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Minutes - School of Health Care Professions Intranet - University of


									                               UNIVERSITY OF SALFORD
                         FACULTY OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE

                           School Council/Board

                          Wednesday 19 May 2010 at 1pm Room MS1.36

Present:           Peter Bowden                 Directorate of Prosthetics & Orthotics and Podiatry
Staff:             Gillian Crofts               Postgraduate Co-Ordinator
                   Kay Hack                     Chair, Associate Head Teaching
                   Helen Parker                 ILS
                   Sue Norton                   Directorate of Radiography
                   David Southwell              Faculty of Health and Social Care

Students:          Helen Bazley                 Occupational Therapy
                   Steve Cox                    Prosthetics & Orthotics
                   Suzanne McCollum             Physiotherapy
                   Annabel Minns                Prosthetics & Orthotics
                   Helen Weavers                Sports Rehabilitation
                   Victoria                     Podiatry

Apologies:         Alison Barlow                Director Prosthetics & Orthotics and Podiatry
Staff:             Sue Braid                    Head of School
                   Lynn Geelan                  School Administrator
                   Kimberley Neal               Students’ Union
                   Julie Nightingale            Director of Radiography
                   Leslie Robinson              School Widening Participation and Retention Officer

Students:          Anna Beevers                 Occupational Therapy
                   Hayley Campbell              Podiatry
                   Helen Carrington             Physiotherapy
                   Jaclyn Coleman               Sports Injury Rehabilitation
                   Peter Durkin                 Prosthetics & Orthotics
                   Susan Fenton                 Radiography
                   Katie Grain                  Occupational Therapy
                   Kelly McFie                  Occupational Therapy
                   Miriam Mulholland            Prosthetics & Orthotics
                   Johanna Tattersall           Occupational Therapy
                   Nicolas Young                Occupational Therapy

10/01 Minutes from 25 November 2009

         The Minutes from 25 November 2009 were received as a true record.

10/02 Matters Arising from 25 November 2009

         09/14 Health Professions Council – Visits

                   The Occupational Therapy HPC visit took place on 4/5 February 2010 and
                   the programme has been re-approved subject to some conditions and
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                   The HPC have asked for the following conditions to be completed:
                      1) Update admissions documentation
                      2) Update documentation to refer to HPC standards of conduct,
                         performance, ethics and consent
                      3) Practice Based Placement issues including:
                             - evidence of systems for monitoring placements (including
                                 assessment and non traditional and overseas placements)
                             - How E&D policy is implements in placements
                             - Skills and knowledge of clinical educators
                      4) Further details on requirements for External Examiners

                   There was one recommendation that the new teaching room currently being
                   renovated be ready by 31 August 2010.

         09/15 Student Representative Discussion Board for 19 May Meeting

                   This had been created in both the undergraduate and postgraduate School
                   Blackboard sites and information had been uploaded with regard to this
                   meeting but unfortunately no students had used the discussion board.

                   This BB site would continue to be used for future meetings and students
                   would be encouraged to participate on the E meeting site.

10/03 Teaching Learning and Enhancement Report

         The Annual Programme Monitoring and Enhancement Reports and the External
         Examiner reports are required to be completed by July so they will be received at the
         next meeting.

         From the School’s Learning Teaching and Enhancement and National Student Survey
         plan the main focus this academic year has been around retention and progression and
         Leslie Robinson the School’s Retention and Progression Officer has worked with
         Programme Leaders to get a feel for why students stay and leave programmes. The
         programme teams are working to address some of the issues raised which can vary in
         each programme from entrance requirements to young males leaving.

         A Collaborative Learning Day was held in March for all level 4 students and next
         year these days will also be carried out for level 4, 5 and 6 full and part time students.

         Programme teams have been looking how students can become involved in hands on
         research and as a result the School has introduced summer research studentships.

         Work is currently in progress to introduce guidelines by September on expectations
         for both staff and students about communication.

         Plans for 2010/2011
         Next academic year programme teams will be looking to review assessments,
         informal and formal feedback of assessments and assessment strategy within their

         E Submission will be introduced across the School with all students receiving online

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         Programme teams will be looking at raising awareness with regard to employability
         skills. The nature of health programmes and the use of portfolios mean that these
         students have a lot of employability skills e.g. communication, IT, team working, etc.

         Postgraduate Developments
         The following developments are also ongoing:
             The programme team for MSc Nuclear Medicine Imaging want to develop
                 more blended learning for a European wide programme.
             Mammography
             A possible p/g Prosthetics & Orthotics module
             A level 4/5 Dental Hygienist/Therapy programme
             Sport – Paul Wilson is looking at developing modules to integrate sports
                 people back into education or business once they have retired professional
                 from their sport

         This has been another busy year with regard to programme approval and amendment.
         The following programmes have gone through the Periodic Programme Review
         MSc Advanced Practice (Nuclear Medicine) which from September 2010 will be
         called MSc Nuclear Medicine Imaging
         MSc Gastroenterology (work for this is still in progress)
         BSc (Hons) Applied Sports Science

         There has been various programme amendments and a part time route for BSc (Hons)
         Exercise, Physical Activity and Health has also been approved.

         MSc Surgical Practice is currently going through the Fast Track process for
         commencement in September 2010.

         MSc Strength and Conditioning, MSc Sports Injury Rehabilitation and MSc Psycho-
         Oncology all recruited their first cohorts this academic year. MSc Advancing
         Physiotherapy is currently recruiting its first cohort to commence in September.

         The following programmes will be going through Periodic Programme Review in
         Foundation degree Sports Development
         Foundation degree Exercise Physical Activity and Health
         MSc Geriatric Medicine

10/04 Research Report

         The School is reviewing postgraduate taught programmes in terms of their research
         profile and wants to amalgamate research across taught and research programmes.
         The School’s aim is to give all students research experience that is equitable across
         all areas.

         Any undergraduate students with an interest in getting involved in research should
         contact the Directors.

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10/05 Withdrawal of programme – Foundation degree Sport Development

         The Foundation degree Sport Development taught at Hopwood and St Helens
         colleges has been formally withdrawn. The last cohort of students will complete the
         programme in June 2011 no students will be recruited onto the programme in
         September 2010.

         Sport Development (Top Up) – This programme will be withdrawn no students will
         be recruited onto the programme in September 2012 and the last cohort will complete
         the programme in June 2012.

         A new foundation degree in Exercise, Health and Fitness with The Manchester
         College is currently going through the approval and partnership and collaboration
         committee processes, and it is hoped to commence this in September 2010. This
         programme already runs at St Helen’s College.

10/06 Date of Next Meeting

         To be confirmed in the next academic year.

10/07 School Board

         No items for discussion

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