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Ensured OSU had a veteran's interest code on - Oregon State


									                          Veteran Services at Oregon State University
                                  OSU Veterans Workgroup
                                   End of the Year Report

The Workgroup was very active this year and made great strides towards making OSU a
Veteran Friendly campus. We provided educational opportunities regarding veteran issues and
collaborated with external agencies to ensure students’ needs were met. This report highlights
the activities in departments that contributed to the overall service to student veterans as well as
our collective efforts to create systems of support to facilitate veterans’ successful transition to

The workgroup consisted of the following departments:
   • Admissions
   • Registrar – Certification Clerk
   • Financial Aid
   • Office of the Dean of Student Life/Disability Access Services
   • Educational Opportunities Program
   • Academic Success Center
   • Liberal Arts, Academic Advisor
   • Engineering, Academic Advisor

Below is information about the work that occurred in each unit on behalf of the Veterans

Academic Success Center
   • Provided tutoring support for Chapter 32 Veterans
   • Collaborated with Educational Opportunity Program to craft a letter to faculty and staff to
     solicit interest in having a Faculty Connections program

   •   Ensured OSU had a veteran’s interest code on the application
          • Veterans are not identifying on the application Veteran status.
          • Looking into altering admissions application to include a veteran’s status
   •   Sent out a weekly veterans interest email to the few veterans that self-identify on
       the application.

Business Affairs: Student Accounts
   •   Continued the “Goodwill Waiver Program” to respond to any delays of VA
       payments. Veterans will see the interest charges and will also see the interest
       deducted from the bill.

Disability Access Services
   • Collaborated with VR counselors for delivery of disability related accommodations.
   • Provided appropriate space to meet with VA Vocational Rehabilitation clients.

   • Worked with on Chemistry & Foreign Languages to find a viable solution on how not
     placing the class within the correct summer session negatively impacts Veterans.

Educational Opportunities Program
   • Worked with Academic Success Center to craft a letter to faculty and staff to solicit
      interest in having a Faculty Connections program.
   • Worked with the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity to send the letter to
      individuals identified as having veteran status
   • In the process of formalizing the Faculty Connection program.

Financial Aid
   • Continued to coordinate Financial Aid benefits with Registrar and Student Accounts
   • Worked with veterans for other federal financial aid
   • Worked with the Voyager Program,
   • Developed an application process for the Yellow Ribbon Program.
   • Identified an administrator to coordinate military tuition assistance programs using online
   • Break pay – two house bills before Congress to eliminate break pay, meaning Veterans
      will not receive housing stipend when school is not in session. Very important for
      Veterans sign up for financial aid to assist with this gap in funding.

   • Currently serving 770 students, about 107 dependents on CH 33
   • Provided two sessions in the Veterans Lounge regarding Summer Benefits; about 25
       veterans attended. The workshop was developed due to request for information about
   • START - Developed content for the OSU START sessions
   • Angela Williamson, joined Cathy Walker as a Veterans Certifying Official.
   • Due to the high number of add/drops which delays VA funding, Cathy and Angela sent
       out a letter regarding deadlines for each term.
   • Develop a PowerPoint presentation on using benefits for summer term and worked with
       ODOSL to place the information the website.

The Office of the Dean of Student Life
   • Became responsible for the Veterans Website
   • Worked with Enrollment Management and Dave Cooley to complete paperwork to
      continue the Campus VSO program.
   • Facilitated both Veterans Workgroup and Veterans Advisory Committee
   • Collaborated with Admissions, Enrollment Management and E-campus to complete the
      Is Your School “Military-Friendly?” 2010-2011 survey
   • Wrote a letter on behalf of the Veterans Workgroup to support HB2402, the Campus
      VSO program.
   •   Initial point of contact for faculty interested in the Faculty Connections Program
       until program is fully developed.
            o Developed a confirmation system to ensure mentors are OSU employees.
            o Develop automatic response system/reply letter to faculty and staff signing
                up for the program.
   •   Added interested faculty/staff to the Veterans Advisory Committee

Academic Advisors
Collaborated to develop a brochure for academic advisors

ASOSU Veteran Affairs Taskforce
  • Veterans Lounge, door decals were installed.
  • Attended NW LCC and met with 18 veterans from NW Washington to Arizona – created
     a positive alliance. Talked about the student government’s support of Veteran students
     by providing $30,000. In funding to the organization. Kyle is trying to get VFSA
     recognized and hopefully be funded between $3000,00 to $6000.00.
  • Discussed activities for Memorial Day – 24 hour vigil, marching of the colors, a panel
     presentation for Schrader & Defazio. Kyle will provide more information soon.
  • Omega Delta Sigma – Charter membership will begin in July. See information below.

       Omega Delta Sigma was founded at the University of Florida in 1999, as a way for
       veterans to come together, share experiences, and meet other veterans.

       We as ΩΔΣ have three well – defined goals:

              I.      To facilitate the rough transition from military life to collegiate life for
                      servicemen, and
              II.     to provide a network of contacts for him.
              III.    II. Provide support within the fraternity by assisting each other with
          collegiate, personal, and / or financial difficulties.

Update on the Goals for the 2010-2011 year:
  • Complete the survey for the Veteran Friendly campus for 2010-2011 by publisher Rick
      McCormack of the GI Jobs Magazine. Completed and was recognized as a Veteran
      Friendly campus for 2010-2011.
  • Work with New Student Program and Family Outreach to have a table at START. A new
      Veterans Services table banner was developed and the request to have a table at
      START was accepted.
  • Establish closer working relationships with the Veterans and Family Student Association
      (FSVA). Work-in-progress.
  • Work with VFSA to staff the START table. Work-in-progress
  • Work with VFSA and ASOSU Veterans Task Force director to host an event during Fall
      term to welcome new student Veterans. Work-in-progress
  • Present the Veterans presentation to Faculty Senate and other academic departments
      during fall term, 2010. November 11, 2010, 91 participants
  • Collaborate with others to have a calendar of events to celebrate Veterans Day/week.
  • Reevaluate the effectiveness of the veteran’s website. Changes were made to the
      website to ensure summer session information was more accurate.
  • Continue working with leaders in the ORNG Reintegration Program. Mark Whitney will
      continue to work with the OSU.
  • Continue working on LBCC/OSU Degree Partnership Programs and transition issues.
      LBCC was not able to participate this year.

   •   Continue working with the Oregon Employment Department/LBCC/OSU Veterans
       Committee. Doug Cochran represented OSU at the Employment meetings.
   •   Develop a working relationship with the new Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation
       Counselor for all Veterans on Chapter 32. Brian S Kittel, 541-465-6854 or 541-465-
       6621 , Due to unknown reasons, a different Vocational
       Rehabilitation counselor was assigned; Jan Stevens.
   •   Participate in VA Yellow Ribbon Career and Benefits Fair. E-campus represented
       OSU at the following fairs.
          – July 10th Central Oregon, Deschutes County Fairgrounds
          – July 11th Southern Oregon, location
          – August 7th, Eugene/Springfield, Regional Sports Center
          – February 19, 2011, State Fairgrounds in Salem.

The Workgroup met every three weeks from 9:00 am to 10:30 am and the Advisory Committee
met October 20, 2010, February 2, 2011 and May 4, 2011all meetings were held 3:30 pm to
5:00 pm.

The Workgroup partnered with individuals and organizations in our community to further
understand the complex issues surrounding Veterans. Individuals were placed on the Advisory
Committee and received updates from the Veterans Workgroup as well as notes from the
Advisory Committee meetings.

   •   Mark Witney Mark Whitney CPT(Ret), ORNG Reintegration Area MNGR

The following professional development opportunities were attended or offered:

   •   Oregon National Guard Reintegration Summit October 14, 2010, Anderson Readiness
       Center, Salem, OR 97301.
   •   New Approaches to Veteran Orientation Programs, February 2, 2011
   •   Oregon National Guard Reintegration Summit, March 17, 2011, Anderson Readiness
       Center, Salem, OR 97301.

The Workgroup provided Veterans presentation to the following organizations or departments.
   • Student Health Services, October 21, 2010
            o Approximately 20 participants
   • Faculty Senate, November 11, 2011
            o Approximately 91 participants

Awards and Recognition:
  • OSU was awarded status as a Veteran Friendly campus for 2010-2011 by publisher Rick
      McCormack of the GI Jobs Magazine. They published the guide to military friendly
      schools in September 2009.

Goals for the 2011-2012 year:
   • Complete the survey for the Veteran Friendly campus for 2012-2013 by publisher Rick
       McCormack of the GI Jobs Magazine.
   • Continue developing relationships with VFSA and ASOSU Veteran Affairs Taskforce

        –  Work with VFSA to staff the START table.
        –  Work with VFSA and ASOSU Veterans Task Force director to host an event
           during CONNECT wee/Fall term to welcome new student Veterans.
•   Collaborate with others to have a calendar of events to celebrate Veterans Day/week
•   Reevaluate the effectiveness of the veterans website
•   Continue working with leaders in the ORNG Reintegration Program.
•   Develop a working relationship with Jan Stevens MS, CRC, VA Vocational Rehabilitation
•   Participate in The Welcome Home Yellow Ribbon Event for the 3-116
        – July 24, 2011, Portland at the Sheraton Hotel.
•   Kathy Fultz will connect with Diana Raschio at Cascade to talk about being part of the
    committee or other areas for collaborations.
•   Investigate the wording on Admissions application and Affirmative Action forms. The
    wording is confusing and outdated. Found out if we can make changes.
•   Continue to investigate offering a Veterans Transition class.
        – Will VA benefits pay for these ALS credits
        – Engineering has zero free electives.
        – Advisors will need to know about this class
        – The class would be designed so Veteran students would take 9 credits of
            academic course work and have the 3 credits of ALS to assist with transitioning
            to OSU.
        – If VA will not pay is it possible for OSU to pay to cover the credits?
•   Investigate establishing a volunteer tutor list.
•   Need to identify marketing for university related Veteran events.
•   Identify other faculty/staff to invite for membership on the Veteran Advisory Committee.

    Approved by the Veterans Workgroup: July 21, 2011


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