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					  Comprehensive &                                 Upfront Funding & Self-pay Solutions
  Interactive Utilities                        Health First Financial specializes    HealthFirst Financial currently
•	 24	HOUR	ONLINE	CLIENT	ACCESS                in	flexible,	convenient,	and	         offers	two	provider	oriented	and	
   Online account management systems           cost	saving	financing	programs	       patient-friendly programs:
   allow clients to view and update            designed for healthcare providers
   account notes in real time directly from    and their patients.                   HealthFirst Loans (HFL) provides
   any computer.                                                                     100% direct to provider funding
                                               By	offering	alternatives	to	          for self-pay account balances
•	 CUSTOMIZED	REPORTING                        traditional	financing	options,	we	    in addition to facilitating all
   In addition to extensive standard           are able to partner and assist with   subsequent billing and account
   reports, Client Center allows the           healthcare organizations at any       communication. Available 0% int.
   creation of customized reports.             point in the account life cycle.
                                                                                     HealthFirst Solutions (HFS) is a
•	 PATIENT	ACCESS                              HealthFirst Financial’s services      medical	financing	card	for	self-
   The Patient Portal allows patients to       range from extended business          pay medical balances. Extended
   view current accounts, make payments        office	operations,	to	a	gamut	of	     payment terms at 0% (with interest
   and more.                                   upfront	funded,	patient	financing	    option) create alternatives for
                                               options. We take pride in having      patients and providers when they
•	 TRAINING	AND	SUPPORT                        the ability to completely customize   need them most.
		 Staff	provides	training	over	the	phone,		   programs to create a plan that best
   online, or at your place of business at     suits the needs of any facility.      Contact us today to learn how
   no cost. We provide ongoing support                                               HealthFirst	Financial	can	help	
   and custom development for all clients.     We have the infrastructure needed     your business excel.
                                               to sync up with any business.
•	 SECURITY	AND	PRIVACY                        Our longevity is a testament to
   All systems and processes are fully         experience and in our capacity
   HIPAA compliant. Online services            to build successful and enduring
   are protected by SSL encryption which       business relationships.
   also provides a secure communication
   feature.                 Toll Free 888.888.1992   

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