Thriftyluxe Offers Luxury E-consignment Services

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					                           Thriftyluxe Offers Luxury E-consignment Services

Summary: Thrift was created to show that designer clothes and luxury items are within
                         everyone’s reach through the resale market.

World Wide Web – March 21, 2013 - Having the finest things doesn't mean spending a fortune or
sacrificing the budget. Certainly, it's easy and possible, one just needs to pay attention to details
and know how to shop secondhand items strategically. Lori Myers, owner of Thriftyluxe is a liv ing
proof you can wear high-end labels without having to pay full price or even going to a mall.

As a lifelong thrifter and secondhand shopper, Lori began hitting the local resale stores and
buying solel y to resell. With her mission to dispel the used goods image and promote the resale
market as a socially conscious and financially savvy way of consuming usable goods was created allowing her to share her passion for luxury labels and the
resale market.

Thriftyluxe is a local online sales company featuring products on top online marketplaces like
eBay and Amazon as well as in various other platforms. Along with selling their own merchandise,
the company takes popular and high value items on consignment. They also buy and sell new in
the box, collectibles, popular consumer electronics, tableware and hard to find, unique items.

"Over the last 15 years, I have expanded into buying and selling a wider variety of high -end
goods, showing the world that luxurious living can be affordable for ev ery budget," says Lori.

Sometimes an item needs more exposure than a local trading page to sell quickly. With
Thriftyluxe, your items will be offered for sale on two of the largest online marketplaces in the
world. They offer your item worldwide often getting the highest resale value possible.

Selling since 1997, Thriftyluxe are composed of team members who are experts in Internet
research and market placement. They are experi enced in selling a wide variety of merchandise
and have a feasible market for almost everything. Although based in Kitsap County, business
can be conduct ed via the web and courier services so it is local as well as both domestic and

Thriftyluxe is now accepting new consignors. If you're interest ed in selling with Th riftyluxe, just give
them a call to schedule an appointment or for more information visit the website at
                    Lori Myers created Thriftyluxe to share her passion for the resal e market and
                    luxury labels. Lori’s offerings include high-end brands sold at Neiman
                    Marcus, Nordstrom, Barney's as well as luxury boutiques. As an eBay
                    Powerseller, registered eBay Trading Assistant and Top Rated Seller, she has
                    earned the trust from hundreds of clients around the world. Thriftyl uxe is
                    founded on a practice of honest and gracious service. Team members are
                    outgoing and genuinely friendl y while being professionally capable in the
                    world of buying and selling.
Media Contact

Lori Myers - Thrift yluxe
585 Bethel Avenue Suite 203
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Phone: 253.691.0800

Description: was created to show that designer clothes and luxury items are within everyone’s reach through the resale market.