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					             WorldQuest New York 2008 Resource Guide
The resources listed below may provide assistance to advisors and students preparing to
play the third WorldQuest New York competition. You may also substitute in-class
resources, maps, and more to prepare for the competition.

Round One - Current Events
This round will feature questions about global leaders and individuals who have been
involved in major events from September 2008 through November 2008.

    – The New York Times

Round Two – Global Population
This round will consist of questions about demographic shifts and surges taking place
around the globe.

    - Population
     Reference Bureau DataFinder, World Population Trends

Round Three- Great Decisions 2008
Questions for this round will be drawn from the Great Decisions 2008 articles.

    Great Decisions 2008
            *Please contact FPA for copies of the Great Decisions 2008 briefing book

Round Four - International Film 2008
This round will be on international film festivals held in 2008, as well as the directors,
actors, and production companies involved in the movies premiering at the festivals, and
the winners of “Official Selection” accolades.

     - Cannes International Film
      Festival 2008
     - 2008 Toronto Film Festival
     - 2008 Venice Film Festival
Round Five – Global Business Technology
Students will be asked about the latest technological developments allowing businesses to
link to global markets to other institutions around the world.

     - Wall Street Journal Business Technology Blog
     - World Internet Usage Statistics
     - National Science
      Foundation’s The Internet

Round Six- New York Times Upfront
Students will be asked general knowledge questions about the global news articles
appearing in selected issues of the New York Times Upfront publication.

    The New York Times Upfront
           *Please contact FPA for copies of The New York Times Upfront which
           are not available online.

Round Seven- Lebanon
This round will consist of questions about the country of Lebanon; including its
government, economics, flags, geography, and languages spoken. Students should also
be prepared to answer questions related to news stories about Lebanon from 2008.

    -
     CIA World Factbook: Lebanon
    - FPA Foreign Policy Blog
     non/index.html?scp=1&sq=topic%20page%20lebanon&st=cse – New York
     Times Topic Page: Lebanon

Round Eight – Biotechnology and Genetics
This round will consist of questions about the development of genetics research and
biotechnology, including the Human Genome Project and the genetic engineering of

    - National Human Genome Research Institute
         o - The Human Genome Project
    – Agricultural
     Biotechnology, United States Department of Agriculture
Round Nine - Water
This round will consist of questions about the impact of water scarcity throughout the

    Great Decisions 2005 -*Please contact FPA for copies of this article
    - “Atlas of a Thirsty
     Planet”, Global Water Crisis, Nature Publishing Group
     is/default.stm - “World Water Crisis,” BBC News interactive feature

Round Ten- Transnational Crime
This round will consist of questions about organized crime, global terrorism, and
trafficking in humans, drugs, and arms.

    - Interpol
    – United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime
    - Federal Bureau of Investigation

General Resources
           – BBC News
           – The New York Times
           – The Financial Times

            - Foreign Policy Association blogs
            - U.S. Department of State
            - CIA World

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