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									Application Round 4 closed on Friday the 5 October 2012
          Organisation                                              Project Description                                        Region        Grant
 Eastern Goldfields YMCA Inc.   The Eastern Goldfields YMCA "We Grow" project will enable children engage                     Goldfields   $10,000.00
                                comprehensively in the use of computers and enhance their education in a modern and
                                interactive manner. This project will also advance the professional development and
                                training of staff and improve the quality of education and care provided to children in
                                line with the policy and regulation requirements. Funds will be used to purchase
                                computers, software and interactive programs for the development for the centre.
  Broome Out of School Care     This project will provide staff development to enhance skills in the child care centre.       Kimberley      $5,678.00
  Childrens Association Inc.    Staff development costs include registration fees for staff to attend the Kimberley
                                Education and Care conference to be held in Broome. The request also includes
                                purchase of four Ipads and the associated programs to support the developmental
                                needs of children at the centre.
  Dalwallinu Clubhouse Early    The Dally Clubhouse Improvement project seeks to improve the overall quality                  Wheatbelt     $10,000.00
     Learning Centre Inc.       of the centre. Funds will be used to purchase new equipment and outdoor
                                furniture. This will provide children with more opportunities to develop through
                                exploration in a safe environment. Funds will also be used to purchase
                                resource books and thematic and multicultural resources.
 Pemberton Community Child      The Little Taddies Child Care Centre will upgrade the facilities in centre. This includes     South          $9,700.00
      Care Centre Inc.          IT systems to meet the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality                    West
                                Framework, toys and equipment, replacement of furniture, outdoor equipment and a
                                new refrigerator. The improvements will enrich the quality of care for the children at the
     Shire of Quairading-       This project will provide training and professional development for permanent staff to        Wheatbelt     $10,000.00
  Quairading CWA Child Care     enhance their skills in child care. The funds will also allow the coordinator to spend five
            Centre              hours a week completing administrative and planning role duties to meet the national
                                regulations. This includes upgrading the accounting package used by the centre.
       Organisation                                             Project Description                                       Region     Grant
Jerramungup Occasional       The Jerramungup Occasional Childcare Centre will use funding for the initial                Great      $10,000.00
Childcare Association Inc.   employment of an Administration Support Officer for six to twelve months. This will         Southern
                             involve reviewing the centre's policies, updating the procedure manuals and improve
                             practices around the National Quality Standards and other licensing requirements. The
                             Administration Support Officer would also implement and run internal training and
                             professional development focusing on the Early Years Learning Framework and NQS.
 YMCA Perth Inc - YMCA       The Outdoor environment upgrade project will enhance the outdoor area in the centre.        Great      $10,000.00
  Albany Early Learning      This includes resurfacing the bike path with soft fall and installing garden beds for       Southern
         Centre              children to explore gardening, growing flowers and vegetables. The aim is to provide a
                             yard that is safe and consistent with the new national standards.
 Coastal Kids Care Inc -     Coastal Kids After School Care will purchase furniture, equipment and resources for the     Mid-West   $10,000.00
   After School Care         operation of this new service to comply with the National Quality Framework.
 Munchkin Manor Child        Munchkin Manor Child Care Centre seeks to upgrade the facilities in the centre. The         South      $10,000.00
    Care Centre Inc.         funds will be used to upgrade the office computer, purchase four laptops for the activity   West
                             rooms and to provide staff training/professional development focusing on the Early
                             Years Learning Framework. Remaining funds will be used to replace mattresses and
                             upgrade the garden and play areas.
 City of Albany - Albany     The Outdoor Environment Enhancement project will improve the overall outdoor area in        Great      $10,000.00
Regional Day Care Centre     the centre. This includes redevelopment of the existing playground structures with          Southern
                             updated materials like art and texture to brick walls with features and colours, new
                             shade cloth roofing over sandpits, replacing fencing and dividing playgrounds, develop
                             stepping stones and a resilient garden for children to be involved in.
Newman Day Care Centre       Newman Day Care Centre will purchase a large multifunction photo copy machine               Pilbara    $10,000.00
        Inc                  which can be networked between the administration office and the laptops in the staff
                             rooms. Purchase of this machine will ensure educators to maintain a quality child care
                             service. Funds will also be used for replacement of furniture and equipment.
      Organisation                                              Project Description                                         Region      Grant
 Wanslea Early Learning     The Embracing Nature Based Play project will engage an international nature based              Great       $10,000.00
  and Development Inc       play consultant to guide the redevelopment of the large outdoor area at the Plantagenet        Southern
                            Early Learning and Development Centre in Mount Barker in line with the Early Years
                            Learning Framework. This involves site inspection, consulting with staff and developing
                            modular plans and project management.

 Shire of Wyndham East      The ELYF Centre Upgrade project will cover registration, travel accommodation costs            Kimberley   $10,000.00
  Kimberley-Wyndham         for 2 primary Educators to attend the Education and Care Conference in Broome.
Neighbourhood Child Care    Funds will also be used to purchase equipment and resources that will further support
          Centre            the implementation of the ELYF. Remaining funds will be used to replace the
                            dishwasher and oven at the centre to ensure children's eating utensils are clean and
  Carnamah Child Care       The Upgrade of Information Technology Equipment and Professional Development                   Mid-West    $10,000.00
       Centre Inc           project will improve the overall IT system and provide opportunities for training and
                            professional development for staff. Financial assistance will be provided to centre staff
                            to become qualified in Certified III or Diploma. Furthermore it will cover the costs of
                            police clearance and WWC for the Managerial Officer. Lastly the insurance and
                            membership costs of the organisation.

 Marninwarntikura Fitzroy   The Baya Gawiy Early Childhood Learning Unit Staff Recruitment project will employ             Kimberley   $10,000.00
Women's Resource Centre     relieving staff to improve the quality of the service. Funds will cover the costs of travel,
- Baya Gawly Children and   accommodation and wages for relieving staff who would free up the permanent staff to
      Family Centre         attend professional development training, take leave and complete administrative

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