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					                                      Hey   Kids we are going to take a trip today and pick up
                                   some cool facts on the way…     Guess where we are going
                                way back into time…..yup you got it Ancient Egypt. Did you
                                ever why the pyramids were
                                built and how did the build
                                them or why in the world
would they use Hieroglyphics??? Well you are about to find             Ancient Egypt was known for
out…………….                                                               their unique style of art and
                                                                      Hieroglyphics especially in the
                 Ancient Egypt here we go….                              tombs let’s take a look at

Before we begin let’s find out some cool stuff… Follow the link                   Nebamun's tomb
to answer the following questions.

What continent is Egypt located
                                                                           The wall paintings are from
                                                                            the tomb of a nobleman
What is the capital of Egypt?                                                  named Nebamun.
                                                                           Nebamun's tomb was built
What is the longest river in Egypt?
                                                                           around 1400 B.C. near the
        By 3,000 BC the Egyptians had a                                          town of Thebes
    thriving civilization. The Nile River provided them with water
     excellent farmland, transportation and wildlife everything the
  people needed for a good life. We know how ancient Egyptians
          lived by studying their well-preserved writings, paintings,
 sculpture, jewelry, furniture, tools, buildings and much more. See
 how much you know about Egypt by talking this brain twister….

                                                                            Click on all five painting and answer the
                                                                             questions on a separate piece of paper

                                                                            Once you answered these
Did you ever wish that you could write in Hieroglyphics well
                                                                            questions please get with a
                        now is your chance…..Click on the link
                                                                            fellow mummy & play the
                        and find out how to write your name
                        please also write the names of three
                         other mummies in your class…….

                                        Well now we need to find out about important Gods
                                                          in Egypt????

                                                         List important Gods three
 Now it’s time to find out of much you have learned
             in your exciting Adventure

               Use the links given above to answer the following questions

1.________ was a very popular drink in ancient Egypt. It was kept in large pottery jugs and served
in bowls.

2. True or False - Many different types of fish lived in the Nile River. Some ancient Egyptians ate
fish. However, others did not because they thought certain kinds of fish were sacred.

3. Horus- was a god of the sky. He is probably most well-known as the protector of the ruler of
Egypt. What was on his head attire?

a. a duck

b. a snake

c. a hawk

d. a monkey

4. Osiris was the god of_________ Osiris was the brother/husband of_____, and the brother of
______and Seth. He was also the father of____________.

5. Today the population of Egypt’s is________________??

6. What 2 sea’s surround Egypt________________________???

7. True or False-Hieroglyphics were a form of writing used by the ancient Mayans as well as the

8. The ______Stone was the key to discovering what the hieroglyphics said.

9. Who were buried in the tombs and how were they buried?? Be specific and use examples??

10. Name three pyramids in Giza

Short Answer……Write 2-3 paragraphs on the History of
Giza make sure you included where it is located and why is
it important……Follow the link below good luck

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