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									Business Report Writing Course

After you sign in to your online writing course account, you will see this screen. This is your
online writing course home page or dashboard.

On this screen, you will see the course that you have signed up for.

You will be able to post questions and queries to your instructor on a one-to-one basis from the
Messages section. Your instructor will answer your questions personally and be there to guide
and support you throughout the Business Report Writing online course.
Once you click your course name, in this case the Business Report Writing online course, you
will proceed to the online writing course home page. This page contains all the material that
you will need throughout your Business Report Writing online course programme.
The Business Report Writing online course is divided into different sections. Every section has a
module that teaches you a different lesson in business report writing. This is what one module
of the course looks like.

Every module has video presentations that will take you through the theory. The video comes
with audio instructions that explain different aspects of business report writing from business
style and tone to the different sections of a business report.

The Notes button lets you read while the audio is playing. You will be able to control the speed
of every module so that you can study at your own pace. These audio and video lessons will
cover the theory of business report writing.
Your course home page also contains resources, handouts and assignments. Resources include
a punctuation glossary and templates for you to use. Assignments are in Word format for you
to download and work at your own time and pace. When you have completed your assignment,
you will upload it from the Submit Assignment link.
Submitting assignments is like attaching files to email. Select the assignment and click upload.
Your assignment will be corrected in 24 hours and will be available here along with instructor

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