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					Order        Journal   Item          CorrespondingAut
        14   PSL              8508   Tuteja Narendra
         2   PSL              8492   Aalto Markku
         8   PSL              8471   Szabados Laszlo
         9   PSL              8432   Tuteja Narendra
        15   PSL              8414   Mishra Kumud Bandhu
         6   PSL              8408   Ruiz Oscar Adolfo
        13   PSL              8407   Turkan Ismail
        11   PSL              8405   Ruiz Oscar Adolfo
        12   PSL              8390   Viladomat Francesc
         3   PSL              8385   Grillo Stefania
         5   PSL              8375   Bartels Dorothea
        10   PSL              8373   Cvikrova Milena
         4   PSL              8370   SAGLAM Aykut
         7   PSL              8358   Kopka Joachim
         1   PSL              8346   Rodriquez Pedro
Enhancement of androgenesis by abiotic stress and other pretreatments in major crop species
ERD15 - An attenuator of plant ABA responses and stomatal aperture
Overexpression of the mitochondrial PPR40 gene improves salt tolerance in Arabidopsis
Cadmium at high dose perturbs growth, photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism while at low dose it up regulates sulfur assi
Engineered drought tolerance in tomato plants is reflected in chlorophyll fluorescence emission
Ecological and agronomic importance of the plant genus Lotus. Its application in grassland sustainability and the amelioration
Comparison of ROS Formation and Antioxidant Enzymes in Cleome gynandra (C4) and Cleome spinosa (C3) under Drought Str
New insights into the role of spermine in Arabidopsis thaliana under long-term salt stress
Analysis of phenolic compounds by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray ionization tandem mass
Beyond transcription: RNA-binding proteins as emerging regulators of plant response to environmental constraints
Photosynthesis in desiccation tolerant plants: Energy metabolism and antioxidative stress defense
Effect of heat stress on polyamine metabolism in proline-over-producing tobacco plants
Current advances in the investigation of leaf rolling caused by biotic and abiotic stress factors
Modification of OsSUT1 gene expression modulates the salt response of rice Oryza sativa cv. Taipei 309
Structural insights into PYR/PYL/RCAR ABA receptors and PP2Cs
ose it up regulates sulfur assimilation and antioxidant machinery in garden cress (Lepidium sativum L.)

inability and the amelioration of constrained and contaminated soils
pinosa (C3) under Drought Stress

spray ionization tandem mass spectrometry in senescent and water-stressed tobacco
mental constraints

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