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Week 40 Planning


From June 20 TO June 24

     time             MONDAY                       TUESDAY                WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY                      FRIDAY
  7.45 – 8.00                                                           H O M E R OO M
                      READING –
                   WARM-UP: Word Wall

                  Ask students if they recall
                 what a Biography is and an
                autobiography. Discuss who
                the authors are and what the
                 author´s purpose is in both
                  cases. Then introduce the
                 words fact and opinion and
                define these two terms. Ask
                                                                         WARM-UP: CAUSE AND
                 them to give examples and
                                                    READING –             EFFECT WORKSHEET
                ask them how they know the
                                                WARM-UP: WORD WALL
                  difference between them.
                  Write on the board some
                 examples students come up
                                                                                                 Students return materials
                             with.                                                                                           ASSEMBLY, LAST DAY OF
  8.00 – 8.50                                                                                      to Curriculum Center
                                                                                                                                 SCHOOL, ½ DAY
                   Use transparency T15 to
                 compare the characteristics
                  of FACT and OPINION and
                                                LITERATURE CIRCLES!!!    LITERATURE CIRCLES!!!
                apply them to the examples.
                  Where students correct in
                giving examples of FACTS and
                  OPINIONS in the warm-up

                 Write on the board tips for
                finding FACTS or OPINIONS:
                        Ask yourself:
                   Can this statement be
                Does this statement tell how
                  someone thinks or feels
                     about something?
                  Look for words such as I
From June 20 TO June 24

                 think, I feel, my opinion is…

                  Have students read silently
                      pg. 61 and 62 of “A
                  Bookworm Who Hatched”.
                    Discuss the genre. Ask
                 students: Who is telling this
                  story? Who does this story
                   seem to be about? What
                seems to be the main topic of
                  the story? Review what an
                       autobiography is.

                Do picture walks through the
                  rest of the selection and
                predict what the selection is
                   about and the author´s

                    As the class reads the
                  selection aloud, point out
                  some facts from opinions.
                   Monitor comprehension
                  through asking questions:
                     implicit and explicit.

                Read pages 74. Have students
                 put post notes on three facts
                 they find in the selection and
                    three opinions. Make a T
                    chart on the board. Have
                  students post their notes on
                the board on correct category
                FACT or OPINION. Then read
                      some of the examples
                 randomly and ask students if
                the post note is in the correct
From June 20 TO June 24

                    Read pg. 75 and do the
                  activity about a movie or a
                song. Write three facts about
                it and then give your opinion
                   either about a movie or a

                Practice Book. Pg. 21 and 22
                                                      Introduce the word
                                                     Advertisement. Give
                                                 students examples of types
                                                 of ads from newspapers or
                                                    magazines. Give out to
                                                     each table samples of              WRITING –
                  WRITING – Lucy Session          advertisements and they
                                                   should look at them and       Last minute preparations
                                                 find common features. Ask          for advertisements
                  Words that end with –er          students to explain what
                        Word sort                 the purpose of one ad is.
                                                   (Keep the ads for further
                Ask students to turn and talk        analysis as the lesson
                 with a partner about what                progresses.
                                                                                                               WRITING – Lucy Session
                 the learned through sort.                                        Share their ads with the                               GIVE STUDENTS BACK
  8.50 - 9.40                                       Read pg. 246 and 247.          class and students will
                                                                                                                Share final drafts of
                                                                                                                                        MATERIALS, INCLUDING
                 Share a few responses as a          Discuss the side notes      come up with the winning                                    NOTEBOOKS
                                                                                                                   fiction stories
                  class. Ex. The suffix –er is    (notes in bubble) and have    advertisement according to
                used for 2 different reasons.    students name the features      the best features ( the ad
                Sometimes it is to talk about      of the advertisement and        that does a better job
                    a person who does a           guess the purpose of each      convincing their audience
                 particular thing Ex. dancer.        one. (slogan - catches     to buy their product will be
                Other times it is attached to    reader´s attention, opinion-            the winner
                adjective when comparing 2          makes a product sound
                      things. Ex. Bigger.               good, fact- gives
                                                    information about the
                                                    product; endorsement-
                                                  makes people want to buy

                                                     Ask students what
From June 20 TO June 24

                           decisions they must make
                                when reading an
                           advertisement. Who is the
                          ad aimed to impress or who
                          is the audience for this ad?

                          Look at the same ads again.
                            Ask the students at each
                            table to choose one add
                          and to find the parts of the
                          aid. They should decide as
                          a group which is the slogan,
                           the fact and an opinion by
                            highlighting them. Share
                            their ads with the rest of
                             the class and reach an
                          agreement about the parts
                          of the ads. Discuss which ad
                             they liked the best and

                               Create your own ad
                                Imagine there is an
                          international company that
                           produces a great variety of
                           products. They are giving a
                          thousand dollar prize to the
                          best advertisement for any
                               of their products. Ad
                            designers from different
                             advertisement agencies
                           participate in the contest.
                            Pair the students up and
                           tell them they represent a
                             different advertisement
                           agency. Ask them to think
                            of a product they want to
                           use to make their ad. This
                          product will then be one of
From June 20 TO June 24

                                           the company´s products.
                                          Each pair of students must
                                          think of their audience for
                                           their ad and they should
                                            include a slogan, some
                                             opinions from famous
                                          people about the product,
                                              and facts about this
                                                  WRITING –
                                            Fragments - Paragraph
                          MATH –                     packet
9.40   – 10.30    LITERATURE CIRCLES!!!   Finish w/s 1 by trading off                              PICNIC              WRITE LETTERS TO NEXT
                                                                                                                        YEAR’S TEACHER!!!
                                                 with partners
                                          2 Fragments worksheet
 10.30 – 10.45                                                          B   R      E     A    K
                                                                                                                       LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, ½

                                                                                                                        Sharing  compliment
                                                                                                                        others, what have you
                                                   SCIENCE –                                                          enjoyed about being in 4
                       MUSIC/                                                                          MUSIC/
 10.45 – 11.35    TH
                 4 CORE Ma. Jose Ponce
                                                                                                  GLM SUSY’S OFFICE
                                                                                                                      grade with one another???
                                                Human Body Test
                                                                                                                       What have you learned
                                                                                                                       from your classmates?

                                                                                                                        Students dismissed at
                       SPANISH/                                                    ART
 11.35 – 12.25     th
                  4 CORE Ma. Jose Ponce
                                                      PE                                              SPANISH           __________________

 12.25 – 12.45                                                          R E C E S S
 12.45 – 13.05                                                           L U N C H
                          SCIENCE -                                              MATH –                MATH –          ½ DAY – NO STUDENTS
 13.05 – 13.55                                     SPANISH
                                                                                Session 3.6                             FACULTY LUNCHEON
From June 20 TO June 24

                                 Human Body Jeopardy                                                                           Share final drafts of
                                                                                       Counting Around the Class-                 fiction stories             1PM
                                                                                               SAB 54/55
                                                                                                MATH –                                  CT
                                        MATH -
 13.55 – 14.45                 WS 48 –complete then share
                                                              SPANISH/SOCIAL STUDIES   “End-of-Unit Assessment”-                                       ½ DAY – NO STUDENTS
                                                                                                M21-22                             WISDOM!!!
                                  PAIRS MEETING (4
 14.45 – 15.45                        PLANNING)
                                                                                           FACULTY MEETING                                             ½ DAY – NO STUDENTS

      MONDAY                                                     TUESDAY                                WEDNESDAY                                      THURSDAY
LANGUAGE ARTS - - Fact and Opinion               LA - - Cause and Effect Worksheet       LA - - Final draft of fiction story due
Worksheet                                                                                TOMARROW!!!
                                                 Math - - Math worksheet 53                                                                  NONE!!!
Next draft of fiction story…                                                             Math - -

MATH - - Math worksheet 50/51

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