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									                            ROOTS & TUBERS
                  A CO N S U M E R’S G U I D E TO
                  SHOPPING, COOKING & EATING “GREEN”
Radish                                       Sweet Potato                              Turnip
Radishes come in a variety of colors,        Commonly referred to as “yams” in         Raw turnips impart a mild, radish flavor.
shapes and sizes, with mildly pungent        the United States, these tubers are       When cooked, turnips become delicately
to peppery hot flavor. The older the         distinctly different from the brown,      sweet and succulent, absorbing other
radish, the hotter it becomes. (Fall)        woody skinned yams used in African        flavors well. (Fall through Winter)
Selection & Storage: This root is best       and Caribbean cooking.
                                                                                       Selection & Storage: Choose small
when smooth, firm and crisp.                 Sweet potatoes have a rich and sweet      to medium sized roots for best flavor
Culinary Tips: Crisp, fresh radish           flavor with a dense, mealy flesh.         and texture.
makes a good garnish and addition to         Yellow flesh varieties tend to have
                                                                                       Health Benefits: Raw turnips aid digestion
salads. Try mixing thinly sliced radish      drier texture and mildly sweet flavor;
                                                                                       and help clean the teeth. Cooked turnips
to cooked, cooled corn with some             ones with orange flesh have a sweeter
                                                                                       energize the digestive system.
chopped green onions. To cook, briefly       flavor and more watery texture. (Fall)
                                                                                       Note: Turnips and rutabagas contain high
steam for a delicate, sweet flavor           Selection & Storage: Sweet potatoes
                                                                                       amounts of goitrogens which can interfere
reminiscent of a turnip. Radish tops give    should be kept in a cool, dry place,
                                                                                       with thyroid function. Individuals with low
a peppery taste to salads and soups.         but not the refrigerator.
                                                                                       thyroid function should limit their use.
Health Benefits: Radishes are diuretic,      Culinary Tips: Boil, roast, steam, bake
stimulating and help to clear the sinuses.   or add to casseroles or sweet dishes.     Water Chestnut
The radish is good for sore throats and      Excellent with sweet spices, such as      The Chinese water chestnut has a taste
to help prevent viral infections.            cinnamon, ground cloves, nutmeg           similar to sugar cane, sweet corn and
                                             and allspice.                             coconut. It has a delicate, mild flavor
Rutabaga                                     Glaze with maple syrup and butter         with a refreshing, crunchy texture.
(Swedish Turnip) The rutabaga has a mild,    for a rich, sweet dish. Peeled and        (Winter)
sweet flavor that absorbs other flavors.     mashed sweet potatoes make a good         Selection & Storage: This tuber should
Rutabagas are larger and darker than         substitute for flour (up to 1⁄4 of the    be rock hard when selected.
turnips and they have a smooth skin.         total called for) in baked goods.
(Fall through Winter)                                                                  Culinary Tips: They are excellent with
                                             Health Benefits: Sweet potatoes are       stir-fried vegetables or in noodle or
Culinary Tips: Peel and use raw or           packed with nutrition and are easily      rice dishes.
steamed, baked, roasted, boiled, or          digestible. They are an excellent
mashed (great with mashed carrots and                                                  Health Benefits: Water chestnuts have
                                             source of vitamin A and a good            a cooling quality and are beneficial for
potatoes). Add to soups and stews. To        source of potassium and vitamin C.
use raw in a salad, try grating coarsely                                               diabetes, jaundice and metal detoxification.
                                             They are also known for their ability
and mix with a creamy dressing and           to detoxify metals in the body.
chopped dates.                                                                         Sources: The Complete Vegetarian
Note: Rutabagas can be irritating to         Taro                                      Cuisine by Rose Elliot, The Wellness
people with kidney problems.                 (Dasheen, Malanga) Taro is a high         Encyclopedia by UCB Wellness Letter
                                             carbohydrate food with chestnut           Editors and Whole Foods Companion
Sunchokes                                    and potato flavors. (Winter)              by Dianne Onstad.
(Jerusalem Artichokes) This knobby tuber
                                             Selection & Storage: Choose firm
has a crisp flesh with a mildly sweet
                                             and plump roots. Store out of
flavor. (Late Fall through Winter)
                                             the refrigerator.
Selection & Storage: Once cut, store
                                             Culinary Tips: Taro is best when
in cold water with lemon juice to
                                             peeled, then steamed or boiled and
preserve color.
                                             added to soups or stews. It may also
Culinary Tips: Delicious when sliced         be baked with a flavorful sauce.
or grated raw into salads. Use as a
                                             Pan-fried taro root is excellent.
substitute for water chestnuts in stir-
                                             Serve taro piping hot. The greens         OPEN DAILY TO EVERYONE
fries, noodle or rice dishes. Cook and                                                 7 am to 10 pm
                                             may be eaten in soups and stir-fries,
mash into pureed vegetables, add to
                                             removing the strings first.               Sacramento (916)455.2667
soup or tomato sauce, or serve hot                                                     1900 Alhambra Blvd.
with parsley and butter or olive oil.        Note: Taro is poisonous when uncooked!
                                                                                       Elk Grove (916)714.7100
Health Benefits: Sunchokes are a good                                                  Elk Grove Marketplace
source of iron, thiamine, vitamins B6                                                  8517 Bond Road
and C.                                       t PRINTED ON 100% RECYCLED PAPER
                            ROOTS & TUBERS
                  A CO N S U M E R’S G U I D E TO

Beet                                        Carrot                                          Lotus Root
A Swiss chard relative, usually a deep,     One of the most versatile and nutritious        This starchy, yet crunchy root has a
reddish purple color with a sweet,          vegetables with their sweet taste and           mild, slightly sweet flesh. (Winter)
earthy flavor; white and golden varieties   crisp texture, carrots are great for            Culinary Tips: Lotus root remains crunchy
exist. (Winter through Spring)              appetizers, main dishes, and desserts.          when cooked. Peel, then slice thinly or
Culinary tips: Peel, grate raw and mix      (Winter through Summer)                         grate. Use like turnips or potatoes.
with equal amounts of grated apple          Selection & Storage: For the sweetest           Health Benefits: Lotus root is warming,
and some raisins, or sliced onion rings     and most tender, choose thin and smaller        good for lung ailments and increasing
and vinaigrette.                            carrots. Freshly picked with the green tops     energy. It is also a digestive aid and helps
Cooked beets are tasty when pickled,        still intact are best. More orange means        control blood pressure.
boiled, baked and in soups. Beet            more beta carotene.
greens may be used like chard.              Culinary Tips: Eat raw or cooked, good          Parsnip
To cook, scrub gently and rinse well,       with apples and nuts. Green carrot tops         This sweet, nutty flavored root looks
leaving root untrimmed. Cook until          can be eaten raw in salads or pureed for        like a chunky, white carrot. (Fall through
tender, drain and rinse under cold          sauces and soups.                               Winter)
water, then peel.                           Health Benefits: An excellent detoxifier,       Selection & Storage: Choose firm and
Colorful and delicious served warm          diuretic and stimulant, the carrot is high      smooth roots.
with vinegar or citrus juice, ground        in phosphorus, silicon, and abundant            Culinary Tips: A small amount of parsnip
pepper, fresh herbs, and a drizzle of       in vitamins, minerals and enzymes;              adds a snappy touch to a salad when
olive oil or butter.                        extraordinarily rich in the antioxidant         grated raw. To cook parsnips, steam,
                                            beta carotene (vitamin A’s precursor).          don’t boil, then peel and serve with salt,
Other suggestions: Serve with a sweet
and sour dressing; creamy yogurt                                                            pepper, and a small pat of butter.
sauce with horseradish and fresh dill;                                                      Parsnips may also be roasted or added to
                                            (Celery root, Knob Celery) This root
ginger, caraway seeds, cloves, nutmeg                                                       soups and stews. Parsnips have a strong,
                                            tastes like a combination of celery and
and cinnamon.                                                                               dominating flavor, so use with discretion.
                                            parsley, with a stronger, smoky flavor.
Health Benefits: The beet is an excellent                                                   They make a zesty addition to a baked
                                            (Winter to Spring)
body cleanser and acid eliminator, also                                                     root medley.
                                            Selection & Storage: Choose firm,
noted for its blood detoxification and                                                      Health Benefits: Parsnips are loaded
                                            smaller roots.
ability to relieve constipation.                                                            with food energy and have diuretic,
                                            Culinary Tips: Discard the stalks and leaves    detoxifying and cleansing attributes.
Burdock                                     and use as turnips, either raw or cooked.
(Gobo Root, Beggar’s Button) This thin,     Cut in fine julienne strips or grate and        Potato
brown-skinned root has a rich, heady        serve raw with a vinaigrette. Purée cooked      Potatoes come in a variety of colors and
aroma reminiscent of freshly dug soil       celeriac and mix with mashed potatoes.          tend to be either “waxy” types with moist,
and a strong earthy flavor. (Year-round)    Health Benefits: High in vitamin C,             translucent flesh or “floury” types with a
Selection & Storage: Best when firm         potassium and phosphorus, celeriac is a         dry, fluffy texture when cooked. (Spring
and somewhat crisp. Store in a damp         diuretic, good for kidney stones as well as     through Fall)
cloth or paper towel in refrigerator.       the lymphatic, nervous and urinary systems.     Selection & Storage: Choose firm
Culinary Tips: Scrub well, then slice                                                       potatoes with no green skin. Store in
                                            Daikon                                          a cool, dark place (not refrigerator).
or sliver, and add to soups, stews,         This long, white Japanese root tastes like a
vegetable, noodle or grain dishes.                                                          Culinary Tips: Remove sprouts and green
                                            cross between a turnip and a radish with
Cooked (slightly longer than carrots),                                                      spots. Potatoes may be boiled, baked,
                                            its slightly hot taste. (Winter)
it has a pleasant chewy texture and                                                         roasted, fried, steamed, mashed, and are
subtly sweet taste.                         Culinary Tips: Daikon may be sliced or          excellent in soups, salads and casseroles.
                                            grated raw into salads and stir-fries. Daikon
Health Benefits: High in magnesium,                                                         Health Benefits: An excellent fuel food,
                                            adds a nice flavor to soups or stews and is
potassium and folacin, burdock is                                                           potatoes are rich in vitamin C and
                                            traditionally served pickled.
excellent for the kidneys and purifies                                                      potassium, enzymes and minerals.
the blood.                                  Health Benefits: Raw daikon is used as
                                            a digestive aid.

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