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					        Golden Lines
              A student publication of                   St. Pius X Catholic High School
   Vol 48 Issue 2 St. Pius X Catholic High School              2674 Johnson Road NE Atlanta, Georgia 30345 404.636.3023 October 16, 2009

                                      Pius Players not stingy with talent for Miser
                                                                         Caroline Mann, Ryan Feeney,    be smaller and performed by             home, cornbread-like fun for
                                      RYAN FEENEY, CADENCE MARTIN
                                                                         Cadence Martin, Liesl Van      two casts. The first is to show         the casts.”
                                      Staff Writers
                                                                         Zyl, Molly Berg, Laura Bush,   on October 21, 22, and the                        The new style cer-
                                                 Ever wondered what      and Connie Kokenes along       evening of 24, and the second           tainly presents challenges for
                                      your classmates would look         with juniors Zach Grummer-     will take the spotlight for the         the actors, who have been re-
                                      like in the dress and manner       Strawn and Kaitlin Walsh.      other two performances, Oc-             hearsing since mid-August.
                                      of 18th-century Paris? Prob-                Last year, the Pius   tober 23 and the afternoon of           Gus Wood voiced the qualms
  Is there a silver lining to the     ably not, but we bet you are       Players outdid themselves      24. Of the difference between           of many when he explained,
 storm cloud that is a research       now. Well, prepare to have         with four shows during the     the two, Ms. Spark merely               “The sophistication of the lan-
 paper? Lizzie Howell looks on        your curiosity satisfied. And      academic calendar. However,    said, “There are just differ-           guage is really daunting. The
     the bright side. Page 3          trust us, you need prepara-        our resident drama guru Ms.    ent personalities in the actors.        words seem a lot more impor-
                                      tion.                              Bonnie Spark decided not to    I can’t say that one is better          tant than in previous shows.”
                                                 Later this month, the
         NEWS                         Pius Players will take the stage
                                                                                                                          than the oth-
                                                                                                                                                Mikela Gordon added, “The
                                                                                                                                                melodrama is way over the
                                      to portray Moliére’s classic                                                          However,            top. It’s a difficult concept to
                                      The Miser. The wacky com-                                                           this      year’s      grasp in rehearsal; you think
                                      edy, set in France during the                                                       restoration           that you may be doing too
                                      reign of King Louis XV, tells                                                       comedy        is      much, but in reality, it’s just
                                      the ridiculous and raunchy                                                          completely            right for the stage.”
                                      tale of cranky, senile tightwad                                                     different                       Nevertheless,     Ms.
                                      Harpagon (senior Gus Wood)                                                          from recent           Spark has faith in the casts.
 The Atlanta Community Food           and his airheaded children,                                                         shows. “We            “The material is selected
  Bank feeds the hungry with a        Cleante (seniors Trey Barnett                                                       did modern            based on the present talent. If
  little help from their friends:     and Mikhail LaPread) and                                                            comedy last           I didn’t think they could do
Kroger, Publix, and SPX. Page 4       Elise (senior Alex Karr and                                                         year.      Now        it, I wouldn’t have picked it…
                                      junior Mikela Gordon).                                                              there’s some-         Our major problems are fo-
                                                 While Elise and the
   FEATURES                           steward Valere (senior Wil-        Cast A will perform the hilarious period
                                                                                                                                                cus and discipline. This play
                                                                                                                                                requires attention to detail.”
                                      liam Warren and sophomore          piece The Miser on October 14, 15, and the menu,”                                All of the Players are
                                      Jack Reigner) plan a clandes-      17. Photo courtesy of Ms. Bonnie Spark. e x p l a i n e d              very excited about the per-
                                      tine marriage, Cleante and                                                          Ms.      Spark.       formance. Senior Connie Ko-
                                      his father battle for the ditz     continue in this same vein.
                                                                         “We’re going to be taking it   “French comedy is a hilarious           kenes said, “This show is go-
                                      next door, Marianne (seniors
                                      Emily Johnson and Suzie            more slowly this year,” she style that gives the comedic               ing to be great. We’re having
                                      Gomez). Over the course of         said, “We can’t do two Les actor a full range of physi-                a lot of fun in rehearsal, and
                                                                         Mises in a row.”               cal and vocal work and is               we hope that we will be able
Atlantan teenagers welcomed back      the show, the main charac-
                                      ters’ antics are punctuated                 As with previous extremely challenging. This                  to translate that to the audi-
 Blink-182, the band that wrote                                          years, this fall the play will play is very funny and has an           ence.”
“the soundtrack to our lives,” this   by appearances from seniors                                       accessible storyline. It’s down-

                                      Senior career forum returns after successful first run
      past October 7. Page 8

       SPORTS                         MOLLY BERG
                                      Opinions Editor
                                                                         bly for juniors and seniors.
                                                                         During this time, guests from
                                                                                                              looking forward to this event.
                                                                                                              Says senior Laura Sipe,
                                                                                                                                                rum. Coordinator Kathy Flor-
                                                                                                                                                ence says, “We encourage all
                                                 St. Pius X has always   multiple professions will be         “Right now I’m unsure what        students to ask questions to
                                      done its best to prepare stu-      invited to speak. These speak-       career path I’m on and I’m        the speakers! This is an excel-
                                      dents for the future. From         ers will be mainly comprised         hoping this will give me some     lent opportunity to practice
                                      freshman to senior year, stu-      of St. Pius X alumni and par-        insight.” Students have had       the skills you will need during
                                      dents are given guidance and       ents. On orientation day, stu-       a large emphasis on college,      upcoming job interviews. This
                                      suggestions as they decide         dents listed their career field      but this event will help stu-     is a great chance to get a bet-
                                      what to do after they graduate     preferences. Speakers will be        dents learn to plan beyond        ter understanding of what you
The Arena: a concrete court where     from these halls. Counselors       based on what the students           that. This interactive event is   can expect in a career.” Some
ordinary students become legends.     and teachers alike help class-     felt would benefit them most.        meant to prove beneficial to      of the questions students can
   Read about St. Pius X’s four       mates during their four years                Not only is the Ca-        the students in their search      ask the speakers include, the
  square phenomenon. Page 10          choose the best path for them.     reer Forum a day for students        for a path after St. Pius X.      salary expectation in a certain
                                      The Senior Career Day Fo-          to learn about careers, it is also             The Career Forum        field, the education required
CENTERSPREAD                          rum, a morning event about         a chance for them to be in-
                                                                         volved in them. This includes
                                                                                                              will also have a particular
                                                                                                              format. All students will par-
                                                                                                                                                for that job, and what a stan-
                                                                                                                                                dard work day is like.
                                      potential careers, follows this
                                      tradition of preparing the stu-    students dressing in business        ticipate in two sessions. Each               This is a chance for
                                      dents of St. Pius X for a life-    attire and being invited to ask      session will include two speak-   upperclassmen to discover a
                                      long profession.                   questions. For girls, business       ers who will share insight        career that excites them most.
                                                 Last year, St. Pius X   attire includes either a sweater     into their career and answer      Students will learn about the
                                      held the Senior Career Fo-         or blouse and a skirt or slacks.     any questions the students        realistic aspects of a job and
                                      rum for the first time. A suc-     Boys are asked to wear a con-        have. The sessions will be 35     about the options available
                                      cess, this program is returning    servative shirt, tie and pants.      minutes each and then the         to them after they graduate.
Singing teachers, gossip-worthy       once again, this time with the     Upperclassmen will be able to        students will move on to the      It is a chance for seniors and
Manhattanites, and outrageous         inclusion of juniors. The Ca-      dress as though they are at-         other speakers.                   juniors to learn about future
 automobiles — the fall TV sea-       reer Forum will be held No-        tending work.                                  Students are urged      careers, and maybe, about
son has arrived! Pages 6 and 7
                                      vember 11th as a long assem-                 Many seniors are           to make the most of the Fo-       themselves.
                                                                          Golden Lines
2                                                                       October 16, 2009
                                     What We Think...
Golden Lines                                                                 So fresh and so clean
   St. Pius X Catholic               Snap! The latch of the             is filled with toilet paper as            business. With the elegant               the Pius staff does a great
       High School              door slides into the lock. I            always. The sinks, counters,              tiles, clean stalls, and comfort-        job keeping the toilet paper
2674 Johnson Road, NE           look down. A beautiful oasis            and mirrors are clean enough              able toilet seats, the restroom          stocked and the foam soap
Atlanta, Georgia 30345          lies below me as I place my             to serve Thanksgiving dinner              is a welcoming retreat during            foamy!”
 404-636-3023 phone             rear on the porcelain white             from and the bathroom has a               a long and possibly tough day                 Some go because they
   404-633-8387 fax             seat. It has been a long day            homey feeling about it. I feel            of school.                               “have to go”; others go to es-              and I briefly close my eyes.            relaxed. I feel safe. I feel com-               Who is responsible for             cape, and others even go be-
                                     I am in a gorgeous five            fortable.                                 the grandeur of the rest-                cause the soap brings them
                                star bathroom. There are                      St. Pius is truly a great           rooms? He cruises down the               back to the simpler days of
     Editors-In-Chief           bejeweled mirrors, hot tow-             place to use the bathroom and             hall on his mini scooter with            rubber duckies and bubble
      Claire Corkren            els, and a million different            the St. Pius X Golden Lines               toilet paper in his hand and             baths. No matter why you
      Diana Guyton              hygiene products of which I             Newspaper Staff proudly                   a desire for freshness in his            make the journey to the rest-
                                recognize three. The toilet             gives a large “kudos” to the              heart. His name is Mr. John              room, we at the Golden Lines
       Staff Writers
                                paper is softer than the se-            men who make it happen—                   Podhorez and not only is his             believe you should always
         Ryan Bell              nior sweatshirts and the soap           the St. Pius X Maintenance                hard work seen in the condi-             stop and appreciate how fresh
        Molly Berg              smells more immaculate than             Department.                               tion of the school, but he also          and how clean everything is,
   Alison Denzer-King           fresh-cut roses. A butler com-                From porta-potties to               received recognition from the            from the walls at which you
       Ryan Feeney              pliments me as I leave, and a           highway rest stops, high-                 Archdiocese of Atlanta for his           stare to the toilet paper you
    Annemarie Fisher
       Lizzie Howell            smile comes across my face.             quality bathrooms are rare.               excellence. Assisted by Mr. Ed           use to wipe your…nose. An
      Connor Kisling                 I shake my head and wake           When students visit other                 Narciso in the day and South-            old adage says, “Cleanliness
    Connie Kokenes              up. I look around and am in a           high schools, whether to take             eastern Janitorial Services at           is next to godliness.” If this is
    Avery MacArthur             place not very different from           the SAT or compete in an ath-             night, the St. Pius X mainte-            true, then watch out Campus
      Caddie Martin             what I imagined. The toilets                                                      nance staff is hands down one
                                                                        letic competition, it becomes                                                      Ministry; Mr. Podhorez and
     Conor McNulty
        Allie Priede            are as white as Christmas               apparent that St. Pius X bath-            of the best in the business.             the Maintenance Department
       Caroline Ross            snow and the tiles are abso-            rooms are more than just                  Senior Kathleen Laporte said             are giving you a run for your
     Julia Templeton            lutely spotless. The dispenser          places to take care of one’s              of the bathrooms, “I think               money.
       Patrick Tighe
     Erena Weathers
   Amanda Yestrumsky                 Cage the Elephant: Worth a listen                                              Rita’s: You can’t go wrong with 956 choices
                                                       Usually I        they would be: “In One Ear,”                                      Tucked in        offers are vanilla, chocolate, fat-
         Adviser                                       write about      “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked,”                                   between a        free vanilla, and a fourth choice,
      Ashley Curlette                                  n e w l y        “Tiny Little Robots,” and “Free                                   pretzel stand    which rotates between coffee,
                                                       released         Love.”                                                            and a Five       strawberry, and orange cream.
                                                       albums, but                  “In One Ear” is the first                             Guys restau-     Now before anyone completely
      Steve Spellman                                   a few days       single and the first track. The                                   rant, Rita’s,    dismisses Rita’s for lack of origi-
                                                       ago I picked     song is about a man who people                                    a unique ice     nality, one must keep in mind
                                   CLAIRE CORKREN up the self-          call useless, but who always allows          CONNOR KISLING c r e a m e r y        that the custard makes up only
The Golden Lines is                                    titled CD        their words to slide “In one ear                                  known across     part of this equation. The other
published approximately              Editor-in-Chief                                                                    Staff Writer
                                                       from       the   and out of the other.” The song is                                the     coun-    side of Rita’s genius is made up
10 times per school year by                                                                                                               try, is ironi-   of Italian ice. And with thirty-
                                                       up        and    melodically simple, but the lyrics
the students of St. Pius X
                                coming band Cage the Elephant           and melody fill out the gaps in the       cally not the most conspicuous of        eight flavors of ice, with a random
Catholic High School for
the entire student body and     and I felt it would be perfect for      music.                                    shops. The sign above the door           twelve offered every week, it can
surrounding community.          this issue. The album (released in                  “Ain’t No Rest for            is smaller than those of the build-      lead to infinite combinations.
Views presented by the          2008 by Relentless Records in the       the Wicked” and “Tiny Little              ings to either side, the building                   By combining the
Golden Lines publication        UK and re-released in America in        Robots” are the two best songs            itself is dwarfed by the Starbucks       custard with Italian ice, Rita’s
are not necessarily those       early 2009) has been in constant        on the album. “Ain’t No Rest”             not too far down the street, and         menu offers six amazing dishes
of school faculty, school                                                                                         the interior is smaller than your        that can make use of any com-
                                rotation in my CD player since I        harkens back to the bluegrass
administration, publication
                                bought it, and every time I listen      days, with a simple rhythm and            average Duncan Donuts. Yet               bination of flavors you like.
adviser or advertisers.
Topics, facts and opinions      to it, I find something new to          a strong melody. “Tiny Robots”            what it lacks in size and appear-                   Rita’s signature treat is
associated with the Roman       love.                                   is my favorite song off of Cage the       ance it more than makes up for           called the Gelati. It’s a three-lay-
Catholic Church will be                      Cage the Elephant,         Elephant. The lyrics are telling the      in originality, variety, and taste.      er treat, with a layer of custard on
in keeping with such            hailing from Bowling Green,             populace that they are pawns for                      When walking into Ri-        the bottom, followed by a healthy
teachings.                      Kentucky, gained recognition            their superiors and that they’re          ta’s, one first notices how extraor-     amount of ice, and the typical
   Letters to the editors are                                           becoming robots. The idea is              dinarily clean and orderly the in-       soft-serve swirl on top. The Blen-
                                with the second single off of their
encouraged and welcomed                                                                                           terior is. Five or six neat ice cream    dini is another member of the
                                album, “Ain’t No Rest for the           that we should question what
but must be signed by the
                                Wicked.” After playing two big          we are doing, what and who we             parlor tables with ice cream par-        Rita’s arsenal, which is comprised
writer. They should be
addressed to the editors,       music festivals this year -- South-     are doing it for, and who is really       lor seats, and surgically clean ice      of custard and ice, blended with
Claire Corkren and Diana        By-Southwest and Coachella --           benefiting from it. The music itself      cream parlor counter. However,           cookies or sprinkles. The Misto
Guyton,      and delivered      CTE released their third single,        is what I like best about it; it’s hard   once the shock of seeing a clean         shake very much imitates the
to them in the care of the      “Back Against the Wall,” to             to describe what it is about the          dining establishment wears off,          Blendini, with more emphasis on
Golden Lines adviser, Mrs.      waiting ears, and those ears seem       music that makes it so different,         you’ll notice the sheer number           the Italian ice, resulting in a more
Ashley Curlette.       Please                                                                                     of choices that Rita’s offers you.       smoothie-like consistency. And
                                pleased.                                but whatever it is sounds superb.
bring all signed letters to
                                             With a refreshingly                    The only fault I find in                  Rita’s is an unusual         for those more in the mood for
room 304 or email them
to The       different sound, Cage the               the album is the lack of variation        ice cream parlor in that its main        coffee, Rita’s offers an interesting
Golden Lines reserves the       Elephant pulled me out of the           between the songs. Many bands             product does not consist of just         concoction known as the Ritac-
right to edit any letters.      bad music coma that I have been         like Cage the Elephant run into           ice cream. The full name of the          cino, which, you guessed it, com-
Letters to the editor           in for a little over a year. While      the same problem of having a              creamery is “Rita’s: Ice Custard         bines the deliciousness of soft-
will not be published           their sound is not completely           different sound but not being able        Happiness.” Now, setting the             serve with the texture of Italian ice
anonymously.                                                            to expand upon it.                        obvious “happiness” bit aside,           and the flavor of good ol’ Java Joe.
                                original-- much of it borrowing
                                from bluegrass and early rock-- it                  On a whole, the record        one might be confused by the                        These delicious treats,
                                adds something extra: a strong          is excellent. It’s the only album         parts about “ice” and “custard.”         combined with the option of just
                                rhythmic backbone. The band             I’ve heard in the past year that I        Just know that there is nothing          having a cone of their scrump-
                                relies heavily on percussion whose      can actually listen to more than          to fear, and everything to enjoy.        tious custard or a cup of any of
                                effect is a bluesy rock with a lot of   one time without getting bored.                       Rita’s doesn’t use nor-      their myriad flavors of Italian ice,
                                modern influence.                       If you’re in the market for new           mal ice cream; it uses soft-serve.       have satisfied millions of people
                                             It’s hard to find my       music, I highly suggest giving            Unfortunately, Rita’s does not of-       around the country, and are now
                                favorite songs from Cage the            Cage the Elephant a listen.               fer a variety of choices for its ice     satisfying hundreds of people
                                Elephant, but if I had to choose,                                                 cream. The only flavors Rita’s           from the St. Pius X community.
                                                                       Golden Lines

                                                                     October 16, 2009
     Term papers: A necessary evil
                    We’ve all      topic results in a collective     teachers are more than will-       improve our grades in social    best papers are the ones the
                    suffered       groan. But, despite our dis-      ing to help students with the      studies classes. Obviously,     students are really excited
                    through        taste for term papers, there      assignment and frequently          they can severely hurt us as    about.” Also, as I’m sure any-
                    the typi-      are reasons we have to write      meet one-on-one with them          well, but if done properly,     one with any experience in
                    cal     his-   them.                             to discuss their progress.         with time and effort, they      writing term papers can tell
                    tory class;             “After       students              College isn’t the only   should affect our grades pos-   you, don’t get behind. This
                    d a t e s ,    graduate, college professors      time term papers help us; we       itively. Mr. Cook finds that    assignment is too important
   LIZZIE HOWELL    n a m e s      expect them to know how           experience many benefits of        “term papers usually move       to leave until the last minute.
                    and plac-      to write a term paper,” ex-       the assignment even before         more grades up than down,”      Time is a huge factor, and if
     Staff Writer
                    es    flash    plains social studies teacher     we graduate. Ms. Kramer            but he also acknowledges, “A    you don’t devote enough of
                    from the       Mr. Philip Cook, who over-        points out, “These papers          lot of people are going to be   it, it will show. So, as juniors
projector and hands cramp          sees the term paper process       give students the opportuni-       doing a lot of their papers     finish up their term papers
in an attempt to record so         in both his AP World History      ty to go really in depth on a      the night before, and they      and sophomores prepare for
much information. Once a           and US History CP classes.        particular topic, which helps      aren’t going to be as good.”    them, make sure to keep this
year, however, one assign-         As students of a college pre-     them see that history is really             There are a few        advice in mind and remem-
ment gives us a chance to          paratory school, term papers      complex as opposed to what         steps you can take to insure    ber that, through whatever
take a step back from our          are one of many challenges        is found in a general text-        your papers go smoothly.        pain and misery your papers
textbooks and class notes          we endure throughout our          book.” Throughout our his-         Ms. Kramer advises students     may bring you, you are de-
and focus on a topic of our        St. Pius X careers in order to    tory classes, we all find some     to “pick a topic that you’re    veloping skills you will use
choice.                            prepare us for our future.        events more interesting than       really interested in-- the      for years to come.
           The    assignment?               At St. Pius X, our       others and wish
Term papers. That time of          teachers do everything they       we could spend
the year has arrived with          can to help us succeed.           more time on
juniors in both AP and CP          “When working on a term           them; term pa-
US History working towards         paper, students are forced        pers are our
final due dates in early No-       to develop research skills        chance to do
vember. Sophomores will            needed for college in a sup-      just that.
tackle the assignment in the       portive environment,” says                  T h e
spring.                            Ms. Kristen Kramer, Social        infamous      pa-
           In most classrooms,     Studies Department Chair          pers are also a
the mere mention of the            and US History teacher. All       great chance to

      Movie Review: 9 isn’t worth $9
                    With     an    has the number 2 on his           the film didn’t
                    enigmatic      back. 2 is friendly and helps     have as much
                    number         fix 9, but is quickly captured    violence,      I’d
                    for a title,   by a machine-like monster         recommend this
                    the movie      known as The Beast.               movie to middle
                    9 brought      Luckily, 9 is able to escape      schoolers. 9 is
                    me     into
                    the theater
                                   and soon he finds a band
                                   of other stitchpunks taking
                                                                     a movie that
                                                                     is    intriguing
                                                                                                         !"## $%&'%(& )*+,-.,/ &/0-.12
                    with many      refuge in an abandoned            but isn’t worth
    Opinions Editor questions.     church. There, he learns          the      money.
                    In fact, up    what       transpired before            Overall, 9                      !"# $%&' ()* #)+* ',,-%.,* ') '%/, '",
until the end of the previews,     he was created. He then           is a film with                          012 )* 132 ') /-)$ '", *,4+5'46
I had no idea what 9 was           decides to go and rescue 2,       potential. It is a
even about. What I did know        along with the help of the        moral tale about                     2"&4 47"))5 #,%*8 $, $&55 )-7, %.%&- )((,*
was that it was a science          other stitchpunks. Along          overcoming                         9*%7'&7, ',4'&-. )- :)'" '", 012 %-; 132 %-;
fiction story and had an all       the way, the stitchpunks          fear         and
                                                                                                                             &' &4
star cast, with big names          learn timeless lessons, but       defeating evil.
including Elijah Wood, John        most importantly, they find       In      addition,                          %:4)5+',5# !"##< % =>? @%5+,A
C. Reilly, and Christopher         that they hold the future of      the      movie’s
Plummer. As for the movie’s
plot, though, I was clueless.
                                   the world in their hands.
                                             9 is definitely an
                                                                     g r a p h i c s
                                                                     definitely set a
                                                                                                             CALL TODAY TO
However, in the hour and           interesting     movie.     The    high precedent                        SELECT A DATE AND
twenty minutes that the movie      graphics are unparalleled and     for       future
ran, 9 slowly but skillfully       the characters are all creative   animated films.                        RESERVE A SEAT!
answered my questions.             and unique. Unfortunately,             However, 9
           9 is the story of a     9 failed to keep my attention     shouldn’t have
“stitchpunk”--a rag doll who       throughout       the    movie,    been made into
has the number 9 on his back-      despite its being less than an    a feature length
-that is brought to life one       hour and a half in length. In     movie. In fact, 9
day to see the world in a state    fact, though I am rarely bored    was originally a
of complete dilapidation.          by movies, I actually looked      short film made
The audience later finds           forward to leaving at the end.    by a UCLA
out that a war previously                    I think the root        student, and I
ensued between humans and          problem is that 9 doesn’t         think it should
machines. 9 leaves his home        have a strong plot. It            have stayed that                       FIVE FORKS/ LILBURN CENTER
and journeys through the           has a good concept, but           way. Although                                   770-381-5958
remains of his environment.        beneath the visuals, one          the movie has
All human life is now gone         might ask, “Why are the           promise,         it                          LOGANVILLE CENTER
due to the war, but when           stitchpunks doing this?”          fails to make                                    770-466-8282
he reaches a junkyard, 9                     Also, the intended      use of its plot
discovers that he is not alone.    audience for 9 is confused.       and it’s not as           
            He finds that there    Although the movie is rated       entertaining
is another stitchpunk who          PG-13, the film focuses on        as it could be.
looks identical to him, but        the purity of friendship. If
                                                                          Golden Lines
   4                                                                    October 16, 2009
                         A healthier St. Pius X
CAROLINE ROSS, ERENA WEATHERS       and people are also glued to team, goes above and beyond                St. Pius teachers also           the students and motivate
Staff Writers                       their couches and La-Z-Boys the daily-recommended ex- set the pace for a healthy life-                   them to follow a healthy life-
          Warm          cookies,    watching their favorite shows ercise, choosing to be active style. Mr. David Sabino, a sci-              style. Teachers may teach us
greasy fries, and a slice of        instead of going outside and instead of sedentary.             ence teacher and former ma-               certain subjects, but their wis-
cheesy pizza is the favorite        participating in healthy ex-              Another junior, Ali- rine, gave his opinion on how             dom is prevalent in everyday
lunch for some St. Pius X stu-      ercise. With the rise of TiVo ana Romero, shares how she we should combat the urge to                    life as well.
dents. Little do these students     and On Demand,                                                                  “stop eating                       The cafeteria is a
know the harmful effects of         we have a much                                                                  nasty Scooby             place where the options on
their lunches. The cookies,         larger selection                                                                snacks and               healthy food may be some-
fries, and pizza lunch contains     of exciting enter-                                                              go get some              what limited but that is no
1080 calories. This amount of       tainment options                                                                motivated                excuse. Maybe instead of
calories for a single meal is un-   right at our fin-                                                               PT [personal             piling up a plate with the
healthy and can contribute to       gertips. Instead                                                                training].” It           greasy temptations, choose a
an unhealthy lifestyle leading      of going outside                                                                is true that             salad with chicken. If a salad
up to obesity. According to         for a run, you                                                                  many       stu-          isn’t enough to fill an empty
the Palo Alto Medical Founda-       could watch the                                                                 dents go to              stomach, choose some fruit or
tion, over 15% of adolescents       entire third sea-                                                               the vending              maybe even cereal. Instead
are obese, which equates to         son of The Office.                                                              machines                 of buying cookies and fries
over 9 million in the United                  Though                                                                to fill their            every day, limit the amount
States. This large number is        there are many                                                                  stomachs af-             to maybe once a week. These
continuing to rise because of       people        who                                                               ter a long day           changes in the food of your
the temptation of fast food.        choose to par-                                                                  of classes.              lunch may even steer you
          Many people, in-          take in unhealthy Instead of choosing healthier food options in the cafete-       Seconding              away from the path of an un-
                                    choices, there are                                                              Mr. Sabino’s             healthy life filled with health
cluding St. Pius students,
                                    still some who
                                                        ria, many people in the St. Pius X community head di-       ideas, Mrs.              problems.                    At
find the fast food drive-thru
an easy way to obtain a meal.       combat the urge rectly for greasy foods such as french fries. Staff Photo. Jeanne Dal-                   St. Pius, we pride ourselves
Parents with many children          to fall into a lazy              stays active and healthy, “If                  ton     stated,          on being a family, a family
also find the drive-thru an         way of living. Lee Kaufman, a you eat well, you feel well; “I think teenagers need to                    that supports each other and
easy option; the included toy       junior, runs frequently in an when you feel well, you are be outside everyday and                        loves one another. If we all
also bribes children into beg-      effort to be healthy. “I run up well! I am on varsity soccer students don’t get enough                   choose to exercise more often
ging their parents to take the      to 45 miles a week, sometimes and I play club soccer.” Ali- sleep… Teens also need to                    and eat less fattening food,
drive-thru route. This easy         more,” he said.                  ana’s view on eating well is eat some leafy greens every                our school family may live
source of food is fueling the                 Kaufman, a mem- something that everyone can day.” Mrs. Dalton’s ideas will                     longer and love longer.
rise of obesity. Many students      ber of the boys’ cross-country follow easily.                  help promote the health of

Local businesses contribute to food bank
ANNEMARIE FISHER                    use it as a tool for ministry in    canned foods and place them
News Editor                         their communities.”                 in a bin or to give monetary
                                              High school students      donations that will then go to
           It is no surprise that   can easily get involved in the      ACFB. Though this arrange-
many people in the Atlanta          food bank. Bolling listed ways      ment will still be in effect, the
area are struggling with hun-       in which students can help,         stores are improving their
ger in the current economy or       ways like “food drives and          programs, expanding the
that people are also coming         events to raise both money          number of their donations.
together to help those in need.     and food in schools and neigh-      Wal-Mart will be the first to
The methods, however, have          borhoods, special events like       make the change, but Kroger
changed significantly since         the Hunger Walk at Turner           and Publix will follow shortly.
soup kitchens first became          Field every March, or volun-                  In the past, only
essential in the Great Depres-      teering at the Atlanta Com-         certain unmarketable goods
sion. While soup kitchens are       munity Food Bank with your          would go to the ACFB ware-
still in use, the more efficient    family, class, or alone.” The       house, but now stores will do-
and wide-spread method is           Food Bank also offers a cur-        nate any and all unsold food.
now a community food bank.          riculum entitled Hunger 101         Also, the Food Bank will soon
           A food bank is an or-    for teachers to use in class.       be able to collect non-food
ganization that collects food in              “Students have to         products from the stores, al-
large quantities from various       understand who the hungry           lowing them to supply con-          The Food Bank distributes large amounts of food to
grocery stores and food pro-        are so that they can tell other,”   gregational food pantires with      people in need every day. The director of the Food Bank,
ducers; food pantries in con-       Bolling continued. “They can        things like diapers, cleaning       Mr. Bill Bolling, expressed his thanks to St. Pius X’s sup-
gregations can then buy the         be anyone, especially in this       supplies, and personal hy-
                                                                                                            port. Photo courtesy of
food at discounted amounts          time.” Forty percent of the         giene items.
to give to their hungry.            people using food pantries                    In closing, Bolling       dents can go to     needs help, they can contact
           Executive Director       from church congregations           wished to express his thanks        or email or vol-   the United Way Help line di-
of the Atlanta Community            have full-time job, contrary to     to St. Pius X for the support If someone      rectly at 2-1-1.
Food Bank, Mr. Bill Bolling,        popular belief, but low wages       of the students. “What a great
explained the beginnings of         and difficulties such as a lack     support it has been,” he said.
the ACFB, which he began            of health care keep them from       “The values of the school and
30 years ago. “It was a simple      being able to provide for their     the young people there shine
idea 30 years ago and it still is   families. Children constitute       through the number of things
today,” he said. “We take the       the largest faction of Atlanta’s    they’ve done; they’ve all been
unmarketable food” — food           hungry.                             so supportive. Kids that age
that cannot be sold in stores                 Recently, local busi-     often get a bad rap for not
anymore, but is still in fairly     nesses have increased their         caring, but Pius clearly has a                   
good condition — “and get it        donations to the ACFB. Krog-        deep reservoir for caring.”
to the organizations that are       er and Publix have programs                   To get involved in
getting the food out. It is up      for donations already; they         the activities that the Atlanta             bettering our communities and environment
to those local organizations to     offer an opportunity to buy         Community Food Bank, stu-
                                                                            Golden Lines

            October 16, 2009
   War on Terror continues
RYAN BELL                                       Even with Obama’s         has asserted himself as the        tember has seen the President     fight terrorism abroad. These
Staff Writer                          election to the presidency,         new Commander in Chief in          hold true to his word. On         precise strikes and the effort
          Let’s face it, ever since   many American policies to-          other ways. In early August        September 15, 2009, Ameri-        to minimize civilian casual-
the election ended and Presi-         wards terrorism remain un-          of this year, it was reported by   can helicopters launched an       ties will score some respect
dent Obama began to push for          changed. While certain aspects      the Washington Times that the      attack on Saleh Ali Saleh Nab-    from the international com-
economic reform in the coun-          of interrogation have been          White House will no longer         han, a senior Al Qaeda official   munity, but sadly, may cost
try, the War on Terror has            radically scaled down, the New      use the terms ‘War on Ter-         in Somalia, killing him and       additional American lives. On
been pushed off the front pag-        York Times reports in February      ror’ or a global war with ‘ji-     several of his constituents as    September 8, 2009, American
es and into obscurity. Even the       of 2009 that other practices        hadists’. This simple change       they were travelling in a car.    forces fighting near Ganjal,
casual Fox News viewer would          such as the indefinite detain-      of language indicates that the     Somali officials confirmed        Afghanistan were denied re-
find himself ill-informed of          ment of terrorist suspects,         Obama administration is aim-       the death of Nabhan shortly       quests for artillery support
recent developments in the            transfer of detainees to foreign    ing to refocus operations in the   after the raid. Nabhan is re-     in the face of fire from insur-
Middle East. The truth of the         countries, and denying trials       Middle East. John Brennan,         sponsible for the planning        gents defending the side of
matter is that in the past year,      to suspects are still common        head of the office of Home-        and execution of terrorist        a hill due to new protocols
the US and other NATO/UN              practices. All of these Bush fla-   land Security in the White         operations to bomb a Kenyan       forbidding unnecessary de-
forces have made great leaps          vored policies are still in place   House, stated, “The Presi-         hotel in 2002 and the 1998        struction of life and property
in countering terrorism and           today, despite the President’s      dent does not describe this        American embassy bomb-            near urban areas. The out-
extremist Muslim cells in ev-         promise to change them.             as a ‘war on terrorism’…The        ings in Kenya and Tanzania.       gunned Afghan police forces
ery corner of the globe includ-                 Although some poli-       US is at war with Al Qaeda.”       CNN reports that Somali           sustained twelve casualties,
ing Europe, Asia, and Africa.         cies remain in place, Obama                   The month of Sep-        government officials wel-         including four American ser-
                                                                                                             comed the raid in which no        vicemen assigned as trainers.
                                                                                                             civilian deaths were reported.    Reportedly, the event marks
                                                                                                                       This operation was      the largest number of US
                                                                                                             unique in the history of the      trainers to be killed in a single
                                                                                                             conflict. Rare was the occa-      day of combat since ground
                                                                                                             sion that reports of attacks      operations began in 2001.
                                                                                                             were devoid of harrowing                    While it appears that
                                                                                                             details regarding civilian        the Obama administration is
                                                                                                             casualties as this one was.       moving slowly in the prom-
                                                                                                             These precision strikes indi-     ised direction, it remains to
                                                                                                             cate a calculated approach        be seen whether or not these
                                                                                                             to military operations. It is     new strategies will curtail
                                                                                                             evident by the reports that       American casualties. America
                                                                                                             the US government is taking       can only hope, with baited
                                                                                                             a more diplomatic approach        breath, as the war continues
                                                                                                             to the execution of plans in      to evolve and take on new
                                                                                                             order to eliminate these high     shapes. The Al Queda terror-
                                                                                                             priority targets. Intelligence    ist group has vowed revenge
                                                                                                             gathered by sources and gov-      for the death of Nabhan, and
                                                                                                             ernments working with the         now concern shifts to main-
                                                                                                             US must have been sharp           taining domestic tranquility.
                                                                                                             indeed for the attack heli-       With high profile arrests oc-
                                                                                                             copters to have pinpointed,       curring in Colorado and New
                                                                                                             down to the vehicle, where        York, citizens can only hope
                                                                                                             the suspect was located.          that terrorism does not once
                                                                                                                       This multilateral ap-   again materialize in the west as
American Helicopters attack Al Queda operatives working in Somalia. The lawless                              proach points to a more inter-    it has in the UK and Madrid.
region has become a haven for terrorists. Photo courtesy of AP.                                              nationally acceptable way to

                       GEoRGE B. MALoof
                                             1930-2009                                                       Attention NHS Members!
    “Do the best with the talent God gave you.”                                                                                 Next Meeting
                                                                                                                  October 21st, 7:45am in the Library

                                                                                                                     New Member Inductions
                                                                                                               October 28th, 7pm in the Young Center

                                                                                                             Attention St. Pius Students!
                                                                                                             The annual NHS food drive will take place
                                                                                                                      November 11th-18th.

                                                                                                                   Bring all food items to homeroom.

                                                                                                              *****The HR that collects the most food
                                                                                                               will win a Chick-fil-A breakfast!*****
                                                                          Golden Lines
   6                                                                    October 16, 2009

           fall TV Lineup
           Gossip Girl
                                                                                                          when he was
                                                                                                          born.      Blair
                                                                                                          and     Chuck
                                                                                                          will certainly
                                                                                                          have      some
CLAIRE CORKREN                       trying to find young women                   While Dan mingles       arguments
Editor-in-Chief                      for Chuck to seduce, then for      with the upper crust, Blair and   and probably
          Attention all you          Blair to confront in order to      Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend, Nate      break        up
Upper East Siders, Gossip            spice up their relationship.       Archibald, shies away from        multiple times,
Girl is back on the CW! After                  Dan Humphrey, his        his blue-blooded family, who      if the show
a crazy summer vacation, it’s        sister Jenny, and their father,    is trying to force him into its   continues
off to college for our favorite      Rufus, have been staying with      haughty lifestyle. Nate rebels    to run true
young Manhattanites.                 Eric (Serena’s little brother)     against them by bringing Bree     to        form.
          After      a     rowdy     and Lily Van der Woodsen           Buckley, granddaughter of         Georgina
European summer, Serena              (Serena’s mother) in the           a rival family, to the big polo   Sparks returns
Van der Woodsen returns              Hamptons. When they return         match.                            as we find out
to New York hounded by               to Manhattan, Dan’s friend                   The 3rd season of       she and Blair
paparazzi looking to capture         Vanessa introduces him to her      Gossip Girl is in full swing,     are rooming
her crazy antics; we find out        new boyfriend, Scott, who is       with hopefully enough twists,     together      at Photo courtesy   of
she was in Europe searching          mysteriously interested in the     turns, and random hookups         New        York                   break ups, and all sorts of
for her father.                      Humphrey family. Vanessa           to satiate the show’s teenage     University, so there will be      drama.
          While Serena pursued       becomes angry with Dan when        fan base. One of the biggest      some major excitement on the      You know you love me,
her father, her best friend, Blair   she feels that he is deserting     developments is that Vanessa’s    college campus as the two vie            XOXO Gossip Girl
Waldorf, and Blair’s on-again-       his Brooklyn roots in his new      boyfriend Scott is Dan and        for Queen of NYU. Whatever
off-again boyfriend, Chuck                                              Serena’s half brother, whom       happens this season, we can       Gossip Girl airs Mondays at 9
                                     posh lifestyle on the Upper
Bass, ran around New York                                               Lily gave up for adoption         definitely count on cat fights,   p.m. on the CW.
                                     East Side.

     So You Think You Can Dance
                                     grow as artists, to work with
                                     a range of choreographers
                                                                                                           a make-or-break choreogra-
                                                                                                           phy round, or to Vegas for
                                                                                                                                            the cuts in Vegas, stand-out
                                                                                                                                            performers included tapper
          Viewers of American        and styles. Performing in                                             the next round of competi-       Ryan Kasprzak, contemporary
Idol will find many elements         SYTYCD’s Top 20 demands                                               tion. In Vegas, eliminations     dancers Paula Van Oppen and
of Fox’s So You Think You Can        hours upon hours of rehears-                                          both frequent and dramatic       Billy Bell, and krumper Rus-
Dance familiar. Both shows           al time – a great strain on the                                       whittled the crowd of 152        sell Ferguson. But regardless
draw to their auditions thou-        dancers’ bodies. Participants                                         dancers down to 20. The Top      of whether the judges choose
sands of hopefuls, some bril-        strive to demonstrate both                                            20 dancers then begin weeks      these dancers for this season’s
liant and some delusional.           their natural abilities and                                           of nationally-broadcasted per-   Top 20, their time spent with
Both feature a small panel of        their (often eccentric) per-                                          formances, with one boy and      So You Think You Can Dance
judges who critique and elimi-       sonalities, all in the hopes of                                       one girl eliminated per week.    can lead to casting for other,
nate the performers. Both            becoming “America’s Favor-                                                      The most beautiful     less-televised performances.
broadcast live in front of an        ite Dancer.”                                                          thing about So You Think You               Yes, Mary Murphy
enormous studio audience,                      For each dancer,                                            Can Dance – aside from the       splits eardrums. Yes, some
and both rely on the support         the road to the finale – when                                         breathtaking pieces choreo-      dances flop. But, overall, the So
of the American public for           host Cat Deeley reveals                                               graphed by people such as        You Think You Can Dance expe-
their success.                       America’s Favorite Dancer                                             the quirky, stunning Emmy-       rience benefits both the danc-
          But So You Think You       – begins with a one-minute                                            winner Mia Michaels, married     ers who participate and the
                                     audition.                       Photo courtesy of         hip-hop choreographers Na-       Americans privileged enough
Can Dance is more than a com-
                                               This season (the        and Salt Lake City. Judges Ni-      poleon and Tabitha D’Umo         to see such high-quality art-
petition-based reality show,
more than a chance for the           show’s sixth) began with a gel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy,                 (a.k.a. “NappyTabs”), and         istry on their TV screens.
winner to make it big. It gives      national audition tour, with and one of the show’s chore-            ballroom dancer Dmitry Chap-                So You Think You Can
dancers the opportunity to           stops in Los Angeles, Phoenix, ographers sent auditioners            lin – is that even eliminated     Dance airs Wednesdays at 8
                                     Boston, Atlanta, New Orleans, one of three places: home, to          dancers can succeed. Before       p.m. on Fox.

                  Community                                             tion, and a mediocre plot line,
Staff Writer                                   The comedic show
                                     is laid back and filled with       Community left me slightly dis-
         A new show with                                                appointed, yet I find myself
                                     laughter and fun, yet with
new     characters,   Commu-                                            not caring about the show.
                                     the competition of shows like
nity opened on September                                                         With a cast includ-
                                     The Office and 30 Rock, Com-
17. Taking place at Green-                                              ing Chevy Chase and Don-
                                     munity better step it up if they
dale Community College in                                               ald Glover, who has each
                                     want to be a hit. The show
Greendale, Colorado, the di-                                            done their share of come-
                                     was enjoyable, yet the charac-
verse and somewhat eccentric                                            dic work, this show could
                                     ters didn’t really interest me.
cast portrays the stereotypi-                                           have some potential. We’ll
                                               The main character
cal students at community                                               have to stay tuned and
                                     Jeff, a suspended lawyer, is
colleges: the has-been high                                             see what else Community
                                     deceitful and annoying and
school jock, the suspended                                              has to offer, because right
                                     that could be funny and add
lawyer, the high school drop-                                           now I’m mildly impressed.
                                     to the show, yet it also could
out, and the single mother all                                                   Community         airs
                                     be his downfall. With charac-                                        Photo courtesy of
vying to get their degrees.                                             Thursdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.
                                     ters that don’t grab my atten-
                                                                        Golden Lines

                                                                      October 16, 2009
                                               its “cool” factor,     then, fans have had an entire
                                               and take the team      summer to spread to word
                                               all the way to Na-     and salivate at the thought of
                                               tionals.               an entire season. Now that it’s
                                                      His     cast    finally here, they’re ecstatic,
                                               of characters in-      and the new season doesn’t
Staff Writer
                                   cludes diva extraordinaire         disappoint.
                                   Mercedes (Amber Riley), stut-                The jokes come
          Remember          Viva   tering Goth Tina (Jenna Ush-       rapid-fire in intensely witty
Laughlin? Hull High? Cop           kowitz), arrogant yet driven       scripts, and the ensemble de-
Rock?                              Rachel (Lea Michele), and star     livers them perfectly. Jane
          Neither do we, or        quarterback Finn (Cory Mon-        Lynch’s Coach Sylvester is a
anyone else for that matter.       teith). However, evil cheer-       hilariously over-the-top vil-
That’s what makes Glee stands      leading coach Sue Sylvester        lain, while Lea Michele’s Ra-
out; it looks like it’s going to   (Jane Lynch) and squad cap-        chel perfectly balances be-
be the first successful musical    tain Quinn Fabray (Dianna          tween annoyingly conceited
series on TV… and for good         Agron) will stop at nothing to     and disarmingly endearing.         Photo courtesy of
reason, too.                       take down the “gleeks,” and                  The core of the                    Not to say that Glee    thetic characters, consistently
          The show follows         in Quinn’s case, get her boy-      show, however, is its music.       doesn’t have problems. Ste-       clever writing, and awesome
Spanish teacher Will Schuester     friend back.                       Covers of everything from          reotypes abound, and some         music is definitely something
(Matthew Morrison), a former                Glee’s first episode      Salt ‘n’ Pepa to Journey to Ce-    subplots are unnecessary and      to sing (and dance) about.
glee club member, as he tries      premiered last May after the       line Dion consistently shine,      frustrating.     Nevertheless,    Glee airs Wednesday nights at
attempts to revive the club, up    finale of American Idol. Since     providing the series’ soul.        Glee’s combination of sympa-      9 p.m. on Fox.

                                                                                          sition    of   he returns home from work         fore.
                                                                                          heading        that same night, his daughter                Although the show
                                                                                          the inves-     gives Benford the exact wo-       is a little confusing in the be-
                                                                                          tigation       ven bracelet he remembered        ginning, the pieces start to
                                                                                          behind the     in the vision.                    fall into place in the second
                                                                                          blackouts.               He decides the vi-      episode, with the discovery
Photo courtesy of                                                                His    first   sions are coming true and         of “Suspect Zero,” a man who
                                                                                          task is to     creates a website database        was awake at the time of the
ALLIE PRIEDE                       FBI Special Agent Mark Ben-
                                                                      place notes, names, pictures,      where people can post their       blackout, and an accomplice
Staff Writer                       ford. In this new drama from
                                                                      and dates on a cork board          visions. The database is called   who made a call to Suspect
                                   ABC, based on a 1999 science
         How would you feel                                           that was in his vision and try     The Mosaic Collective, after a    Zero at the same time.
                                   fiction novel by Robert J. Saw-
if you blacked out for exactly                                        his best to remember as much       note on the board he saw in                  Meanwhile, the world
                                   yer, the entire world blacks
2 minutes and 17 seconds and                                          as he can about significant        his flash-forward.                is in complete chaos as people
                                   out for the same amount of
saw where you would be in                                             details from his flash forward               Benford’s partner,      try and recover from the con-
                                   time, and during this black
6 months? Would you try to                                            that may help the investiga-       however, does not have a          sequences of the blackouts.
                                   out everyone experiences
change your life so that your                                         tion.                              flash forward and begins to       Similar to Lost, FlashForward
                                   a flash forward to the exact
vision does not become the fu-                                                  For example, in his      worry that he will not be alive   is a promising new drama that
                                   same date and time, April 29,
ture, or would you try to find                                        flash forward, Benford is          on April 29. Also, in Benford’s   will certainly include many
                                   2010 at 10 p.m.
out the reasons behind your                                           wearing a woven friendship         wife’s flash forward, she is      surprising plot twists in future
                                             Mark Benford be-
blackout?                                                             bracelet on his wrist that he is   cheating on her husband with      episodes. FlashForward airs
                                   gins to piece together his flash
         This is the job for                                          not currently wearing. When        a man she has never seen be-      Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.
                                   forward that includes the po-

    Top Gear
                                                                      whose main function is to take
                                                                      the week’s featured supercar
                                                                      around the Top Gear Track,
                                                                      although occasionally he is in-
                                                                      volved in the challenges.
                                                                                Each episode fea-
CADENCE MARTIN                     hosts face in every episode and    tures a celebrity interview
Staff Writer                       that commonly begin with the       followed by the guest taking
           What happens when       ominous phrase “How hard           to the Track in a reasonably
you combine three middle-          could it be to…” These are         priced car. The “Cool Wall”
aged, British men with the         commonly set up as follows:        is another aspect of the show
mentality of your average ten-     the three hosts are given a        which is peppered with cars
year-old, engineering degrees,     specific amount of money with      ranging from “Seriously Un-
and an unlimited budget? Top       which to buy a vehicle that        cool” to “Sub-Zero.” This por-
Gear. The show features Jer-       meets predetermined criteria.      tion is highly amusing due to
emy Clarkson, Richard Ham-         Then, they are presented with      the disagreements between
mond, and James May as they        a series of tasks designed to      Clarkson and Hammond and           Photo courtesy of
put various automobiles—           test their choices in the most     the means by which each at-        ing the photograph in ques-       fail, uproarious.
from the outrageous Pagani         ludicrous way possible. These      tempts to win. Clarkson tends      tion to keep it from his co-                The great thing about
Zonda F to classic Alfa Rome-      challenges almost always in-       to place pictures of the cars      presenter.                        this show is that it is accessible
os to the Toyota Prius—to the      clude several pieces of the cars   on the very top of the wall,                 Usually, car shows      to those of us who do not pos-
test. These “tests” have includ-   falling off and multiple open-     thereby making it impossible       will bore me to tears—endless,    sess degrees in mechanical en-
ed a race to a London hotel        ings for the hosts to ridicule     for the rather vertically chal-    uncharismatic droning about       gineering. Perhaps that’s why
from Italy between a Bugatti       each other.                        lenged Hammond to reach            horsepower and torque are         the BBC can proclaim with
Veyron and a small plane and                 Interspersed in the      them.                              strangely uninteresting—but       pride that Top Gear is “one of
a giant soccer match wherein       clips of these contests are sev-             Hammond, mean-           Top Gear makes automotive re-     the most illegally downloaded
all of the players drove Toyota    eral other regular segments.       while, once ran into the audi-     view positively enjoyable. The    shows on the Internet.” Top
Aygos.                             First, there is the Stig, an       ence with a card, initiating a     writing is pithy and tremen-      Gear airs Mondays at 8 p.m.
           The show centers        unidentified and completely        scuffle between the two which      dously funny, and the banter      on BBC America.
around challenges that the         mute “tame racing driver”          culminated in Hammond eat-         between the hosts is, without
                                                                         Golden Lines
  8                                                                    October 16, 2009

 LION “Retarded” may be next in line for censorship
    School                         AMANDA YESTRUMSKY                              He recalled when         ing people who use
                                   Staff Writer
                                                                       his daughter was just a baby;       the word,” said Tild-
Announcements                                Over     the     years,   he was driving with her in the      sley.
The Green Club meeTs               American culture has changed        backseat when another driver                   E v e n
every Wednesday at
                                   drastically. One important as-      cut them off. “And I actually       though her campaign
3:10pm in room 503,
Mrs. Dalton’s room.
                                   pect of our culture that has        said that word,” said Wrobbel,      has received a lot of
As we are thinking                 changed is the use of language.     “and then I stopped my car          positive      feedback,
globally and acting                Americans are known for their       and got teary. And I thought,       she hasn’t been able
locally, our projects              use of slang words and text         ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I      to please everyone.
for this year focus on             talk, which, for many, is the       just said that.’”                   Some people think
our campus and sur-                epitome of their vocabulary.                   Since then, Wrobbel      that her whole cam-
rounding community.                Even though these words and         has joined other activists who      paign is a waste of
Students and faculty
                                   phrases are technically incor-      campaign against the word           time and that the situ-
are welcome to join us
in making our environ-
                                   rect in the English language,       “retard.” Wrobbel considers         ation doesn’t matter.
ment more clean and                thousands of Americans use          it “hate speech.” So far medi-      Despite this opposi-
beautiful!                         them daily.                         cal professionals and social        tion, she continues to
                                             One word that stu-        service organizations have re-      feed off of those who
Anime Club every                   dents commonly use through-         tired the word, using “intel-       support her and work
Thursday in library                out the St. Pius X hallways is      lectual disabilities” instead.      hard to make people
viewing room from 3:15-4:15.       “retarded.” You will hear stu-
See Mrs. Tanis if you have any
                                                                       Wrobbel’s group has even pe-        happy. “The great
                                   dents say, “That’s so retarded,”    titioned against movies, such       thing about Best Bud-
                                   or “he’s a retard.” Although        as Tropic Thunder, which he         dies is that both sides
The yeArbook neeDs, neeDs,         using “retarded” in this context    says, “Coined the term ‘full re-    benefit from it,” Tild- Professor Wrobbel attends a
NEEDS your pictures!! We are       is not meant to insult people,      tard’ to describe a certain kind    sley said. “We’re ded- campaign against the “r-word” with
experiencing a significant lack    there are TV and radio sta-         of unsuccessful Oscar-baiting       icated to people, not a his daughter. He is currently a
of pictures submitted by the
                                   tions, schools, and campaigns       role.”                              club, and we’re here
student body. We need pictures
of you and your friends hanging    that have come together to
                                                                                                                                   working activist to ban the word.
                                                                                  Tayler Tildsley, a se-   to break the walls of
out on the weekends, or going      ban the use of all forms of the     nior from Napa High School in       stereotypes.”           Photo courtesy of
on vacations over the sum-
mer. Boys, we especially need      word.                               California, began a campaign                   Once aware            into a derogatory and even an
pictures you You may submit                  In a recent broad-        “Ban the R-word,” in hopes of       of the “r-word” situation and insulting word.”
all photos to Rm. 304 or email     cast on NPR, E. Duff Wrobbel,
them to                                             making her fellow student body      the several campaigns that are             It seems like a long-
THANKS!                            a professor of speech com-          more aware of those around          in the works to ban the word, shot to many people to com-
    Upcoming Events                munications at Southern Illi-       them. Tildsley is the president     St. Pius sophomore Megan pletely abolish the “r-word”
                                   nois University, expressed his      of Napa High’s Best Buddies         Schwartz said, “I think it’s a from the English language.
                                   views on retarded. During the       Club, which fosters friendship      really good idea because it can With people like Wrobbel and
oct. 18: Sophomore Potluck         broadcast on NPR,        E. Duff
Dinner, 5pm
                                                                       between students with intellec-     be offensive to people and put Tildsley, our nation is slowly
                                   Wrobbel said that “he never         tual disabilities and teen with-    other people down because of able to make what some con-
oct. 21: Mass assembly; Parish     gave the word much thought          out them. “I want people to be      their disabilities.” Junior Emi- sider a dream into reality. So
You Ministry Day; Lion Leader      — until his daughter was born       more aware of what they say         lie Tran agreed, “The context the next time you are about to
meetings during lunches            with Down syndrome.”                and not to be afraid of correct-    that it’s used in has developed say the “r-word,” think before
                                                                                                                                            you speak.
oct. 21-24: FALL PLAY (Wed.-
Fri. 7pm, Sat. 1pm and 7pm)

oct. 26: Junior Pilgrimage                    We missed you, Blink-182!
                                   AVERY MACARTHUR
oct. 27: Special pep rally         Staff Writer                        with my best friends, I think       day came when Ticketmaster       hanging out with my friends
schedule--Sally Foster Delivery                                        of Blink-182. My two best           sent an email informing me
                                   Flash back four years to Feb-                                                                            in my basement. There was
                                                                       friends and I were obsessed         that “Blink-182 has posted a     nothing cool about us except
oct. 28: Long assembly at the      ruary 22, 2005, the day when        with Blink, and they always
END of the day--Clubs and                                                                                  concert near you!” My heart      for our music-- Blink-182,
                                   across the nation one could         were there through the par-
Organizations pictures; Interims                                                                           skipped a beat and I couldn’t    it’s all we needed,” senior
                                   hear the breaking hearts of         ties and the hard times,”
available on Net Classroom;                                                                                get to Publix fast enough        Conor McNulty reflected.
                                   Blink-182’s thousands of de-        said senior Mary Graddy.
NHS Inductions, 7pm                                                                                        to purchase my $20.00 dol-       That’s the way Blink makes
                                   voted fans. This was the day             From middle schoolers to       lar ticket to the rock show.     many of their fans feel cool,
Nov. 1: Open House, 1-4pm;         that the band officially can-       kids away at college, people              “There is a video of me    understood, identified. We
Daylight Savings Time ends (fall   celled their planned tour           of our generation loved Blink       and my sister Lindsey singing
back one hour                      and began a four-year hiatus.       -182’s unique, fun sound.                                            were lost without them, and
                                                                                                           and dancing to ‘All the Small
                                        “When Blink broke up           Their music videos made us                                           thank goodness they’re back.
Nov. 2: WINTER UNIFORM                                                                                     Things’ that was recently re-
                                   I was felt like someone put a       crack up. It was impossible not
BEGINS                                                                                                     discovered in my household
                                   toaster in my bathtub. I was        to fall in love with the boys of    that made it clear their con-
Nov. 3: ALL COLLEGE APPLI-         heartbroken because I never         Blink. We could listen to their     cert would be the epitome
CATIONS DUE!                       thought I’d be able to see          songs when getting ready for a      of 2009,” says sophomore
                                   them in concert. I listened to      party or falling asleep at night.   Aarika Znosko. The concert
Nov. 4: Long Assembly; Morn-       every other band the mem-                Just as my auditory world
ing of the Arts, 9:30am                                                                                    was pushed back 9 days to re-
                                   bers joined, +44, Boxcar            ended with their break-up,          spect the death of Blink-182’s
                                   Racer, Angels and Airwaves,         the announcement that came
Nov. 7: SAT’s at St. Pius                                                                                  long time friend, DJ A.M.
                                   but they never filled the void      at 51 Grammy Awards on              and took place October, 7.
Nov. 11: Mass Schedule--Junior/    Blink left,” said senior Colleen    February 8 of this year that              Blink-182 is not just a
Senior Career Forum                O’Neil. At the time, no one         “Blink-182 is back!”. I felt an     band, they don’t just play mu-
                                   knew how long the break-up          overwhelming joy expanding
Nov. 18: Short assembly sched-                                                                             sic, they are a marker of our
                                   would last, and we all thought      in my chest. I knew that my
ule--SR: Graduation announce-                                                                              childhood, a carefree time be-
                                   that we had seen the end of the     dream to see them live in con-
ments, JR: Lion Leader talk, SO/                                                                           fore bills and careers, a time
                                   Mark, Tom, and Travis show.         cert could finally be realized.
FR: Student life                                                                                           that has confusing and trou-
                                        I speak for many when I             I had fantasized since         bling moments, but at most,
Nov. 20: Market Place bake         say that Blink-182 wrote the        middle school about seeing          is exhilarating, a time when
sale collection day; Pep rally     soundtrack of my life. They         Mark, Tom and my personal           we learn who we really are.
scehdule--2:45pm dismissal         are the band we all grew up         favorite Travis, perform. All I           “I will always remem-
                                   with. “When I think of grow-        needed was a time and place
Nov. 20-22: AP Bio. Field Trip                                                                             ber being in the 5th grade
                                   ing up through middle school        and I would be there. The           thinking I was so cool and
            Golden Lines

           October 16, 2009

robbins lAw llC
   Proud Supporters of the
 St. Pius X Golden Lions
                                                                              Golden Lines
10                                                                          October 16, 2009

JUNGLE                                     The Arena: Where champions are made
                                     CONOR McNULTY                          squares or into ones own square s q u a r e
                                     Staff Writer                           to avoid getting out. As an oc- m o -
Athletic Events                            Countries across the globe       casional participant in the high mentary
                                     are filled with grand edifices,        pulse game, I have seen first- glory is
                                     monuments, and ruins. From             hand the intensity of the game. bestowed
oct. 16: Varsity Vol-
                                     the Pyramids of Giza, to the           In one shot the ball bounced off upon the
leyball, State Tourna-
ment, First Round @                  Great Wall of China, to the            three walls, the ceiling twice, p l a y e r .
TBA; Varsity Softball                Coliseum in Rome, Europe,              and then whizzed right by my S e n i o r
State Tournament                     Asia, and Africa are filled with       ear. I had been in a mere fifteen K y l e
Second Round @                       ancient structures that fascinate      seconds and already had to re- S w e e n y
TBA; Varsity Football                the world. America lacks such          turn to the back of the line of exclaims,
vs. Washington @                     historical constructions, but it       people waiting to play.            “ T h e
Home, 7:30pm (Se-                    does not fall behind in awing                  To the frequent play- A r e n a
nior Night)
                                     the world. With grand cathe-           ers the Arena is more than the is quite
                                     drals of sports that host some         end of the breezeway and four p o s s i - Senior Max Troutman hits the ball to Senior Al-
                                     of the greatest athletes in the        square is more than just a post- bly the den Homrich as an intense game of four square
oct. 17: Varsity Volleyball,         history of man, America catches        lunch game. While on the St. greatest
                                                                                                                           takes place. This exciting pastime requires both
State Tournament, First Round        the eyes of the world. Baseball        Pius Marine Biology trip in 15            by
@ TBA; Varsity Softball State        players strive to play in Fenway       the fall, students went to great 15 foot extreme mental concentration as well as a high
Tournament Second Round @            Park, boxers hope to fight in          lengths to get their four square square I level of physical conditioning. Staff Photo.
TBA; Boys’/Girls’ CC, Reebok
                                     Madison Square Garden, jock-           fix. They searched outside the have ever                             abyss. The arena is where aver-
Coach Wood Inv. @ Gainesville,
GA                                   eys wish to race in Churchill          Marine Lab on Dauphin Is- stepped foot in. My one wish is age Joes who can’t play football
                                     Downs, and four-square play-           land and there under a street to be buried in the king square. become heroes, and where even
                                     ers look to nowhere else but St.       lamp was a perfectly lit concrete There may be some zoning laws Kyle Sweeney can have athletic
                                     Pius’s own high intensity, pres-       slab already divided in four against that.”                          superiority. It is all that is good
oct. 20: Varsity Volleyball, State   sure pounding, glory gushing           equal squares. Like the Field           Frankie Miller expresses an in life and should be cherished
Tournament, Second Round @           four square court—the Arena.           of Dreams in Iowa, the court even deeper love and devotion by all four square players alike
TBA                                                                                                            for the game. “For a 17-year-old for years to come.”
                                           After an appetizing lunch        called to them.
                                     of cheeseburgers, French fries,              At the September 18 home average person, I question a lot           Please, though, do not
                                     and hot sauce, many St. Pius           football game, after St. Pius took in my daily life—morals, values, just take my word or others’
oct. 21: Varsity Volleyball, State   students make the long journey         a demanding lead over Carver- and ladies to name a few. But in word for it. Next time you fin-
Tournament, Second Round @           past the lunch ladies, the peo-        Atlanta, St. Pius seniors Frankie these times of great questioning ish your lunch and throw away
TBA                                  ple selling various t-shirts and       Miller, Ryan McKay, Kyle Swee- of life there is one thing that is your trash, find two buckets of
                                     tickets, and the alluring vend-        ny, Nathan Hovey, and Ryan the absolute truth...the arena.           courage, and make the journey
                                     ing machines. They ultimately          Flannigan left the game to enter        “It is my first thought when to the Arena—the court where
oct. 22: JV Football vs. TBA @       reach the three small concrete         the Arena. They came back af- I wake up and my last thought champions are made.
TBA; Freshman Football playoff       steps which transport them into        ter half time drenched in sweat when I enter into my dreaming
game vs. TBA @ TBA                   their 15 minute escape from the        but filled with
                                     real world. Seniors dominate
                                     the court, but juniors and soph-
                                                                            joy. Others
                                                                            asked where
                                                                                             Facing Foreclosure or Repossession?
                                     omores who feel they can com-          they        had
oct. 23: Varsity Softball State
                                     pete are welcome. Meanwhile,           been. When
Tournament, Finals @ Colum-
                                     most freshmen are too afraid           they respond-
                                                                                                Tired of bill collectors pestering you for money you don’t
bus, GA
                                     to put down their fifty pound          ed, “At the                                              have?
                                     book bags and enter such an ex-        arena” hearts
                                     treme gathering of hooting and         were      filled         Income slashed due to layoffs or shortened hours?
oct. 24: Varsity Softball State      hollering upperclassmen. They          with envy.
Tournament, Finals @ Colum-
                                     simply do not yet understand                 T h e
bus, GA; Boys’/Girls’ CC, Last
                                     the magic of the Arena.                bouncing of
                                                                                                  Unexpected medical bills ruining your financial situation?
Chance Inv. @ Carrollton, GA;
Varsity Volleyball State Tourna-           According to the official        the tennis ball,
ment, Elite Eight and Semifinals     four square website, www.              the taunting Sometimes decent people working who really want to pay their
@ TBA; Varsity Football vs., four square            of the play-
Grady @ Georgia Dome, 11am;          is to be played on a 16 foot           ers, and the                                      bills just can’t.
Competition Cheerleading @           square court divided into four         cheering of
Central Gwinnett High School,        equal smaller squares. An 8.5          the crowd all
                                     inch rubber playground ball is         help remove         The U.S. Government established the Bankruptcy laws to give you a
                                     the official ball recommended          tired teens of “Fresh Start” after wiping out much or all of your existing debt. Maybe
                                     for playing. While the prin-           St. Pius from filing for bankruptcy will give you the breathing room you need to re-
oct. 25: Varsity Softball State      ciples are the same, St. Pius          the burdens cover and become productive again, rather than hopelessly fighting bill
Tournament, Finals @ Colum-          four square is modified to the         of school. In
bus, GA                              court and skill level of the play-     the classroom collectors, garnishments, repos, and foreclosures with no end in sight.
                                     ers. The main goal is to cause a       they sit in Stop bill collectors in their tracks! Sometimes it’s not all your fault! Call
                                     player of a higher square to ei-       desks,     take one of our bankruptcy attorneys for a friendly, free consultation to see if
oct. 30: Varsity Football vs. Riv-   ther miss the ball when it comes       notes, and lis-                                   we can help you.
erwood @ Riverwood, 7:30pm           into their square, hit it into their   ten to lectures
                                     own square, or hit it out—all of       like the rest
                                     which eliminate the player. In-        of us. On the
                                     stead of using a big red rubber        court they are
oct. 31: Boys’/Girls’ CC, 5-AAA
                                     ball, St. Pius students prefer a       something
Region Championship @ Sham-
rock Middle School; Varsity Vol-     tennis ball. Its small size makes      more;      they
leyball, State Tournament Finals     it easy to carry around school         are someone
@ Marietta                           and also adds a challenge as it        more. As they
                                     is more difficult to hit. To add       slam the ball
                                     to the extremeness, something          into an oppo-
Go LIoNS!!                           that St. Pius four square players
                                     hold as a tenet to the game, one
                                                                            nent’s square
                                                                            obtaining the
                                     can use the wall as an ally, de-       ownership
                                     flecting the ball off it into other    of the king’s
                                                                        Golden Lines

                                                                      October 16, 2009
                     Lace ‘em up:
                  The Kate Ward story
                                   Germany. Deutschland was no        screen TV outside
Sports Editor                      match for the scrappy Ameri-       the stadium,” said
           Sophomore       Kate    cans as they fiercely grabbed      Ward.
Ward has an exhilarating           gold with a 4-0 win.“It was ab-              Ward’s
story to tell. Kate competed       solutely incredible. It was sur-   final chapter in
at the Deaflympics in Taipei,      real, I don’t think I realized     Taipei was the
Taiwan. Inside her grass-          I scored a goal in the gold        awarding of the
worn soccer cleats are feet of     medal game until it ended,         medals. She truly
burning desire that will do        everything just happened so        was overwhelmed
whatever it takes to get the       fast,” said Ward.                  with pride for
job done.                                    Soccer owned most        America and shed
           The Deaflympics is      of Kate’s time but she did get     tears of joy for her
the Olympics for the hear-         to experience the relaxing         hard work. “Rep-
ing impaired and deaf elite        and unique Asian culture of-       resenting the US
athletes. “To compete in the       fered in Taipei. “It was one       is just indescrib-
Deaflympics or any other           of the best experiences of my      able. To be able to
international deaf tourna-         life. The food was very weird      stand on the po-
ments, you have to be deaf by      but the city and the citizens      dium and watch
55 decibels. In other words        were so welcoming! This was        the American flag
you can’t hear anything un-        the first Deaflympics in Asia,     being raised above
til it reaches that frequency,”    so they were trying to make        the German and
said Ward. “At this year’s         it the best one ever,” said        Russian flags was
2009 Deaflympics in Taipei,        Ward.                              just amazing. I
there were 21 sports and                     Ward gobbled up a        know it sounds
over 100 countries compet-         lifetime treat when she par-       cheesy, but it’s Sophomore Kate Ward greets a teammate during a game with
ing in the events.”                ticipated in the opening cer-      true; so few peo- team USA in the 2009 Deaflympics. Ward, who is also a member
           After the long flight   emonies in Taipei. “The man        ple get a chance of the varsity soccer team at St. Pius X, was the youngest player in
on an early September morn-        who organized the Beijing          to represent their
                                   Olympic Opening Ceremo-                                 US Deaf soccer history to score a goal. Photo courtesy of usdeaf-
ing, the National team came                                           country, let alone
out firing in all its matches.     nies also organized this one.      bring home a
The ladies scored a total of 17    He tried to make it even bet-      gold medal,” said
                                   ter than the Beijing Ceremo-                                       her dream. She would like to we are dealt in life that is no
goals in the tournament and                                           Ward.
                                   nies, and it was just amazing.                                     thank all the St. Pius X Stu- excuse to give up. Congratu-
allowed only one goal against                                                   Kate Ward being
                                   The stadium was sold out                                           dents and Administrators who lations to Kate Ward and the
Great Britain. In the Gold                                            an inspiration is an under-
                                   with 20,000 people plus oth-                                       supported her along the way. US Women’s National Deaf-
Medal match, Ward and the                                             statement. She overcame the
                                   ers waiting outside on the big                                     Kate is truly an example to all lympic Gold Medal champi-
national team dug in against                                          hurdles in her life to grab
                                                                                                      of us, no matter what cards onship team!

 Lion pride: Pius spirit rocks the Jungle
PATRICK TIGHE                      more fun, and the Jungle has                                crowd to a victory over Marist.
                                                                      ner. On August 28th, Shaffner                                  has really upped the ante in
Sports Editor                      served as that fun,” said Shaff-                            The trademark Jungle drums
                                                                      led the raucous Jungle and Pius                                terms of Jungle spirit. A Fa-
          The St. Pius X Jungle                                                                                   were alive         cebook group has been cre-
has always been a staple at Pius                                                                                  and      well,     ated to alert all the seniors on
sporting events since the origin                                                                                  and       the      the theme for the upcoming
of the student section. Pius                                                                                      noise they         game. Themes have stretched
spirit has always been golden,                                                                                    produced           from “Cowboys and Indians”
but currently the Jungle is                                                                                       really threw       to the homecoming toga night.
catching the fever called “Lion                                                                                   Marist off                   “So far, I have to say
Pride.”                                                                                                           their game         my favorite theme was wearing
          These words are part                                                                                    plan. After        camo for the Marist game. It’s
of the “Lion Pride” cheer at pep                                                                                  the game,          so awesome to be in the Jungle
rallies and have been repeated                                                                                    the Jungle         and be a part of leading it and
many times by Pius coaches                                                                                        jubilantly         then beating Marist. Especially
and players after big wins. The                                                                                   celebrated         after we worked so hard to get
real location inside which these                                                                                  with their         our drums inside Marist’s Sta-
words resound is George B.                                                                                        heroes on          dium,” exclaimed Shaffner.
Maloof Stadium. Whenever a                                                                                        the Marist                   In the coming weeks
Pius sporting event take place,                                                                                   field. “Lion       many major athletic events
“Lion Pride” is always alive and                                                                                  Pride” was         will take place. From the Pius-
well.                                                                                                             clearly in         Grady football game in the
          This year’s King of                                                                                     full    force      Georgia Dome to the softball
the Jungle is senior Robert                                                                                       in the most        and volleyball state playoffs,
Shaffner. Similar to his prede-                                                                                   hostile en-        the “Lion Pride” will march
cessors, he takes his job very                                                                                    vironment          to wherever their beloved
seriously. “I decided to join                                                                                     possible.          athletes participate. This year
                                   From left: Seniors Sarah Elizabeth Swann, Gillian McAllister, Katie Tighe,            Along       should bring many cheers
the Jungle because I wanted to
contribute to the Friday night     and Tracy Higganbotham lead the cheers in the Jungle at Marist on August with Shaff-              from whoever is donning
experience. I thought if I got     29th. The team is currently 6-0 thanks to the Jungle’s relentless support. ner’s hard             the blue, gold, and white!
involved at Pius I would have      Photo courtesy of Yearbook Staff.                                              work      the
                                                                                                                  senior class
                                                                          Golden Lines
   12                                                                 October 16, 2009
   Two students and one
   teacher are asked a series
   of random questions...

   whAT Do you Think you will
                                           Chad Leiba, ‘10
                                                                                        Ian Schwaner, ‘12
                                                                                       “High-fructose Corn Syrup”
                                                                                                                          Mr. Ruggiero, Theology
                                                                                                                                    “Steeler Man”
      be for hAlloween?

     whAT DiD your lAsT TexT      “ok. Good. omg! I look good in my                     “Meet me in the library.”             “How ‘bout them ‘canes?”
          messAGe sAy?             dress. I can’t wait to show ya!!!! Lol.”

        CelebriTy Crush?                         “Alicia Keys”                                 “Beyoncé”                    “Right now, Jennifer Garner”

         fAvoriTe show?                         “Supernatural”                           “Law and order: SVU”                     “Sports and news”

    if you CoulD be Anyone for                      “Myself”                                     “God”                               “The Pope”
   one DAy, who woulD you be?

   if you CoulD hAve Any super-                  “Super speed”                                  “flight”                            “Invisibility”
     power, whAT woulD iT be?

       fAvoriTe DinosAur?                           “T-Rex”                                  “Velociraptor”                         “Stegosaurus”

    if you CoulD Drive Any CAr,   “Lexus. A nice, sleek, black Lexus. 2007.”                  “Infiniti GS”                    “The original Hummer”
         whAT woulD iT be?

     if you hAD one DAy To Do                     “Get crazy”                                “Go to Vegas”                     “Be a Blue Angel Pilot”
   whATever you wAnTeD, whAT
          woulD you Do?

      fAvoriTe viDeo GAme?                    “Assassin’s Creed”                                “Sims 3”                              “Galaga”

         fAvoriTe sonG?           “‘Empire State of Mind’ by Jay Z & Alicia Keys”         “‘Down’ by Jay Sean”          “‘free Ride’ by The Edgar Winter Group”

      leAsT fAvoriTe sonG?        “Right now, ‘You Belong With Me’ by               “‘Use Somebody’ by Kings of Leon”       “Anything by Britney Spears”
                                              Taylor Swift”


                                                           What is your favorite scary movie?
                                                                              The Strangers
                  Texas Chainsaw Massacre --Peter McGrael, ‘10                                                                    Sweeney
                  --Susan Williams, ‘11                                                                                           Todd
                       The Omen                                            The Changeling, the 1980
                       --Jieun Rim, 10                                     version                                                Romero, ‘11
                                                                           -Molly Berg, ‘10
                    Nightmare on Elm Street                                                                         The Gingerdead Man
                    --Allie Priede, ‘10   Friday the 13th                                                           --Mike Smith, ‘10
                                                                       --Molly Camp, ‘12
                          Juno                                                                                              IT
                          -Will McKerrow, ‘10 Psycho                                                                        --Vy Nguyen, ‘11
     Suspiria                                                                       --Miss Bruckert
     --Gus Wood, ‘10                                Halloween, the original                                             House of Wax
The Shining                                         -Ms. Bowman                                                         --Becca Shaaf, ‘12
-Angela Hepburn, ‘12 I hate scary movies because
                                   they make me cry.
                                   --Katherine Green, ‘12                                          Banter

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