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									        Our team charter consists of goals, roles, processes, and evaluations which our team will
be demonstrating. We have six people on our team, whom are Christina, Livleen, Oscar, Rosa,
Kevin and Bo. We have many goals which we are going to meet this term, such as our team
based projects. We have four different roles that our team members are contributing to. These
roles are implementing, supporting, finishing and coordinating. There was no one in our team
who showed strong creating, investigating, shaping, and evaluating skills. These skills will
therefore have to be completed as a team. We have also come together with some processes
and guidelines for each team member to follow consistently.


                                                Page Number

Introduction to the “A Team”                         1

Goals                                               3-5
    Mission statement
    Group projects
    Other goals

Roles                                               6-7
       Team member and their role preference
       Summary of team member’s roles
       Missing roles

Processes                                            8
     Team communication
     Expectations
     Progressive warnings
     Recognition
     Distribution
     Decision making
     Conflict

BARS Model                                          9-13
    Communication skills
    Participation
    Relationship skills
    Performance skills
    Self-management skills

Evaluation                                          14

Balancing Team Roles                                15-16
     Summary

Conclusion                                          17


Mission Statement

        We believe that putting our best effort into each project is one of our biggest goals. Making sure
that the team mutually agrees on everything we do will eliminate the conflict when putting together
each project. It is very important to us to get our assignments done on time, and to show up on time
and prepared for team meetings. Seeking out and recognizing our weaknesses will allow us to work
through them quickly and efficiently. Always making sure to acknowledging each other’s hard work will
make the team work better together because no one will feel as though their work is unappreciated.
Staying positive and giving everyone a chance to speak makes us a stronger team, and will allow us to
put together great projects.

Group Projects due this Year


Project              Due Date              Mark Value            Performance           Clients
Example Case         Sept. 29              N/A                   -meet all             -David Wan
                                                                 requirements          -Set 1H
                                                                 -answer questions
Case Study 1         TBA                   Oral presentation     -thorough             -David Wan
                                           (7.5%)                research              -Set 1H
                                           Written Report        -on time
                                           (7.5%)                -meet all project
                                                                 -divide work
                                                                 evenly to get the
                                                                 best possible mark
                                                                 -have each team
                                                                 member speak
                                                                 during oral
Case Study 2         TBA                   Written Report                “...”         -David Wan
Case Study 3         TBA                   Written Report               “...”          -David Wan
Case Study 4         TBA                   Written Report               “...”          -David Wan

Organizational Behaviour:

Project             Due Date     Mark Value        Performance           Clients
Team Charter        Oct. 2       Part of 20% for   -thorough             -Debby Cleveland
                                 whole course      research and          -Any other courses
                                 grade             complete every        where a team
                                                   task                  charter is required
                                                   etc. for better
BARS (peer          Oct. 19                        -thorough book        -Debby Cleveland
reviews)            Nov. 2              “...”      research              -Group members
                    Nov. 30                        -complete on time
                                                   -give positive
                                                   feedback and
Leader’s Forum      Nov. 27                        -meet all             -Debby Cleveland
                                        “...”      requirements
                                                   -divide work
                                                   -do extra research
                                                   for a higher mark

Business Information Systems:

Project             Due Date     Mark Value        Performance           Clients
PowerPoint          Oct. 2-8     10%               -ensure all slides    -Ed Bosman
Presentations                                      work as they’re       -Set 1H
                                                   supposed to
                                                   -add videos, audio,
                                                   etc. for a higher
                                                   -finish a few days
                                                   before it is due
Word 2007           Oct. 22-29   10%               -meet pre-set         -Ed Bosman
Reports                                            requirements          -Set 1H
                                                   -completed on
                                                   -add extra work
Excel 2007          Nov. 20-26   10%               -divide work          -Ed Bosman
Assignment                                         evenly                -Set 1H
                                                   -complete on time
                                                   -meet all

Other Goals:

    It is our main goal for the entire semester to divide all our project work evenly
    We want to have our team projects done at least 3 days ahead of the due date so we can make
     any corrections or changes accordingly
    Our specific goal for each project is to earn at least a B. Setting an actual target letter grade is
     much more motivational than just telling everyone to do their best
    We are challenging ourselves in every project to do more than what is required to help us reach
     our previous goal
    We are going to give each other feedback after every project to see where we can improve. All
     feedback must be delivered in a positive and constructive way, so as not to make a team
     member feel as though they are being attacked


Team Member’s Name:           Primary Role:                       Secondary Role:
Christina Santorelli          Implementing                        Finishing
Livleen Rai                   Supporting                          Investigating/Implementing
Oscar Wong                    Finishing                           Shaping
Rosa Lin                      Finishing                           Implementing
Kevin Hui                     Implementing                        Supporting
Bo Zhang                      Coordinating                        Investigating/Evaluating

Christina & Kevin:
     Organizing and planning action steps
     Using practical common sense
     Being willing to work hard
     Providing clear sense of reality and feasibility
     Understanding and using systems

     Relating to people personally
     Promoting team spirit
     Working well with a wide range of people
     Supporting the ideas of others
     Using your knowledge of others to provide individual support as necessary
     Instinctively building good working relationships

Oscar & Rosa:
     Instinctively following through on plans
     Finishing any task that you begin
     Preventing careless mistakes from spoiling the success of a project
     Putting your full attention to a task

     Keeping the focus on the objective
     Coordinating the activities of the various team members
     Involving everyone in the task
     Recognizing talented people in the team and getting them to work on the objective

Missing Roles:

      Creating
      Investigating
      Shaping
      Evaluating

    In order to meet these roles our team will have to take turns in performing each missing role.
     We can also come together as a group to brainstorm some ideas which can also help us with the
     missing roles.

    When each team member takes on an extra role they will be faced with some challenges. We
     will have to learn to manage our time in order to get all the work that is needed completed.
     When an extra role is being taken on we must complete all of our work with effort and


Team Communication:

      Cell phones
      Email
      Team meetings
      Messenger


      Come to meetings on time
      Come prepared to take notes
      Listen and contribute to group discussions

Progressive Warnings:

      Friendly reminder about unacceptable behaviour
      Official warning (email to student)
      Another official warning (email to the student and email to the teacher)
      Removal from the team (email to the teacher for permission to remove team member)

Recognition and Celebration:

      Buy lunch for team member who goes above and beyond expectations
      A special thanks to the team member who does an outstanding job will be announced
       during the presentation

Distribution of tasks among members:

      Work is always distributed evenly and fairly
      Complete each project at least 3 days ahead of the due date

Decision Making and Problem Solving:

      Everyone mutually agrees as to how we proceed with a project
      Keep and open mind to all suggestions as to how to solve problems

Handling Conflict:

      Discuss problems together as a team and everyone will get a chance to share their views
      Has to be some kind of a compromise on everyone’s part for the sake of the team

                                      Appendix A

                        Team Member Feedback/Assessment

                    Behaviourally Anchored
Performance Criterion #1: Communication Skills Rating Scale (BARS)



Exceeds Expectations:               Meets Expectations:            Below Expectations:

               5                             3                               1

                              Description of Behavioural Anchors

   Effectively interprets        Delivers messages to team      Does not pay attention.
    readers meaning.               members on occasions.          Conveys off topic ideas
   Be assertive and direct       Provides accurate               and is not focused.
    with your ideas.               information.                   Does not share any ideas.
   Effective entice other        Seeks information when         Delivers inappropriate
    group members to               required.                       messages using foul
    communicate.                  Effective listener.             language.
   Respect other member’s        Encourage team members         Delivers in an illogical
    idea when                      to generate ideas on            sequence.
    communicating.                 occasion.
   Clearly delivers
    messages to team

** Comments:

Name of Member Being Assessed _________________________ Program/Set______

                                    Appendix A

                        Team Member Feedback/Assessment

                   Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)
Performance Criterion #2: Participation Skills



Exceeds Expectations:               Meets Expectations:             Below Expectations:

               5                                 3                           1

                              Description of Behavioural Anchors

   Attends team meetings         Attends team meetings,          Misses team meetings
    and well prepared.             but without preparations.        without proper reason, or
   Shares ideas and              Shares ideas and resources       always comes in late.
    resources with all team        with all team members           Rarely shares ideas and
    members.                       when being asked.                resources with other
   Always considers team         Always completes tasks on        team members.
    members ideas and              time.                           Does not consider other
    opinions.                     Occasionally considers           team members’ ideas and
   Proactively provides           team members ideas and           opinions.
    constructive ideas to          opinions.                       Rarely completes tasks on
    help achieve team                                               time.
   Always aware of
    responsibility of tasks
    and always complete
    them on time.
   Always completes on
    time with excellent

** Comments:

Name of Member Being Assessed _________________________ Program/Set______

                                    Appendix A

                        Team Member Feedback/Assessment

                   Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)
Performance Criterion #3: Relationship Skills



Exceeds Expectations:               Meets Expectations:             Below Expectations:

               5                                3                             1

                              Description of Behavioural Anchors

   Treats every team              Is receptive to different      Frequently shows
    member with respect             culture, gender, and age.       disrespect to other team
    and dignity.                   Seeks to understand             members.
   Seeks to understand the         different viewpoints.          Rarely seeks to
    different viewpoints           Always handles conflict         understand the different
    from other team                 and barriers                    viewpoints from other
    members.                        appropriately.                  team members.
   Be willing to address                                          Does not handle conflict
    disagreements and                                               well.
   Demonstrates a positive
    attitude towards
    handling conflict.
   Proactively creates
    feasible solutions to
    overcome any barriers

** Comments:

Name of Member Being Assessed _________________________ Program/Set______

                                   Appendix A

                        Team Member Feedback/Assessment

                   Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)
Performance Criterion #4: Performance Skills



Exceeds Expectations:             Meets Expectations:              Below Expectations:

               5                           3                                 1

                            Description of Behavioural Anchors

   Demonstrates ability on     Always handles problems          Frequently avoids any
    identifying problems         well when being asked.            problems and fails to
    and offering feasible       Always complies to the            provide any solutions.
    solutions.                   decision making even if          Always insists on ‘my way
   Utilizes knowledge and       disagreed with it.                or the high way’.
    experience to               Is receptive to others’ new      Is not receptive to any
    implement any task           ideas, or new or better           suggested ideas by others.
    once the decision made,      ways of doing projects.          Does not forgive or forget
    even if disagreed with                                         others’ mistakes.
    it.                                                           Does not seek new ways
   Be open to take a “try                                         of doing projects.
    and see” approach to                                          Does not encourage team
    suggested idea, and                                            members to come up new
    indentify what works.                                          or better ways of doing
   Encourages team                                                projects.
    members to view
    mistakes as
    opportunities to learn.
   Proactively to explore
    new ways of doing
   Encourages or help
    team members to come
    up new or better ways
    of doing projects.

** Comments:

Name of Member Being Assessed _________________________ Program/Set______

                                      Appendix A

                        Team Member Feedback/Assessment

                   Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)
Performance Criterion #5: Self Management Skills



Exceeds Expectations:                 Meets Expectations:              Below Expectations:

               5                               3                                 1

                                Description of Behavioural Anchors

   Shows trust, honesty,           Always follows the rules.        Always tries to cut
    integrity and ethical           Is receptive in taking the        corners.
    conduct all the time.            responsibility for personal      Does not understand job
   Takes responsibility for         performance when being            duties and never bother
    personal performance             asked.                            to ask.
    without being asked.            Completes tasks on               Does not complete tasks
   Organizes time on                schedule.                         on schedule.
    setting multi-tasks in          Copes well under high-           Does not cope well under
    priority and completes           pressure situations.              high-pressure situations.
    them effectively.               Shows trustworthiness            Frequently fails to show
   Demonstrates                     under certain                     trustworthiness.
    constructive approach to         circumstances.
    high-pressure situations.
   Demonstrates
    trustworthiness by
    ‘saying what they do and
    doing what they say’.

** Comments:

Name of Member Being Assessed _________________________ Program/Set______


          It is important for our team to use these evaluation steps as a guideline to effectively enhance
our performance. We use this criterion for ourselves to reach our team goals so that we are successful.
It is also very important for us all to grade each other so that we can be aware of our faults and improve
our skills. This will help us come closer as a team by helping each other become more effective with our
working skills.

                         We will be evaluating everyone on Monday October, 12, 2009.

         All of our team members have very strong skills which will be an asset in completing our
goals for this term. We have a number of team oriented projects that consists of us coming
together as a team with effective information and knowledge. Everyone on our team must
follow all of our regulations such as always being prepared and contributing to the best of their
ability. Our evaluation checklist has a criterion of communication skills, participation,
relationship skills, performance skills and self management skills. By the end of this term
everyone on our team should be exceeding or meeting all these skills. As a team we are going
to make this a great experience by contributing each of our individual traits.


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