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									A Tactic to Alter Flash to AVI Video for Galaxy S3

As the symbol of Samsung mobile in 2012 and an important peril to

the most popular Apple cellphone, Samsung Galaxy S3 recently has

been in inadequate supply volume caused by the increasing

purchases around the globe. As the newest Samsung cell phone,

Samsung Galaxy S3 not simply improves its processor chip to

quad-core one but gains a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED screen along

with a image resolution of 1280×720. What's more, fresh functions

just like S-Voice plus S-Beam will certainly aid buyers to have fun

with Samsung Galaxy S3.

Yet, this kind of robust Samsung cellular phone has no ability to

have fun with SWF files smoothly with no the help of a impressive

video player. Additionally, the existing cellular model of Adobe Flash

is actually far from strong to meet the needs of Samsung Galaxy S3

users. Consequently, viewing Flash file efficiently together with

Samsung Galaxy S3 is certainly not an hassle-free task for Samsung

S3 consumers. In order to view Flash file by using Samsung Galaxy

S3, Windows users are able to turn to SWF to AVI Converter and

Mac users to SWF Converter Mac.
Step I: Acquire and then release SWF to AVI Converter.

Step II: Import the SWF file for Samsung Galaxy S3. Open SWF to

Video Converter, just click "Browser…" switch and then opt for

"From Folder" options in the drop-down list to input the SWF file.

A Further Step: Seeing that the most up-to-date Samsung Galaxy

cell phone can support AVI video file, you can easily make an effort

to convert SWF File to AVI movie. To complete it, simply click

"Export", select "Video" box and after that arranged the output

document as AVI file in the drop-down list of "Style".

Step Four: Customize video factors for Galaxy S3. Go for "Export"

tab and after that simply click "Settings" key to get into Profile

screen. Following that, fix the video dimension as 1280x720 and

after that specify other factors just like video codec, audio codec as

well as audio frame rate.

Step V: Alter Flash to AVI File for Samsung Galaxy S3. Pick out

"Convert" and then simply click "Play and Capture" press button to

begin the process of the recording while playing. When the Flash

file terminates, you may simply click "End" switch to start off the
alteration. When the alteration ends, one can easily watch Flash

SWF together with the latest Samsung Galaxy mobile.


1. To switch multiple Flash SWF files at the same time, opt for

"Input" and additionally click on "Switch to batch mode" switch in

the interface. Import all the Flash files and pick the output

documents as AVI movies for Samsung S3 phone. Click on "Convert"

tab and then the Flash files will undoubtedly be altered to AVI

movies effortlessly.

2. To switch SWF file to images, simply click "Export" tab, pick up

"Image series" and after that select "Animated GIF" option in the

drop-down list of "Style". Then click on "Convert" tab and start off

the alteration.

3. To download YouTube films together with SWF to AVI Converter,

click on "From URL" and next stick the URL address of the YouTube


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