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									SEMESTER 2 – Unit 7 – Lesson 1 - Period 95
Lesson 1 – Words           Objectives: - To understand a short story and identify what people are doing
                              Resources and Teaching
Topic – Language target                                                                    Key Activities
KEY LANGUAGE                Resources                                                       Introduction
FOCUS:                      CLASSBOOK p.52               Warm up - Word Relay: Vocabulary Review. Choose some vocabulary
Listening to reading                                     from Unit 6. 10 children come to the board and stand in teams of 5 facing the
                                                         board. Whisper a word to the last child in the line. They whisper it to the next
KEY VOCABULARY                                           child and so on. The first team to write it first and correctly gets a point.
wedding, guests, cake,                                   Sing Here comes the train from Unit 6 with track 62. Ask the children some
bride, band, invitation     Teaching Aids:               questions about the story on p.42 from Unit 6
                            - CD track 62& 68 - 70
ADDITIONAL                  - Flashcards 61-66                                              Development
VOCABULARY                  Celebrations                 Use flashcards 61 - 66 to introduce the key vocabulary. Hold up the
music, watch, video,        - PMB extra activity work    flashcards and elicit the vocabulary. Hold up each one in a different order and
singing, sleeping, talking  sheet p.28                   say the words for children to repeat.
                                                         Recording 68&69: Ask children to look at the pictures and play the first and
SENTENCE PATTERN                                         second parts of the recording as children point to the words. Repeat and the
I/He/She/They/ We                                        children repeat the words after the audio.
am/is/are ….ing                                          Recording 69: Ask the children to listen and repeat. Hold the flashcards up
What’s he doing?                                         as the words are said.
                                                         Recording 70: With books closed children listen to the story and shout out
                                                         when they hear any of the words from exercise one when they hear them.
                                                         Recording 70: Ask the children to tell you what they see in the
                                                         pictures in exercise 3. Listen and point to the speech bubbles as they
                                                         hear the sentences.
                                                         The children read the story again and point to the words from exercise

                                                          Writing: Ask the children to look at p.28 of the PMB. Ask them what the
                                                          people are doing in the pictures and what are the differences. The children do
                                                          exercise 1.
The children find and circle the differences between the 2 pictures.

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