THE REVERE GOLF CLUB                                          Manager Kathy Kline             614-5887
The Revere Golf Club 259-4653                                 Manager Meg Poulson             614-5873
Buckman’s 617-5780                                            Fitness Assistant Barbara Mowry 614-5823
                                                              COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT (CC&Rs, Rules & Regulations)
ADVERTISING                                                   Compliance Department Manager
Advertising at (702) 592-4818                                 Christine Wikoff                614-5859
Debbie Landry -                                      Compliance Department Assistant
                                                              Julie Murray                    638-5751
                                                              Architectural Compliance/Design Guidelines/ARC
The primary mission of the Spirit is to provide a non-
political communication link to the members, build            Architectural Compliance Manager
community awareness and inform Sun City Anthem                Jennifer Guilliams              614-5812
members of community news. The Association provides
this publication for informational purposes only and          Architectural Compliance Assistant
neither endorses nor promotes any of the products or          James Arteaga                   614-5820
services advertised herein and assume no responsibility or
liability for the statements made in this publication. We     FACILITIES
reserve the right to refuse advertising for any reason, or
cause. We also reserve the right to edit, condense and        Manager Bruno Panek                               614-5851        
verify all articles and graphics submitted for publication.   Landscape Christine Noble                         614-5814        
4 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                          Table of Contents
                               Dem Boys from Chicago
                                with Mr. Shelly Fisher


                             Join Shelly with his classy leads of Nat “King” Cole,
                                         Lou Rawls and Joe Williams
                                           Friday, May 11, 7:00 p.m.
31                           18              Independence Center,
                                                Freedom Hall

6    Board of Directors      24        Fitness

8    Board Summary Report    27        Facilities/Landscaping

11   Committee Reports       31        Revere Golf

14   Community Services      32        Club Directory

16   Community Patrol        33        Club News

18   Activities              54        Service Directory

                                                            May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 5

                  President’s Report
Board’s Organizational Meeting. The newly constituted          legislative and regulatory changes from the perspective
Board resulting from this year’s election will hold its        of the volunteers governing large associations. Our
organizational meeting starting at 10:00 a.m. on May 10th.     legislative task force will recommend proposed changes to
At this meeting our Board will elect officers and establish    our Board for adoption as Association goals.
committee liaison assignments.
                                                               Anthem Center Traffic Circle. The traffic circle at the main
Tax Audit Update. Our special tax counsel and members          Anthem Center entrance continues to create confusion and
of our Tax Task Force met with the IRS on March 21. The        panic stops to avoid accidents. Most problems can be
IRS has granted us time to submit additional information       avoided by remembering that traffic always flows in a
substantiating our position. The IRS will not issue a notice   counter-clockwise direction around the traffic circle, and a
of deficiency while our discussions with them continue.        vehicle within the traffic circle has the right of way over a
We anticipate that our discussions will take at least six      vehicle entering the traffic circle.
more months before a resolution is possible.
                                                               Traffic Enforcement. The Henderson Police Department is
2013 Association Budget. Our Finance Committee and             responsible for enforcing the traffic laws throughout our
staff have been working on next year’s budget since early      community. Police cruisers regularly patrol both our main
February. Our Board will hold a budget workshop to             streets and the streets within villages. The police also rely on
discuss the guidelines for the 2013 budget on May 15           our residents to learn about specific problem areas. You can
starting at 10:00 a.m. A pre-meeting at 9:00 a.m. will         provide this information by calling the traffic hotline at
provide an overall review of our budgeting process.            (702) 267-5099 or by using the “Contact Us” tab at
                                                      Provide information about the
Management Contract Preparations. Our Association has          specific day and time of the complaint and the type of
been managed under contract by RMI Management, LLC             problem (speeding, running a stop sign, etc.)
since 2006. To read this contract, search for “Management
Agreement” using the site search feature of the SCA            Policy Governance. Our Board spends most of its time and
website. The current contract expires at the end of this       effort reviewing and acting on recommendations made by
year, at which time the contract will continue on a            our standing committees, special task forces, and
month-to-month basis. Our Board has appointed two              management staff. In essence, we are reactive rather than
groups to provide information on the future management         proactive. Indeed, this is the normal approach followed by
of our Association.                                            American governing boards, whether they oversee a
                                                               business, a non-profit organization, or a government entity.
A task force composed of three directors and                   This approach is so common that many assume it is the only
representatives from the Finance, Community Lifestyle          option.
and Property and Grounds committees have been
holding public workshops to develop our community’s            We recently learned there is an alternative approach gaining
expectations for the management of our Association. A          acceptance, which is referred to as the Policy Governance
second task force composed of member volunteers will           Model. Under this approach, our Board would establish the
assess the availability of management companies capable        end results that are the goals of our Association, establish
of managing an association as large and complex as ours.       the limits placed on the attainment of these end results, and
The Board will use the information developed by these          develop the methods to monitor accomplishment of these
two groups in making decisions about the future                end results. Our Board is currently studying the potential
management of our Association.                                 benefits and likely difficulties of applying this approach to
                                                               our Association. A detailed article discussing the Policy
Government Affairs. Nevada lawmakers have written a            Governance Model can be found at
lengthy and complex set of laws regulating homeowner 
associations. These laws apply to everything from small
neighborhood associations that just manage entrance            Shredder Truck. Your next opportunity to have sensitive
gates to associations like ours, with community buildings      records shredded will be on Saturday, May 5, from 8:00 a.m.
serving thousands of residents. Our Board’s legislative        to noon. You will need to show your SCA activities card to
task force has been meeting with representatives of several    have your documents shredded.
other large associations to identify and address legislative
and regulatory issues shared by large associations. The
goal of this process is to provide lawmakers with proposed     Jim Long,
                                                               Board President

6 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
Board Summary Report
             Summary of the March 22, 2012                  BOARD MEETING NOTICES
           Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                                                            Tuesday, 5/1/2012, 8:30 a.m.
 The March 22, 2012 meeting agenda was accepted, and        Annual Membership Election Ballot Counting Meeting
 the February 23, 2012 meeting minutes were approved.       Anthem Center
 The Finance Committee chairperson was approved. A          Thursday, 5/10/2012, 10:00 a.m.
 member of the Communications Committee and a               Board of Directors Organizational Meeting
 member of the P&G Committee were approved. New             Freedom Hall
 Villa representatives were approved.
                                                            Thursday, 5/15/2012, 10:00 a.m.
 The message board Terms of Service was approved.           Board of Directors Budget Guidelines Workshop
 The Communications Committee Privacy and Policy            Delaware Room
 Agreement was approved. The new website concept
 planning document was approved. The Lifestyle              Tuesday, 5/22/2012, 10:00 a.m.
 Committee Confidentiality Policy and Agreement was         Board Book Review Workshop
 approved. The revised Lifestyle Committee Charter          Anthem Center
 was approved. Modifications to the Election Process        Thursday, 5/24/2012, 9:00 a.m.
 Manual pertaining to the Election Committee Volunteer      Board of Directors Executive Session Meeting
 Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Agreement         Anthem Center
 were approved. The 2011 Club Financial and
 Compliance Review report was accepted. The revised         Thursday, 5/24/2012, 1:30 p.m.
 Health and Fitness Charter was approved. The pilot         Board of Directors Meeting
 program for independent fitness activities was             Freedom Hall
 approved for a six month trial period. The P&G
 Committee strategic goals update was accepted.             In accordance with NRS 116.3108 the above agenda shall serve
                                                            as notice of the Board of Directors meeting for the Sun City
 The solicitation for RFPs from law firms specializing in   Anthem Community Association, Inc.            Homeowners are
 restaurant business was approved. The due diligence        permitted to speak to the association or executive board, unless
 analysis of any selected tenant by current CPAs was        the executive board is meeting in executive session. At the
 approved. The restaurant consulting bids were rejected     beginning of every Board Meeting, there is a member comment
 and any further search was terminated. A “restaurant       period for comments relating to agenda items only. At the end of
 for lease” ad was approved. An advisory group was          every Board Meeting, there is member comment period for
 approved to determine availability and qualifications of   comments on any subject. During this period, the Board will
 HOA Management Companies able to manage                    hear member comments. The Board of Directors will not take
 SCACAI.                                                    action on comments or requests made during the comment
                                                            periods. Agendas for the Board Meeting are available on the
 The following expenditure requests and contracts were      Monday prior to the meeting from the Administrative Office in
 approved: carpet extractor; floor polisher; Anthem         the Anthem Center and on the Association’s web site
 Center irrigation controller replacements; Liberty         ( The Agenda is also posted on the Monday
                                                            prior to the Board Meeting on the Community bulletin board in
 Center benches; floor auto scrubber; Volunteer             the Anthem Center. Homeowners are permitted to receive a
 Appreciation Luncheon catering.                            copy of the minutes or a summary of the minutes in electronic
 The Konica Minolta Agreement amendment was                 format at no charge to the homeowner, or in paper format at a
                                                            cost not to exceed $.25 per page for the first ten pages, and
 approved. The revised Document Request Policy and          $.10 per page thereafter. Copies of the minutes from a Board of
 Form were approved. The RFP for general legal              Directors meeting are available from the Administrative Office.
 counsel was approved. The Channel 99 Volunteer             Audio copies of a Board of Directors meeting are available from
 Confidentiality Agreement was approved.                    the Administrative Office upon request at a cost of $2.00 per disc.
                                                            The Management Office is located in the Anthem Center, 2450
 Bids were opened for: recreational facilities Wi-Fi;       Hampton Road, Henderson, Nevada 89052. Office Hours are:
 smoke control air balance service; Independence Center     8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday;
 reception office task and desk chairs; Channel 99 arm      8:00 a.m.- 6:30 p.m., Wednesday; and the first Saturday of each
 chairs; Channel 99 directors chairs; woodshop              month from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. or the second Saturday if the
 insulation replacement; Anthem Center interior pool        first Saturday falls on a holiday. The telephone number for
 area painting.                                             obtaining an agenda is 614-5800. The board is aware of all legal
                                                            requirements pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations.

President                        ~   James J. Long              478-6030                    B o a rd P re s @ s c a c a i . c o m
Vice President                   ~   Wade E. Terry              353-8201          
Secretary                        ~   Jerry Gardberg             275-9170          
Treasurer                        ~   Dan Forgeron               588-2990          
Director                         ~   Celeste Bové               614-8119          
Director, Vice President         ~   Bella L. Meese             407-0970          
of Community Relations
Director                         ~ Michael L. Carey             614-9036          
8 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                          The Fun Sport with the Funny Name
                                                                                               By Sherryl Daly
When a clue on the TV game-show “Jeopardy” stumps all           boat.” The USA Pickleball Association — which publishes
three contestants, you are looking at a response that is        the Official Pickleball Handbook, sponsors tournaments
esoteric, to say the least. And so it is not surprising that    and ranks top players — cites the “Pickles the dog” version
when the correct answer was given — a cross between             on its website,
tennis and ping pong, this sport was named for a dog, not
a gherkin — it elicited silence instead of a corresponding      The game can be rigorous when played one-on-one but,
question.                                                       according to Pickleball Club president Doug Kimball, “We
                                                                are currently only playing doubles, two on two, as singles
But in March 2011, when emcee Alex Trebek announced             is rather difficult and demanding. Also, games are
the answer, pickleball, certain viewers in Sun City Anthem      relatively short because 11 points wins.”
had already gotten it right. That's because more than 90
very active members of the SCA Pickleball Club here play        Drop-in play occurs during normal club hours, which
on the sport's eight courts at Liberty Center.                  are Monday-Wednesday-Friday and weekend mornings
                                                                7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., and Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday
Pickleball is an organized activity with national and           evenings 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. During those times,
international governing bodies. Although it resembles           players can simply show up to play. The winners of a
tennis, key differences make pickleball more accessible to      game remain on the court, but split up to play with two
a wider range of players, including seniors. The speed of       newcomers, thereby creating rotation of players. This
the pickleball ball — which is a three-inch diameter            continues throughout drop-in play time and gives every-
waffle-like plastic ball with air holes — is one-third of the   body who shows up, with or without a partner, the
average speed of a tennis ball. The size of the court is also   opportunity to participate and to pair up with many
one-third of the area of a tennis court. To visualize the       different players.
physical dimensions of the game, imagine two tennis
courts at Liberty Center transformed into eight pickleball      Even if you haven't handled a racket in decades and
courts.                                                         consider yourself a couch potato, Doug says you're
                                                                welcome to join the club. Free classes for residents are
The smaller court area combined with the slower-moving          scheduled in response to demand. Express your interest
ball makes the pace of pickleball easier to play than           by sending an email to Jack Silas,
tennis. The game is also not as strenuous on the body, as For those new to the
less running is required to cover the court.                    game, balls and paddles are available.
Players hit the polymer wiffle ball with a hard paddle over     Although the SCA Pickleball Club does hold annual
a net approximately six inches lower than that used in          tournaments, for the most part, Doug Kimball says, “SCA
tennis. The ball is served underhand and the return of          picklers just wanna have fun.” Club members get together
service must be allowed to bounce by the server. Once you       every third Thursday evening at the courts for a potluck
get the hang of it, the game is terrific fun and a vigorous     of finger foods and have coffee at the courts the first
cardio-vascular workout.                                        Saturday of every month, which is also during open play.
                                                                Kimball urges you to come, bring a friend or neighbor,
The game has a history as colorful and quirky as its            and join in the fun.
name. Back in the day, before Nintendo Wii and other
technologically-driven entertainment, people actually           Please check the SCA Pickleball Club's website,
improvised games to amuse themselves. So it happened  , for more information or email
that in 1965, a congressman from Washington state, Joel         Doug Kimball at
Pritchard, and two friends created a game to entertain
their kids. Using whatever gear was on hand — a badmin-
ton net, wiffle ball and some plywood — they cut paddles
from the plywood, hung the net and voila! — pickleball
was born. Right in Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard's backyard.
Given the elapsed time since its origins, how the game
acquired its name is steeped in folklore. A popular version
is that the game was named after the family dog, Pickles.
The wiffle ball was the dog's toy, and whenever there was
an errant shot, he would retrieve it and hide the ball.
Ergo, it was Pickles' ball. That story persists, despite
written accounts that Joan Pritchard told the press that
Pickles didn't join the family until 1967.
A shorter rendering of the story is that Joan Pritchard
said the game reminded her of a rowing competition in
which the slowest oarsmen were assigned to the “pickle–
                                                                                               May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 9
   teeth Eat. Smile. Kiss.
  a conversation with Gregg C. Hendrickson DDS
about dental implants and implant supported dentures

Did you know that one in four senior         What Is the benefit of an Implant?
citizens are missing at least one tooth?    A single tooth implant is straight
(Some are missing upwards of ten.)          forward. I am replacing a missing                    We are loving life!
Add in how many seniors are                 tooth that might show when a person
dissatisfied with their dentures and I'll   smiles. They get their complete smile          What advice would you give to
bet that number increases to one in         back. No more covering their smile              people looking for implants?
three!                                      with their hand when they talk or eat.      Do your homework. Find out who
                                                                                        does implants in your area, and
Many seniors have turned to Dental               What is the benefit of Implant         schedule a consultation. Don't feel
Implants and Implant Supported                        Supported Dentures?               pressured. Make sure you meet with
Dentures to solve their smile and           A glamorous smile that you can eat          the dentist. How can treatment be
denture issues. I asked local dentist,      and talk with! Many times, clients are      discussed if the dentist hasn't
Gregg Hendrickson about implants.           either dissatisfied with their denture or   bothered to look in your mouth!
                                            are missing enough teeth to want a
        Why Dental Implants?                denture. We'll talk about giving them       Tell us why people should choose
Dental Implants can restore smiles to       a beautiful smile. We'll talk about                      your office.
a beautiful state. I can restore a single   having teeth securely in their mouth        Well, I'm pretty sure I am the best
tooth or your entire mouth. It just         so their denture doesn't slosh around.      dentist in Henderson! Honestly, my
depends on what a client wants to           Through the process of restoring their      dental team is just fabulous. We still
achieve. Most clients want to have a        teeth we really are restoring their         believe in customer service and do a
good looking smile, be able to eat          confidence and their zest for life. They    fantastic job at delivering that to our
healthy and nutritious food and don't       can eat again, smile again, they can        clients. We are not a dental mill, we
want a denture flopping around in           even kiss again! For some people it's a     offer implants from start to finish at
their mouth. Implants can fix all of        return to romance in their life.            our office, we offer sedation so clients
those issues.                                                                           won't feel a thing, our prices are very
                                              What about these places offering          reasonable, and we offer complimentary
                                                         teeth in a day?                consultations to discuss options and
Tell me about Implant Supported Dentures.
                                            In my opinion, I wouldn't send my           answer any questions.
My clients love these! Implant
supported dentures are essentially          friends or family there. When you put
dentures that snap or screw into            an implant into bone, your bone needs            How can people reach you?
implants. If you choose the snap in         time to heal. Bone healing takes            My office is located on the northeast
implant supported denture you can           anywhere from three to six months. It       corner of Horizon Ridge and Coronado
take them in or out of your mouth. If       is that simple. Your natural teeth          Center. Call me at 702-735-3284.
you choose the screw in Implant             weren't made in a day and it is my
supported denture they are                  opinion that you shouldn't be having
permanently attached to your                surgery and replacement teeth all in a      Gregg C. Hendrickson DDS
implants and only your dentist can          day. It didn't take a day to lose your
remove them. Both options are               teeth and I personally not comfortable        2790 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy
fantastic. The snap in option will cost     with any process that says you can               Henderson, NV 89052
you less than the screw in option.          have them all back in a day.
                                        Committee Reports
ARC                                                                ELECTION COMMITTEE
Architectural Review                                               Election Committee Meeting: Tuesday, May 8, 2012, at
Lionel Draper, Architectural Review Subcommittee                   9:00 a.m. Concord Room, Anthem Center
                                                                   Brian Segal, Chairperson
Homeowners of Sun City Anthem, without question, are
some of the most fortunate people on the planet.                   Phone: 270-6942 Email –
It's with much sadness that for personal reasons our 2012          Votes for the three open positions on the Sun City Anthem
Chairperson Walt Sanders had to resign. We thank him for           Board of Directors will be counted at a Membership
his stellar service and wish him well from all our members. So     Meeting scheduled for 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, May 1, in
I, Lionel Draper, the 2009 chairperson, have volunteered to fill   Anthem Center Hanneman Hall. Results will be
in for the rest of the year. We look forward to approving any      announced following that meeting. For more information
homeowner’s plans who would like to make changes to the            regarding the election process, see the Election Process
exterior of their property.                                        Manual and Election Calendar on the SCA website. The
We are open for business on the second and fourth                  Election Committee wishes to thank all seven candidates
Thursday of the month from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and a very      for their willingness to step forward and serve the
helpful group will be at your service.                             community.
As we are now well into spring, a number of our residents          The May 8 Election Committee meeting will concentrate
plan to add a pool or spa. Unfortunately, excessive noise is       on reviewing what went right and what went wrong in
created by the equipment, hence a 5ft L-shaped wall must be        this year’s election, with an eye to improving the election
built around the equipment details of which are available on       process. We especially will be seeking input from all of the
request at the front desk.                                         candidates, both those who won and those who did not.
If you have any questions, please contact Architectural            We are looking for more volunteers willing to serve the
Compliance Manager, Jennifer Guiliams, 614-5814 or her             community as part of next year’s Election Committee.
assistant James Arteaga at 614-5820.                               Terms will start June 1, 2012, and run through May 31,
                                                                   2014. Computer and organizational skills are necessary, as
                                                                   well as the ability to function in a team. If you would like
COMMUNICATIONS                                                     more information, please contact Election Committee
COMMITTEE                                                          Chair Brian Segal.
Communications Committee                                           SCA I.D. is required at all Election Committee meetings
Joan Roth, Chairperson                                             and events.
Next Meeting: May 9, 10:00 a.m.
Arlington Room, Anthem Center                                      FINANCE
The Communications Committee (CC) continues work on its            The next regularly scheduled Finance Committee
many projects including print, Internet, public relations          meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 9, at 1:00
and broadcasting.                                                  p.m. in the Anthem Center.
The SCA website message board trial has been a success. The
trial period is over, and the forum is now open to all residents   Jim Mayfield, Chair
who wish to participate. You must be a registered SCA              Phone: (512)786-6779 Email:
website user to access the message board. Cards with               The Finance Committee has four principal responsibilities:
instructions on how to register for both the SCA website and       1) conduct monthly and expanded quarterly reviews of the
the new message board are at the front desks of Anthem,            SCA financial statements to verify that SCA and its
Independence and Liberty Centers. If you have questions            management company are operating within approved
related to the message board, email        budget authorizations and policy, 2) development of the
At its March 22 meeting, the Board approved the CC's               draft of annual budget for submission to the Board of
recommendation to accept resident Robin Wilen as a new             Directors for consideration and adoption, 3) oversight of
committee member for a two-year term commencing April 1,           the governance and financial compliance requirements by
2012 through March 31, 2014. Robin has an extensive IT             the SCA charter clubs, and 4) ride herd over the annual
background with Allegiant and United Airlines and is               audit and internal controls review work of SCA’s
already an active participant on the committee's Public            independent CPA firm. In order to effectively perform
Relations and Website task forces. The BOD also approved           these duties, the Finance Committee needs additional
the New Website Concept Planning Document submitted by             qualified volunteers.
the CC.                                                            If you have a background in accounting and/or financial
Channel 99 has various openings, no experience necessary.          management, we would like the opportunity to discuss
Channel 99 will train volunteers. For more information, email      with you how you can help us support the Board of
Bob Passaro, the station's executive director, at                  Directors in overseeing the financial operations of SCA. If                                                  interested, please feel free to contract me for more
Remember to look for CC meeting minutes and other
important news at Just log in, choose the         All meetings of the Finance Committee are open to the
Board & Committees box, and select Communications                  public. Residents are encouraged to attend our meetings
Committee from the drop-down menu.                                 to better understand the financial operations of your
                                                                   community. We welcome resident input at the meetings
We value resident input and invite you to attend our monthly       as a way to both gather new ideas and to maintain contact
meetings or email our chair with comments or suggestions.          with the community.

                                                                                                   May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 11
Committee Reports
HEALTH AND FITNESS                                             Activities and Alcohol Policy, which was disseminated to
COMMITTEE                                                      the clubs and will become an appendix to the Chartered
                                                               Club Guidelines.
No Meeting in May
Patricia Carrell, Chair @ 260-3383                             Our two monthly meetings are open to the community.                                           The second one in May will be Friday, May 11, at 9:00 a.m.

LET'S DO IT! The Health and Fitness Committee is               PROPERTIES & GROUNDS
continuing to accept proposals for resident-directed           Next Meeting: May 8, 2012, 10:00 a.m.
health, wellness, fitness programs and activities.             Location: Arlington Room, Anthem Center
Residents interested in getting together to maintain or        Chairperson: Stan Lenci
improve their health and fitness are invited to submit         Contact Info: 702/953-5796 or
proposals for the Health and Fitness Committee's Pilot
Program. The committee will sponsor pilot programs of          The members of the Properties and Grounds
up to six months in duration, beginning May 1. This            Committee (P&G) would like to welcome Roy
program is a cooperative effort with the Lifestyle Commit-     Montambeau as our newest member. Roy has been an
tee which is assisting by accommodating space and              active volunteer of the community over the years. He
scheduling. If you have a concept or idea related to health,   has been involved with the recommendation of
wellness or fitness that you would like to explore or have     amenities for both the Independence and Liberty
identified an area of need, please contact the committee       Centers, chaired the workgroup which developed
chair.                                                         the charter for the Plans and Processes Committee
The Health & Fitness Committee holds regularly                 and was a member and Chair of the Lifestyle
scheduled meetings, at least quarterly. All residents are      Committee. We look forward to the experience,
welcome to attend these meetings and feedback is               expertise and background Roy brings to our
appreciated.                                                   committee.
                                                               Although the Properties & Grounds Committee is
                                                               now fully staffed with nine members, we always
LIFESTYLE                                                      encourage anyone interested in joining this
                                                               committee to submit an application at anytime
Next Meeting Date: Thursday, May 3, 1:00 p.m.                  throughout the year. Applications are available 24/7
Anthem Center, Arlington Room                                  on SCA’s website under the Volunteers Tab or at the
Karen Lotspiech, Chair                                         Membership Desk at Anthem Center. Just complete
E-Mail:                                          the form and drop it off at the Administration Office
Phone: 263-2347                                                in Anthem Center to the attention of the Assistant
                                                               Community Manager.
Recently, a resident asked me what the Lifestyle
Committee does. What is our area of focus? The other           As members of the Properties and Grounds
standing committees all deal with very specific subjects,      Committee, we have many responsibilities. One of
and then there’s us – “lifestyle,” kind of vague.              these responsibilities is providing a liaison to the
                                                               Landscape Supervisor in regard to all Association-owned
The majority of our time is devoted to all our wonderful       properties. Marge Pierzchala is that liaison. Her role in this
clubs. We just approved club number 51, The Filipiniana        task is to make monthly inspections with Christine Noble,
Club. A lot of time was spent reviewing their charter and      Sun City Anthem’s Landscape Supervisor. Our intent is
bylaws, and helping them get off to a good start. The clubs    for P&G to assist with an eye, voice and awareness of the
come to us when they want to revise their bylaws or hold       landscape conditions and make recommendations where
a special event, something open to the SCA community,          appropriate. Our mutual goal is to keep our community
not only club members. The clubs really keep us on our         looking as beautiful as possible, while being very aware of
toes, and as a result, we have begun another round of          budgetary restrictions.
revisions to the Chartered Club Guidelines & Rules.
                                                               The Properties and Grounds Committee supports the
This year, for the first time, the standing committee chairs   Board of Directors and serves as a communication link
are meeting together, informally, to strengthen our            with the residents in the management and development of
communication with each other and discuss topics that          our common amenities. We meet on the Tuesday
overlap. Committee members are attending other                 preceding the second Thursday of every month at 10:00
committee meetings as needed. We are striving to make it       a.m. in the Arlington Room at Anthem Center. Residents
easier for clubs and residents to navigate through the         are encouraged to attend to offer comments on our agenda
system.                                                        items or voice other concerns regarding our common
With the current lack of a restaurant on campus, the clubs
have been inconvenienced by not having a caterer with a
liquor license easily accessible for parties and events. We
did some research and learned about the NV approved
Alcohol Awareness Course which certifies “pourers” to
serve liquor. We then wrote a new Chartered Clubs

12 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
We are purchasing both loose and mounted diamonds that are a half
carat and larger. You will find our quotes to be higher than other
jewelers and pawn shops simply because we value your treasures.
We have a large global distribution network that specializes in buying
and selling diamonds, allowing us to turn diamonds over quickly and pay
you premium prices.

TRADE UP YOUR DIAMONDS                                                            ROUND         PEAR               HEART
If you’re looking for something larger, a better quality, a di erent shape,
or you’re just tired of your existing setting, we will trade in your diamonds
toward the purchase of a new one. Trade those old or unwanted
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MJ Christensen Diamonds is the premier platinum, gold, and silver buyer
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without any obligation or pressure.

                                                                                  RADIANT      BAGUETTE       TAPERED BAGUETTE

                                                    Cli Miller/CEO
                                                 “The ACE Of Diamonds”            CUSHION      TRILLION          PRINCESS

                                            HENDERSON                 BOCA PARK               LICENSED AND BONDED
                                      10400 South Eastern Ave.  8980 W. Charleston Blvd.       OVER 70 YEARS IN THE
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                                                                                                       CERTIFIED BUYERS, GIA
                                         702-617-8818                           702-952-2300           GEMOLOGIST ON STAFF
Community Services
                                                            The Community
                                                            Service Club

                                                            ASSISTANCE LINE:
                   Independence Center                      614-5862
               Bingo dates for 2012 are:
                Sun June 10th, 2012                         Business Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday
                Sun Sept. 9th, 2012                         (no weekends, no holidays)
                 Sun Dec. 9th, 2012                         Volunteers provide the following services:
                   20 Games/ $20
                50/50 Raffle for Cash                       TRANSPORTATION:
              Bonanza Coverall Jackpot                      To local area medical providers or supermarkets. Three (3)
                Doors Open 6:00 p.m.                        business days notice required to arrange your ride.
                 Early Bird 6:15 p.m.
               Regular Bingo 7:00 p.m.                      EQUIPMENT:
                                                            We will loan you (on a temporary basis) a wheelchair, walker,
                                                            crutches, cane, or other durable medical equipment.
                                                            HOME MAINTENANCE:
The Community Service Group will present a
                                                            Assistance with minor home maintenance chores such as
Transportation Forum on Thursday, May 17, at 10:00
                                                            cleaning or replacing overhead air filters, replacing batteries in
a.m. in Freedom Hall. This Forum will explain the           smoke alarms and CO detectors, changing overhead light bulbs
various transportation options available to this            or lubricating garage doors.
community.Representatives from Paratransit, RTC and
ITN will answer your questions concerning availability      HOME ASSISTANCE:
                           qualifications to utilize the
                      and qualific                          Resource directory of information on fee-based, discount,
                           transportation services.         and many other services available to seniors. Volunteers will
                           All SCA residents and            also shop and deliver groceries or prescription medication to
                                   interested parties are   residents who are temporarily homebound.
                                   welcome. Please
                                   contact Bob Ingerson     SUPPORT GROUPS:
                                   at 492-6194 for          CSC sponsors several support groups to assist the residents of
                                    additional              Sun City Anthem.
                                                            THESE GROUPS INCLUDE:
                                                             Cancer: 2nd Monday, 9:30 a.m. Greene Room
 The Community Service Club thanks Jim Zigel
                                     nks                     Living “Well” with Disabilities 2nd Thursday,
 for his outstanding service to Sun City Anthem.             10:30 a.m. Greene Room
 In the past six years, Jim has volunteered
                                      nteered                Low Vision
 over 16 weeks of his time performinging                     Alzheimer’s Caregivers
 home maintenance for his                                    Bereavement (non-denominational)
 neighbors. Jim and Janice retired                           One-on-one grief counseling for loss of a child
 in 2004 to Las Vegas from Buffalo,                          One-on-one guidance through
 NY where he was a corporate                                  Jewish bereavement protocol
 lawyer. He graduated from the                               Friends of Bill W. Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous
 University of Missouri and from                             Home Caregivers
 Boston University Law School. He also                        (for those caring for a loved one at home)
 serves on the SCA Community Patrol  rol                    Volunteers are the backbone of the CSC. We need your help!
 and also serves as a driver for the CSC. Jim
 and Janice also find sometime to travel.
                                     avel.                  H
                                                            Help us now and we will help you later!
 Thanks, Jim.                                               C
                                                            Call 614-5862 to volunteer or for further information.We
                                                            would like to express our gratitude to:

                                                            (formerly The Minuteman Foundation) for supporting
                                                            our efforts to help our neighbors in the community.
14 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 15
Sun City Anthem
Community Patrol
                    EMERGENCY –                                        Consider Volunteering
                                                                    for your Community Patrol!
                    Non-Emergency -
                    SCACP - 614-6751       This article discusses the multiple layers of security within Sun City Anthem.

                                                                               walking and biking around our community and think of
Layer 1: Neighborhood Watch Program.                                           how effective it would be to have them all in Patrol
This is a nationwide program started in 1972 by the                            uniform, a very visible deterrent to criminal activity. In
National Sheriffs’ Association. Since that time,                               addition to showing you care about your community, it is
Neighborhood Watch Programs have become one of the                             a great way to “GIVE SOMETHING BACK” by
most effective means of fighting crime in communities.                         volunteering and performing a great service to your
This is because neighborhood residents are the most likely                     community.
to know what is going on and the most likely to see a crime
and call for help. The Neighborhood Watch Program is                           Layer 3: Community Patrol Driving Volunteers.
simple in approach in that it only requires residents to                       The Community Patrol has three vehicles, clearly marked
form a concerned group of neighbors and to meet the                            Sun City Anthem Community Patrol, and equipped with
requirements of the local law enforcement agency. From                         2-way radios, cell phones, scanners and emergency lights.
that point on, it is just being observant of the                               Layer 3 volunteers drive these vehicles and have contact
neighborhood surroundings, looking out for each other                          with dispatchers in the office (when staffed) and
and reporting suspicious activity. For our community, call                     around-the-clock contact with the Watch Commander and
the Henderson Police Department at 311, or 267-5000.                           the Patrol Chiefs. We do our best to have at least one
Additional information on the SCA Community Neigh-                             vehicle out at all times on our streets, watching for any
borhood Watch Program (CNWP) can be found on the                               suspicious activities or things that look out of place in our
SCA HOA website, by calling 638-5770, or by contacting                         community. During the hours of darkness, our volunteers
your SCA Community Patrol office at 614-6751. The next                         also look for open garage doors and blinking “911” lights,
CNWP meeting is May 3.                                                         indicators that something may be wrong at those
                                                                               particular homes.
Layer 2: Community Patrol Walking/Biking Volunteers.
Patrol members at layer 2 consist of a two-hour patrol of                      Layer 4: Henderson Police Department.
their village and adjoining villages wearing the appropri-                     Henderson Police patrols are very active in our
ate uniform once a week. This method provides a “slow                          community. They often patrol our village streets in the late
patrol” by our members who are very familiar with their                        night and early morning hours while most of us are all
villages and neighborhood streets. It also provides a more                     peacefully sleeping. They are very responsive to calls from
effective way of communicating with local residents. This                      our residents. Layer 4 provides a tremendous deterrent to
also works well with the CNWP. I often see residents                           crime in our community.

                                                                              You’re Invited!
               Attend                                                                                                 You’re Invited!
                                            Tues., May 15
                                               at 6PM                               Wed., May 16
     Thurs., May 10                                                                                                    Tahiti Caribbean Europe Panama Canal
                                            Prestige Travel Executive Bldg.           at 5PM
        at 5PM                                                                                                             Wed., May 23
           Prestige Travel                      Guest Speaker                    Prestige Travel Executive Bldg.
    695 N. Stephanie (at Sunset)                Robin Selleck                                                                at 5PM
                                                                                       Guest Speaker
        Guest Speaker                                                                                                           Call for Location
                                        Hear about:                                    Rick Madden
          Rob Taylor                      Panama Canal, Caribbean                                                         Guest Speaker: Nancy Iovino
                                          & Europe itineraries                     2012-13 Cruises to Alaska,
   Learn about:                                                                    Canada/New England,
   2012-2013 Europe & Alaska              Royal Advantage Updates                  Europe & Hawaii
   CruiseTours                            Oasis & Allure of the Seas               NEW Ship - Norwegian                  All-inclusive cruising
                                                                                   Breakaway                            Exclusive Private island, “Motu Mahana”
   NEW Summer Sale                                                                                                      Gourmet Delights with
   Details on upgrades, air                                                                                             Parisian celebrity chef
   credits & shipboard credits                                                                                          Jean-Pierre Vigato
   Children’s fares on Europe Cruises                                              Lattiudes Rewards members
                                                                                     encouraged to attend.              Jean-Michel Cousteau’s
                                                                                                                        Ocean Futures Society Program
                                                                               Come in “Aloha Wear” for a               Ambassadors of the Environment
         RSVP by May 7                                                           chance to win a prize!                 Youth Program
               Limited Seating. Light Refreshments served. Note that presentation details are subject to change so your RSVP is important.

                   Mariner Society
                    members are
                encouraged to attend.           RSVP by May 7                         RSVP by May 11                     RSVP by May 18

16 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
Shutters • Blinds • Shades • Drapery • Solar Screens • Tinting


50-75% OFF
 manufacturer’s suggested retail

     Free Measuring
    Free Installation
Full Lifetime Guarantee
Authorized Retailer For:
   • Hunter Douglas
   • Levolor
   • Century Blinds
   • Graber
   • Norman Shutters
   • Avalon Shutters

                       CALL FOR FREE IN-HOME ESTIMATE
                           Family owned and operated since 1992
                                    Licensed & Insured

                                                                  May 2012 •   17
Club Sponsored Events

20 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
Wednesday, May 9, 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
           Arlington Room
Saturday, May 12, 12:00 p.m.– 4:00 p.m.
            Greene Room

                          f AARP members,
                   $12.00 foron Wednesdays
                     $14.0 fo
                     $14.00 for non-members
                        Mi 10 P
                        Min 10 Participants
                        Max 20
                        M 20 on Saturdays

                                              May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 21
22 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
  CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR PET- IT'S THE LAW!                          possession of any other person, or upon any place to which
                                                                  the public has normal access or right of ingress or egress,
                             If your neighbor's backyard          provided further, that no violation of this section shall occur
                             seems to h ave excessive             if the owner of the offending animal promptly and
                             amounts of pet feces, please call    voluntarily removes the animal waste.
                             Henderson Animal Control
                             at (702) 267-4970 to place           One of the simplest and most basic responsibilities of pet
                             a telephone complaint. An            ownership is to clean up after your pet. Whether on public
                             Animal Control Officer will          areas or in your own backyard, bend over and scoop the
                             be dispatched to the residence       poop. During any time of the year it is important to keep
                             of concern        to issue a         things clean. Spring and summer are when things really start
                             courtesy notice regarding            heating up over the animal sanitation issues between neigh-
                             the complaint.                       bors. Temperatures rise and the odors from an unkept area
T h e Henderson Municipal code pertaining to sanitation           ride on the heat waves. When disposing of your pet's waste,
(HMC 7.04.130) reads as follows:                                  make sure you close the garbage can lid! If you don't have a
                                                                  lid, dispose of the waste in a garbage bag and tie it off or seal
A. Every person who is the owner of any animal, or keeps          it before leaving it in the garbage can.
the same upon his premises or under his care, custody or
control, shall keep the animal restrained by a fence, cage,
coop, chain, leash or other adequate means so that said                DON'T BE A POOP! STOP AND SCOOP!
animal shall not leave or escape from the premises upon
which it shall be kept; provided that no person shall keep any    Quick Notes:
such animal unless its living area is kept clean and free
from offensive odors, animal wastes and rodents,                     • Cats and dogs must be on a leash when outside of
excessive amounts of flies, or any other offensive or             the house or fenced yard,
unwholesome condition.                                               • Several residents have asked that we remind you that
                                                                  leaving your cigarette butts in the common areas or on
B.   It is unlawful for the owner or person having care,          sidewalks or private property creates a mess for others
custody or control of any animal to permit, either willfully or   to clean up.
through failure to exercise due care or control of such animal,      • Please do not put the trash out any earlier than
any animal to excrete any solid waste upon any sidewalk of        necessary as it attracts pests and wind can blow it
any public street or public park, or to excrete any solid         throughout the neighborhood.
waste upon any real property under the control of or in the
                                                                  Chris Wikoff, Compliance Department Manager 614-5859

       We’re Open!
                                                                         social                     senior
                                                                          club                    medical care
       Finally, a place for seniors to call their
       very own. A place to laugh, a place to
         learn and a place to stay healthy.                                      Centered Around
             The SMA Lifestyle Center East
             5820 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100
            The SMA Lifestyle Center West                               senior                     community
               8680 W. Cheyenne Ave.                                   guidance                     resources

                      O  pen s!
                      all senio
  11NVSMA11947                                                For more information, please call (866) 249-7674.

                                                                                                   May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 23
Fitness                       SCA Membership Required for Entry

                                                   FITNESS NEWS:
                                                   The Roc-IT Series 1102 Bicep
                                                   Curl has arrive at Anthem
                                                   Fitness Center.

        Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
           10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.                  Features:
             at the Independence Center
                                                    Cable-driven exercise movement auto-
                FREE CLASS                          matically adjusts to accommodate
           Wednesday, May 16                        varying lengths and shoulder widths.
                                                    Starts the body in an upright posture to
                                                    improve arm extensions for bicep
              Fitness For You!                      recruitment, then rocks rearward during
                                                    exercise to reduce shoulder and back

                                                    FREE FITNESS ORIENTATION.
                  Personal Trainers                 NEED HELP with a machine?
        Provide Customized Workout Sessions!
                     Call 630-5407                  Have a question about whether or not
             To schedule your appointment.          you are doing enough cardio?
                                                    Join Meg for a trip around the Fitness
                                                    Center to learn about safety, technique,
             BLOOD DRIVE                            or just to ask a few questions about your
             Friday, May 18                         workout regimen.
           8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.                    Sign up at the Fitness Center or call
                           Arlington Room
                               For more                 SERENITY SPA…. Call 614-5809
                         information see the            On line scheduling now available!
                           Fitness Desk at
                          Anthem Center.

24 Sun City Anthem
                                                ~ Mother’s Day is May 13

                            Mother’s Day was first observed in 1908, designated by Presidential proclamation,
                            and recognized officially by Congress and the President in 1914.
                            Southern Nevada Water Authority’s official start of summer as related to our water
                            group “E” in Sun City Anthem is the first of May. This means you may now water
                            landscape any day of the week. Please note, however, that even though watering daily
                            is allowed, you may not run sprinklers between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
                            on any day. This restriction was put into effect due to the evaporation that occurs from
                            the hotter days and the usual almost daily afternoon winds. Watering with a handheld
                            hose or testing irrigation with supervision is allowed. If you do not follow these SNWA
                            mandates, it could result in a water-waste fee or citation to the property owner.
                     May is one of the most beautiful months of the year. The cold weather is gone and
                     we usually have a couple months before the hotter temperatures arrive here in
                     Anthem. Wild flowers are beginning to bloom in the desert areas and deciduous
                     trees are sprouting their new spring growth, all of which attract all the birds and
another new population of rabbits.
Now that almost every species of tree or plant is showing off their new spring growth, we are still very busy in
our quest to identify and plant all of the areas where landscape has been damaged due to the freezing
temperatures this past winter. For those who have inquired about plants missing in different locations, we do
appreciate your comments and patience while we complete this project.
There are many of the native Cacti that have beautiful flowers. The
featured photograph is an Echinocereus Cacti, often referred to as
the “Comb Hedge Hog.” This particular species of cactus is much
loved by cactus growers worldwide. There are several
characteristics that collectively account for their popularity. All
Echinocereus are small plants. In the wild, some species may form
large mounds of many hundreds of stems, but this takes many
years and these same species are still quite manageable in
cultivation. They have some of the most brilliant flowers of the
cactus family and range in color from electric-pink to deep scarlet.
In the wild, Echinocereus range from as far north as South Dakota
and south through most of Mexico, from low elevation deserts to
mountainsides of 8,000 feet or more.
With the prime goal of keeping our community beautiful, we
regularly walk our grounds and interact with the crews from three
landscape companies that maintain our outdoor areas. These
areas include: the grounds around the Centers; SCA streetscapes;
desert re-veg areas; the common areas and gate maintenance in Pinnacle Village; the
landscape around the duplex homes; and rock drains within our community. We always welcome the
opportunity to speak with the homeowners. If you have questions, comments or concerns regarding any of our
properties, please don’t hesitate to contact me at or (702) 614 5863.

                                                             Thank you,
                                        Christine Noble , Facilities/Landscape Coordinator
                                                     “Caring for our Community”

For information regarding building maintenance and other facility projects, contact our website: where the Facilities
and Maintenance Section is maintained and frequently updated by Bruno Panek, Facilities Manager.
                                                                                                       May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 27
   “Am I crazy?”
    I’m offering My Amazing $149 Air Conditioner Tune-Up
    for only $79… AND I guarantee your system won’t                                                Scott Meier
                                                                                                  “The King of Cool”
    break down this Summer or my service is FREE!”
      I must be crazy! So, why am I offering such a               Right! I make you a spectacular offer you can’t
   drastic discount on my Super-Tune-Ups? It’s very           refuse and win you as a new client for life.
   simple. I want you as a client for life! So, I call this
   my INVESTMENT IN YOU!                                         Back to my offer.

      I know that I run the tightest service company in            My Super-Tune-Up includes a painstaking and
   the business. I belong to a National Organization          thorough 14 point examination of more than 50
   of highly motivated and technically competent              potential problem areas in your air conditioner. I
   heating and air conditioning contractors. We are           will inspect, adjust, and clean your system and if I
   professionally and continually trained in the skills         nd anything wrong, I’ll bring it to your attention.
   of service, repair, system replacement, If my              I will guarantee that your system is xed right and
                                                              if it breaks down this summer my service is FREE!
   technicians weren’t the best in the industry I could
   not make such an amazing offer!
                                                                 This is a $149 value for only $79, when the
                                                              warm weather hits I will be too busy to offer this
       I am serious about my profession; proud of my          super value, and since I have to limit how many of
   entire staff; and completely dedicated to each and         these we do each day, the schedule will ll quickly,
   every one of my clients… new and old.                      so don’t miss out!
      Now, how am I going to prove all this to you if I          Call 996-6215 now and ask for Tiffany or
   can’t get your attention?                                  Brandi. They will set your appointment time.

                           Your "Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning"
                               Consists of These 14 Individual Operations:
            Thoroughly Clean Condenser Coil                    Clean Air Filter
            Tighten Electrical Connections                     Inspect Evaporator Coil performance
            Lubricate All Motor Bearings                       Check Air Conditioner Condensate Drain
            Test Compressor Starter Components                 Inspect Plenums For Air Leaks
            Verify Proper Supply Air Temperature               Clean debris from Air Conditioning Unit
            Electronically Monitor Refrigerant Level           Check Calibration of Thermostat
            Check System for Proper Air Flow                   Check operation of electronic circuit board

                                                                      WE FIX IT RIGHT
                                                                      & WE FIX IT NOW!

                                   CALL US RIGHT NOW
    Lic. # 0023649A, MHL# A0024                                        996-6215                                  SP 002

28 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
        Bringing dialysis to
          your doorstep.

Dialysis can

our promise: our UltraCare at home® commitment to providing the highest quality care
possible. For a home dialysis program that’s right for you, call (888) 863-6198 or visit

                                                                          May 2012 •       29
                           Foundation Assisting Seniors                                                           By Favil West

For more than 30 years, the Del Webb Corporation                  One of the new programs the Foundation plans is a drug
successfully marketed “active lifestyle” as the foundation        reminder service which will begin tests this month. The
of the Sun City concept. It sold me, it sold my friends, and      other program which we plan to initiate by May will
it sold you. It is a great concept, but one not without           provide singles and others with a service that will ensure
shortcomings. What is left unsaid, is how long this “active       that those who are enrolled will be found if they fall, get
lifestyle” and “living on” can be maintained and what             very sick, or pass away. This service is in response to the
happens when, for whatever reason, one cannot maintain            fact that 13 of our residents passed away without anybody
the lifestyle they bought into.                                   knowing. Testing of this program should begin by May.
By visiting older established age-qualified communities           The Woman’s Club has been kind enough to donate
we learned that as the community ages many are left                money to facilitate this program, but more is needed.
homebound or with limited abilities to get out and enjoy          The long-term goals of the Foundation are to help fund
retirement. They suffer falls, strokes, joint & mobility          construction of a hospice in Henderson as well as fund the
problems, macular degeneration, diabetes and many other           operation of a mini-bus to provide transportation to
age-related illnesses.                                            residents who, for one reason or another can no longer
In spite of age-related problems, we’ve learned that most         drive. The mini-bus will provide transportation from the
of our resident seniors want to stay in their communities         resident’s home to the Center, the grocery store, pharmacy
and remain active as long as possible. Nearly all have            and/or doctor and will be free.
started a whole new life with new friends and new                 To date, nearly 70% of all money raised by the Foundation
activities and no longer fit in to the former life. Since early   comes from supporters outside the community. We
2002 the Foundation has been addressing the special needs         receive donations from individuals, corporations and
of seniors in the age-qualified communities. The                  through various fund-raising activities. Major donors
Foundation has, over the 10-plus years it has been in             include Brian A.Wittman & Associates, Investment
operation, become the cornerstone of the senior                   Counsel, Del Webb/Pulte, Troon Golf Management, South
community. Here at Sun City Anthem, it was the sole               Point Resort and Casino, Golden Gaming/PT Pubs, Rob
negotiator for the design and construction of the                 Osur’s Financial Wellness Center, Valley Crest
Community Service Building, which it later arranged to            Landscaping, Special Operation Associates, Anthem Hills
have donated to the Association. It obtained and donated          Barber Salon, Ron Tiburti/Putters, Findlay Toyota, and
the van used by the Community Service Group, It has been          many others. In addition, the following clubs and/or
instrumental in the funding of much of the equipment for          individuals have donated larger amounts of money: The
Ch. 99, and the service clubs, and retains funds for the          Sewing and Quilting Club of Sun City Anthem, The
eventual funding of the hospice.                                  International Culture Club, The Women’s Club of Sun City
This issue of the Spirit is dedicated to the Foundation           Anthem, Joe & Mary Lay, Dave & Sharon Smith, Favil &
Assisting Seniors, its trustees, and its companion, the           Pat West, Bob Sansing, Chuck & Vickie Davis, and Phyllis
Community Service Club. More than ten years ago, Favil            Washburn and Rose Huffman, the Coffee Klatch and
West and Chuck Davis teamed up to form the Foundation             others.
and shortly thereafter Favil West teamed up with Jerry            The Foundation’s major fund raising events include
Gardberg to form the Community Service Club. In the               quarterly bingo, golf cart raffle, and most importantly the
ensuing years, this partnership has grown to become a             Ninth Annual Foundation Assisting Seniors Charity Golf
vital part of the lifestyle we enjoy at Sun City Anthem.          Tournament, sponsored by Brian A. Wittman & Associates
The Foundation Assisting Seniors is a 501 (c) (3)                 Investment Counsel. The tournament will be held
non-profit charitable corporation dedicated to improving          Monday, May 28, 2012 at the Revere Golf Course. The price
the quality of life in the senior community. The Board of         is $95 which includes: 18 holes of golf, cart, driving range,
Trustees of the Foundation are: Bob Berman, Liz Trosper,          lunch and a gift bag. Terrific prizes will be awarded to first
Charley Kilkuskie, William Fitzpatrick, Bob Sansing,              and second place finishers on both courses. More than 100
Harriet Schreider, Denny Lesterson, Emile Girard,                 items will be raffled off at the lunch, and, two lucky
Marianne Blaha, Frank Blaha, Brian Wittman, Evonne                players will have a chance to win $1,000,000 dollars, and
Alpern, John Waterhouse. The officers are: Favil West,            four players will have a chance to win $250,000 each. This
President and Chuck Davis, Vice President, Jack Silas,            is a wonderful opportunity to have a great time playing
Treasurer, and Phyllis Washburn, Secretary, The officers          golf with your friends and all for a good cause. A special
and trustees are unpaid volunteers committed to assist            challenge play between the Men’s Golf Group, the Titans
seniors during the difficult times of illness, recovery,          of Revere, the Wackos, Hooligans, Legacy, Siena, and Wild
confinement in home, loss of spouse, disease and other            Horse Clubs, an event within the tournament, will be held
challenges associated with aging. In conjunction with our         with first prize of $400 and second Prize of $200 to the
partners, the Community Service Clubs, we have                    winning men’s and women’s team. Please join us at either
responded to more than 35,000 calls requesting service;           bingo or the golf tournament.
more than 7,000 of those calls came in 2011.                      Special thanks to Brian Wittman for his continued
The Foundation plans to initiate two new programs by              sponsorship of the golf tournament.
early summer, redesign our website, and present a new             For information call Favil West at 702-755-6047 or Gary
and updated logo                                                  Duffel at 858-5760.

30 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
Club Information
  Club                                                        Contact            Telephone                                     Email
  Anthem Authors .................................... Richard Wine               251-1932               
  Aquacize................................................ Helen McKenney        415-944-0973          
  Arts and Crafts ...................................... Ralph Saccoliti         456-1819                   
  Ballroom Dance .................................... Fred Goldberg              914-2722                 
  Bid Whist ............................................... Tyrone Mason         485-2282           
  Billiards.................................................. Ron Armstrong      837-0251           
  Bocce Ball ............................................. Marcy Fridmann        270-2677      
  Book ...................................................... Susan Hernandez    263-4088        
  Bowling ................................................. Vern Schaubert       263-3630         
  Bunco .................................................... Helen McKenney      415-944-0973         
  Ceramics ............................................... Cathy Doll            616-3946
  Channel 99 ............................................ Nancy Hepburn          269-8607         
  Chinese Heritage .................................. Peter Tu                   492-9098                      
  Community Patrol ................................. Ed Miller                   614-6751           
  Community Service .............................. Emile Girard                  270-0470                     
  Computer .............................................. Bernie Thompson        616-9440          
  Currents Events/History ....................... George Zielsdorff              586-0960                    
  Democratic Club ................................... Janet Miller               263-0881           
  Duplicate Bridge ................................... Carl Weinstein            616-9601                     
  Emergency Preparedness .................... Roy Prince                         889-8221              
  Filipiniana Club ................................... Carmelo Beley             837-4900                     
  Financial .............................................. Don Manning           453-1492               
  Garden................................................... Gloria Gorman        564-3667                     
  Hand & Foot ....................................... Karen Fleischer            270-8386                  
  Havurah............................................... Pam Fine                                    
  Hiking & Outing .................................... Mike Picciano             468-8542                  
  How To, Can Do................................... John Waterhouse              492-0186          
  International Culture Conn .................... Marianne Blaha                 897-0229                  
  Italian Forum.......................................Vince Capillupo                                           
  Lifelong Learning .................................. Larry Kaplan              896-3913                    
  Mah Jongg ............................................ Nancy Lebish            614-8694                     
  Men’s Golf.......................................... Gary Duffel               407-7122                        
  Opera Lover’s....................................... Mary Bruner               837-7371               
  Paddle Tennis....................................... Sal Fiorentino                                       
  Pan ...................................................... Carol Franklin                        
  Party Bridge ........................................ Jack Trugman             997-1005                        
  Performing Arts................................... Bill Starr                  263-7716                   
  Pet ....................................................... JoAnne Swadron     614-7707         
  Pickleball............................................. Barbara Wright                          
  Pinochle ................................................ Katherine Ficaro     263-8273
  Poker ................................................... Coleman Washington   302-2409              
  Porcelain ............................................... Carol Montambeau     896-0095         
  Republican Club .................................... Kay Dwyer                 733-0401                      
  RV....................................................... George Ormsby        492-2542         
  Scrabble.............................................. Samaria Graham          260-6307                     
  Sewing and Quilting............................. Mary Ann Brim                 981-7417               
  Shanghai Rummy................................. Shirley LaChance               837-9924      
  Singles................................................. Carol Bochner         685-9441                 
  Softball ................................................ John Paul Molfetta   361-4572             
  Table Tennis......................................... Wes McGlaughlin          873-7083
  Tennis.................................................. Ed Burrell                                       
  Veterans .............................................. Bill Campbell          263-9302                  
  Women’s ............................................. Jo Ann Malter                           
  Women’s Golf........................................ Gail Horky                454-0288                  
  Woodchips .......................................... Bill Van Ooyen            614-8056                 
  Neighborhood Advisory Group Representatives by Village
      Pinnacle Village:                Donna Dickey                              617-9930                   
                                       Adele Doyle                               914-1792        
                                       Jackie McRitchie                          270-9264                   
                                       Judy Sansone                              889-5067              
      Canyon Crest Villas (20 units):  Jackie Mars                               407-6709                  
      High Mesa Villas:                Gilda Brownlee                            202-1236                
                                       Anita De Souza                            269-5638                   
      Mountain View Villas (58 units): Laura West                                363-3702                 
                                       Carol Wilson                              489-4427                                            n/a

32 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
ANTHEM AUTHORS                                                  ARTS AND CRAFTS
What is written without effort is in general read without       Product Displays:
                                          Samuel Johnson        Several examples of creative designs made by the Arts and
                                                                Crafts membership are located in the cabinets in the lobby
We have begun some new creative events. Joan Nagaya             of the Independence Center. Items in these display cases
won the topic of the month contest—an obituary—with a
                                                                may be purchased through the membership desk located
touching memory of a dog. The three-part serial story,
“Snowbound” was read. This is a project where one               in the Independence Center or by contacting Joan
member writes the first third of the story, then passes it on   Schaumburg at
to the next person to complete the second part and it is        Featured Artist Spotlight:
then passed on for finishing.
                                                                This month, Arts and Crafts are pleased to feature creations
We also circulated a paper around the table, with each          by Janette Bond representing Beading. Please contact
person writing one sentence before passing it on. The lack      Janette (information below) for information and/or
of continuity was enjoyed by all.
                                                                questions regarding specific beading techniques and
Recent readings have included Kazuko Monobe describ-            projects. Please enjoy!
ing her mother’s visit from Japan, Scotty Curran reading
the chapter, “The Killer,” from his novel in progress and
new member Sherry DePaepe reading her short story, “A
Monster in the House.” James Logsden described his
arrival in the Philippines for a new job. There have been
readings from other works-in-progress.
These are a few examples of the exciting things Anthem
Authors experience. You, too, can listen and share your
writing. We meet every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. in Anthem
Center. Our annual membership dues are $10.00. Please
view our website at and read
some of our writings or contact Elaine Stubbs at 361-8529
for more information. You can also call our President,
Richard Wine at 251-1932.
Also, don’t miss the display of our members’ books in the
cabinet outside the Computer Club Room in Anthem                Further Information:
Center.                                                         Membership to Arts and Crafts is open to all interested
                                                                parties. Please contact any of the following individuals for
AQUACIZE                                                        additional information about the various Arts and Crafts
May Birthday Luncheon Wednesday, May 16, 11:00                  Group activities.
a.m. Elephant Bar and Restaurant 2270 Village Walk Dr.
Henderson in The District                                       Bead Weaving: Janette or 336-8006
Happy May to all our members. We have a new restaurant          Colored Pencils: Jo Cappellitti ....................................................914-0119
to celebrate the birthdays of Janet Buhr, Esther Finder, Bea    Fused Glass: Sandy Dyan..............................................................614-9939
Griebling, Sherry Marquiss, Jeannette Pinocci, Sue              Knit/Crochet: Mary Turner..........................................................421-6727
Weddle, Candy Zak and Valerie Lapin.                            or Sandra Watkins...........................................................................492-9343
                                                                Mosaics: Judy Jones..........................................................................869-8528
RSVP's are due no later than May 13 to Helen McKenney           Needlepoint: Barbara Zielsdorff................................................586-0860
at 702-722-1607 or email or to               or Roberta Kushner.........................................................................616-7165
Racheal Kay at 714-394-8778 or email                            Photography: Bob or 860-1557                                              Polymer Clay: Pat Badgers..............................................................489-6783
A big thank you to all the members who helped in the                          Donna Bourdon..............................................260-7047
Coffee Bar in April. The money will help finance our            Scrapbooking: Alice Leonard......................................................614-8976
annual appreciation luncheon held this summer.                  Stained Glass: John D’ or 407-0556
Anyone enjoying our Aquacize classes is invited to join         Stamping: DianaTitus....................................................................837-7913
our swim club social group. See Marci Price at poolside or                 Liz Walek-Sowin............. or 269-5658
call her at 702-998-0722 to request an enrollment form.         Beginners: Audrey Hearn .... or 283-5007
Forms are also available in the Anthem Business Center.         Tuesday Painters: Ruth McDermott............ or
Annual dues are five dollars. We get together once a                                                                                                         750-2553
month to celebrate member’s birthdays and, get to know          Woodcarving: Martel
each other.                                                     Further Information:
                                                                President, Ralph Saccoliti..............................................................456-1819
See you in the pool!                                            or Spirit Magazine Liaison, Marilyn Davis:

                                                                                                                     May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 33
                                BALLROOM DANCE
                                Don’t forget our Spring Dinner Dance, from 5:00 p.m. - 9:00
                                p.m. in the Anthem Ballroom on Sunday, May 6. Although the
                                deadline for purchasing tickets was Sunday, April 29, there
                                may be a few seats left. Contact Marge Meves at 269-6994
                                ASAP. No tickets will be sold at the door on the day of the
                                We have great classes for beginner, intermediate and expert
                                levels, as follows:
                                Monthly Sunday Dance:
                                Sunday, May 6, Dinner Dance. From 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. -
                                Anthem Center Ballroom. For more information email Fred
                                Goldberg at or call 914-2722.
                                Basic & Intermediate Ballroom Class:
                                Mondays 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.- Building 3 – Liberty Center at
                                $10.00/person/class. Contact Esther at 443-0788.
                                American Ballroom Dance Freestyle Class:
                                Tuesdays 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. – Building 3 – Liberty Center
                                at $10.00/person/class. Contact Kimie Radke at 234-0222 or
                                email to
                                International Ballroom Dance Class:
                                Wednesdays 4:00 p.m. – 5:15 p.m. - Building 3 - Liberty Center
                                at $10.00/person/class. Contact Kimie Radke at 234-0222 or
                                email to
                                Argentine Tango Latin Dance Class:
                                Wednesdays 11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. – Building 3 Liberty
                                Center at $10.00/person/class. All levels welcome. Instruc-
                                tors: Marcos Questas and Ruta Maria. Contact Stan Rokicki
                                at or 492-0677
                                for more information.
                                Basic Beginner Class:
                                Thursdays 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Building 3 – Liberty Center
                                at $10.00/person/class. Contact Kimie at 234-0222 or
                                Ballroom Dance Practice:
                                Thursdays 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. Building 3 – Liberty Center
                                (free for members only.) A mini- dance lesson from 3:30 p.m. –
                                4:00 p.m. will be offered prior to the dance practice. For
                                information, contact Charlie Meves at 269-6994..

34 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                        Free Personal Insurance Review!
    Specializing In The Following Areas
     Medicare Supplements        Homeowners Insurance
     Health Insurance            Auto Insurance
     Life Insurance              Umbrella Policies
     Annuities                   Renter’s Insurance

         Call Today For Your Review!
11201 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052

                                                        May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 35
Club Information
Friday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. in the             May 7 will be the Bocce Awards Banquet at the Gold Coast
Emerson/Franklin Room at the Anthem Center, you                 Hotel & Casino, 4000 West Flamingo Road at 5:30 p.m.
will find many interesting people from all parts of the         Cost is $25 for members and $40 for non-members. The
United States. This group meets to play "Bid Whist.”            menu consists of Filet Mignon served with potato,
                                                                seasonal vegetables, salad, rolls and butter, and crokin
Bid, an announcement in a card game of what a player            shell with fresh berries and cream with choice of coffee,
proposes to accomplish. Whist, a card game played by            regular and decaffeinated, and hot tea. Awards will be
four players in two partnerships with a deck of 54              presented to club winners followed by an Entertainer/DJ
cards.                                                          with music and dancing. It always is a wonderful evening
We welcome all Sun City Anthem residents to join us             to end the Bocce season with our friends and neighbors.
for an entertaining evening.                                    For all the latest Bocce news, visit or
Our President Tyrone "Tony" Mason, can be reached at            contact Lisa Evans at 823-4665.
(702) 419-3931 or

The Billiards Club is a social organization for people who
enjoy the game of Billiards, along with socializing and
making new friends. Whether you are an expert player,
need to brush up on your skills or want to learn the game,
the Billiards Club invites you to join! If you have never
played pool, you’ll discover it’s a lot of fun. All Sun City
Anthem residents are welcome and encouraged to join.
Call Club President, Ron Armstrong, 837-0251, Vice
President, Chuck Boxwell, 897-3991, Secretary, Beth
Weddle, 407-8342, or Treasurer, Dzintra Landers, 492-6778,
for information on joining.
Club Structure: Regular competitive club play consists of       Club Meeting – Thursday, May 17, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
different member flights, handicapped by ability. You play      in the Penn/Nelson Rooms at IndependenceCenter.
against members with similar skill levels. New members          Each month the Book Club
are evaluated before competitive play. There is also a social   reads and discusses a book.
flight for those who simply want to play to improve their       The May book selection is
game, meet new people and have fun. Lessons are                 Rebecca Skloot's bestseller, The
available free of charge to any and all club members.           Immortal Life of Henrietta
Please call an officer for details.                             Lacks. This is the true story of
                                                                an African American woman
Tournaments: Daily tournaments are played at 1:00 p.m.,         who died of cancer in 1951.
Monday through Friday. All tournaments are held in the          Without her knowledge or
Billiards Room in Independence Center. Tables are               permission or that of her family,
reserved for women’s play on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m.           her cancerous cells were
until noon. This is drop-in play, and all are welcome.          harvested and used for
                                                                research. Known as He-La, the
Our next quarterly meeting will be held on Wednesday,           cells have been the basis for
May 2, 2012, at 1:00 p.m. in the Penn Room in                   years of scientific study and
Independence Center.                                            medical discoveries.
                                                                Meanwhile, Henrietta's family has continued to live in
BOCCE                                                           poverty, her contribution has never been appropriately
                                                                recognized and few even know her name.
Another Bocce Season has ended!! Season play ended the
week of April 23 with the leaders of all divisions decided      Book Club members volunteer at the SCA library. The
and to be announced at the Annual Bocce Awards                  library is available to all SCA residents and contains a
Banquet.                                                        varied collection of fiction and nonfiction, both paperback
                                                                and hardcover. Books may be donated to the library,
The culmination of everyone developing their bocce skills       although due to space constraints, only books published
on our new courts will be judged by the competition at the      within the last eight to ten years are accepted.The Book
Spring Bocce Tournament to be held on Saturday, May 5,          Club normally meets on the third Thursday of each month.
at 9:00 a.m. Every team is invited to participate and be at     Guests are welcome at any Book Club meeting. For those
the courts by 8:30 a.m.                                         who wish to join, dues are $5. Please address any questions
                                                                to Susan Hernandez at
ALL team members MUST be present in order to
participate (no substitutes allowed.)
Everyone is invited to come and observe the competition
which will be lively.

36 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
BOWLING                                                         Anthem Rollers: The 10:00 a.m. (Monday) Bowling League
SCA Bowling Club: The Sun City Anthem Bowling Club              is organized as a Trio (3 bowlers per team) at the South
was established April 2003.The purpose of the club is to        Point Bowling Center. Contact Robert LaMorte at
promote the game of bowling for Sun City Anthem                 702-837-6223 (email: for information.
residents. The Bowling Club primarily acts as an interface to   Current other contacts are Robert Selitzky (702-254-0761),
the SCA Community Association and the SCA Bowling               and Colleen Clem (702-837-7671.)
Leagues. Bowling League members, in general, are de facto
membe rs of t he SCA Bowl ing Club. The club
                                                                BUNCO CLUB
President is Vern Schaubert (702-263-3630.) Internet users      The Bunco Club meets every Monday night at 7:00 pm in
can now obtain SCA League information by signing up at          the Emerson/Franklin Room. So if your Monday night This site is loaded with               routine could use a change, why not join us for a game of
information.                                                    Bunco. If you can throw dice and count, you can play this
                                                                easy-to-learn, fun and sometimes frustrating dice game.
SCA Sin City Seniors: The Thursday fall/winter Sin City         You’ll meet new friends, maybe have a chat with some old
Seniors Bowling League is held at the South Point Bowling       friends and enjoy a night out. Bring yourself, a partner or
Center. Regular bowling start time is 10:00 a.m. The league
currently has 60 teams. The secretary maintains a list of       a friend. Everyone is welcome, including guests. If you
individuals who desire to enter the league; please contact      wish to join the yearly membership fee is $3.00 and it costs
her if you wish to bowl. This fall/winter league season         $2.00 a week to play. For more information you can contact
ends 5/24/2012.                                                 Helen McKenney at 702-722-1607 or Sue Weddle at
This is a closed league and is open only to SCA residents age
55 or over. Each league member must pay an annual USBC          CERAMICS
sanction fee (currently $20.00), plus a weekly bowling fee
which is $10.00 per bowler this season.                         If you’ve worked with ceramics before, or have never
                                                                enjoyed the experience of creating your own clay
Officers for the fall/winter season are: President: Hector      “masterpiece” but think you’d like to, this is the club for
Rosario (702-586-7225), Vice-President: Ken Hershfield,         you. Our members paint, glaze and fire pieces that are
Secretary: Bev Wertz (702-407-8761), Sgt. at Arms: Al Fried.
Questions regarding the league should be addressed to           already molded, or some start from scratch with just a
either Bev Wertz or Hector Rosario                              block of clay. We have a formal orientation for all new
                                                                members. If you think you’d enjoy creating a special piece
Summer League: The SCA Sun City Seniors II summer               as a gift or have plans to decorate your home and yard
Bowling League starts May 23, 2012 at South Point Bowling       with your creations, all this is possible if you become a
Center with a 9:00 a.m. meeting. Contact Robert LaMorte at
702-837-6223 (email: for more                   member of the Ceramics Club. The Ceramics Room in the
information.                                                    Anthem Center is available to members every day but
                                                                Wednesday mornings, and monitors are available on
                                                                Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00 a.m. to noon and
                 For Your Health Care                           Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., if
                                                                you’d like to stop by for a tour. Come enjoy the good
                   Insurance N eeds                             fellowship and creativity of the Ceramics Club and be
                                                                prepared to be inspired by our creative members.
                        JOE L GLABMAN
                                                                We welcome new members and Cathy Doll, President, can
  A Broker For 36 Years A Sun City Resident                     be contacted at 616-3946 if you have questions.

  For People on Medicare                                        CHINESE HERITAGE
  Universal Health Care - PFFS (Any, Any, Any)                  The Chinese Heritage Club (CHC): The Chinese Heritage
  Senior Dimensions HMO                                         Clubs (CHC) sponsors group activities and events that are
                                                                of interest to all Sun City Anthem Residents. CHC actives
  Medigap Policies:                                             and events are designed to celebrate, preserve, promote
  AARP AETNA Gerber Life Conseco             Blue Cross         and share among our fellow residents the Chinese cultures
  Prescription Drug Plans:                                      and traditions. They include such areas as arts, music,
                                                                culinary, health enhancements and ancient philosophy.
  AARP                                                          CHC also sponsors a number of social activities.
  For People Not on Medicare, Under 65                          CHC Sponsored Weekly Activities for all members:
  Sierra Health (PPO/ HMO)
  Aetna (PPO/ HSA)                                              Health Enhancement Gathering: Monday, Wednesday
  United Healthcare (Golden Rule)                               2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. – Liberty Center Friday 3:00 p.m. –
  Anthem Blue Cross (PPO)                                       5:00 p.m. – Liberty Center. Contact Thomas Cheng at
  Long Term Care                                      
                                                                Modern Chinese Dance Workshop: Sunday 8:45 a.m.-
                                                                10:45 a.m. Liberty Center and Wednesday 8:30 a.m.-
                                                                10:00 a.m. Liberty Center. Contact Lizwu Wu at
                                                                                               May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 37
Club Information
Yuan-Ji Dance: Monday and Friday 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
Liberty Center. Contact Celia Chang at
Chinese Folk Dance: Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Liberty Center Contact Grace Liang at
Advance Mandarin Chinese Class: Wednesday 2:00 p.m.–
3:30 p.m. – Anthem Center’s Greene Room. Contact
Kitty Zee at
Beginner Mandarin Chinese Class: Thursday 3:00 p.m. –
4:30 p.m. – Anthems Center’s Greene Room. Contact
Kitty Zee at
CHC is sponsoring a May Fair in celebration of the            May 10 – The program details will be posted on the club
forthcoming Dragon Boat Festival on May 20 from 5:00          website at
p.m.– 10:00 p.m. in the Anthem Grand Ballroom.                Computer Talk –Thursdays at 9:00 a.m. in the club
Please check the CHC web site                                 classroom for further details
and information as it develops.                               Computer Assistance
Board Meeting                                                 Need personalized one-on-one computer instruction, help
The CHC Board of Director meets on the 3rd Tuesday of         solving computer problems, assistance in setting up a
each month from 9:00 a.m. – noon in Penn Room at              computer or your home network? With our House Call
Independence Center                                           program, a club volunteer will come to you for just a $20
                                                              donation to the club. For a list of volunteers and their areas
Membership:                                                   of expertise, visit
To join CHC, please go to: or contact Joseph             For answers to computer-related questions or for
Hsu at 982-7303 or email                 suggestions visit or e-mail
The dues are $5.00 per person per calendar year.    

COMPUTER CLUB                                                 CURRENT EVENTS
                                                              The club meets every Monday from 10:00 a.m. until noon
Membership                                                    and every Thursday from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. in the
The Computer Club welcomes any Sun City Anthem                Anthem Center (Bristol & Concord Rooms.) The 2nd
resident with an interest in using a computer. Stop           Thursday of each month is in Independence Center.
by to learn more and join the club                            We are an information and entertainment club. Topics run
                                                              the gamut from local, regional, national and international.
Some benefits of membership:                                  They are presented from both conservative and liberal
                                                              points of view. Civility in our discourse is encouraged,
  • Use of the club computer lab                              controversy is guaranteed. All members are welcome to
  • Free classes
  • Eligibility for personal computer help/ house calls       participate in any of the discussions or just listen at your
                                                              leisure. If you are frustrated not having a forum to express
Visit our website at                         your views and concerns, this is the place for you!
Becoming More Involved                                        Annual membership dues are $10/year (less than
Interested in contributing articles to either our website     $0.10/meeting.) Prospective members are permitted to
or monthly newsletter or becoming a club monitor or           attend up to (3) meetings free of charge prior to joining.
classroom aide? Contact Terri for more details at 263-5240    Contact: George Zielsdorff Email:
Computer Instruction                                                                                  Specializing in home care for seniors,
To view class offerings and descriptions, visit our website                                           the disabled, dementia/alzheimer’s,
at and click on Classes, or to view                                                   rehabilitation, respite and hospice care.
monthly class schedules select Calendar. Club members
can sign up for classes via our website by logging in and                                                     2 FREE hours
then clicking on specific classes on the Calendar page.                                                      with new service contracts
                                                                                                            (min. 10 hrs/week contract)
Meetings                                                                                               Henderson Area
                                                                                                       (702) 407-1100
General Meetings are open to all SCA residents and                                                     Summerlin Area
are held at 1:30 p.m. in Freedom Hall on the second                                                    (702) 562-3322
Thursday of the month.
                                                               • Up to 24 hour care (2 hour minimum) • Properly licensed, bonded & insured
                                                               • Staff and services are available 24/7 • Medicaid Provider

                                                                  Now hiring part-time care givers!

38 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                                                Club Information
DEMOCRATS CLUB                                                 DUPLICATE BRIDGE
                                                               Duplicate Bridge can be played at the Anthem Center in
                           The SCA Democrats extends an        the Emerson/Franklin Room. The game is open to all
   SCA D    emocrats invitation to all residents to join       levels of Bridge players (beginners thru expert.) All
                           us every second Monday of the       interested persons are welcome. Playing times are
                           month in the Independence           Wednesdays from 6:00 p.m. until approximately 9:30 p.m.,
                           Center’s Morris Room starting       and Saturdays from noon until approximately 3:30 p.m.
at 6:30 p.m. Plan to attend and hear from lawmakers and        If you have never played Duplicate Bridge, this is a great
experts in the field of public policy. They address your       opportunity to play in a low level, competitive and friendly
issues of concern, and you will hear from a variety of         environment.
political commentators. Join your neighbors, enjoy our
                                                               Our game is not ACBL (American Contract Bridge League)
refreshments and make new friends. You will become             sanctioned, but we abide by ACBL standards of play. Points
better informed on the critical issues of the day and engage   are not awarded.
in the political process in a fact-based, dignified and
stimulating atmosphere of mutual respect.                      Club officers can be contacted for additional information:
                                                               President David Fineman 270-6441
                                                               Vice President Jerry Vonderahe 837-7500
                                                               Treasurer George Freeman 614-4527
                                                               Secretary Mary Ellen Dolan 616-9761
                                                               Anyone wishing to play who needs a partner should
                                                               contact Gerda Hagen at 702-614-7745.

Greg Esposito speaking on the importance of the
Democratic County Convention
At the March 12 meeting, the club featured candidates
from Congressional District #3 with a special presentation
from Greg Esposito, from the Clark County Democratic
Central Committee. He discussed the details of the April
14 Clark County Democratic Convention.
Don’t miss the meeting on May 14 when we present our
Judicial Forum. You will meet the Judicial candidates
seeking your vote.
The issues facing us as seniors in 2012 are truly profound.
If you are concerned about the plans to privatize Social
Security, voucherize Medicare, dismantle the EPA, deregu  -
late Wall Street, repeal the Patient Protection and Afford-
able Health Care Act, remove the rights of women to
control their own health care and reproductive choices, the
calls to rush to war with Iran, the future of our Supreme
Court, then join our Club.
Feel free to contact us for more information.
Ronald Garland At-Large, Donald Kusel, Vice President,
   Jane Kusel, Rec. Sec., Vernon Mattson, At-Large,
            Susan Mihalich, Dir. of Comm.,
       Janet Miller, President, Rich Miller, Treas,
              Zelda Weingard, Cor. Sec.
               Phone/Fax 702- 263-0881
                                                                                               May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 39
Club Information
Filipiniana                                                          Our speaker at the March 14 meeting was Jason Thomas,
                                                                     VP for Tax Services at Fair, Anderson & Langerman, CPAs.
                           The Filipiniana Club, the newest          The slides from this presentation are available on the
                           chartered club at Sun City                Anthem Financial Club website at .
                           Anthem (SCA), was organized to
                           preserve, promote and share the           Please consider joining the AFC Board of Directors. We
                           Filipino culture and traditions           have an urgent need for new talent. Contact Don Manning,
                           among all residents of SCA.               AFC President, if you are interested (453-1492.)
                           Social, cultural and a variety of
                           activities will be organized to           GARDEN
                           promote fellowship among the              The Sun City Anthem Garden Club will be hosting our
                           large Filipino population and all         annual Residents' Garden Tour and Luncheon on Tuesday,
others in our community. Memberships are open to all SCA
residents. Annual dues are $5.                                       May 8. Members are invited to meet at 9:00 a.m. in the
                                                                     Lobby at Anthem Center where they will pick up the maps
Our 2012 officers are                                                and locations of the members' homes who will be opening
Carmelo Beley,                                                       up their gardens for tours. As in past years, members will
President; Tito Fernandez,
Vice President; Vivian                                               see various plants ranging from desert cactus, agave,
Enverga,                                                             yucca and succulents, to beautiful flowers, fruits and
Secretary; Fred Eleazar,                                             vegetables! Each garden promises to be unique and
Treasurer; Tessie Cruz,                                              interesting!
Social Chair; Romy                                                   The hosting members will show that anything is possible
Nolasco,                                                             for you to grow and enjoy if you take the time and
Membership Chair; and
Josie Baker,                                                         involvement to make it happen. Host members will be
Communication Chair. All                                             sharing their secrets for their successes.
are shown in the photo except for Tito Fernandez.                    Following these tours, members will return to the
                                                                     Independence Center for a wonderful lunch and a chance
The first social event, a dinner dance “Pista Sa Nayon,” will
be held on June 8, 2012, 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m., at the Anthem       to meet and discuss gardening techniques as well as
Ballroom.                                                            having an opportunity to wish one another a healthy and
                                                                     productive summer!
Contact Carmelo Beley, or 837-4900 for
general club information, and Tessie Cruz ,                          HAND AND FOOT CLUB or 914-2343 regarding club social events.
                                                                     The Club meets each Tuesday at 5:45 p.m. and each
                                                                     Friday at 12:45 p.m. in the Morris/Nelson Rooms in
FINANCIAL                                                            Independence Center.
May 16, 2012 - 7:00 p.m. in the Delaware                             The game is easy to play, you don’t have to come with a
Room at Anthem Center                                                partner and new players will receive instructions. Dues for
                                                                     2012 are only $5.00. For further information call Karen
The speaker for this month is Tony                                   Fleischer, 270-8386.
Muhlenkamp, Executive Vice President,
Client Service Department at                                         Hope to see you soon.
Muhlenkamp & Co. The subject will be:
Europe, China and U.S. Politics—Why                                  HAVURAH
Do We Care?                                                          Havurah, or Friendship Group, at Sun City Anthem was
A few of the topics will be:                                         formed in 2002 as a means for many of the new Jewish
    • European Debt: Can Germany save the Eurozone?                  residents, as well as others, to meet, socialize and ease the
    • Chinese Inflation: Headed toward a Soft Landing or             transition from their prior communities. We often tell new
Recession?                                                           members to think of us as their “new family.” This is
    • U.S. Economy: The junction of politics, economics,             achieved by organizing a wide variety of social, cultural,
                                                                     educational, and recreational events throughout the year.
and the markets—What can be done?
                                                                     The SCA Havurah welcomes all SCA residents to join and
Participants will be informed about:                                 participate in its activities. A variety of activities is
    • The defining characteristics of the current investment         planned to meet the needs and interests of all of our
environment;                                                         members. We get together for our Purim Party, movie
    • The investment areas best avoided; and                         nights, dine-in, dine out, Break the Fast, Succot Picnic,
    • Where we are finding opportunities to invest                   lectures, our annual Hanukkah Dinner Dance, where we
                                                                     eat, mingle, dance the night away and more!
Mark your calendar for our June 13 program. Our speaker will
be Robert Massi, local attorney and Fox News Legal Analyst.          For more information, contact Maxine Drapkin at:
Bob is one of our most popular speakers!                   
We are conducting our 2012 "Guess the Dow" contest. The              We have our General Membership Meetings
objective will be to guess the close of the DJIA on June 29, 2012.   approximately every three months. Meetings are held in
Forms will be available at our April 11 meeting. At our July 11      the Morris and Nelson Rooms in Independence Center.
meeting, prizes will be awarded to the three closest guesses.                                                   continued...
40 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                                                Club Information
Officers are:                                                  COMING UP……..
                                                               May 4 – Annual Picnic
President-Jeff Berkow
Vice President-Allan Sebotnick                                 May 5 – Komen Race for the Cure
Vice President Membership-Maxine Drapkin                       May 30 – Ice Cream Social
Treasurer-Elaine Halprin                                       Away Trips
Secretary-Pam Fine                                               • June - Bryce Canyon
Member at Large-Ron Wilen                                        • September - Yellowstone
Check our website at:                        • October - Capitol Reef
Please contact us for upcoming events and programs such as     Members sign up on website & include email.
the afternoon Lake Mead cruise and lunch, movie nights and
more..                                                         V.P. Greg Pardee 702-896-7364
                                                               HOW TO, CAN DO
HIKING AND OUTING                                              Third Thursday, 10:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
President Mike Picciano
702- 468-8542                                                  How To — Know your wills, trusts, deeds, marital
New Member Advisor - Burt Davis                                contracts, life insurance and annuities. Morbidity and 702-466-3821                                    mortality issues are not just creative liabilities for you and
                                                               your family.
Next Meeting
May 30th Social Meeting                                        Can Do — Learn to do the right things in law and
Independence Center Multi Purpose                              economics when it comes to your money by knowing the
Room Social Hour 6:30 p.m.                                     questions that you need to ask. Then learn to ‘Pro Se’your
70+ Birthday Celebration/ Ice Cream Social                     own solutions to probable negative issues and difficulties
                                                               in law, in economics and when it comes to your money,
SEE CLUB WEBSITE –                 your investments, your taxes and your estate and
   • Membership and contact information                        financial health. The key to the club is knowledge,
   • Schedule and description of monthly hikes & last          learning right from wrong and making sure you know the
     minute weather/trail condition changes                    right questions to ask for your security and peace of mind.
   • Social Calendar
   • Away trip information & sign up                           Contact John Waterhouse 492-0186 or
Enjoy the wonderful outdoors and hiking trails in and near     ICCC
the Las Vegas Valley. Stay fit and healthy with the
encouragement and camaraderie of friends. Our social events    The International Culture Connections Club (ICCC) is a
and away trips offer fun times and great memories.             chartered SCA club dedicated to exploring cultures
                                                               around the world. We welcome people who are interested
Trail hikes vary by level
to build endurance and                                         in promoting and sharing their ethnic heritage with all
skill. If you prefer to walk                                   Sun City residents. We also encourage members to
in the neighborhood or                                         support the community, deserving youth-oriented groups
want to work on your                                           and worthy charitable organizations.
conditioning for trail
hikes, check out the                                           The “Happiness Club” is a Shared Interest Group under
weekly walks. Social                                           the ICCC which meets every first Tuesday of the month in
events and away trips                                          the Greene Room at Anthem Center from 10:00 a.m. to
offer fun times and                                            noon. For more information about the group, please
great memories.                                                contact Christine Kevorkian at 702-516-0914 or email her
Trail hikes vary by level                                      at
to build endurance and                                         The The Social Group Dance is now scheduled on
skill. If you prefer to walk in the neighborhood, or want to   Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Liberty Center. This
work on your conditioning for trail hikes, check out the       Group Dance is offered under the auspices of the Filipino
weekly walks.                                                  Social Group. Anyone interested in joining the Dance
Hikes: Monday and Friday morning (start times depend           Group may contact Mel Aguelo at 702-478-8861 or email
on seasonal conditions.) Meet in northeast Anthem Center       him at
parking lot. New members should attend hiking                  The St Patrick’s Day Celebration, held on March 18, 2012,
orientation session or receive “hike clearance” from the
New Member Advisor. ALL hikers must wear hiking                featuring the Clark High School Chamber Orchestra, the
boots and bring adequate water. Trails are rated from          Anthem Jazz Dancers and the Show Stoppers Dance
moderate to extremely strenuous.                               Group was a tremendous success. It was a standing
                                                               ovation - the band performance and music selections were
V. P. Beth Lane 592-8733           outstanding; the dances and dancers were fantastic with
                                                               beautiful costumes and graceful movements. The show
Neighborhood Walks: Wednesday mornings meet in
Anthem Center parking lot at 8:00 a.m. Check website for       was followed by an afterglow reception. What a lovely
changes.                                                       way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
                                                               For your info, the Clark High School Chamber Orchestra
                                                                                               May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 41
Club Information
performed at the Carnegie Hall on the last week of March
2012. Thank you to all the generous donors who
                                                                 LIFELONG LEARNING
contributed during the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration to          The LLL Center pursues knowledge through lectures and
help in their trip expenses to New York.
                                                                 discussions. Members free; non-members, $1.00.
The Lin Hong Li Chinese Music Ensemble will perform at           Programs are in the Anthem Center (Delaware Room.)
the Freedom Hall on Sunday, May 27, 2012 from 2:00 p.m.
to 4:00 p.m. Also featured are the Show Stoppers and             The Life Long Learning Center is looking for speakers.
Anthem Jazz Dancers. It is free; tickets will be given on a      If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in
“first come, first served” basis. For tickets, please call       presenting a program, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Marianne Blaha at 702-897-0229 or Charlie Wong at                Any and all topics are welcome. Al Tenner, (702) 448-6518.
702-492-6318. Refreshments will be served after the show
at the Nelson and Morris Rooms.
                                                                 Since programs are scheduled well in advance,
The Philippine Independence and Birthday Celebration, a          cancellations and changes for various reasons are
combined event, will be held on Sunday, July 15, 2012 from       inevitable. Every effort is made to inform the membership
4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the SCA Grand Ballroom. It is a       of these changes; please look to all fliers & e-mails for
potluck and the theme is western. Tickets are $10 for            current information.
members and $15 for non-members. Attire is semi-formal
but we encourage you to wear your cowboy outfit - boots,         Wednesday, May 2, (First Wednesday), at 1:00 p.m. *
hats and all. Make your reservation by June 30, 2012. For        Wednesday, May 9, (Second Wednesday), at 10.00 a.m.
tickets and more information, please call Marianne Blaha         Herb Schultz, Regional Director of Health and Human
at 702-897-0229 or Charlie Wong at 702-492-6318.                 Services, will speak on the Affordable Health Care Act.
                                                                 What it does and does not do.
The ICCC Board Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of
each month at the Conference Room at Liberty Center-             Tuesday, May 15, (Third Tuesday), at 10.00 a.m. Tom
starting at 10:00 a.m. to noon. All members are invited to       Piechota, PhD and Chair of the Citizens Advisory
attend.                                                          Committee, City of Henderson, will present “A Different
                                                                 Kind of Green in the Desert-Energy, Water, Recycling”.
A couple of ICCC party pictures are shown below.
                                                                 Monday, May 28, (Fourth Monday) at 7:00 p.m. Robert
                                                                 Passaro, Executive Director of Channel99/980 will speak
                                                                 on Channel 99/980: By and For the residents of SCA.
                                                                 Discussion, Friday, May 25, at 10:30 a.m. (Last Friday) in
                                                                 the Concord Room, Anthem Center. TOPIC TO BE
                                                                 ANNOUNCED-WATCH FOR MONTHLY FLIER
                                                                 *The executive board, with the approval of the general
                                                                 membership, voted to limit our speakers to 3 per month.

                                   The Italian Forum Club
                                   is open to all in Sun City
                                   Anthem who want to
                                   have fun Italian-style.
                                   We host three or four
                                   events every yea r,
                                   most with e xciti ng
                                   and dancing. Italian
                                   Club parties are usually
                                   fun-filled with good
food, music and a few raffle prizes. Our first party for 2012,
Carnivale, was held on March 17 in the Anthem Center,
and it was a great success. Friends joined together and
planned their pot luck dinner for tables of eight.
Breakaway, with Tony Cedola, performed lively music for
dancing. For more information on events or to learn about
membership, contact Club President, Vince Capillupo, at or 914-4481

42 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                                                  Club Information
MAH JONGG                                                        OPERA
AND THE WINNERS ARE:                 Our American/Western        Meeting – May 10, 6:45 p.m. at Freedom Hall
Tournament was a great success. First place: Faye Diamond,
Second place: Lan Palmer, Third/Fourth place tie: Gail Perry     Puccini’s La Rondine is the
and Marie Siddall, Fifth/Sixth place tie: Rose Marie Kiley and   chosen opera this month
Maxine McCurry. Congratulations to all.                          and this production is
                                                                 The Metropolitan Opera
Something new! Drop-in Mah Jongg,Wednesday, May 2 at             Orchestra and Chorus
noon. Snowbirds, singles and newcomers – if you would like       starring Angela Gheorghiu
to play Asian or American and have no game, drop in and          and Roberto Alagna. I s i t
we’ll get you going.                                             r e a l l y p o s s i b l e t h at
American/Western Mah Jongg Mixer - Tuesday, June 12, from        there’s a mature
9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Join us for a great day of fun.           m a s t e r p i e c e by the world’s most cherished opera
                                                                 composer that is hardly known by the public? According
Want to learn American/Western Mah Jongg? We have                to the conductor director, and stars of this production of La
classes available to club members. To make a reservation         Rondine, it’s not only possible, it’s beyond question. La
contact Natalie Rakow at 434-8555,, or Sue        Rondine is first rate Puccini and, though little known,
Gordon at 630-2284,                          deserves a place in the repertory alongside his other great
Asian Mah Jongg is growing in popularity. We have all            successes. It is Puccini, but there is no great tragic ending,
supplies for the game plus our newly revised and updated         no death. How can this be a Puccini opera? Magda,
fan pays card. The cost of the card is $1.00 for club members    the opera’s heroine, is dreaming of love, of being
and $2.00 for non-members. Asian lessons are held in Liberty     loved for herself.“Ms Gheorghiu, as Magda, sings with
Center on Thursday from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. For           gleaming sound and wonderfully dusky colorings” (New
information, contact Elaine Galant at 444-2528 or                York Times.) The story starts in Paris, in Magda’s salon.                                            Act Two takes place in the ballroom, at Bullier’s while Act
Upcoming events: Asian Mixer on Tuesday, September 11.           Three is stagedat a villa on the Riviera.
American Tournament on Wednesday, October 10.                    A synopsis will be sent to club members prior to the
American Mixer on Wednesday, November 7. Holiday                 meeting.
Luncheon on Friday, December 14.                                 Plan on seeing this 2009 production from the Met.
If you would like join the Mah Jongg Club, contact Nancy         Members and their guests are welcome and all residents
Lebish at 614-8694 or We are always happy       are invited to join us.
to have new members.
                                                                 PADDLE TENNIS
HAVE A GREAT GAME. WE DESERVE IT.                                                  Liberty Center Courts- Revised spring play
                                                                                   schedule…Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
MEN’S GOLF                                                                         m o r n i n g s , M o n d a y a n d We d n e s d a y
                                                                                   evenings. Please refer to the posted schedule
                                                                                   on the courtside activity board at Liberty
"Pace of Play Day" was held on March 7. We had more                                Center as starting times will change as
than 108 players take part. The event was a huge success.                          temperatures rise.
There was a free raffle with prizes that included dinners,
shows and golf. Each foursome had to finish in 4 1/2                                Two of our six major tournaments on the 2012
hours. Thank you to Jim McGonigle and his committee for                             SCAPTC Player’s Tour, the”Ground Hog Day
all their hard work to make this event a fun day.                                   Invitational” and the extremely popular “St.
                                                                                    Patty’s Day” event have paved the way for
On April 10 and 11, we were invited to participate in a          another fantastic year of Paddle Tennis fun at SCA.
Home and Home match with Aliante. About 40 players               Congratulations to the team of John Gibbs and Russell Lee for
participated. The Foundation Assisting Seniors event will        securing first place in our King of the Court St. Patty’s Challenge.
be held May 28. This is always a fun time. Emile Girard
works very hard on this event.                                   The next major event on our Player’s Tour will be our “May Day
                                                                 Fun Festival” on Saturday, May 12. Good food, good play and a
Two qualifying rounds of stroke play will be played on           good time for all who participate, make these play events a great
May 30 and 31, for the Club Championship. The top 16             way to enjoy the great outdoors with many of your co-players
players (gross score) will be selected to play matches to        plus a chance to mingle with our new members.
determine the Club Champion. The reigning Club
                                                                 You should know by now that our major play events are all about
Champion is automatically included in the 16.                    FUN. We do not take ourselves, or our sport, too seriously so
We welcome any new                                               players of all abilities can be assured of a good time. Join us
members to join our club.                                        today. Membership forms are available in our SCA Club Mailbox.
The purpose of the club is to                                    Dues are just $10.00 for the entire 2012 season.
develop and coordinate the                                       There are now games for all skill levels plus introductory classes,
golfing activities and play                                      providing those new to the sport with an opportunity to play on
dates for our membership.                                        the court. Contact Sal Fiorentino at to
Visit our website at                                             schedule your free introductory lesson today. or
drop by the Pro Shop at                                          Paddles and balls are available for check out at the Liberty Center
Revere and pick up an                                            main desk. If you enjoy your game, then we welcome you to join
application.                                                     our club to participate in a host of fun play events.

                                                                                                     May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 43
Club Information
PAN                                                            above. We’ll be glad to have you see if it’s the game you
                                                               remember. We’re located in the main building near the
Mondays, 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m., Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m. -        Fitness Center.
9:30 p.m. & Saturday, 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
                                                               Look for upcoming social events and have fun with us!
We just had our first                                          Any questions about membership, please contact Carol
Pan Tournament for
2012 and it was a                                              Franklin, Communications Chair at
success! Everyone                                    
who participated
had a wonderful                                                PARTY BRIDGE
time. The first place                                          Reserve the date! On May 7, the Party Bridge Club will hold
winner was Lynn                                                a deal and dine session for members in the Morris/Nelson
Lamorte, second                                                rooms at Indepedence Center
place went to Sandy
Katz, third place                                              Party Bridge Sessions are held as follows.
was Al Kerner and fourth place went to Peter Engel. We         Location: Emerson/Franklin Room at the Anthem Center
also had three door prize winners; Linda Eckenrod, Lynda
Kleinman and Bobbi Monteforte. We’d also like to thank         Rubber-Scored Non-Partner sessions are Thursday
the Tournament Committee; Faye Schoenfeld, Marilyn             afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Schiff, Elaine Ellis and Nancy Rose.
                                                               Chicago Scored Partner sessions are held on Sunday and
Come make new friends, come see old friends and play a         Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. With prior
fun, fast-paced and exciting game of cards. This game will     notice, allowance for late arrival may be possible. A sit-out
keep you smiling and laughing from fun and a little            round and play with a "dummy" are used when needed so
frustration. Pan is a game enjoyed by both men and             that no one need be sent "home" if there is an incomplete
women. A very popular rummy-style game in the Western          table.
part of the United States and Florida.                         Dues: $10.00 per person per year. Your first two sessions are
If you would like to join in and learn the game, please call   free.
Frank Eckenrod, at 570-7567. If you just need a refresher      For questions please call Jack Trugman at 997-1005 or
course, stop by and see us during any play time listed         Sandra Burke at 896-0705

                                                  Expect only the highest level of stroke care
                                                    when you or a loved one need it most.

                                                  One morning while exercising, Jenny experienced a sudden
                                                  weakness in her body and loss of vision. Her husband made sure
                                                  she got to St. Rose Dominican Hospitals immediately where it was
                                                  confirmed that she had suffered a stroke.

                                                  At St. Rose, we provide the full spectrum of care, from acute
                                                  intervention and neurosurgery at our Siena Campus, to
                                                  one-on-one acute rehabilitation at our Rose de Lima Campus.

                                                  St. Rose Dominican Hospitals’ Siena Campus, the valley’s newest
                                                  Joint Commission Primary Stroke Center, is the Stroke Center for

                                                                To learn more about Jenny’s story and
                                                                     our Certified Stroke Center:

            Recovered Stroke Patient
   St. Rose Dominican Hospitals Siena Campus      Do you have a St. Rose doctor? Call 616-4508.

44 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                                               Club Information
Ticket Sales begin at 1:00 p.m. on Friday, May 25 at the      To be placed on the Pet Club email list simply send an
Independence Center Box Office, for our upcoming              email to and you will receive email
comedy show entitled “Mish/Mash.” This show will bring        advising you of upcoming events. Guest Policy allows you
loads of laughs to audiences on June 8, 9 and 10 in           to attend two events before joining.
Freedom Hall. Tickets are $10.00.                             For more information contact President JoAnne Swadron
                          The Desert Divas Dance Group        at 614-7707.
                          is looking for new members. If
                          you want to have fun and dance
                          in Performing Arts Club shows       PICKLEBALL
                          and other events, contact Kathy
                          Dauenhauer, representative for                                  Social Events -
                          the Desert Divas @ 581-3332 or                                  The Pickleball Club would like
                          alternate representative, Paula                                 to invite members of other
                          @ 409-7912.                                                     clubs to join us for
                          All residents are invited to a                                  refreshments and court play
                          unique evening of dancing and                                   for those interested in learning
                          entertainment. “Dancing Under
                          the Stars in The Make Believe                                   the game. Please contact
Ballroom” will be held in the Independence Center             Barbara Wright at
Courtyard on Friday, May 4 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.        The club has a number of Social events scheduled for this
Tickets are $10.00 per couple/$5.00 for singles. There will   spring/summer which include a monthly “Coffee at the
be a cash bar. You will dance to big band music with some     Courts” and “Potluck at the Courts.” These are events that
country and western added to the mix. Some of our             will enable members to socially interact with other
popular dance troupes will be on hand to entertain. Come      members/spouses.
dressed in your 1940s and 1950s finery. Ticket sales begin
on Monday, April 23 at 6:00 p.m. at the Independence          Player Development-
Center Box Office.                                            Clinics for new players- Clinics will continue to be offered
                                                              for new members thru May and then from September to
                                                              December on Mondays & Wednesdays. The training will
PET                                                           include two lessons (one each week,) followed by individual
                                                              training for the next two weeks for those who wish. Others
In May, the Pet Club will welcome                             will play games with each other under the guidance of an
Nancy Rouas, owner of Petting                                 instructor. At the end of the four sessions, players will be
Zoo 2 U. She is an animal trainer                             encouraged to join the club. Those wishing to receive
having experience with a wide                                 training, need to make sure they pre-register for classes.
variety of species including: dogs,                           Walk-ons will not be accepted. For enrollment information
cats (big and small,) birds                                   email Jack Silas at
(including free flight,) horses,
camels, goats, sheep and primates.                            Tournaments-
She graduated from the Exotic                                 Men’s, Women’s & Mixed Doubles Tournaments have been
Animal Training and Management                                scheduled for 2012 and will be organized to include players
program in Simi Valley, California                            of all levels of play.
with a major in behavior                                      Please check out our Pickleball Club web site at
modification. She has worked with                   
animals on the strip for many years
including camels at the Luxor,                                Those residents interested in joining contact Barbara Wright
horses at Excalibur, parrots and                              at
fish at the Rainforest Cafe inside                            Be sure to check out our club featured in “Making A
the MGM Grand and currently at the Wynn, flying birds in
LeReve. She is bringing a few exotic species native to        Difference” in this month’s Spirit.
South America. Animals that will be visiting are a Blue and
Gold Macaw (pictured,) a Kinkajou, a Patagonian Mara, an
Iguana and a Llama. We will be meeting in the Courtyard
of Independence Center at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May
23. We will not have our own pets at this meeting for fear
of frightening the visiting animals. Our June meeting will
be in a park where our own companion animals can mix
and mingle with old and new friends. Nancy says
“Animals are not my whole life, but they make my life
The Pet Club now has a Lost Pet Line – 638-5757, where
residents can report a lost or found animal.

                                                                                             May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 45
Club Information
PINOCHLE                                                           The Porcelain Club is pleased to announce that we are
Wednesday, 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.                                   fortunate to have Carole Beck join our club. She is avail-
Thursday, 5:30 p.m . – 10:00 p.m.                                  able each Wednesday morning from 9:30 a.m. - noon to
Emerson/Franklin Room                                              teach our members to paint porcelain items using China
                                                                   paints. She works with members together as a group and
Do you like to win cash, fabulous vacations and new cars?          individually to teach painting techniques to our members.
Regrettably, we don’t do that in this club! We just have fun       To keep costs to a minimum for members, the club
socializing with other residents and playing pinochle.             provides the China paints, as well as some of the other
We are looking for new members for both single and                 required painting supplies.
double deck. If you’ve never played before or are just             If you would like more information or have questions
rusty, we will happily show you the game. Hope to see              about Carole's class, please call Diana Borja at 837-7444.
some new faces. The dues are only $5.00 yearly. What a             For additional information about the Porcelain Club,
deal!                                                              please call Carol Montambeau at 896-0095 or stop by the
                                                                   Porcelain and Ceramics Room during workshop day,
POKER                                                              every Wednesday - 9:30 a.m. - noon. The club's yearly
                                                                   membership is $5.00. We look forward to introducing you
Congratulations to the winners                                     to the wonderful world of porcelain.
of our first quarterly Texas
Hold'em "Sit N Go"
Tournament.                                                        REPUBLICAN
       1st Carl Mandley
      2nd Robert B. Loch                                           The Republican Club of Sun City Anthem (RCSCA) meets
     3rd Roy A. Schroeder                                          at 10:00 a.m. on the second Saturday of each month in
      4th Harvey Ferber                                            Independence Center. Please join us for interesting
         5th Mike Ellis                                            speakers (recently Bob Massi and Governor Robert List)
                                                                   and lively discussion. The scheduled speaker for our next
We play on Tuesdays at noon until 4:00 p.m. Thursday               meeting on April 14 is Barbara Cegavske, U. S.
evening from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and Saturdays              Congressional District 4 candidate.
from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Please come in early to get        The purpose of the RCSCA is to promote the principles
a seat.                                                            and core values of the Republican Party through education
                                                                   programs, publicity and forums for discussion and debate.
                                                                   We encourage such civic duties as voter registration
                                                                   drives, candidate forums, and constituent services
                                                                   workshops and to help identify, promote and support
                                                                   Republican candidates for office. The core Republican
                                                                   principles are constitutionally limited government, fiscal
                                                                   discipline, individual freedom and responsibility, free
                                                                   markets and economic freedom, and preserving our
                                                                   national military and moral strength.
                                                                   Republicans and Democrats agree that the November 6,
                                                                   2012 election will be the most important in at least a
We also have our weekly "Sit N Go" Tournaments. We only            generation. The Republican position favors limited
play Texas Hold'em in these tournaments. We play on                government, fiscal responsibility, and personal
Thursdays at 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. and Saturdays              responsibility. It appears that the Democrat position offers
10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Any questions please contact our        more and larger government, increased spending and
Tournaments Director Don Eckroad @              taxes, and government infringement on personal freedom.
Coleman Washington President,SCA Poker Club                        The RCSCA hopes to convince our community that the                                                 former approach is best not only for us but, more
                                                                   importantly, also for our children and grandchildren.
                                                                   In this and future Spirit issues we will conclude with a
                                                                   “Thought for the Day”, to provide food for thought
PORCELAIN                                                          when considering the November 2012 election choices.
Wednesdays, 9:30 a.m. - noon., Anthem Center                       Thought for the day: The federal government spends over
The Porcelain Club invites new members to experience the           $3.5 trillion dollars per year. We must borrow about 40
great joy of completing a porcelain project that will be           cents of every dollar to support this spending, much of it
appreciated as a gift or enjoyed in one’s home.                    from China. Are the federal government programs worth
Experienced members are available to share their expertise         borrowing money from China?
on cleaning purchased Greenware, firing pieces using the           Don Manning, Communication Committee Member
club's kiln, and painting porcelain pieces in China paint
and pastels to complete items such as Lladro figurines,            You may contact Kay Dwyer, Secretary at or
chess sets, nativity sets, tea and coffee sets, vases and dolls.   phone: 733-0401 for further information about the RCSCA

46 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                                                 Club Information
Nothing really exciting happened last month - except an         Spring has sprung and Mother’s Day is
exhilarating powered-raft trip down the roaring Colorado                                   s
                                                                approaching. The members of the Sun City
River. This was all part of the fun-filled “Tom Sawyer”
Rally hosted by Tom and Diane Smith. We spent three             Anthem Sewing and Quilting  ing
hours exploring the 12 miles of history as we passed            Club are busy with many
through the canyon walls that in some places rose 2,000         fun activities. The Dolly
feet above the river’s edge. We experienced the waterfalls,     Mommas       make     doll
hot springs and other geological wonders including Desert       clothes for the American
Big Horn sheep, Osprey, Great Blue Heron and much               Girl Doll and the Bitty
more. Someone even said they saw an American Bald               Baby doll. Some of the
Eagle. During our adventure, we even had a chance to            proceeds from these sales go to charity. We are also making
swim in the beautiful waters of the Colorado. This was one      pillow cases this year for ConKerr Cancer. This is a
of the more popular rallies the club has undertaken in the      program where pillow cases are made and given to
nine-year history of the club. We had a fabulous Italian
pot-luck dinner created by Tom & Diane.                         children who are in the hospital and dealing with cancer.
                                                                The Happy Hookers are a crochet group who
Fu t ure schedule d tr ips include Santa Maria,                 make blankets and afghans for new moms and veterans.
California/Napa wine country/Reno, north central                We have a busy and
O reg on/Cra ter Lake /Columbia River Valley                    active embroidery
and Washington, Paso Robles wine country, Rocky Point,          group as well as a
Mexico, and Albuquerque Balloon Festival. Stay tuned!
                                                                quilt group called
Our meetings are held at 4:00 p.m. on the last Tuesday of       Loose Threads
the month (except December, June and July) in the Penn          which does many
Room at Independence Center. If you are interested,             fun and creative
please come to any of our meetings and see first-hand how       things. We also have
much fun we have or contact our Membership Chair Jack           a knitting group
Wiseman at 407-4042, or President George Ormsby at
492-2542. If you are RVers & want to make some great            called Chicks with
friends, the SCA RV Club is the way to go!                      Sticks. Our serger
                                                                group helps new
                                                                serger owners learn
                                                                how to use their new
The Scrabble Plus Club meets each Friday afternoon from         machines.On
1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. in the Emerson/Franklin Room at           Thursday afternoons, we have a craft group that meets
Anthem Center. Anyone not a member is welcome to join           and makes all the wonderful items you see displayed in
us as a guest for a friendly game of Scrabble. If you want to   the windows of our sewing room.
join, membership is open to all SCA residents for only $10
a year.                                                         As you can see, we have a variety of activities available for
                                                                members at all skill levels from beginner to experienced
The Scrabble “Word of the Day” is NINJA, a covert agent         sewers. If you are interested in joining our fun group, stop
or mercenary in feudal Japan who specialized in                 in and visit us sometime. You can also check out our
unorthodox warfare.                                             website at You will be glad you did.
Now for some Scrabble trivia: Since this is an election year,
here’s an interesting tidbit. A local ordinance in
Atwoodville, Connecticut prohibits people from playing
Scrabble while waiting for a politician to speak.
A new high point score was made by 50 year old Joel
Sherman, Bronx, NY, in December 2011. He scored seven
bingos to get this score but a fourteen year old, Bradley
Robbins, tied him also with the most bingos in a game. Not
a newcomer to Scrabble, Joel was a participant in the 2011
National Scrabble Championship.
As stated in previous Spirit issues, there are words in our
everyday vocabulary that are names as well have
meanings allowing their play in a Scrabble game. There is
a boy’s nickname which means stylish. The word it
derived from means “precious.” It is also the common
name, but not the official name, of a theatre acting award.
The TONY Awards, officially the Antoinette Perry
Awards, are given for theatrical productions annually in
the United States. TONY is an adjective: having an
aristocratic, expensive or stylish presentation.

                                                                                                May 2012 •
                                SHANGHAI RUMMY (PUSH)
                                Mondays 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Emerson/Franklin Room
                                Shanghai Rummy, aka Push, is an easy card game of three
                                to four players. We welcome men and women to play.
                                Members play with the same table each week. We do not
                                rotate tables as some games do. New members are
                                welcomed. Please call President Shirley LaChance at
                                837-9924 to schedule an orientation to the game. It takes
                                about 20 minutes. Happily, all new members have found a
                                table. Join in an afternoon of friendship and cards.
                                Dues are $5.00 a year. Card racks are for sale for $15.00.
                                New officers for 2012 are:
                                President Shirley LaChance at 837-9924,
                                Vice President Donna Topolski, Secretary Carol Jeffers
                                and Treasurer David Olmstead.

                                SCA Singles Club is a wonderful place to meet other
                                Anthem singles. Prospective members are welcome
                                to come and join our T Times. T Times are held on the first
                                and third Fridays of each month from 5:00 p.m. to
                                6:30 p.m. at Buckman’s with good conversation, cocktails
                                and on some occasions, dinner at a nearby restaurant. For
                                membership information, you may contact Maxine Block
                                at 489-8996, or Marion Wilkens at 616-3955. Dues are
                                $10.00 per year and entitle members to attend all
                                                         We have many Shared Interest
                                                         Groups including games, movies,
                                                         dance, cooking, fine dining and
                                                         optional breakfast and lunch sched-
                                                         ules each week. Upcoming events
                                                         include Kentucky Derby/Cinco De
                                                         Mayo party on May 5, 2012
                                                         at Independence Center which
                                                         follows a short semi-annual
                                                         meeting. The food will be a
                                                         Mexican theme along with TV
                                                         coverage of the Kentucky Derby,
                                special contests, etc., and fun for all. Seniors Prom dance
                                will be held on June 23, 2012 with other single clubs
                                Also, Il Divo excursion coming up in July.
                                Officers for 2012 are:
                                          President – Carol Bochner
                                          Vice President – Janie Horton
                                          Secretary – Ann Peters
                                          Treasurer – Gail Van Wagoner
                                For further information, log on to our website at
                       or you may check the bulletin board
                                in Anthem Center for possible changes.
                                Board meetings are held the first Monday of each month at
                                5:00 p.m. in the Concord Room in Anthem Center. For
                                further information, contact Carol Bochner at 685-9441.

48 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                                                  Club Information
Every Tuesday & Friday morning, a bunch of the most
friendly, warm and zany people you could ever meet get
together to get some exercise, enjoy a little camaraderie
and play one of the greatest sports, EVER! How can I get in
on the fun, you say?' Well, here's the skinny.......
We are Anthem Senior Softball and we play the
aforementioned two days a week, over at Anthem Field,
behind the Del Webb School. Starting at 8:30 a.m. with a
little practice to loosen up dem ol' bones followed by the
games at 9:00 a.m. We have an eclectic group of retired
men AND women! Yes Virginia, I said MEN AND
WOMEN!! Anyone can play!
We supply all the essentials: bats, balls, pitching screens
and ice packs for the occasional sprained something or
other! All you need to bring is a glove. Oh....and a pair of     Our annual tournament on March 10 was preceded by a
cleats would probably be a good idea because at our age,         luncheon and a brief business meeting. The tournament
we need all the traction that we can get!!!!                     was well attended; a complete success and everyone had a
Now you might say that you are not sure that the old body        great time. Congratulations to all of the winners:
can still take it. We will let you play three games before
you would have to join. That should be enough time to            Women's Singles - Anita Fan (Gold), Lois Savage (Silver)
judge for yourself. If and when you do join the club, the        & Shu-Ching Ng (Bronze)
yearly dues are only $35. That's less than 25 cents a game!!
Now tell me that ain't a great deal!                             Women's Doubles - Xiaoyin Zhang & Vicki Van Fossen
                                                                 (Gold) Anita Fan & Lois Savage (Silver) & Nancy Chen &
You'll need to be 50 years or older and live in Anthem. So,      Shu-Ching Ng (Bronze)
if you wanna have a grand old time and relive the joy and
good times of your childhood, come on down! Find out             Men's Singles A Division - Alan Ehrlich (Gold), James Yee
more about us by calling our president, JP Molfetta at           (Silver) & Wes McGlaughlin (Bronze)
1-702-36-4572......Get out and play with us.....You'll be glad
you did!!                                                        Men's Singles B Division - Mario Najera (Gold), Mike
                                                                 Barry (Silver) & Glen Savage (Bronze)
TABLE TENNIS                                                     Men's Doubles - Wes McGlaughlin & Odo Wang (Gold),
                              The An
                                  Anthem Table Tennis Club       James Yee & Gordon Hua (Silver), & TC Chen & Mike
                              has re
                                   reserved club times on        Barry (Bronze)
                              Monda & Fridays, 6:00 p.m. –       Mixed Doubles - James Yee & Xiaoyin Zhang (Gold), Mike
                              10:00 p.m., Tuesday & Thurs-       Barry & Liz Saide (Silver) & TC Chen & Shu-Ching
                              days, 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.,      Ng (Bronze)
                              Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m.– 10:00
                              p.m., Saturdays, 12:30 p.m. to
                                    S                            Open Singles - Alan Ehrlich (Gold), TC Chen (Silver) &
                              4:30 p.m. at Independence Hall
                                   p.                            Xiaoyin Zhang (Bronze)
                              Aerobics & Fitness Rooms           Check our club bulletin board for the date of the next
Anthem residents, of all abilities, are welcome to join the
                                    a                            "SAM" cup tournament between the Summerlin, Anthem
Table Tennis Club. Table Tennis is a great sport for             and MacDonald Ranch Table Tennis Clubs. Also an e-mail
all individuals who want to improve their hand-eye               will be sent to all active club members with the details of
coordination while having fun.                                   this tournament.
Club members have access to a Table Tennis ball machine          In the last six months, our Player Development Program
(robot) that can help players improve their skills and work      held presentations and workshops on "Improving Your
on a multitude of different strokes at different speeds.         Table Tennis Skills," "Beginner's Basics," "Serving," "Return
Several volunteers have been trained on how to set up the        of Serves" and "Footwork." Future seminars and
club robot for others. Yearly dues, which are only $5, are       workshops will be developed based on club players'
used to maintain our equipment and purchase new                  requests.
needed items. A new member's guide has been developed            In February, we created a singles challenge board. This
as a way to inform new club members about all of our club        allows members who want to play more singles to
activities and schedules. In addition, mentors for new           challenge higher seated players. Any club member can be
members are available.                                           added to the singles challenge board by contacting Rich
                                                                 Contact Wes McGlaughlin at 873-7083
                                                                 ( for more information.

                                                                                                 May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 49
Club Information
TENNIS                                                          VETERANS
                                                                                       Second Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.
                                                                                       Delaware Room, Anthem Center.

                                                                                       “The mission of the Sun City
                                                                                       Anthem Veterans Club is to
                                                                                       support all service members,
                                                                                       veterans and their families.”

                                                                Our May meeting will
                                                                be a panel discussion
                                                                with 5 SCA WWII and
                                                                Korean veterans who
                                                                have previously been
                                                                interviewed by our
Exciting news from our USTA Senior and Super Senior             FINF (Freedom is not
teams. First, two Super Senior Women's teams competed           Free) team. Steve
in the regional playoffs at the Darling Tennis Center on        McCarthy will be the
March 9-11. The SW 7.0 team, captained by Josie Baker,
competed against four other teams from the Intermoun-           host/moderator for
tain Region (Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and Utah.) Josie's        this unique discussion.
team, consisting also of Norma Wiebe, Beverly Ginsberg,         Please join us for this meeting that will surely be one to be
Toni Madsen, Karin Bridges, Marci Loss, Elizabeth Saide,        remembered.
Lani Kuncl, Barb Booth, Durinda Stewart, Irene Schwartz,
Patty Yamano, Carole Amendola, Laura Au-Yeung and               We are actively seeking WWII and Korean War Veterans to
Suelue Anderson, finished solidly in second place. The SW       be interviewed by the FINF (Freedom Is Not Free) team.
6.0 team, captained by Pam Cox, consisting also of Alberta      Copies of the interviews will be sent to the Library of
Bonnett, Judy Mayes, Wendy Kimball, Ursula Gerads,              Congress. For details, please contact FINF show producer,
Barbara Bechard and Janice Priece, competed against two         Bill Campbell at 263-9302 or
other teams (Colorado and Idaho) from the same region
and also finished a solid second. Congratulations to both                          P l e a s e t u n e i n t o o u r “ Ve t e r a n
teams.                                                                             Corner” monthly report by Herb
                                                                                   Solomon, Color Guard Commander,
Second, Linda Jones's Senior Women's 3.5 team finished in                          especially for Community Veterans
second place in their flight and will compete in the district                      on Cox CH 99 or HD980 or
playoffs at Darling Tennis Center on May 3-5. The team,                   the first
shown in the accompanying photo consists of (from left to                          week of each month.
right in photo) Lani Kuncl, Diana Czak, Najwa Sabra,
Linda Jones, Pat Peterson, Patty Novak, Pat Carrell, Laurie
Sieberg, Barb Booth, Diane Bold, Ellen Carr, and Bess
Mewes. For more information about league play coming
up in the fall or next winter and spring, please contact        Any Anthem resident in good standing in our HOA, and
Josie Baker at                             who is a veteran, is eligible to have his or her name placed
                                                                on the Anthem Veterans Memorial Plaque located in
The April 15 Fun Mixer held at the Anthem Center Courts         Anthem Center. This can be done via email to
was a big success. Coming up on May 20, will be a Team with your request or call Dave
Tennis Tournament, with four teams of eight players each        Leonard at 702-837-0451.
competing in a round robin format. Then, on June 15, we
will have a Tennis Social, mostly mixed doubles with
different partners. New club members are encouraged to          Visit our Web Site
participate in both these events. For further information,
contact Tournaments/Mixers Chair Beverly Ginsberg at            for information about                                     our club. If you have
                                                                not yet attended one of
A new tennis pro contract has been awarded by the SCA           our monthly meetings,
Association to WTS doing business out of Dragon Ridge           we cordially invite you
Country Club. Players interested in drop-in and private or      to do so.
group tennis clinics may obtain schedules and pricing
information from the Sun City Anthem Fitness
Susan Stephens has become the new webmaster for the
club's website. Look for frequent news and updates at

50 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                                               Club Information
                         SCA Women's Club “Kentucky           Dues are $20 for the year. If you are a member of the
                         Derby” Luncheon ~Thursday,           Women’s Club and are not receiving the club’s monthly
                         May 10, 2012 ~                       Chatter, please send your correct email address to
                         Something New & Fun … you  
                         won’t want to miss this
                         luncheon. After you sign in, our     WOMEN’S GOLF
                         greeters will guide you out to
                         the patio where you will enjoy       Sun City Anthem Women’s Golf Club
                         appetizers, beverages and a          The SCA Women’s Golf Course is kicking off the month of
                         cash bar for those who would         May with its annual Member-Member Tournament, May 1
                         prefer a cocktail. Later we will     and 2. The two-person team event on both the Concord
                         be “called to Post” in the           and the Lexington concludes with an awards luncheon.
                        ballroom where the “Derby             Thanks to our Member-Member Chairs Sally Brennan and
Horse” will make an appearance. There will be a special       Judy Kaade.
raffle and prizes throughout the event. We’re having a        “The Battle on the Concord” Invitational for women golfers
“HAT CONTEST,” so wear your finest hat.                       from throughout Southern Nevada will be June 5.
The doors open at 10:30 a.m. and the cost for members is      Thir ty - tw o fou r-pe r son t ea ms wil l compe te .
$30 and guests $40. More details to follow in the SCA         The 128 participants will end the day with an awards
Women’s Club May Chatter.                                     luncheon and raffle. Co-chairs Carolyn Gwynne and Jane
                                                              Azuma are heading up the sixth annual event. Put a team
If you have suggestions or you need to speak to our           together and join us for this fun event which just keeps
President, Jo Ann Malter, you can contact Jo Ann at           getting better every year.
483-6494 or at email address: ,
or our President-Elect, Debbie Evans, 492-0983, or at email   Thank you to Gary Cranford from UBS, our wonderful
address:                                    sponsor, who helps make so many of our special events
If you need help with luncheon reservations, you may          possible with his generous donations to our club. He also
contact Marilyn Doran, Membership Director, 982-5312, or      sponsored lunch after our “Playday Exchange” golf match,
at her email address:                 when we hosted the South Shore Ladies Club on
                                                              the Concord at Revere on April 25.
Remembering Friends and Family: If you know of
someone who can use a little cheer in their life because of   After a “bye” on the first Team Play event, SCAWGC’s
illness or a death in their family, we would like to send a   team won 18 1/2 out of 24 points against Spanish Trail at
card. Therefore, please contact: Donna Cant, Secretary,       Las Vegas Country Club; and 10 out of 24 at Canyon Gate                                    against Boulder City. The next match will be held at Los
Spare Timers (Bowling): Nan O’Malley,                         Prados against Sun City Summerlin., 407-8407
                                                              Sheila Lesterson,
9-5ers/Working Women:         Stella Giordano, 492-9923,      o u r Hospitality                                            Chairperson, hosted a
                                                              “Newcomers Tea” to
Golden Girls: A group whose mission is to get together
                                                              welcome new members,
ladies over 75 for monthly luncheons. It is open to mothers
                                                              Cherlyn Spencer, Betsey
and daughters/relatives/caregivers for bonding of each
                                                              Trecker, Priscilla Rice,
age group and for developing friendships with common
                                                              Jane Hess and Jayne
interests. Contact Carol Siebel at 407-4193 or
                                                              Koster (see ph ot o.)
                                                              Ou r clu b c u r r e n t l y
Copies of The Chatter are now available at the Anthem         h a s 1 2 9 members.
Center's office, inside the Women's Club Slot, for our
Ladies who are members of the SCA Women's Club, but           SCAWGC welcomes new members for 18-hole play on
do not have computer access.                                  Tuesdays and 9-hole play on Thursdays. Please visit the
                                                              website at or ask for information
Sun City Anthem Women's Club website has been                 in the Revere Pro Shop.
updated and will continue to be updated with Special
Events and other items of interest. Our website address is
Join the Women’s Club! Membership applications can be
obtained in Anthem Center adjacent to the mailboxes.

                                                                                             May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 51
Whether you are a master woodworker, are just beginning
the craft, or have skills somewhere in between, SCA
                                                                       Club Interests
Woodchips woodworking club has a place for you. New
members as well as previous members who may have
been inactive in woodworking for a while are all welcome.      Do any of these subjects interest you? With enough community
                                                               interest, these groups can become Chartered Clubs. If you are
To help members enjoy a successful woodworking                             interested in forming a club, call 614-5806
experience, the club offers training classes and a
mentoring program. Training modules focus on the skills
needed to correctly and safely operate related types of       Anti-aging Health Group, Sophia Wass de Czege..........
tools. Modules are taught regularly according to demand.       ............................................. .... 588-9058
The schedule of available training classes and details        Big Sky Women’s Group, Linda Krivec ......... 260-3534
about the mentoring program are listed on our website.
                                                              Car Enthusiasts, John Bergler......................... 269-3090
                                                              Craps Club, BeverLee Weite .............................361-9990
                                                              Cribbage/Chess, Joe Fay ........................775-781-1247
                                                              Euchre, Carol Richards..................................... 982-3075
                                                              Florida Gators Club, Bill Kelley ....................... 614-8222
                                                              Fishing, Marshall Gabriel ................................. 260-7766
                                                              Gin Rummy, Marla Sturman .................................722-0551
                                                              Lincoln/Douglas Political Debate Vernon Matson 269-0636
                                                              Masonic Fellowship Group, Richard Hunker .............
                                                              Missouri-Kansas Club, Hanna Apple .............722-1947
                                                              Model Railroads, John Knox .......................... 304-8372
                                                              Motorcycle Fun Rides, David
                                                              Northern Californians, Valerie Lapin.............269-1891
                                                              Oath Keepers, Ed Bridges ............................... 586-4475
Woodchips Club President Bill Van Ooyen, shown with
apron in the photo, recently instructed new members in        Origami, Carol Stevens .....................................457-9892
the proper use of the SawStop table saw. This state-of-the-   Persian Culture, Shahla Pfeiffer ..................... 629-6222
art saw finger-sparing safety features are featured in a      Retired Advertisers, Jerry Sakura.....................432-6369
video on our website. The SawStop is representative of the
high quality of equipment available in the shop.              Rummy KUB, Maddy Ekstein..........................485-5542
                                                              Runner’s Group, Janet Shanta ........................ 269-0078
Woodchips membership is open to all SCA residents for         SCA Musicians, Wilfred Krom ..........................837-6325
only $25.00 a year. After mandatory safety training, you
will be on your way as a woodworker. Our shop, which is       Senior Sports Enthusiasts, Janet Shanta....... 269-0078
located at the rear of Independence Center, is open           Sheepshead, Diane Collins ............................. 436-6339
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for member training             Skiing, Jeff Malter ................................................. 483-6494
and shop projects; and Thursday through Saturday, 9:00
a.m. – 2:00 p.m. for general member use. Check the            Travel, Sara Raney ............................
Woodchips website at: for                Vegetarian & Vegan, Cindy Joseph ................914-7994
information on the club and pictures of many of our           Women's Inspirational Group, Helen Lieblein .. 476-2203
members’ projects. Stop by the shop or contact Dan
McLean at 896-6896 or
for information on becoming a member.

52 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 53
Service Directory
A/C & HEATING                                                     PRECISION Garage Door & Opener Sales & Svc, Open 24/7
Eli’s A/C Heating, Repair, Maintenance, New Units.                “Snr Disc” Call 361-8455
Lic 0072945 Bonded/Ins. 702-327-7850
                                                                  All Access Garage Door Co: Free Estimates.
Moore Air Cond & Heating, Svce, Repair, Replacement.              Springs/Doors/Openers. Same Day Service.
50 yrs exp. 685-4343                                              Military/Senior Disc. Call 882-1320

ATTORNEY                                                          GOLF CART REPAIR
Robert A. Massi & Associates – Wills, Trusts, Probate, Real       American Eagle On The Spot! Repairs, Battery Sales
Estate, Personal Injury, Business Law & Legal Consultations.      & Installation. 531-8550
11201 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 100 Henderson, NV 89052
Call 702-870-1100.                               HAIR STYLIST
Poloni & Associates – Darci Poloni, ESQ. Living Trusts,           Best Kept Secret 4 Color Cut Perms! Call Vicki 274-5040
Wills, Probate, Corporate Formation ~ 616-9240;                   Beautiology Salon-Von’s Center
2850 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy #200 Henderson, Licensed in            HEALTH & FOOD
CA and NV ~
                                                                  Passionate About Health and Nutrition? Xocai Healthy
CABINETS                                                          Chocolate Offers A Complete Line Of Delicious Dark
Elite-Design-SCA Res Merrillat Dealer, Enhance Your Kit &         Belgian Chocolate for Wellness, Weight Loss & Anti-Aging.
                                                                  Diabetic Friendly.
Bath, Custom Entertainment Centers, Custom Closets Systems,       SCA Residents. Call 629-3919
Add Roll-Out Shelves. Repair Old Finish, Change
Cab. Color. Carole Fagan 263-6230 Many SCA Referrals.
                                                                  HOME SERVICES
COIN APPRAISALS                                                   All-Trade Services All Plumbing Repairs & Installation,
Sun City Collector Offers More. No Obligation.                    Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Irrigation Repairs, Hard Water
                                                                  Filteration, Electrical Fixtures. Call Lou at (702) 260-6955
Call Irv Atkins At 614-9099
COMPUTER                                                          Experienced - SCA Res - Handyman Services
                                                                  Call Ray 589-1137
IPhone Problems Need Help, We Come To You. Call Larry The
IPhone Fixer at 242-6964.
                                                                  Jim’s Do-All Handy Man Service - Carpentry, Plumbing &
                                                                  Electrical Repairs. Call Jim 755-3505
(702) 608 2123 - Onsite Repair - Free diagnostics - No repair
over $100
                                                                  Joe's Home Improvements - NV Lic# 0075901
ELECTRICIAN                                                       For Quality Work At Excellent Prices! Call 538-3115
T.B.M. Electric: Lic#70592, Bonded And Insured.
                                                                  Finish Carpenter Handyman – TV Enclosures,
Call For Your Free Estimate 277-5031                              Cabinets Avi – 480-6714
NOW! Electric: 24/7 Service, Senior Discount Lic. # 67680
736-4040                                                          HOUSE CLEANING
                                                                  A TLC Cleaning Company, LLC Anthem Based -
NVH Electric Lic# 72389 Insured. 29 Yrs Experience Anthem
                                                                  (Lic/Ins/Bond) Call 260-8772 Free In Home Quote Family
Resident. Many SCA referrals, same day-SCA disc. Fans, lights,
                                                                  Owned Xlent Refs. Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner.
outlets etc. Steve 580-1414
                                                                  Check Out Our Website at
Mister Sparky: America’s On Time Electrician: $36 Off             A Clean Getaway Licd/Insur Family Owned/Operated
Completed Work. Ceiling Fan & Lighting Upgrades, Outlets          373-8396
Not Working, Surge Protection, Pool, Hot Tub, All Electric
Needs 545-6280 Lic. # 72758 B/Ins              Sunshine Cleaning Service, Lic/Bond/Ins Xllent Ref. Family
                                                                  Owned & Operated 18 Yrs. Call 896-5239
Fabulous Floors 9893 S. Eastern F1 Target Center Next to          Aidas Cleaning Svce 2 Girls/ 2 Hrs Up To 2000 sqft $60 Lic
Pier 1. Every Type Of Floor And Window Covering. Open 7           Ins 702-810-2912
Days a Week 458-2505
GARAGE DOOR SERVICE                                               INSULATION
                                                                  Full Service Insulation Comp, Re Blow Attic, Lic #54563
Garage Door Service Our Commitment Is Your Satisfaction           Free Estimate 702-262-7847
The Association at Sun City Anthem neither endorses nor promotes any of the products or services advertised herein and assumes
no responsibility or liability for the statements made.
54 Sun City Anthem • May 2012
                                                  Service Directory
LANDSCAPING                                                        POOL SERVICE
The Best! Vegas Sprinkler Specialists 622-8777                     Expert Pool Care-Weekly Service, Maintenance & Repairs                                            Call 685-8433
Shibata Landscape, Inc. Relandscape/Maint/Cleanup
Lic/Ins/Bond. 702-263-1872
SOS Lawn Service & Maintenance/Landscape.                          Free Estimate 702-262-7847
Shane 372-9479
Champion Pool & Landscape Solutions 457-5296                       SOLAR SCREENS                                        Atomic Solar Screens Family Owned Since 96. BBB Member
Young Lawn Service-One Day $100.00 Clean/Trim 487-0191             Tom 869-2083
or 0192
                                                                   TAX PREPARATION
Mobile Notary Anytime/16 Yrs NV Exp/Local Refs Avail               Paul LaChance 838-0091
                                                                   Michael Bergman SCA Resident 40 Yrs. Experience in
PAINTING                                                           California and all States. 270-2593.
Hunter Painting Lic. #33937 ph# 458-7180 Free Estimate             Gregg Spector, CPA – SCA Resident - FREE Consultation
100% Satisfaction We Carry All Necessary Insurance.                And Review Of Your Prior Year Tax Return.
Gary Hunter Owner & Anthem Resident.                               Please Call With Any Questions - 702-262-6210.
PERSONAL ASSISTANT                                                 Wholesale! Caprice Cruises & Travel, SCA Res. Robin
All About Time – House Cleaning – All Pet Care – Shopping
& Errands, Handyman, Rides? & Wait For Service –                   778-7130
Dr. Appointments, Etc. 897-4416                                    WINDOW CLEANING
                                                                   Four Seasons Window Cleaning-Free Est/Free Screen Cleaning
PEST CONTROL                                                       W/1st Window Cleaning. Family Owned W/Over 10 Yrs Exp.
Sun Country Pest Services. Lic/Insured, SCA Res 263-7346           Call Rick or Jill 521-3144.
Amazon Pest Control. Licensed & Insured. No Start-Up Fee.          Window Bright Window Cleaning and Maintenance Program
No Long Term Contracts. Monthly Service As Low As $25.00.          497-6342 Solar Screens and Bug Screens, Build, Install, Repair
(702) 558-3730.                                                    or Replace
Pest Control Inc 702-228-4394 “Sun City’s Primary Pest
Control Company” 1st Service Free - Call Today!                    All Washed Up Window Cleaning Windows So Clean You’ll
                                                                   Think They’re Open Call 273-9500
Barbie’s Pet Sitting 612-5791 SCA Res.
                                                                   WINDOW COVERINGS
                                                                   East-West Blind & Shutter Co. Family Owned.
Purr-fect Pet Sitting 513-8307 Lic/Ins/Bond                        33 Yrs Experience. 255-0502. (SCA Res)
Personalized Visits/Overnights 499-8606 Lic/B/Ins
Atlas Plumbing. At Last A Plumber. State Lic #19707, Est. 1980.
Jack Dish Plumbing. All Residential Plumbing Service. Repair
or Installation. Family Owned & Operated since 1977. 24 hrs.
Lic#57046. 283-2320.
Badger Plumbing LLC Lic #0074880 SCA Resident Senior
Discount 702-423-0906
Butter Plumbing 24 Hour Service. Lic/Bond, Ins. 10% Discount

The Association at Sun City Anthem neither endorses nor promotes any of the products or services advertised herein and assumes
no responsibility or liability for the statements made.
                                                                                                   May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 55
             NV Lic. #57046

                24 HOURS
• Drain Cleaning • Water Heaters & Water Softeners
        • Garbage Disposals, Faucets & Toilets
      • Bathtubs & Showers • Repair Specialist
             • Hydro Jetting Drain Lines

                          May 2012 • Sun City Anthem 57
   R E A L E S TAT E
                     Anthem Hills                                                12231 South Eastern Avenue Suite150
                The “Sun City Experts”                                                  Henderson, NV 89052
                                                                                 On the corner of Eastern and Sun City Anthem Drive

                  • Buyer Representation • Listings (including Short Sales)
                           • Property Management and Rentals

                               Over 30 local real estate professionals to serve you!

   Margaret Nolen                           Helen Presser                        Helene Cookie Benson                      Kristin Dittman
  cell: 702-539-3999                      cell: 702-738-3936                      cell: 702-556-9953                      cell: 702-306-7087                   
         Featured property:                      Featured property:                       Featured property:                     Featured property:
   1873 Lemon Grove St.                      2021 Poetry Avenue                   3965 Palm Beach St. #201                  2082 Dipinto Avenue
            $529,000                                 $290,000                             MLS# 1200992                              $569,000
      NOT A SHORT SALE!!                    On a quiet street in Coventry.           Approved short sale! Great 3        Pride of ownership throughout this
Beautiful Gold Key Concord model.       Artistically designed backyard with      bedroom, 2 bath condo in northwest.    expanded Concord model. Mountain
 Highly upgraded, on elevated golf         fountain and pond. Spacious 3          Attached 1 car garage with interior    and golf course views! Immaculate
   course lot, strip views, built-in   bedrooms, 2 full baths, office and dual    access. Great for first time buyer,   one-of-a-kind home with upgrades in
barbecue and inground spa. Original      entry pantry. Call for more details.      investor or second home. Great        every room. Call or email for your
     Owner. Call for Showing!             All offers seriously considered.            condition. Call for details!             private viewing today.

                                                       Call 702-212-1900
                                                           Open 7 days a week
                                         “Locally Owned and Operated” Di Redman, Broker/Owner
December 2011 • Sun City Anthem 59

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