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									                                                     Terms and Conditions

Work will be carried out at an agreed hourly rate. This rate is dependent on applicable special offers and the
number of hours purchased upfront. The more hours purchased, the lower the hourly rate. Currently with a
20% off special offer, hourly rates are £12. These are reduced to £10/hour if purchasing 5 hours (plus 1 free
hour) or £9.60/hour if purchasing 10 hours (plus 2.5 hours free). Prices correct until 31st May 2012.

Work will not commence until payments are received.

A reminder will be sent to you when you're purchased hours are coming to an end.

An invoice showing a breakdown of services will be sent on completion of the number of hours purchased i.e.
if you purchase a 5 hour bundle, an invoice (for your records) will be sent to you once all 5 hours are used.

All purchased hours must be used within 12 months or will expire and will not be refunded.

Purchased hours are non-refundable, except if a complaint has been made and the termination of my services

A report can be sent to you daily/weekly/monthly - an agreed interval, in order for you to keep track on

Receptionist/telephone answering services and diary management services are NOT charged at an hourly
rate. Prices will be agreed/negotiated before work commences. Payment should be made on
weekly/monthly intervals (as agreed) and must be paid prior to work being carried out.

Payments should be made via PayPal or cheque and must be cleared before work commences. PayPal email:

Back-up copies of clients files are kept for 6 months, after this they will be destroyed.

I can be contacted via my mobile phone and email. I aim to respond to any messages within 24-48 hours.
Please do not telephone after 8pm.

I advise clients to send any important/sensitive/original documents via a traceable method of delivery.

To comply with the Data Protection Act, I will/have:
     Installed a firewall and virus-checker on my computer.
     Make sure that my operating system is set up to receive automatic updates.
     Protect my computer by downloading the latest patches or security updates, which should cover
     Encrypt any personal information held electronically that would cause damage or distress if it were
       lost or stolen.
     Take regular back-ups of the information on my computer system and keep them in a separate place
       so that information is not lost.
     Securely remove all personal information before disposing of old computers (by using technology or
       destroying the hard disk).
     Installed an anti-spyware tool.
     Shred all confidential paper waste.
     Ensure my premises is secure.

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change. Correct as of 01.03.2012.

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