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									University of California, Berkeley

                     Cal Answers – What’s in the future?
                            IDMG Summer Series

                                  Josh Blatt
         Goals for Cal Answers

• A comprehensive, integrated data
• Powerful and easy to use tools for
analysis and presentation
• Extensive documentation and support for
using the environment
• A process for continuous improvement

     IDMG Roadmap produced in 2009

•   IDMG Goal: making institutional data easily accessible, reliable, consistent
    and secure to support informed planning, decision making and
    communication by campus leaders”.

       Future Subject Areas

 Student Financials         Started - 1st reports in fall 2012
 Undergraduate Applicants   Started – 1st reports in fall 2012
 Student Curriculum         Funding under discussion
 Online Course Evaluation   Planned for Spring 2013

 Procure to Pay Reporting   In Progress
 HR Census                  Release pending Summer 2012
 Equity and Inclusion       Release pending Summer 2012
 PI Portal                  Funding under discussion
 Financials                 Planned for late 2012
 HR / UC Path Integration   Planned for early 2013

     Efforts common to all subject areas

   Defining the one answer to each question
   Policies that allow broad access to data while securing private records
   Developing common dimensions to integrate our subject areas
   Retaining historic data as systems change
   A single, rational and secure set of access policies
   Developing common definitions of business terms
   Best of breed reporting tools
   Data optimized for fast reporting
   Eliminate risky, less accurate and costly data silos and shadow systems

         Tool Improvements

Features that are being tested for general use

   Report scheduling and delivery
   Shared folders for reports
   Publishing directly to the web
   More streamlined access requests for Cal Answers
   Integration with MS Office
   Facilities for power-users to join Cal Answers data with other databases
   Facilities for more exact report formatting and publishing

         Support and Training Improvements

   Increased staffing for online and classroom training
   Development of campus experts in each subject matter to mentor and assist
   Use of new tools for training and documentation
     – Live and recorded webinars
     – Wiki based documentation
   Cal Answers support integrated into shared services support desk
   New system to make access requests for Cal Answers easier (2013)

            Institutional support for continuous improvement

Institutional Data Management and Governance
                                               Roadmap for campus progress
Initiative (IDMG)

Institutional Data Council                     Leadership and governance

EDW Coordinating Committee                     Prioritization and oversight

Office of Planning and Analysis                Advocacy, expertise, and consulting

                                               Vision of high performance culture and
Operational Excellence

                                               Technical Expertise & Resources to execute
Information Systems & Technology (IST)

BI Analysts Group                              Develop BI Standards and tool priorities

      Student Financials

Bring together information on costs of
education, financial aid, and student payroll
so we can make the best decisions possible
regarding access to affordable education and
financial planning.

• Starting: June 2012
• First deliverable: Fall of 2012
• Completion: Spring 2014

     Student Financials

Typical Questions:
   • What is happening with the costs of for a UCB education?
   • How is it impacting students and their households?
   • How can we improve our aid offerings?
   • How will changes to the number and composition of
     admitted students, federal funding, etc. effect the
     university’s budget?
Sources for data:
   • Financial Aid (SAM & ProSAM)
   • Student Accounts Receivable (CARS)
   • Student Payroll

      Student Curriculum

Bring together information on courses, instructors, enrollment,
grades, requirements and schedules such that we can offer the
most effective curriculum and advise students how best to take
advantage of it.

•   Plan course offerings effectively
•   Enhance advising
•   Plan better for temporary academic staff and GSIs
•   Make better use of learning spaces
•   Monitor the effectiveness of initiatives such as common-
    good course support

Hoping to commence in early fall

       Procure to Pay Reporting

Presents Analytics from BearBuy and BFS
data to:
• Save money
• Make processes run more smoothly
   and save time
• Ensure regulatory controls

Project Timeline:
• July 2011 - July 2013
• First Reports delivered February 2012
• Sets of reports delivered each 4-6
   weeks starting July 2012

Procure to Pay Reporting

              Auto Match Invoice Report
              Average Days to Pay
              Payment Request Summary
              p-Card Detail (future)

              Average Days to Approve Voucher
              Match Exception

              Invoice Detail
              Invoices Summary by Top 10 Supplier
              AP Aging Analysis
              Top 10 Aging Outstanding Balances by

              Procurement to Pay (Request through    PO Detail Report
              Pay)                                   Spend by Category
              Purchasing Spend                       Spend by Top Suppliers
              After the Fact Procurement             Spend Year Over Year Trend by
              Change Order Volume                    Top Categories
              Outstanding PO’s Detail Report         Spend Year Over Year Trend by
               (Purchase and Receive)                Top Suppliers
              Spend Summary by Buyer                 Spend by Supplier Diversity
              Outstanding PO’s by Purchase           PO Transaction Details by Item
              (Purchase & Receive), PO Turn Time
              Spend by Requisition Creator
    HR & Finance Projects

 Proposed project currently on hold
 Replace BAIRS which is costly and aging
 Redesign financial reports in light of Cal Planning and the financial
  process changes on campus
 Take advantage of Cal Answers features to provide more strategic
 Enhance and rethink HR reporting in light of UC Path


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