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                             Ken Moore’s
                           plant selections

                               Go green
                          with Vicky Dickson

                             Local spots
                            to find plants
         It’s Easy to Produce a GREEN Label.
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2                                                  + april 2011   DIGS
  By Ken Moore

          ’ve enjoyed sharing         fall planting season. So for these
          plant stories with n.C.     woody plants that are best
          botanical Garden nurs-      planted in the fall, make com-
          ery manager and woody       mitments to: select and plant
          plant propagator matt       small specimens, because they
          Gocke. We’ve come up        become established more quick-
          with a list of shrubs and   ly; take care to spread plant
  small trees we feel are “garden     roots into the real parent soil
  worthy” natives that will bring     in which they will eventually
  four seasons of joy to every        have to survive; provide tem-
  home landscape.                     porary shade for the first week
                                      or two; and make certain your
  though “fall is for planting,”      new plant gets an inch of water
  most of us come charging into       every week, clear into next fall
  the spring lusting to plant and     (that means don’t take vacations
  garden with energies that seem      without leaving a responsible
  to have dissipated by the ideal     plant caregiver behind!).
                                                                           Deciduous holly tree                Photo by k en mooR e

                                       Gardens                                                           “After working
                                                                                                          with your team, any
  GaRDenInG                           locally grown                                                       other agent will be a
  & GReen HoMeS                       plants for                                                          disappointment…”
  Published by
                                      Southern gardens
  The Carrboro Citizen

  Robert Dickson                       grow wild                                          For small town service with a global

  Liz Holm
                                      with natives!                                       reach, call Lynn Hayes Properties
  Art Director
                                      1111 Dawson Road                                    where experience meets innovation.
  Marty Cassady
  Ad Director
                                      Chapel Hill, NC
                                      (West of CH/Carrboro,
  Taylor Sisk, Susan Dickson
                                      Off Old Greensboro Hwy)
                                                                                                    Conveniently located
  Editors                                                                                           in downtown Carrboro
  Ken Moore, Vicky Dickson
                                      open every day:                                               968-9989
                                      mon-sat 9-5, sun 10-5                               
DIGS   APRIL 2011 +                                                                                               3
                                                                  Deciduous holly, Ilex decidua,
                                                                  is my personal favorite plant!
                                                                  there are numerous cultivars,
                                                                  but I cherish every naturally
                                                                  occurring one. Lacking showy
                                                                  spring flowers, deciduous
                                                                  hollies go unnoticed until
                                                                  September, when the berries
                                                                  of the females redden against
                                                                  yellowing foliage. After leaf
                                                                  fall, there is no other plant to
                                                                  compare with the beauty of
                                                                  bare branches covered with
                                                                  brilliant red berries that per-
                                                                  sist until spring. It serves as
                                                                  a late-winter food source for
                                                                  numerous bird species, partic-
                                                                  ularly cedar waxwings, robins,
                                                                  bluebirds, mocking birds and
                                                                  cardinals. Select two or three     Blackhaw flower clusters
                                                                  female hollies and one male to     Photo by k en mooR e
                                                                  spread around your landscape,
                                                                  making certain to spot them        purple-black berries provide
                                                                  where you can enjoy viewing        a favorite treat for migrating
                                                                  them from indoors.                 and resident bird species.

                                                                  Another favorite small tree        every landscape deserves
                                                                  is blackhaw, Viburnum pruni-       at least one big leaf mag-
                                                                  folium. the white flat-topped      nolia, Magnolia macrophylla,
                                                                  flower clusters have just faded    with umbrella-like whorls of
                                                                  from woodland edges, where         leaves, the largest leaves of
    Blackhaw tree                          Photo by k en mooR e
                                                                  ample sunlight produces            any tree in north America.
                                                                  heavy flowering. I have two        Depending upon the contours
                                                                  in full sun, where I enjoy a       of the landscape, one can
      Growing…                                                    full month of the flower-bud       enjoy looking down upon it or
      Discovering…                                                clusters forming at the tips
                                                                  of branches, appearing like
                                                                                                     sitting beneath and peering
                                                                                                     upwards into the tropical-like
      Inspiring                                                   hundreds of greenish flying        canopy. this tree is one you
                                                                  saucers. once in flower, those     can site beneath the shade
      Visit the North Carolina
                                                                  flying saucer-like clusters turn   of larger trees, but take care
      Botanical Garden
                                                                  white and seem to fly about        to position it so that it’s not
      this spring to
                                                                  for two or three more weeks.       competing with the root sys-
      • discover gardens                                          Fall color is burgundy and the     tems of other trees.
        and nature trails
      • be inspired by a
        workshop or lecture
      • buy beautiful native
        shrubs, trees,
        wildflower, and ferns
        to grow in your garden

                                      Fordham Blvd at
                                     Old Mason Farm Rd.
                                                                  Bigleaf magnolia                           Photo by k en mooR e
                                 On the web at

4                                                                                + APRIL 2011        DIGS
                                                                 painted buckeye, Aesculus
                                                                 sylvatica, one of matt’s favor-
                                                                 ite plants, is as engaging as
                                                                 a plant can be. When trout
                                                                 lilies announce the arrival of
                                                                 spring, the large buds of this
                                                                 sprawling shrub dramatically
                                                                 open to display deeply veined,
                                                                 copper-green palmate leaves
                                                                 surrounding a column of
                                                                 flower buds. those buds slowly
                                                                 mature to clusters of yellowish
                                                                 tubular flowers in early April
                                                                 as pollinating hummingbirds
                                                                 arrive. In late summer, golf
                                                                 ball-sized capsules form where
                                                                 those flowers were; they slowly
                                                                 split to expose light-brown
                                                                 buckeyes that are fun to collect
                                                                 for good luck. Painted buck-
                                                                 eye is adaptable to sunny and
                                                                 shady locations and is prefer-
                                                                 able in our region to the popu-
                                                                 lar coastal red buckeye, which
                                                                 has an aggressive talent to
                                                                 freely move about, placing the
                                                                 red buckeye in the company of
                                                                 unwanted invasives.
                                                                                                      Buckeye fruit
                                                                                                      Photo by betS y moy eR
 Buckeye buds                             Photo by k en mooR e

   When gardening and taking care of your lawn…
           Remember to care for our water, too.
                                             Fertilizers, pesticides, loose soil, improperly stored chemicals, and cleaning
                                             agents can wash into our streams and Jordan Lake, causing algae blooms and
                                             killing aquatic life. That’s not good for wildlife, recreation, OR drinking water!

                                        Learn how you can protect our creeks and Jordan Lake:
                                  Town of Chapel Hill, Stormwater Management Division, 919-969-RAIN

                                                                                         Your Soils
                                                                                         For Free!
                                                                                       Get the dirt on what
                                                                                       your plants need
                                                                                       before adding fertilizer!
                                                                                       Boxes available at
  Have property with a creek?                                                          Southern States - Carrboro
  Plant and maintain stream buffers;           Build A Rain Garden!                    and NC Botanical Garden
  Know the rules for use & activity                                          
  in the buffer zones!

DIGS   APRIL 2011 +                                                                                                   5
     Sweet bay magnolia                         Photo by L Au R A Cot t eR m A n

     every spring, I look forward to       short banana-shaped fruit are
     the first flowers of pawpaw,          quickly relished by wild critters
     Asimina triloba. I enjoy watching     as soon as they ripen and fall to
     the round, dark velvet-haired         the ground.
     flower buds slowly expand, ap-
     pearing first as little green flow-   though sweet bay magnolia,
     ers and, surprisingly, enlarging      Magnolia virginiana has been
     to unusual, widely flared, bur-       in the nursery trade for many
     gundy-colored bells. Pawpaws          years, this small tree has not
     are easily established in moist       been so overplanted in urban
     or well-drained soils in shade or     landscapes to have lost ap-             Smooth sumac                                Photo by k en mooR e
     sun. they tend to sucker, and         peal in more intimate home
     soon you’ll have your own little      landscapes. It’s suitable for           A vigorous shrub, smooth           leaves in the fall is spectacu-
     pawpaw patch, which makes             moist or well-drained situa-            sumac, Rhus glabra, is en-         lar. Give it lots of room in the
     quite an impression with its          tions in shade or full sun. the         gaging to observe, as the          sun, where it will naturally
     golden-yellow foliage in the fall.    miniature magnolia flowers              loosely open flower heads          spread to form a thicket.
     you’ll have to have two sepa-         are incredibly fragrant and             in early summer slowly pull
     rate plants if you hope to have       they seem to sparkle against            into tightly clustered cones of    Spicebush, Lindera benzoin,
     tasty fruit in the late summer.       the glossy green foliage of this        red seed to remain architec-       the host plant for the spice-
     In nature, along riverbanks, the      small statuesque tree.                  tural features throughout the      bush swallowtail butterfly,
                                                                                   winter months. Some folks          is a fine plant for the home
                                                                                   make a tea from the seeds,         landscape. Rapidly losing
                                                                                   and a diversity of wild crit-      ground to competition from
NEED MULCH?                                                                        ters rely on it as a dependable
                                                                                   food source. the scarlet color
                                                                                                                      invasive Chinese privets and
                                                                                                                      Russian olives in floodplain
    WE’VE GOT IT!                                                                  of the compound, fern-like         forests, our gardens can be-
                               ORANGE COUNTY LANDFILL
                               EUBANKS RD. CHAPEL HILL
                                  MON- FRI 8AM- 4PM
                                                                                              Durham GarDen Center
                                   SAT 7:30-12 NOON
Yard Waste Mulch
$22.00 / 3 cubic yards                                                                      Spring is coming!
Decorative “Red” Mulch
  & Organic Compost                                                                             Trees J Shrubs J Perennials
                                                                                            Ground covers J Vegetables & herbs
 $28.00 / 1 cubic yard                                                                        Pottery J Yard art J Rain barrels
    Orange County Solid Waste Management                                             4536 Hillsborough Road, Near the Orange County line in Durham
                 (919) 968-2788                      We load, you tarp.            Just a 15 minute drive from Carrboro/Chapel Hill We’re worth the trip!
               Trucks and trailers only.        (919) 384-7526 • Mon-Sat 9-5 •               Delivery is available.                           Find us on Facebook!

6                                                                                                  + APRIL 2011         DIGS
                                        come a refuge for this butterfly
                                        species. It will succeed in both
                                        shady and sunny locations, in
                                        moist and well-drained soils.
                                        Clusters of tiny yellow flow-
                                        ers on bare branches in early
                                        spring are a beautiful curiosity,
                                        as are the scarlet-red berries
                                        that provide a tasty treat for
                                        birds in the late summer. the
                                        leaves, both fresh and dried,
                                        have been used for centuries as
                                        an herbal tea. yellow fall foli-
                                        age provides a vivid backdrop
                                        for the vivid red berries.

                                        though Virginia sweetspire,
                                        or Virginia willow, Itea virginica,
                                        is frequently seen growing at
 Smooth sumac cones                     the base of cypress trees in
 Photo by k en mooR e                   knee-deep water, it is a fine
                                        ornamental shrub for sunny or
                                        shady garden sites. It’s perfect
                                        for naturally wet spots and
                                        accommodates normal garden-
                                        growing conditions. Drooping
                                        white spikes of flowers enhance
                                        the mid-spring garden and
                                        burgundy-colored foliage lin-
                                        gers into the late fall. I like the
                                        pure species, but most nurser-        Virginia Sweetspire             Photo by L Au R A Cot t eR m A n
                                        ies offer cultivars.

                                                                               get your organic
                                        Another fine white-flowered
                                        shrub is sweet pepperbush,
                                        Clethra alnifolia. In mid-summer,

                                                                               plant starts here!
                                        the flowers fill the air with fra-
                                        grance and attract a great di-
                                        versity of pollinators. Like Itea,
                                        Clethra is common down east in          Shop Fifth Season for organic
                                        the coastal swamplands, and             vegetable and herb plant starts, including
                                        it too is happy in a naturally          basil, tomatoes, peppers, and many more
 Spicebush flowers                      moist spot in the garden, but
 Pho t o by L Au R A Co t t e R m A n                                           as they come in season. Beginning at
                                        can be established in normal            $1.99 each, our organic starts
                                        garden cultivation in sun or            are not only local, we grow
                                        shade. And, as with Itea, culti-        many of them ourselves
                                        var selections are available.           using certified organic
                                                                                seeds and soil.
                                        Another of matt’s favorites
                                        is possumhaw viburnum,
                                        Viburnum nudum. Like so many
                                                                                Pick up your own
                                        coastal wetland species, this
                                                                                organic seeds, soil,
                                        large shrub is content in nor-
                                                                                fertilizers and more to get on your
                                        mal garden situations in both
                                                                                way to a successful vegetable garden.
                                        shade and sun. the flat-topped

                                                                                garden smart this spring.
                                        clusters of white flowers in
                                        spring are followed by a wild,
                                        simultaneous display of pink,
                                        lavender, blue and black berries
                                        that are a real treat for birds.
                                        the real appeal of this plant is
                                        the glossy burgundy-colored
                                        fall foliage. Again, you’ll most                                           106 S. Greensboro St.   932.7600
 Spicebush berries                      likely find cultivars.
 Pho t o by L Au R A Co t t e R m A n
                                                                                             organic gardening hydroponics beer & wine making

DIGS      APRIL 2011 +                                                                                                            7
    Sweet pepperbush                       Photo by L Au R A Cot t eR m A n   Swamp rose                                 Photo by k en mooR e

    I love to happen upon the           one’s reading lamp makes it           Sources
    swamp rose, Rosa palustris in       worth having the swamp rose           not surprisingly, just about
    naturally wet situations in the     in your garden.                       all of these recommended
    wild. there is no more beauti-                                            plants will be found on the
    ful, perfect, single-petaled pink   there are so many “garden             plant sales shelves at the n.C.
    rose. It can be easily grown in     worthy” native woodies, and           botanical Garden (ncbg.unc.
    a sunny garden bed, where one       nurseries are now offering            edu). In addition, these plants,
    should allow it room to spread      more and more of them. hope-          and more, are found at other
    and become a casual thicket.        fully, the ones I’ve described        area nurseries that specialize
    A single picked flower placed       here will bring you as much joy       in native plants.
    on a kitchen windowsill or by       as they do to matt and me.
                                                                              Check out niche Gardens
                                                                              (, mellow         Pawpaw flowers
                                                                              marsh Farm (mellowmarsh-           Pho t o by k e n mo oR e
                                                                     and Cure nurs-
                                                                                                                 (, Camellia
                                                                              ery ( for a
                                                                              surprising diversity of native
                                                                              plants. Carrboro’s Southern
                                                                                                                 Forest nursery (camforest.
                                                                                                                 com), the unique Plant (theu-
                                                                              States garden center (south-, Dickinson
                                                                     also features       Garden Center (dickinsons-
     Frank Cole                                                               some natives and cultivars of, Green hill
     Art Kaplan                                                               natives.                           Farm, Inc. (,
     Principals                                                                                                  For Garden’s Sake (fgsnursery.
                                                                              other local nurseries and          com), Durham Garden Center
                                                                              garden centers include: Fifth      (
                                                                              Season Gardening Co. (fifth-       and Sarah P. Duke Gardens
                                                                    , Pied-        (
                                                                              mont Feed & Garden Center

                                                                              Old Pittsboro Preserve Carrboro
                                                                                                                     1+ acre lots less than one half mile
                                                                                                                     from Carrboro downtown area.
                                                                                                                     Only two lots available:
                                                                                                                     • Lot#3 $145,000 1.324 acres
                                                                                                                     • Lot#4 $115,000 1.221 acres
                                                                                                                     Go to and
     1 1 center street • carrboro, nc 275 0
      0                                  1                                                                           click on “My Featured Land
                                                                                                                     Listings” for more info. Call
     91 9.942.3392 • fax 942.5771
                                                                                                                     Logan Carter, Fonville Morisey                                                                                    Realty, at 919-418-4694
                                                                                                                     for appt. information.

8                                                                                             + APRIL 2011           DIGS
 Thinking green
  By Vicky Dickson

                 nergy audits are one     Easy fixes
                 of those “shoulds”       homeowners might think that,
                 that tend to stay on     because they don’t have the
                 a homeowner’s back       thousands of dollars to upfit their
                 burner. you know         homes with new geothermal sys-
                 you should look into     tems or photovoltaic panels, an
                 getting one; you         audit would be a waste of money.
 have every intention of doing so         But as carrboro green builder
 … later, when you don’t have quite       frank cole points out, the first
 so many demands on your time.            priority in energy conservation is
 But look at it this way: If you could,   an “enhanced thermal envelope.”
 by taking some simple steps, help        In layman’s terms: Buildings need
 prevent another nuclear plant            better insulation and caulking to
 disaster, oil well blowout or coal       prevent the waste of the expen-
 mine collapse, wouldn’t you do it?       sive energy that’s heating and
 every step each of us takes to save      cooling them.
 energy is a step away from build-
 ing another nuclear power plant,         Mark Marcoplos of Marcoplos
 drilling another oil well or digging     construction does energy au-
 another coal mine. And if those          dits locally, and says he’s never
 same steps would save you money          performed one without finding
 down the road, wouldn’t that             something that could be done to
 make scheduling an energy audit                                                Solar installation on a recent Hartley Construction project
                                          increase energy efficiency.
 even more of a no-brainer?                                                     Photo cou Rt es y of h A Rt L e y const Ruc t Ion

     Compost Bins for Sale
    Orange County Solid Waste
  Management Administrative Office
   1207 Eubanks Rd.
   Chapel Hill, 27516
   Monday - Friday
    8 a.m.- 5 p.m.
         $50 each
       tax included
   Cash or checks only!
  You do not have to be an Orange County
       resident to purchase bins, and                                           For almost 30 years, we’ve helped people
         there is no purchase limit.                                            plant their roots and join our community.
                (919)968-2788                                                                                                  116 E Main Street, Carrboro  (919) 929-5658

DIGS    APRIL 2011 +                                                                                                      9
                                                    heating ducts countrywide. that                                              valuable selling point. Realtors
                                                    leakage can lead to health prob-                                             now, much more than just a
                                                    lems as well as energy waste,                                                few years ago, are giving ener-
                                                    since leaky ducts can pull in car                                            gy-saving features prominence
                                                    exhaust fumes and microscopic                                                in their listings and developers
                                                    bits of asbestos insulation that                                             are hyping the greenness of
                                                    are then mixed in with the air a                                             their neighborhoods as never
                                                    family breathes.                                                             before.

                                                    Major insulation upgrades can                                                so when it comes time to re-
                                                    be expensive, but according to                                               place that aging water heater,
                                                    local architect, green builder and                                           you need to give serious
                                                    developer John hartley, new insu-                                            consideration to going solar.
                                                    lation materials and techniques                                              According to tom Wills with
                                                    can ease the bite. some insula-                                              solar consultants, a typical so-
                                                    tion materials can be installed on                                           lar hot-water installation serv-
                                                    a house’s exterior, and there are                                            ing a household of four should
     Tom Wills                                      ways to punch holes in siding and       Mark Marcoplos                       pay for itself in decreased en-
                                                    blow in cellulose. however new                                               ergy costs within seven to 10
     some of those fixes are inexpen-
                                                    insulation is installed, though, it’s   Another easy fix to a house-         years. It can also add an extra
     sive: sealing holes with a caulk
                                                    important to make sure you work         hold’s energy drain, according       $12,000 to your house’s value
     gun and a can of foam can be a
                                                    with an experienced contrac-            to cole, hartley and Marcoplos,      in the marketplace.
     do-it-yourself project that yields
                                                    tor. As Jeff Reilich, frank cole’s      is the shielding of west-facing
     $10 to $20 a month in energy
                                                    heating-systems designer, points        windows with awnings, decidu-        Wills doesn’t advocate putting
     savings, and leaky ductwork can
                                                    out, poorly installed insulation        ous trees or trellises. Because      in solar hot-water systems ev-
     often be easily fixed. Ductwork
                                                    and poor choice of materials can        the west side of a house gets        erywhere, though. for house-
     inspection should be a high
                                                    lead not only to energy waste           intense summer sun in our            holds or businesses that don’t
     priority, Marcoplos says, because
                                                    but also to health problems from        area, anything that can be done      use much hot water, he sees
     there’s leakage in 30 percent of
                                                    mold and toxic fumes.                   to block that sun will save en-      on-demand water heaters as
                                                                                            ergy – and money – by lowering       a better choice. such systems
                                                                                            air-conditioning usage.              heat water only when it’s need-
                                                                                                                                 ed, and have been used suc-
                                                                                                                                 cessfully in europe for years.
                                                                                            An investment                        the design of most water
                                                                                            for the future                       heaters used in this country
                                                                                            cole and his associates state        is inherently wasteful – since
                                                                                            that every dollar spent on en-       they heat 80 gallons of water
                                                                                            ergy conservation will even-         for hours, and perhaps days,
                                                                                            tually save $3 to $4 in energy       when it won’t be used – so it
                                                                                            costs. so if you intend to stay in   makes sense to replace even
                                                                                            your house a while, the dollars      a relatively new conventional
                                                                                            you spend on energy upgrades         water heater with a solar or
                                                                                            now are an investment in your        on-demand system if you can
 Birdsong                                                                                   future. And if you expect to sell
                                                                                            your house within the next few
                                                                                                                                 afford it. As Wills points out,
                                                                                                                                 “you’re gonna pay those costs
    design                                                                                  years, those upgrades will be a      one way or another.”

                                                                                                                  Office   919.933.4044
       E Garden Design g Landscape Contracting e                                                                  Mobile   919.730.3124
                                                                                                                  Fax      919.933.4044
     landscape materplans contemporary naturalistic style     NC LaNdsCape
                                                              CoNtraCtor #1647
            waterwise gardens native plant design edibles
           deer-resistant gardens stonework watergardens      919.444.1958
         lawn alternatives perennial borders garden crafts

10                                                                                                          + APRIL 2011         DIGS
  the production of hot water
  accounts for 25-35 percent of
  domestic energy use, so if you
  can’t afford to replace your
  system right now, Marcoplos
  suggests looking into program-
  mable thermostats for your
  water heater, and if you’re
  going on vacation, remember
  to turn off your water-heater
  circuit breaker.

  Energy policy
  It’s important to remember
  that the path to more effi-
  cient energy use nationwide
  involves government policy
  as well as individual action.
  As hartley puts it, “We need
  to mandate energy efficiency
  for the benefit of everybody.”
  Lamenting the energy policy
  that results when “we’re lis-
  tening to politicians instead
  of scientists,” he stresses
  that government needs to get
  more involved in helping the
  young companies that are
  now working on energy inno-       Art Kaplan and Frank Cole, owners of Frank Cole Building Company, with heating-systems
  vation. “there’s so much great    designer Jeff Reilich                                               Photo By susA n DIckson
  stuff coming out of garages,”
                                    by that audit. Apply for a free
  he says. “We need to encour-
                                    audit at
  age and help them along.”
                                    wise, or for more information,
                                    call 969-5075 or email sustain-                    6th Annual
  Taking action                                                             A diverse group of
  so talk to your elected rep-                                                                                     green homes open
  resentatives about energy         carrboro town staff also expect                                                to the public for
  policy. And schedule that au-     to launch a residential energy                                                 touring, with a
  dit. for chapel hill residents,   audit program within a few                                                     green building
  now’s a particularly good         weeks and hope to include sub-                                                 professional on site
  time to do so, since the town     sidies for home improvements
                                                                                                                   to answer questions
  has a new stimulus funds-         by late summer or early fall. for
                                                                                                                   and describe their
  based program that subsi-         more information on carrboro’s
  dizes the cost of a residential   program, contact nora Barger at                                                home’s green
  audit and may also help pay       918-7334 or nbarger@cleanener-                                                 features.
  for improvements suggested                                                                      Don’t miss this
                                                                                                                   unique chance to
                                                                        May 14-15 & 21-22, noon–6 p.m.             see rst-hand the
    native plants and ecological design                                 Pick up your Free Tour Guidebook           renewable energy
                                                                                                                   and green building
                                                                        at this kick-off event:
                               Invasive Plant Control                                                              practices at work in
                               Deer Fences                              Friday, May 13, 5–7 p.m.
                                                                                                                   our area!
                               Organic Fertilizer Programs              Sample organic wines and gourmet cheeses
                                                                        at Chapel Hill Whole Foods
                           Piedmont Environmental
                           Landscaping and Design
                               Gardens and landscapes for the birds,
                               bees, butterflies and the people         TRIANGLEGREENHOMETOUR.COM
                               who cherish them.                             Mobile Website
                               MatthEw arnsbErgEr                            & iPhone App                              Sponsored by
                               919-960-6856                             FREE! AVAILABLE IN APRIL

DIGS    APRIL 2011 +                                                                                                  11
     The Carrboro Growing Healthy Kids Project

              he Carrboro Growing Healthy
              Kids Project is an initiative to
              start community gardens to
              help young children learn the
              importance of growing and eat-
              ing fresh fruits and vegetables.
       The project is currently in its fourth
       growing season and has worked with
       more than 40 different local families.
       The project has started three gardens
       located at: Carrboro Elementary
       School, the future site of Martin Lu-
       ther King Jr. Park, and on James St.

       Young children and their families also
       take part in cooking classes and train-
       ing on the best use of fresh produce
       they are growing. The project is run
       by the Orange County Partnership for
       Young Children with additional fund-
       ing for research provided by a grant
       from the Salud America! Robert Wood
       Johnson Foundation.

       We would like to thank all past and
       present participants of the Growing
       Healthy Kids Project for their hard
       work and dedication throughout the
       year. We are excited about continuing
       this great work and bringing families
       together so that they may live happier,
       healthier lives.

                                                 For more information about Growing
                                                  Healthy Kids and other Partnership
                                                  health initiatives please visit www.
     Supported by a grant from the
     Health & Wellness Trust Fund

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