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									                                           Mariam AL-Abdallah


    Personal Data:

         Date of Birth: 26 October 1976.
        Place of Birth: Kuwait.
        Nationality: Jordanian.

    Key Achievements:

    Achieved my PhD degree in April 2008. My research title was “An evaluation of three dimensional
     orthodontic tooth movement)
    Obtained the British Specialty Membership in Orthodontics from The Royal College of Edinburgh.
     Part I November/2004: Passed and obtained John Smith Medal for outstanding performance
     Part II June/2005: Highly rated as second best candidate out of 34.
    Achieved my MSc degree in Orthodontics and graduated with merits (December/2005).
    Successfully treated 120 Orthodontic patients to high standard outcome during the speciality course.
    “Reliability and Validity of Royal London Space Analysis” is an article related to my MSc research
     published in the European Journal of Orthodontics. This is an orthodontic journal with a high impact factor.
    A member in the Dentist Unions in Jordan/ Amman.
    Obtained a full funded scholarship from The University of Jordan to complete the MSc and M-Orth
    Obtained a 5 year Grant from the University of Jordan to get the BDS degree in Dentistry, and graduated
     with honour (July/2000).


2008- Current time      Orthodontic professor assistant
                        The University of Jordan
                        School of Dentistry
2006 - 2008             Undergraduate Learning Facilitator and Personal Tutor
                        The University of Manchester
                        School of Dentistry

2002 - 2005             Specialist Registrar in Orthodontics
                        The University Dental Hospital
                        Wythenshawe Hospital

2000 - 2002             Research and teaching assistant
                        The University of Jordan
                        School of Dentistry

 University or    Subject studied     No of years     Type of Degree          Grade of          Dates
    College                             studies                                 Degree
The University      Orthodontics          3Y                 PhD          The     PhD    viva   04.08
of Manchester                                                             hardly exceeded 1
                                                                          hour and I passed
                                                                          with minor typo-
The University      Orthodontics           3y               MSc              Straight A’s       12.05
of Manchester                                                             Top of my colleges
                                                                            Graduated with
The University       Dentistry             5y               BDS              3.78 out of 4      07.00
of Jordan                                                                  (Excellent) first
                                                                          class honor degree
The Ministry of   Scientific stream        4y         General secondary   97.8% (Excellent)     07.95
education/                                               Education            with honor
Jordan                                                certificate Exam


      A highly competent and motivated person.
      Excellent clinical, teaching and research skills.
      A proven problem solver and team-player
      An extremely committing, organized and responsible activities.
      Great interest in PBL teaching, research methods, and practical orthodontics.


      Fluent in both Arabic and English writing, reading, and speaking.
      Studied English as a foreign language since the beginning of the Immediate degree 1987 (7 hours a
       week on average)
      Joined a course in Amideast Institution in Kuwait to set for the CBT TOEFL exam (03.02), in which I
       scored 277/300


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