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									                                CPAT MEETING
                           When: Tuesday Oct 4, 2011
                                WHERE: Room 19
                               TIME: 5:00 p.m.

                             AGENDA - ORDEN DEL DÍA
1. Introductions - Introducciones
  a. Officers and all members - Oficiales y todos los miembros
  Meeting called to order 7:05. Everyone present introduced themselves.
2. Secretary's Report - Informe del secretario
  a. Approval of Minutes from last meeting - Aprobación de la acta de reuniones
  Mr. Phelps moved and Mr. Palacioz seconded to approve as submitted. Motion
  b. Communications - Comunicaciones
  None at this time.
3. Treasurer's Report - Informe del Tesorero
  a. CPAT Budget Update –Actualización de Presupuesto de CPAT
  Mrs. Pantoja resigned as treasurer. We will work to find someone and discuss
this at our next meeting. Mr. Christiansen
4. Old Business Report – Asuntos Pendientes
  a. Info: Spring Book Fair dates: 5/9 – 5/17 – Informe: Fechas de la Feria de
Libros Primaveral: 5/9-5/17 Mark you calendar and bring a friend.
  b.    Status: Fundraising – note to parents – Informe sobre el progreso de:
Recaudaciòn – nota a los padres Mrs. Gutile has the note – didn’t want to coincide
with Jog-a-thon.
  c.    Status: SHARES Cards – Informe sobre el progreso de: Tajetas “SHARES”
  Mrs. Gutile has a form that she will work on with Mr. Christiansen to get the
information needed by SaveMart.
  d.    Report: Hooded Sweatshirts – Reporte: Sudaderas con capucha
  A sample was shown. Discussion about what to put on the shirt and the cost. We
will look into the cost of the shirts we sell and the price we sell them for. Can look
into ‘pre ordering’ shirts. Mrs. Jimenez and Mrs. Garcia volunteered to work on
  e.    Report: Sports Cup Fundraiser – Reporte: Taza Deportiva – evento para
recaudar fondos We are looking at a February date to sell the cups. Mrs. Gutile
will contact and make arrangements.
  f.    Report: McDonalds and Panda Fundraisers – Reporte: Eventos para
recaudar fondos – McDonalds y Panda Mrs. Gutile will contact both
  g.    Debrief: Golden Gator – Dar Parte: Lagarto de Oro (Golden Gator) Great
event. Somehow came up short 10 shirts - they have been ordered. Also, candy was
given out on Golden Gator Friday to the students.
  h.   Debrief: Jog-a-thon water. Thanks and a request. - Dar Parte: Agua del
“jog-a-thon’. Gracias y una solicitud Small water bottles were requested for next

5. New Business - Nuevos Asuntos
  a. CPAT scholarship – how much, how many – Beca de CPAT – cuànto, cuàntas
There was discussion about the amount of money we have in our account and if we
can afford to do it this year. Mr. Christiansen stated that we could notify the
High School Committee that we are going to give one scholarship and then, later,
if we decide we have enough money, could tell the Alpha Scholarship Committee
that they can choose ‘two’ recipients.
Mrs. Gutile motioned and Mrs. Santoro seconded the motion to give one $300
CPAT scholarship. Motion approved.
  b.   New sports uniforms We will get quotes for 50 new shirts and matching
  c.   Relay for Life Mr. Phelps will be the chairperson for Alpha. He will find out
how much the registration fee is and share that at our next meeting.

6. Other Business - Otro Asuntos
  a.   Treasure Mrs. McElvane said she would be willing to take on this
responsibility. Mrs. Gutile and Mrs. McElvane will work together to get it updated.
When we meet again in November, we can look at nominating and electing a
  b. Zumba Mrs. Garcia had a Zumba fundraiser for MSHS that was very
successful. She offered to do the same for Alpha. Mr. Palacioz suggested that we
could make signs and put them up around the neighborhood. We could also put it up
on the marquee. We will work on ideas and bring it to next month’s meeting.
  c. Activities There was discussion of “pot-luck” or “dessert and coffee” –
ways to get parents involved. Combining of the above with our CPAT meeting. A
contest - where the classroom with the most parents/families attending gets a
Nov 1st – CPAT potluck, in cafeteria, at 5 pm, class with highest % attendance will
get a pizza party.

NEXT MEETING: PROXIMA REUNIÓN              November 1st, 5pm, Cafeteria Pot Luck

Meeting adjourned approx 5:50.
                  CPAT Yearly Calendar Meetings for 2011-12
Meetings are generally held the first Tuesday of the month with a few exceptions
                  due to conflicts. Please mark your calendars.
               CPAT Reuniones Anuales para el Calendario 2011-12
 Las reuniones son generalmente sostenidas el primero martes del mes con unas
       excepciones debido a conflictos. Por favor marque sus calendarios

                        September 6 - 6 de septiembre
                           October 4 - 4 de octubre
                         November 1 - 1 de noviembre
                         December 6 – 6 de deciembre
                          January 10 - 10 de enero
                          February 7 - 7 de febrero
                            March 6 - 6 de marzo
                            April 10 - 10 de abril
                              May 1 - 1 de mayo

                  Board Members - Miembros de la Mesa Directiva :

             President - Presidente:    Laura Gutile
                             VP – VP:   Russell Palacios
            Secretary - Secretario:     Laura Toney
               Treasure - Tesorera:
                Teacher - Maestro:      Mike Phelps
                Teacher - Maestro:      Theresa Santoro
                Teacher - Maestro:      Ginny Bradley
                Principal - Director:   Carsten Christiansen

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