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Parents Meeting Agenda Sept_ 2012


									                               Parents Meeting Agenda
     Introduction of Coaches, Board members
     Brief Overview/philosophy of HoCo Aquatics and USA Swimming

Practices -   Open for viewing, do not coach your swimmer or distract swimmers
              Swimmer come prepared with suit, goggles, towel, fins, water bottle, etc.
              Dry land - tennis shoes, shorts, etc.
              PLEASE pick up your swimmers on time when their practice is over. They are to
              wait for rides INSIDE the building. Please instruct your swimmers. If a sibling is still
              in a practice session, siblings must wait on the pool deck, not alone in the lobby or
              anywhere else in the Athletic & Fitness building.

Swimmer Goals - SMART - will be setting goals over the next few weeks.

Swim Meets - 2 meets at the minimum, sign up via website, do not miss deadlines.
            Upcoming Meets listed on Website. Will get email reminders. Sign up on-line
            coach will approve or edit entries. Pay meet entry fees by Check!

Drop Box -     On the pool deck, through main door on left wall by the fire extinguisher. This is for
               meet entry fees. Pay entry fees by check made to HoCo Aquatics. Include meet
               name/date on check memo line.
File Folders - Alphabetical. Kept on deck, check for ribbons, etc.

           Email - be sure you have logged in to the team website and verified your
           email address
           BOD members, Practice Group Liaison
           Team Website - check often!!
                  News, Calendar, Events, Team Fees Billing
                  Meet notices, Directions to pools, Warm Up Times
                  Team Handbook
                  OnDeck Parent smart phone free App
                  USA Swimming DeckPass smart phone free App
                  Policies - Code of Conduct, Honor Code Policy (Travel)
                             Cell Phone/Electronic Devices Policy
                             Swim Meet and Entry Fees Policy
                             Others as noted on website and team handbook

Fundraisers, Social Events, Banquet, Spirit Wear, Team Uniform/T-shirt

Maryland Swimming website - also has swim meet + additonal information

Upcoming Important dates: Team Suits, Team Pictures, First Meet Entries, Spirit Wear orders

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