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LEED Points Calculator - Oshkosh Door Company


									                                          Instructions for using LEED calculator
                                To begin, fill in the header information on the ENTRY tab with the project information etc.
                                 then use your Oshkosh invoice for the ODC order # and completing the following steps.

  Step one: a. Enter the total delivered dollar amount shown on your invoice
            b. Enter the total number of doors on the invoice
            c. Add up all charges not included in the in the core type line items and enter
                  *For this entry you are looking for the total of all items not called out as a core type i.e. machining set up, palletizing, freight, etc.
                  *Core type line items always start with one of the abbreviations listed in step two i.e. GP5. GF5, GW5 etc
            d. Enter your total sell price to the contractor ( This is your total delivered price to the contractor after your markup)
            e. This line shows the distributors markup as a percentage for reference.
      Note: Just to the right of the Totals section in Step one is the totals check column. As you enter the info in step two numbers will
            start to appear under the totals check column. When all the info in step two is entered the amounts in the Totals and
            Totals check column should be equal. The Totals check column, provides verification that the math is correct in step two.
  Step two: Add up all the line items with standard particle core doors (GP) and enter the total quantity and dollar amount
            Do this for each core type listed. Leave any core types not used blank
            Under all other core types add up all door types not listed in the chart and enter the quantity and dollar amount.
            Note: (The program will automatically prorate freight and all other misc. charges such as setups etc.
            based on the door quantities you list in each core type.)
            At this point the totals in column F/G must equal the totals in column E.
            If rows 6 and 7 don't match then recheck your entries in step two.
            If row 10 doesn't match then adjust your mark up until it does.

Step three: The 500 mile regional material rule is based on the accumulative distance from where the raw material is harvested or extracted,
            the factory where it is turned into finished goods and the jobsite. i.e. 100 miles from raw material source to factory and then 200 miles from
            factory to jobsite equals 300 miles total and therefore qualifies as regional material since the total mileage is less than 500 miles.
            This program will automatically calculate what qualifies based on the type of doors entered in step two
            and the mileage you enter as the distance the jobsite is from the factory in step three.
 Step four: Go to the print out page to see the final results and print for your use.

                                            LEED CALCULATOR FOR DISTRIBUTORS
Project Name:                                                                        Date:                   Distributor Name:
 Project City:                                                                        ST:                        Dist. Contact:
                                                                          Oshkosh order #:                      Dist. Phone #:
                 Step One:                                                                      Totals         Check totals
                 a. Total dlv'd cost from ODC acknowledgement or invoice                                                #DIV/0!
                 b. Total number of doors on the order                                                                        0
                 c. Total of frt. & misc. charges i.e. crating, setups, coordination or                        Check totals
                 anything else not included in the door line items.                                            above must
                 d. Distributors total sell price to contactor                                                 equal Totals
                 e. Distributors markup                                                        #DIV/0!

                 Step two:                                                          QTY      Total dollars      May apply toward:
                 GP or GFP45 (Standard Particleboard PB)                                                     MR4, MR5
                 GPF, GFPF45, GPHD or GPEHD (No Formaldehyde PB)                                             MR4, MR5, IEQ4.4
                 GPFSC or GFPFSC45 (FSC® Certified Particleboard)                                            MR4, MR5, MR7, IEQ4.4
                 GT    (Structural Composite Lumber Core, SCL)                                               IEQ4.4
                 GTFSC (FSC® Certified SCL)                                                                  MR7, IEQ4.4
                 GLL when ordered as FSC® Certfied Lead Lined                                                MR7, IEQ4.4
                 GF    (Fire retardant Mineral Core)                                                         IEQ4.4
                 GSFSC (FSC® Certified Stave Lumber Core)                                                    MR7, IEQ4.4
                 All other core types i.e. lead lined, acoustical, etc.
                 Step three: Determine if MR5 credit (500 mile) is applicable
                 1. First click on the link below, then the mileage button and enter the Oshkosh zip code (54903) and the zip code of the job site.
                 2. If the mileage is less than 500 miles enter the actual mileage reported by the program below. (i.e. 275, 350, 410 etc)

                 3. Note: The MR5 rule requires that the 500 mile distance be calculated from the point of raw material harvest or extraction to the
                 manufacturing facility and then to the jobsite. For this reason different door constructions will qualify at different mileage distances.
                 No construction will yield a full 500 miles from the factory                                                             Nov. 09

the job site.

raction to the
age distances.


Project Name: 0                                                   Date: 1/0/1900
 Project City: 0                                          Project State: 0

  Distributor: 0
Dist. Contact: 0
Dist. Phone #: 0

                    Oshkosh Door order number: 0

              The dollar amounts listed below can be applied toward the
                           corresponding LEED category

                    LEED CATEGORY                   Dollar amount
              MR 4 Recycled Material                    #DIV/0!
              MR 5 Regional Material                         $0.00
              MR 7 FSC Certified                        #DIV/0!
              EQ 4.4 Low Emitting Material                      Yes

                                                    Nov. 09

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