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					                                          Christopher R. Rogne
          14473 150th Street  Rockwell, IA 50469         (319) 231.1669 

Master of Science, 2010                    Bachelor of Arts, 2001                      Associate of Arts, 1999
Drake University                           Wartburg College                            Waldorf College
Des Moines, Iowa                           Waverly, Iowa                               Forest City, Iowa
Major: Education Leadership                Major: Physical Education                   Major: Physical Education

9-12 Alternative Education Coordinator, Rockwell-Swaledale Community Schools, Rockwell, IA (Aug. 2007-present)
     Coordinated program curriculum and composed the program handbook
     Educate a diverse population through and individualized approach
     Social and emotional needs are of high importance in educational approach
Athletic Director, West Fork Middle School, Rockwell, IA (Aug. 2008-present)
     Responsible for planning and preparing for all athletic activities
     Worked with students, parents, coaches, and administration to organize events and solve problems
Varsity Baseball Coach, West Fork High School, Sheffield, IA (May 2009-present)
     Head coach of competitive baseball program
5-12 Physical Education Teacher, Ventura Community Schools, Ventura, IA (5-12 PE, Aug. 2002-May 2007)
     Prepared and executed lesson plans for 5-12 physical education classes
     Maintained a positive learning environment structured with class/individual discipline and organization
Athletic Director, Ventura Community Schools, Ventura, IA (Aug. 2003-May 2007)
     Responsible for planning and preparing for all athletic activities
     Worked with students, parents, coaches, and administration to organize events and solve problems
Elementary Physical Education Teacher, Clarke Community Schools, Osceola, IA (K-6 PE, Jan. 2002-May 2002)
     Instructed a diverse population of nearly 800 students
     Effectively used games and activities to improve motor skills, social skills, and teamwork concepts
     Provided verbal feedback to students needing positive reinforcement
     Evaluated students on physical skills by using physical skills test

Assistant Football Coach, West Fork and Ventura High Schools (Fall 2004-2009)
     Held responsible for OL/DL and JV coordination under leadership of head coach
Varsity Baseball Coach, Clear Lake High School, Clear Lake, IA (Summer 2003-Summer 2005)
     Qualified for the 2003 state baseball tournament with a 29-10 record
Assistant Baseball Coach, Mason City High School (Summer 2006-2008) and Crestwood High School (Summer 2000-2001)
     Head coach of the freshman team, assisted with the catchers at all levels
     Assisted with practice organization, player management, and field maintenance
Junior High Basketball, Football, and Track Coach, Ventura, R-S, West Fork, Clarke Junior High Schools (2002-2010)
     Provided a positive experience while stressing fundamentals
     Provided positive encouragement to develop team spirit and good sportsmanship
Varsity Basketball Coach, Ventura High School, Ventura, IA (Winter 2002-Spring 2004)
     Guided team to a winning record while stressing the importance of character and work ethic
Varsity Cross Country Coach, Ventura High School, Ventura, IA (Fall 2002)
     Worked to provide a positive experience for all athletes

Summer Maintenance, Howard-Winneshiek Community School District, Cresco, IA (Summers 1997-2001)
    Assisted with the maintenance involved with the upkeep of a 3A school district
    Worked with administration, teachers, and custodial staff to maintain a school environment effective for learning
Grounds Keeper, Iowa Cubs Baseball Organization, Des Moines, IA (Summer 2002)
    Assisted with the organization and maintenance involved with the upkeep of a professional baseball facility

Baseball, Bike riding, Camping, Running, Table Tennis, Spending time with family and friends

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