; SAE NC Xi ENews March 2013
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SAE NC Xi ENews March 2013


SAE NC Xi ENews March 2013

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									                                NC Xi ENews – March 2013 Issue

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                      Charles V Tompkins Jr ’58, is owner of Tompkins Mediators in Charlotte, and a
                      member of the North Carolina Academy of Superior Court Mediators. He is a
                      former partner of the litigation department of Kennedy Covington LLP. During the
                      course of Charlie's career, he litigated more than four hundred medical
                      malpractice cases, more than forty products liability cases, various negligence
                      claims, construction contract disputes, breach of warranty and commercial
                      contract disputes, and claims of police misconduct-wrongful arrest and use of
                      excessive force. Since commencing mediation and arbitration practice part time
                      in 1996 and full time in 2003, he has mediated over 500 cases of various kinds,
                      including medical malpractice, products liability, commercial contracts, police
misconduct, construction contracts, property disputes, and various negligence actions. Charlie obtained
his law degree from Harvard University in 1961. He was Phi Beta Kappa in 1957 at UNC. Contact Charlie
at email tompkinsadr@carolina.rr.com or office 704-576-6988.

Patrick M Lenny '76 has started a new career as a song writer. Please visit the link below to hear his
song "Stay Country". You will hear an SAE reference in the second verse. Reach out to "Blade" at


Christian O'Neal Avery ’92, is director of merchandise/bath for Lowes Companies in Mooresville. He has
served as manager of corporate strategy as well as tools merchandising manager. Chris graduated from
Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management with an MBA in 1997 and majored in English as an
undergrad while at Carolina. He also serves on the Board of Visitors at UNC. Catch up with Chris at

Andrew Glenn “Drew” Moretz, ‘94 is UNC's vice president for state government relations. He was
introduced to the UNC Board of Governors last week. Prior to his arrival at UNC, Moretz was vice
president of government affairs for the Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce from 2004 to 2012.
Before that he was a vice president at the then-N.C. Electronics & Information Technologies Association.
From 2000 to 2003, he was a legislative assistant for Republican U.S. Rep. Howard Coble.

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                               NC Xi ENews – March 2013 Issue

                    H. Inman Allen, ’63, now retired, was chairman and CEO of the Ivan Allen Company,
                   founded in 1902 by his grandfather, Ivan Allen Sr. He had led, since 1995, the strategic
                   transformation of Ivan Allen from an office products company into a focused
                   enterprise serving the interior space and furnishing needs of major southeastern
                   businesses. He is chairman of the Allen Foundation as well as the Inman Foundation.
                   Inman also serves as Chairman of Haas and Dodd Realty Company. He is the son of
                   the late Ivan Allen Jr., the former Atlanta mayor, who presided over the city’s
                   integration and economic growth in the 1960s and for whom Georgia Tech’s Ivan
                   Allen College of Liberal Arts is named. Inman has served as a board member in many
local organizations including the Henry W. Grady Foundation, the Woodruff Arts Center, Egleston
Children’s Hospital, and Leadership Georgia. He holds a B.A. in political science from the University of
North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and attended Emory Law School, 1964-1967. He was also appointed chair
of the Carter Center's Board of Councilors for 2012. The board is comprised of 234 members, who serve
as a leadership advisory group that promotes understanding among opinion leaders and the broader
community of The Carter Center and its activities. Inman has served on the boards of the Fulton-DeKalb
Hospital Authority, Grady Hospital Foundation, Woodruff Arts Center, The Atlanta Historical Society,
Egleston Children's Hospital, Berry College, Atlanta College of Art, Leadership Georgia and Central
Atlanta Progress. He also served three years of active duty in the United States Army from 1967 to 1970.

Fall 2012 Scholarship Report

The chapter reported its scholarship results for fall 2013 semester. The chapter had an overall GPA of
3.252 (based on 58 registered members), while the new member class had a 3.376. The All Greek
average was 3.237, and the All University average was 3.183. The All Men Average was 3.139, which is
the target goal of our Fraternity to meet or exceed.


3268 students in fraternities and sororities = 18% of 18,503. IFC: 1241 men (average chapter size: 56) /
Panhellenic: 1764 women (NPC only: 1649 women; average chapter size:165 ; NPC Campus total: 165 );
NPHC: 93 members (average chapter size: 12) / GAC: 170 members (average chapter size: 12)

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