Help Manual for Machine Setup _For NFL Portal_ by pptfiles


									Help Manual for Machine Setup
                (For NFL Portal)

Open the Internet Explorer and Enter the Address
      of NFL portal “”
                      First open the Portal

 This is our Downloads section,from
here you have to download the utility
    & install them to your system
     You have to download the two utilities from the Download on
    the mentioned utilities the download box will appear select “save” for both
                    the utilities to save them on your machine

1)Number to

After Downloading the utilities close the browser & run those
             utilities to install them on your system
    (**all browser must be closed at the time of installation of utility)

• Run(install) both of the files to install them on your
• After installing both the files do the following steps:-
• Open internet Explorer
• Go to “tools” menu them select “internet options”.
Now this window will appear ,you have to select the “Security Tab” then the 2nd window will
appear in front of you

        Press on
      security tab
Select the “TRUSTED SITES” Icon & press on the Sites button.

                                    Select the
                                  Trusted sites
                                  icon & press
                                  sites button
In this box “First check “the Require Server Verification” is checkmarked or not.
Kindly uncheck that.

                                                             Now Write the portal name here i.e.
                                                            & click on add button to add the site to
                                                                           trusted zone
                                                            After pressing add button kindly check
                                                             that site is on “web sites” list or not.
                                                                     then close this window

After adding the site to the trusted zone you have enable all the active-x controls ,click on
custom level to enable the active x controls.

                Click here
Now in this window Enable those things where you are getting enable/disable/prompt option

                          Enable Every option
                       wherever you are getting
                       enable/disable option till
                        end.everything must be
                            enabled here.
After enabling all the active x controls click ok then apply & save then Reboot/Restart you
system now you can login in the portal & participate in E-tendering smoothly.

Kindly Refer our Help manuals for rest of the tendering activity available at our Portal under E-
learning tool case of any help or assistance contact us.

                                                              Kindly refer these
                                                                files for tender
                                                               related activites

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