Word Notes 2

Methods of Selecting Text:

Copying / Cutting / Pasting Text:
    The operation of moving / copying text from one location to another.

          –   copy text from a document
                 • Home Tab / Clipboard Group / Paste Icon
                 • Ctrl + C

          –   Paste text to a document
                 • Home Tab / Clipboard Group / Paste Icon
                 • Ctrl + V

          –   Cutting text removes it from the document
                 • Home Tab / Clipboard Group / Cut Icon
                 • Ctrl + X
Drag and Drop
    Can also move text using the drag and drop method
            -Select text
            -Left click to hold section
            -Drag and release

Undo, Redo commands:
             Undo - Reverse the last action
               - MiniBar | Undo
               – Ctrl + Z

              Redo - Redo the last action
                 - MiniBar | Repeat
                 – Ctrl + Y
                                   Word Notes 2

Clipboard: Temporary storage area for text and graphics
Cut text is placed on the Clipboard

To open:
Board Home Tab / Clipboard Group / Launcher button

           –   Two clipboards:
                 • System Clipboard - holds one item, the last item cut or copied
                     from a document
                 • Office Clipboard –
                            -holds up to 24 items
                            -Stores text and graphics
                            -Items on the Office Clipboard can be viewed
                            -The last item collected is stored on both the Office
                            Clipboard and the system Clipboard
                            -Can Copy and move items between documents

Finding and Replacing Text:

Find command
Locates and highlights every occurrence of a word or phrase in a document
    Home Tab / Editing Group / Find
    Ctrl + F

Replace command
Searches for and replaces all instances of a word or phrase in a document
    Home Tab / Editing Group / Replace
    Ctrl + H

Formatting marks: Special characters that appear on screen to help edit and format text,
these are usually hidden.
                    Formatting marks do not print
                    Home Tab / Paragraph Group / Show/Hide Button

Checking Spelling and Grammar function-
Flags possible mistakes and suggests corrections
    Review Tab / Proofing Group / Spelling & Grammar
                  • Misspelled words
                          – Word is underlined in RED
                  • Grammar errors
                          – Sentence / Word underlined in GREEN
                                   Word Notes 2

AutoCorrect Options:
Automatically corrects words based on a set pattern:
To create an AutoCorrect entry
    File Tab
    Options
    Proofing
    AutoCorrect Options
           1. Enter- Replace (Short cut word), With(Full Word)
           2. Click OK
           3. Type the text you want Word to correct followed by [Spacebar]

Looks up words synonyms for repetitive or awkward words
             1- Review Tab / Proofing Group / Thesaurus
             2- Shift + F7
             3- Right-click a word, then point to Synonyms

Creates links to WebPages.
                -Insert tab / Links Group Hyperlinks

Prepare Document:

File Tab /Properties / Show Document Panel
           – Displays document word count, paragraphs and lines data.

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